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News Articles about Survivor Contestant Jenna Morasca


Post Gazette 2/1/05 'Survivor' pair host benefits

Xtvworld 11/12/04 Survivor Winner Tackles New Challenge

Sun Star 10/21/04 Studio 23 welcomes Survivor All-Stars Ethan, Jenna and Shii-Ann 7/27/04 - Sail To Survive: Cruise with Jenna M. & Ethan

Press Release 5/31/04 Survivors Ethan and Jenna M. Join the Sail to Survive

Market Wire 4/26/04 Survivor Winners Ethan and Jenna Celebrate Earth Day in Nation's Capital

Business Wire 4/21/04 Ethan and Jenna participate in Koch Industries-Sponsored DC Earth Day Event

Reality News Online 3/9/04 Survivor Walkers: The Four Musketeers 2/18/04 - All-Star Interview with Jenna M.

Reality News Online 2/18/04 “I Had to Make a Huge Decision”: An Interview with Survivor’s Jenna 

Post Gazette 2/14/04 Jenna Morasca departs 'Survivor: All-Stars'

Post Gazette 2/13/04 Local ‘Survivor’ drops out due to mother’s health

Reality TV World 2/13/04 Former 'Survivor' winner Jenna quits 'All Stars' to be with dying mother

Reality News Online 2/13/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Jenna M. Lost 2/13/04 - All-Star Jenna M. on ‘The Early Show’

Zap2It 2/13/04 Mogo Mogo Loses Jenna M.

CBS 2/12/04 Tribal Council Cancelled: Jenna Morasca Bows Out

Post Gazette 1/12/04 2 Pittsburgh women in Survivor: All Stars

CBS 1/12/04 'Old' Survivors Set For New Game

Reality News Online 1/10/04 ‘Survivor: All-Stars’ Players Revealed

Post Gazette 12/28/03 Reality TV shows have a local flavor

Reality TV World 11/23/03 Mother of 'Survivor: Amazon' Jenna Morasca loses her battle with cancer 9/8/03 "Survivor" Star Jenna Morasca Featured in Pieces at China Club, 9/8-10/4 8/31/03 Pieces, with "Survivor" Jenna Morasca, Returns to NYC at China Club, 9/8-10/4 8/4/03 'Survivor' winner persisted in Erie contest

Reality TV World 8/2/03 Are 'Survivor' winners Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca dating?

Dallas Morning News 7/28/03 The Amazon's Jenna, Rob and Heidi are still getting the star treatment

Post Gazette 7/26/03 Offers still swamp Morasca

Reality TV World 7/22/03 Jenna and Heidi from 'Survivor: Amazon' ignored by TV critics at CBS fall bash

Reality TV World 7/18/03 Jenna Morasca ('Survivor: The Amazon') appearing in Off-Broadway show

Tribune-Review 7/12/03 Did Simon strike a blow for PETA?

Playbill 7/6/03 Jenna Morasca makes her Off-Broadway debut

Reality News Online 7/2/03 More Info on Jenna’s Playboy and PETA Pictures

SurvivorWeb 6/24/03 Survivor: Pre-Exposed

WCCO 6/23/03 Jenna And Heidi In Playboy

Reality News Online 6/9/03 Survivor’s Jenna and Heidi to Appear in ‘Playboy’

Reality TV World 6/9/03 CBS reverses decision, allows Jenna Morasca to appear in PETA ads

TVRules 6/9/03 Heidi and Jenna Scheduled to Pose

Reality TV World 6/9/03 Jenna Morasca & Heidi Strobel to appear nude in August 'Playboy' magazine

Zap2It 6/9/03 'Survivor' Gals Strip for Playboy

Reality News Online 5/30/03 An Interview with ‘Survivor: The Amazon’ Winner Jenna Morasca

Reality TV World 5/29/03 CBS alleged to have pulled the plug on Jenna Morasca PETA Ad

E!Online 5/28/03 CBS Nixes "Survivor" PETA Ad

Bridgeville News Star 5/21/03 SF resident on whirlwind tour after "Survivor"

Pitt News 5/14/03 Pitt student is Ultimate Survivor

Reality Reel 5/13/03 The Big Story: Survivor Finale, Jenna Wins

Reality News Online 5/13/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Jenna Won

MediaFiends.come 5/13/03 Jenna on ‘David Letterman’ 5/13/03 Jenna & Rob on ‘Howard Stern’

TV Guide 5/13/03 Jenna Gets Dished at Survivor Soiree 5/13/03 Bridgeville proud of native 'Survivor'

USA Today 5/13/03 'Survivor' Jenna says winning was complete shock 5/12/03 Swimsuit Model Jenna Wins Survivor Amazon

Edmonton Journal 5/12/03 Jenna shows she's more than just a pretty face

St Petersburg Times 5/12/03 Jenna Morasca newest 'Survivor'

Post-Gazette 5/12/03 Pitt student wins $1 million prize on 'Survivor' TV show

Jam! 5/12/03 Model claims 'Survivor' crown

Dallas Morning News 5/12/03 'Survivor: Amazon': Jenna rules the jungle

E!Online 5/12/03 Venus Rules "Survivor: Amazon"

CBS 5/12/03 Jenna, Survivor's Amazon Queen

Springfield News Sun 5/11/03 Swimsuit Model Jenna Wins `Survivor'

The Pittsburgh Channel 5/11/03 Who Claimed The 'Survivor: Amazon' Prize?

CBS 5/11/03 And the Winner is Jenna Morasca, Sole Survivor

Post Gazette 5/10/03 Survivor: The Amazon Update

Washington Post 4/5/03 Online Bets Are Off For 'Survivor'

Post Gazette 3/22/03 Survivor: The Amazon Update

Post Gazette 3/8/03 Survivor: The Amazon Update

Post Gazette 2/22/03 Survivor: The Amazon Update 2/13/03 'Survivor' parents practice deception

Post Gazette 2/13/03 Local 'Survivor' competes in Amazon edition

Main Line Life 1/23/03 SF native part of 'Survivor' cast

Post-Gazette 1/14/03 Pitt student competes in 'Survivor'

Media Fiends 1/13/03 - Survivor: Amazon Contestants Revealed

Dallas Morning News 1/13/03 Meet the cast of 'Survivor: The Amazon'

Survivor Review 1/12/02 The First Survivor of the Amazon

CBS 1/12/03 Meet Amazon 'Survivors'

Reality News Online 1/11/03 ‘Survivor: The Amazon’ Contestant Jenna Morasca: Swimsuit Model


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