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News Articles about FOX Networks Looking for Love: Bachelorettes in Alaska


Zap2It 6/28/02 'Bachelorette' Cecile Dishes on Alaska

Reality News Online 6/27/02 Bachelorettes in Alaska, Episode 4: Ice Queens and Snow Men

Manly Thoughts 6/26/02 The Manly Man has a Heart-to-Heart with The Bachelorettes: Episode 4

RealityTVTalk 6/25/02 Episode 4 Recap

Media Fiends 6/24/02 Episode 4 Cecile's Sportscaster

Television Without Pity 6/24/02 Tim After Tim

Reality News Online 6/22/02 Prince Charmings in Alaska

Reality News Online 6/21/02 Bachelorettes in Alaska, Episode 3: Oh, the Drama!

Manly Thoughts 6/19/02 The "Manly Man" Fondles The Bachelorettes: Episode 3

Reality TV Talk 6/18/02 RealityTVTalk: An Alaskan Perspective on Episode 3

Reality TV Talk 6/17/02 "Bachelorettes on Ice" Episode 3 Recap

Media Fiends 6/17/02 Looking For Love: Bachelorettes in Alaska - Episode 3

Television Without Pity 6/15/02 Hit the Road, Jack

Reality News Online 6/13/02 Bachelorettes in Alaska, Episode 2: Attack of the Clowns

Reality TV Talk 6/13/02 An Alaskan Perspective on Episode 2

Manly Thoughts 6/12/02 The "Manly Man" Mauls The Bachelorettes: Episode 2

Reality TV Talk 6/10/02 Episode 2 Recap

Manly Thoughts 6/7/02 The Manly Man meets The Bachelorettes: Episode 1

Television Without Pity 6/6/02 Breaking the Ice

Reality News Online 6/6/02 Bachelorettes in Alaska, Episode 1: Come in from the Cold

Reality TV Talk 6/4/02 Episode 1 Recap

Houston Chronicle 6/3/02 'Bachelorettes' heads to Alaska for some wild life

Contra Costa Times 6/1/02 Walnut Creek native goes 'Looking for Love' in Alaska

Dallas Morning News 6/1/02 Here come the brides

San Francisco Examiner 5/31/02 Man hunters

Deseret News 5/31/02 'Bachelorettes' is remarkably tacky

Zap2It 5/31/02 'Bachelorettes' Find Love on Ice

Chicago Sun Times 5/31/02 Deep looks at shallow folks leave us cold

Milwaukee Journal 5/29/02 Fox tries romantic call of the wild

Anchorage Daily News 5/11/02 Alaska-themed Reality' dating show bows June 2

Zap2It 4/30/02 Move Over 'Bachelor'; FOX Has 'I Want a Husband'

St. Petersburg Times 8/31/01 Side show

Zap2It 8/28/01 FOX Orders New Reality Series

Washington Post 8/28/01 Go North, Young Woman?

Zap2It 8/27/01 FOX Heads to 'Alaska' in Search of Husbands


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