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Hollywood Reporter 2/3/11 'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution' Filming Permit Denied By Los Angeles School District

People 1/14/11 Jamie Oliver in a Food Fight with L.A. Schools

Digital Spy 1/13/11 Jamie Oliver "locked out" of LA schools

Daily Mail 12/26/10 Jamie Oliver calls wife Jool's cooking 'hideous' and says they sometimes 'despise' each other

Telegraph 12/25/10 Jamie Oliver, the naked chef, opens up about family life

Reality TV Fans 11/10/10 Casting Call – Season 2 of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

LA Times 11/9/10 Jamie Oliver and family set to move to LA for new school dinners TV series... but the schools don't want him

NY Post 11/8/10 Oliver food fight

TV Guide 11/6/10 L.A. Unified School District Says No To Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Daily Mail 9/16/10 Meet baby Buddy Bear: Jamie and Jools Oliver leave hospital with their newborn son

Daily Mail 9/8/10 Jamie Oliver finds a new use in the kitchen for his Emmy Award for Food Revolution

Reality TV Fans 9/2/10 ABC Picks Up “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” for a Second Season

News.com.au 8/23/10 Surprise for celeb chef Jamie Oliver

NY Post 7/6/10 Food for thought: Oliver in Brit snit slapdown

Daily Mail 6/12/10 'What a lovely response!' Jamie Oliver gets standing ovation during appearance on Oprah

NY Post 4/26/10 British chef Jamie Oliver not so popular in U.S.

Post Gazette 4/26/10 Once Jamie Oliver's star power fades, will folks change their eating?

Reality TV Fans 4/23/10 Jamie's Accomplishments Unravel When He Leaves Tonight on “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Entertainment Weekly 4/16/10 'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution' recap: 'I can't believe it.' Me Neither. Did you?

Reality TV Fans 4/16/10 Jamie Asks the High Schoolers to Make Good Choices Tonight on “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”

Reality TV Fans 4/9/10 Jamie Goes Toe to Toe With Skeptic DJ Rod Tonight on “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”

Reality TV Fans 4/2/10 Jamie Reaches Out to a Group of Teenagers Tonight on “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”

Digital Spy 4/2/10 Gwyneth Paltrow: 'I love Jamie Oliver'

NY Post 3/31/10 Fat chance

Daily Mail 3/29/10 Jamie Oliver's healthy eating crusade for America gets a ratings boost after he appears on Oprah

NY Post 3/29/10 Oprah cooks for Oli

Reality TV Fans 3/26/10 The School Cook and City Administrators Resist Change Tonight on “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”

Uncle Barky 3/26/10 ABC serves Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (but will Americans eat it up?)

USA Today 3/26/10 Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's recipe for a healthy 'Revolution'

LA Times 3/26/10 Jamie Oliver says he's 'not about being a food Nazi' on his new ABC series

Media Life 3/25/10 'Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,' tasty

TV Guide 3/25/10 Jamie Oliver Wants Food Revolution to Anger People

Daily Mail 3/25/10 Now David Letterman lectures Oliver and says his healthy eating crusade won't work in America

Media Life 3/25/10 'Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,' tasty

Daily Mail 3/24/10 Jamie Oliver reduced to tears (and so are the Americans as they reject his healthy eating advice)

Reality TV Fans 3/21/10 Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Premieres Tonight on ABC

Washington Post 3/20/10 'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution' regurgitates the worst of reality TV pap

Reality TV Fans 3/16/10 Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Can he save 50,000 lives?

Reality TV Fans 3/15/10 Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – 5 Things You Need to Know

RTE 3/4/10 Jamie Oliver's family set to expand

Reality TV Fans 3/3/10 Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Flash Mob Sneak Peek

Reality TV Fans 3/1/10 Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Tomato Sneak Peek

Reality TV Fans 2/27/10 Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Dawg Sneak Peek

Reality TV Fans 2/26/10 Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Chicken Sneak Peek

Reality TV Fans 2/25/10 ABC Announces New Series “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” to Premiere March 26

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