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Reality TV Fans 7/21/09 Big Brother 11 Feed Highlight - Jessie The Shadow Boxing Elephant

Reality TV Fans 7/21/09 Big Brother Feed Highlight - Jessie Hits His Head

Zap2It - Video: 'Big Brother' players Jessie and Casey at bikini contest

Reality TV Fans 7/16/09 Big Brother 11 Feed Highlight - Jessie Pizza Chomping

Reality TV Fans 7/10/09 Big Brother 11 - Return of a Familiar Face

Reality TV Calendar 7/10/09 Jessie Tweets - My Brain Is Bleeding

Big Brother Gossip 7/10/09 Jesse twitters from inside the Big Brother 11 House

Zap2It 7/9/09 'Big Brother 11' houseguests none too happy with Jessie 7/9/09 Big Brother 11: And the Thirteenth Houseguest Is ...
Reality News Online 8/12/08 Big Brother 10: Why Jessie Lost

Fans of Reality TV 8/10/08 Live Feed Recap: Jessie's Girl
BuddyTV 8/8/08 Exclusive Interview with Jessie Godderz from 'Big Brother 10'
Fans of Reality TV 8/8/08 Interview: BB10: Interview with Jessie - "Wave a few dollars in front of him." 8/8/08 BB10: Interview with Jessie

Reality News Online 8/8/08 “I Don’t See Why I Would Need to Adjust Myself for the Game” – An Interview with BB 10’s Jessie
TVFunSpot 8/8/08 MaxxFisher: America Does Not Respect Jessie & Neither Do I

Reality TV Calendar 8/5/08 Live Feed and Spoiler Report: The Plan To Dump Jessie
Reality TV Magazine 8/4/08: BB10: April Targets Jessie & Memphis

Idol Thoughts 8/1/08 Big Brother's Jessie Godderz Did Muscle Porn
BuddyTV 7/30/08 Big Brother 10: Nude Pictures Raise Gay Rumors for Jessie
Big Brother Network 7/30/08 A Big Brother 10 Stay Of Execution For Angie Or Jessie?

BuddyTV 7/29/08 Big Brother 10: A Few Words About Jessie
Fans of Reality TV 7/28/08 Live Feed Recap: Jessie's Roid Rage
Reality TV Magazine 7/28/08: BB10: Keesha Nominates Jesse and Angie for Eviction!
Reality TV Magazine 7/27/08: BB10 Spoiler: Are Jesse's Muscles Strong Enough To Save Him?
Idol Thoughts 7/25/08 Keesha Nominates Jessie and Angie, Claims She's Not Gunning For the Big Guy

Idol Thoughts 7/24/08 Big Brother's Jessie Models in the Nude
Truth is Pagan Media That Bites 7/24/08  Jessie Makes Questionable Comment On Black Women!
Reality News Online 7/21/08 Big Brother 10, July 20: Jessie Loves Jessie

Whats Hot On TV  7/20/08  Big Brother 10 - Explaining Jessie

Big Brother Network 7/20/08 Big Brother 10 Week 2 Nominations Preview - Jessie Takes Aim
Big Brother Updates 7/18/08 CBS Big Brother 10 Live Feed Updates - Jessie Godderz Nominations Are In!
Big Brother Network 7/18/08 Big Brother 10 Week 2 - Jessie?s HoH Nominations Confirmed
Reality TV Magazine 7/18/08: BB10 Spoiler: Jesse Decides Who He Will Nominate

I Love Reality 7/18/08 Big Brother Live Feeds Day 10 Highlights - Jesse Makes His Nominations
Reality TV Calendar 7/17/08 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings: Jessie Takes The Lead
Reality TV Magazine 7/17/08: BB10: Brian Evicted, Jessie Wins HOH
Big Brother Network 7/17/08 Big Brother 10 Week 2 HoH Jessie's Expected Nominations
Big Brother Gossip 7/17/08 This Alliance Might Last - Nomination Decision Made By Jesse
I Love Reality 7/17/08 Big Brother Live Feeds Summary For Wednesday - Day 9 - Brian Evicted - Jesse Wins HoH
Idol Thoughts 7/17/08 Big Brother's Jessie Puts Huge Target on His Back By Winning Second Straight Competition

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