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News Articles about American Idol 3 contestant Jasmine Trias 


TheHawaiiChannel.com 2/14/05 Jasmine Trias Releases CD Single

KHON2 2/14/05 American Idols entertain Hawaii crowds

Pacific Business News 2/4/05 Pro Bowl features Ho, Trias

Honolulu Star-Bulletin 12/25/04 ‘Idol’ contestant rode wave of isle support

Pacific Daily News 12/2/04 Fans of all ages flock to get autograph of 'Idol'

Pacific Daily News 11/29/04 Eager fans greet Jasmine Trias at airport

KUAM 11/29/04 American Idol finalist Jasmine Trias headlines concert this weekend

KHNL 11/25/04 Hawaii's American Idol to Play at Home

Philippine Daily Inquirer 10/22/04 Liability limits Jasmine Trias' great stellar potential

INQ7.net 10/21/04 'My dream come true'

Sun Star 10/18/04 Idolatry

Manila Bulletin 10/16/04 Hype or High?

Philippine Daily Inquirer 10/15/04 24 hours with Jasmine Trias

WRAL 10/13/04 'Idol' Contestant Jasmine Big Hit In Philippines

The Manila Times 10/13/04 Jasmine Trias meets President but snubs Malacañang press

Philippine Daily Inquirer 10/13/04 It's Jasmine Day in Cavite

Miami Herald 10/12/04 Arroyo Praises 'Idol' Finalist Trias

Philippine Daily Inquirer 10/12/04 Arroyo meets Fil-Am idol sans funfare

Manila Bulletin 10/7/04 Jasmine Trias in person

Manila Times 10/10/04 Everyone’s idol

Philippine Daily Inquirer 10/9/04 Jasmine was 'kind of scared' to visit RP

Tuscaloosa News 10/7/04 'Idol' Finalist Trias Arrives in Manila

Philippine Headline News 10/7/04 Jasmine Trias: Home Is Where The 'Idol' Is

Daily Tribune 10/6/04 Jasmine this side oh shore

INQ7 10/5/04 Jasmania in Manila

Manila Times 9/28/04 PBA tries to woo ‘Idol’ Trias to opening rites

Star Bulletin 9/24/04 American Idols

Philippine Daily Inquirer 9/20/04 $100,000 talent fee for Jasmine Trias

Reality Reel 7/13/04 Jasmine Trias Will Appear on North Shore

Dallas Morning News 7/12/04 'Idol' stars add to their repertoires

MediaFiends.com 7/9/04 - Jasmine Trias Will Be On 'North Shore' July 12

Zap2It 7/8/04 'Idol' Finalist Trias Comes Home to 'North Shore'

TVRules 7/6/04 American Idol's Jasmine Trias Takes A Visit To FOX's NorthShore

MediaFiends.com 6/27/04 - The Hawaiian Flower Who Stole Our Heart

Star Bulletin 6/12/04 Trias’ party takes place at governor’s mansion

Kauaiworld.com 6/6/04 Big bucks for Trias

Star Bulletin 6/5/04 Trias graduates from Maryknoll

Honolulu Advertiser 6/5/04 On this night, it's Jasmine the graduate

KPUA 5/31/04 Jasmine Trias gets a lesson in NASCAR

Curlio 5/26/04 Jasmine Trias offered a record deal

TV Guide 5/24/04 Idol's Jasmine: Graceful Under Fire

ET Online 5/24/04 Jasmine Trias: 'I Accomplished More Than I Wanted'

Foxes On Idol 5/24/04 “I Was Nothing Before & Now I’m Something!”: An Interview with Jasmine Trias

TVRules 5/23/04 American Idol: Conference Interview With Jasmine Trias

Zap2It 5/22/04 No More Tears for 'Idol' Bootee Trias

MTV 5/21/04 Jasmine Trias Knew La Toya London Gave Better Performance

AJC 5/21/04 Jasmine: Diana, Fantasia 'both inspire me'

Star Bulletin 5/21/04 Isle ‘Idols’ are keeping busy

Rugged Elegance 5/20/04 American Idol Fans Wear Flower To School in Honor of Jasmine Trias

Straits Times 5/20/04 Jasmine Trias is out, finally

Manila Times 5/20/04 Jasmine Trias roadshow ends

Foxes On Idol 5/20/04 American Idol 3: Why Jasmine Lost

AZ Central 5/20/04 Jasmine's 1-song trick finally gone

Star Bulletin 5/20/04 Jasmine Trias is voted off 'American Idol'

Calgary Sun 5/20/04 Island girl voted out

E!Online 5/20/04 "Idol" Sends Jasmine Packing

Philly.com 5/20/04 Jasmine gets the boot on 'American Idol,' setting up a Fantasia-vs.-Diana finale

Star Bulletin 5/19/04 Jasmine’s singing leaves judges flat

Star Bulletin 5/19/04 Jasmine Trias criticized in tonight's 'American Idol' performance

Star Bulletin 5/18/04 Jasmine says she is ready for life in the fast lane

KPUA 5/18/04 Trias may move to Hollywood to pursue music career

SF Chronicle 5/17/04 Fans drawn to island sweetheart Trias' charm

Honolulu Advertiser 5/16/04 Hawai'i sees itself in sweet, tough Jasmine

KPUA 5/15/04 Jasmine Trias spends another day in Honolulu

Honolulu Advertiser 5/15/04 Kama'aina jazzed for Jasmine

Milwaukee Journal 5/14/04 Hawaii Helps Local Girl Prevail on 'Idol'

Hawaii Channel.com 5/13/04 Hawaii Idol Jasmine Arrives Home

Star Bulletin 5/13/04 Jasmine’s survival stuns ‘Idol’ judges

About.com 5/13/04 Hawaii's Jasmine Trias Makes Final Three on The American Idol

Philly.com 5/13/04 Jasmine survives on 'Idol'

AZ Central 5/13/04 Jasmine overstays welcome on 'Idol'

Star Bulletin 5/13/04 Jasmine Trias survives another round of 'American Idol'

Access Hollywood 5/12/04 Jasmine's Disco Downfall

KPUA 5/12/04 Judge: Trias 'definitely' going to leave 'American Idol'

Star Bulletin 5/12/04 Judges bring Jasmine to tears

AZ Central 5/12/04 Show leaves Jasmine in tears

USA Today 5/12/04 Was this the last dance for Jasmine?

Star Bulletin 5/11/04 ‘It’s been such a ride,’ Jasmine enthuses

Star Bulletin 5/11/04 Trias is a class act

Honolulu Advertiser 5/8/04 Weekly Wednesday wait is toughest for Hawai'i's 'Idol'

Star Bulletin 5/6/04 Huff’s leaving leads to all-woman finale

KPUA 5/6/04 Jasmine Trias survives another round of American Idol

KPUA 5/5/04 Hawaii singer's fate unsure after "Idol" performance

Star Bulletin 5/5/04 Jasmine Trias gets lukewarm reviews on 'American Idol'

KPUA 4/29/04 Trias makes final five

KPUA 4/28/04 Trias wins over judges on "American Idol"

Star Bulletin 4/28/04 Jasmine Trias wins the praise of 'American Idol' judges

Star Bulletin 4/22/04 Then there were 6; Trias still in the game

Manila Times 4/22/04 Jasmine Trias: Fil-American idol

KPUA 4/22/04 Hawaii contestant survives American Idol cut

Star Tribune 4/21/04 Manilow theme on ‘Idol’ works well for Jasmine

KPUA 4/21/04 Trias wins over judges on "American Idol"

Star Bulletin 4/20/04 Jasmine’s dad having a great time

Star Bulletin 4/16/04 Trias spared spot in ‘Idol’s’ bottom 3

KPUA 4/16/04 Jasmine Trias survives another round

Star Bulletin 4/15/04 Trias draws mixed reactions in performing movie music

KPUA 4/7/04 Velasco, Trias criticized on "American Idol"

Star Bulletin 4/7/04 Isle ‘Idols’ get wings trimmed

Star Bulletin 3/31/04 Hawaii ‘Idols’ bring fire back to performances

Milwaukee Journal 3/30/04 Shining stars: Asian-Americans proud of 'Idol' survivors

KPUA 3/25/04 Trias and Velasco continue on "American Idol"

Star Bulletin 3/24/04 Isle ‘Idol’ hopefuls get lukewarm reviews

Star Bulletin 3/23/04 Local voters continue the double-vote strategy

New Milford Spectrum 3/19/04 Relative of local doctor is ‘American Idol’ finalist

Star Bulletin 3/18/04 Still in the game

KHNL 3/18/04 Hawaii Contestants Move On In American Idol

KPUA 3/17/04 Hawaii singers vie to become next "American Idol"

TV Guide 3/11/04 Hawaiian Idol's High Hopes

KPUA 3/8/04 Hawaii "American Idol" fans face giddy dilemma

KPUA 3/4/04 Jasmine Trias advances to final 12 on "Idol"

Reality TV World 3/4/04 Jasmine Trias and John Stevens advance to 'American Idol' Top 12...

Star Bulletin 3/4/04 Jasmine also wins ‘American Idol’ nod

Zap2It 3/4/04 Youth Is Served in 'Idol' Group Four

ET Online 3/4/04 'Idol's Final Two -- 'Til Next Week!

Hawaii News 3/3/04 Mililani teen hopes to become next "American Idol"

KPUA 3/3/04 Mililani teen hopes to become next "American Idol"

Star Bulletin 3/2/04 American Idol doll

Honolulu Advertiser 3/2/04 Trias supporters prepare to vote

Hawaii Channel 2/24/04 'Idol' Hopeful Trias Gets Big Send-Off

Honolulu Advertiser 2/22/04 'Idol' finalist picks up tips from tube

Star Bulletin 2/6/04 Local idol trio ready for Simon

Honolulu Advertiser 2/5/04 Three from Hawai'i make 'Idol's final 32


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