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Cincinnati Enquirer 6/10/07 'John' star saves a pitch for Cincinnati fans

NY Post 6/10/07 Surfer Dude

Detroit Free Press 6/10/07 Surf's up in HBO's mystic new drama

SF Chronicle 6/10/07 An eerie noir wipeout

Chicago Tribune 6/10/07 Making waves

Milwaukee Journal 6/9/07 'John' brings blessings from Cincinnati

Deseret News 6/9/07 HBO's 'John' is an enigma

The Oregonian 6/9/07 !@#! Oops, forgive my swearing

Boston Globe 6/8/07 Pretensions sink surfers in 'John From Cincinnati'

Uncle Barky 6/8/07 News series review: John From Cincinnati (HBO)

NY Times 6/8/07 Somethingís Up, and Itís Not the Surf

NY Daily News 6/8/07 Drama takes its time to make splash

Christian Science Monitor 6/8/07 HBO's 'John from Cincinnati,' a drama about a family of surfers, is far out, man.

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/8/07 'John' not from Cincinnati 6/8/07 HBO rides a strange but engaging wave

USA Today 6/8/07 'Deadwood' creator now makes waves with HBO's 'John'

Mercury News 6/8/07 `John' explores surfing's dark underbelly

Chicago Tribune 6/8/07 Baffling 'John' still Intrigues

Seattle PI 6/8/07 'Deadwood' creator's new series looks like a thud

Star Ledger 6/8/07 After 'The Sopranos,' HBO tries something new

Orlando Sentinel 6/7/07 Surf's turf? Endless bummer

LA Times 6/7/07 HBO hopes new series makes waves

Newsday 6/7/07 'John' makes very strange waves

NY Post 6/7/07 New Wave 6/7/07 After 'Sopranos' ' swan song, 'John' surfs in

Post Gazette 6/7/07 TV Review: HBO's 'John' catches a weird wave

Rocky Mountain News 6/7/07 Can 'John' replace Tony?

Variety 6/6/07 John From Cincinnati 6/6/07 Mysterious surfer drama to take 'Sopranos' spot

Entertainment Weekly 6/4/07 John From Cincinnati


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