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ABC30.com 1/10/12 Former American Idol contestant to hold free concert

People 1/9/12 James Durbin's Rock 'N Roll Wedding Video

Rolling Stone 1/4/12 'American Idol' Finalist James Durbin Celebrates Wedding, New Album

E!Online 1/1/12 American Idol Alum James Durbin Ties the Knot

People 12/31/11 James Durbin Ties the Knot on New Year's Eve

Hollywood Reporter 11/23/11 James Durbin's 'Memories of a Beautiful Disaster': Track-By-Track (Exclusive)

E! Online 11/18/11 First Listen! American Idol Finalist James Durbin's Debut Album, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster

Reality TV Magazine 11/7/11 James Durbin Will Have A Small Wedding Later This Year

People 11/7/11 James Durbin Planning the Opposite of a Lavish Hollywood Wedding

Digital Spy 10/20/11 'X Factor' USA Chris Rene inspired by 'American Idol' James Durbin

Digital Spy 10/20/11 'American Idol' James Durbin reveals two singles, album tracklisting

Hollywood Reporter 10/19/11 ĎAmerican Idolísí James Durbin Reveals Album Track Listing, Collaborators (Audio)

Reality TV Magazine 10/3/11 James Durbin Reveals Some Album Details

Digital Spy 9/28/11 'American Idol' James Durbin announces 'Memories of a Beautiful Disaster'

Gather 9/26/11 'American Idol': James Durbin Record Release Date Set

Examiner 9/10/11 'American Idol': New Pia Toscano album details, James Durbin signs

Reality TV Magazine 9/7/11 James Durbin Signs A Rocking Record Deal

Examiner 7/7/11 'American Idol': Lauren Alaina, James Durbin, and Jacob Lusk talk albums

Reality TV Magazine 6/28/11 RTVM Battle: The Voiceís Beverly McClellan vs. James Durbin of American Idol

Examiner 6/24/11 'American Idol': James Durbin performs Skid Row while promoting tour

Zap2It 5/25/11 'American Idol' finale: James Durbin, Judas Priest rock out

Mercury News 5/22/11 James Durbin meets the Great Morgani in Santa Cruz

Reality TV Magazine 5/19/11 American Idol: James Durbin Was Bullied As A Child

My Fox 5/18/11 Valley Boy Finds Hero in Idol Castoff James Durbin

Foxes On Idol 5/16/11 American Idol 10: Why James Lost

People 5/16/11 James Durbin: Now I Can Plan My Wedding

Mercury News 5/13/11 'Durbin Day' canceled in Santa Cruz; big plans shelved for welcoming home American Idol star

MTV 5/13/11 James Durbin Doesn't Think He 'Failed' On 'American Idol'

TV Guide 5/13/11 American Idol's James Durbin: "Not Everything Works Out the Way You Expect it"

US Magazine 5/13/11 25 Things You Don't Know About James Durbin

Mercury News 5/13/11 As We See It: James Durbin: Still a winner

E!Online 5/13/11 Did "Don't Stop Believin' " Curse Doom American Idol's James Durbin?

LA Times 5/13/11 Stars outraged by James Durbin's elimination from 'American Idol'

MTV 5/13/11 James Durbin Fans Shocked, Upset At His 'American Idol' Ouster

USA Today 5/13/11 Durbin: Langone will be best man at wedding

Zap2It 5/13/11 'American Idol's' James Durbin: 'I put my foot straight through the door'

MTV 5/13/11 James Durbin Gets Some Advice From Daughtry Producer

TV Guide 5/13/11 American Idol Backstage Report: James Durbin's Painful Goodbye

BuddyTV 5/12/11 James Durbin's 'American Idol' Season in Review

TV Guide 5/12/11 American Idol Backstage Report: James Durbin's Not Gaga for Gaga

Santa Cruz Sentinel 5/12/11 Durbin knocked out of 'Idol'; Saturday plans canceled

Mercury News 5/12/11 Santa Cruz native James Durbin voted off 'American Idol'

Autism Key 5/12/11 James Durbin Eliminated in American Idol Shocker

KSBW 5/11/11 Watch James Durbin's 'Idol' Performance

Santa Cruz Sentinel 5/11/11 James Durbin belts out Journey song in what locals hope will bring him home

Zap2It 5/5/11 'American Idol': James Durbin's 'Closer to the Edge' brings him closer to the finale

USA Today 5/4/11 James Durbin gets emotional on 'Without You'

Mercury News 5/4/11 James Durbin gets emotional on 'American Idol': Jackson tells Santa Cruz rocker competition is 'yours to lose'

Mercury News 5/3/11 Boardwalk preparing for Durbin homecoming

TV Guide 4/28/11 American Idol Backstage Report: Can James Durbin Win It All?

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/27/11 Santa Cruz's Durbin shows a softer side on "Idol"

Chicago Sun Times 4/27/11 James Durbin rocks Carole King week on ĎAmerican Idolí

Austism Key 4/27/11 James Durbin Running Away with American Idol Competition

USA Today 4/27/11 James Durbin rocks the house in a romantic way

Sun Sentinel 4/27/11 James strengthens hold on Idol top spot

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/26/11 Durbin legend: The path is now clear for a Santa Cruzan to win 'American Idol'

Hollywood Reporter 4/22/11 Stefano Langone: 'James Durbin Is A Little Cry Baby'

Hollywood Reporter 4/21/11 'American Idol' Guest Blogger Kimberly Caldwell: James Durbin Made Muse's Matt Bellamy Proud

E!Online 4/20/11 Live at American Idol: Why Did James Durbin Storm Offstage After the Show?

Mercury News 4/20/11 James Durbin finds his Muse on 'American Idol'

Zap2It 4/20/11 'American Idol': James Durbin stages his 'Uprising'; the house is rocked

USA Today 4/20/11 James Durbin finds his Muse

Autism Key 4/20/11 James Durbin Covers Muse on American Idol

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/14/11 Santa Cruz's James Durbin down to the final seven in 'Idol'

NY Daily News 4/14/11 'American Idol' top 8 recap: Lauren Alaina tries for Pia fans; Casey Abrams, James Durbin stay real

MTV 4/14/11 'American Idol' Recap: Lauren Alaina, James Durbin Shine On Movie Night

Digital Spy 4/14/11 Chris Jericho reveals 'American Idol' links

Mercury News 4/7/11 James Durbin survives 'Idol' shocker

SantaCruz.com 4/7/11 Durbin and Guitar Gently Weep
Mercury News 4/6/11 Santa Cruz sensation James Durbin performs his signature song on 'Idol'

Autism Key 4/6/11 James Durbin Delivers Emotional Performance During Hall of Fame Week

Mercury News 4/6/11 James Durbin a true 'American Idol' in the eyes of Tourette's sufferers

Hollywood Reporter 3/31/11 Michael Jackson's Family 'Shocked' by Pepsi Reference on 'American Idol'

Zap2It 3/31/11 'American Idol': Jackson family allegedly offended by James Durbin's 'Pepsi moment' quip

Mercury News 3/31/11 The 'Durbinator' moves on in 'American Idol

CBS 3/31/11 "Idol" Pepsi moment: Did James Durbin diss Michael Jackson on American Idol?

Mercury News 3/30/11 'American Idol': James Durbin brings the heat on Elton John night

USA Today 3/30/11 James Durbin burns it down

Mercury News 3/30/11 James Durbin stakes a claim as the dominant rocker of 'Idol'

Digital Spy 3/25/11  'Idol' James Durbin: 'Hulk Hogan is immortal'

Mercury News 3/24/11 James Durbin makes 'Idol' tour; meets a childhood hero

Zap2It 3/24/11 'American Idol': James Durbin brings more than enough to 'Living For the City'

Mercury News 3/23/11 James Durbin sings 'Living for the City' on American Idol's Motown week

Hollister Free Lance 3/22/11 'Idol' finalist Durbin has ties to Hollister

Santa Cruz 3/22/11 Santa Cruz City Council Supports Durbin

Orlando Sentinel 3/17/11 ĎAmerican Idolí: Why James Durbin was the big winner

Reality TV Magazine 3/14/11 American Idol: James Durbin Talks About Life On The Show

Zap2It 3/9/11 James Durbin amazes the judges on 'American Idol' with 'Maybe I'm Amazed'

Flecking 3/6/11 James Durbin doesnít like being compared to Adam Lambert

Reality TV Fans 3/4/11 American Idol Top 13 Finalist Revealed

Zap2It 3/4/11 'American Idol': James Durbin addresses the Adam Lambert comparisons

Santa Cruz 3/4/11 Durbin Makes It Through

Mercury News 3/3/11 James Durbin makes the cut to Top 10 in American Idol

Hollywood Gossip 3/2/11 James Durbin: The Best of the Night?

Mercury News 3/2/211 Santa Cruz fans gather at pizza parlor to cheer on 'Idol' contestant James Durbin

Mercury News 2/24/11 Santa Cruz singer makes 'Idol' top 24

USA Today 2/23/11 James Durbin: A look at his chances

Reality TV Magazine 2/20/11 American Idol: James Durbinís Sex Songs?

TMZ 2/20/11 Tourette's Guy on 'Idol': I Wrote Songs About 'Whores'

Mercury News 2/17/11 The book of James: The amazing journey of James Durbin to 'American Idol'

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