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News Articles about Survivor Palau's Ian Rosenberger


Beaver County Times 5/15/05 Will local boy Ian be the sole Survivor?

Centre Daily Times 5/14/05 Four Diamonds children to watch 'Survivor' finale

Penn State Live 5/12/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Rosenberger makes it to Final Four

Penn State Live 5/12/05 Will Rosenberger win $1 million?

Reality News Online 5/12/05 Survivor: Palau, Episode 12 MVP: Bust a Move

Penn State Live 5/12/05 Messages to Penn State's 'Survivor,' Ian Rosenberger

Dayton Daily News 5/6/05 Tom, Ian devise plan; Gregg gone

Penn State Live 5/5/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Sharp-shooting, strategizing keep Rosenberger on target

Digital Collegian 4/29/05 Ian 'cleans up' in challenge, wins spaghetti

Penn State Live 4/28/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Rosenberger cleans up self, then the competition

Digital Collegian 4/22/05 Ian survives without immunity in chilly waters

Penn State Live 4/21/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Rosenberger stays afloat despite tricky water challenges, trickster teammates

Digital Collegian 4/15/05 Ian votes mafia-style during council

Penn State Live 4/14/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Rosenberger prefers milk to immunity

Digital Collegian 4/8/05 Ian is just 'ducky' for sweet smell of success

Penn State Live 4/7/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Rosenberger out-eats the competition

Digital Collegian 4/1/05 Rosenberger's tribe continues strong showing

Penn State Live 3/31/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Rosenberger feeds his tribemates

Times Online 3/24/05 'Survivor Palau' - Ian is well on his way to prize

Penn State Digital Collegian 3/24/05 Ian's tribe weathers the storm

Penn State Live 3/24/05 Penn State Survivor update: Rosenberger and Koror win again

Penn State Digital Collegian 3/17/05 Rosenberger may face trouble in future

Penn State Live 3/16/05 Penn State Survivor update: Rosenberger still contributing to his tribe

Times Online 3/11/05 Ian chosen leader for building project

Penn State Live 3/10/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Rosenberger's tribe wins again

Beaver County Times 3/4/05 Ian kills snake, endures long march

Digital Collegian 3/4/05 Triumvirate helps Ian survive another round

Penn State Live 3/3/05 Penn State Survivor update: Rosenberger still in the game

Digital Collegian 2/25/05 Rosenberger, tribe receive immunity on 'Survivor'

Penn State Live 2/25/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Rosenberger still in the game

Penn State Live 2/18/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Alumnus survives first episode

Beaver County Times 2/18/05 On 'Survivor' debut, Ian's first ashore. But can he last?

Digital Collegian 2/18/05 Ex-USG president survives first round

Digital Collegian 2/17/05 Former USG president Ian Rosenberger joins tribal council tonight on 'Survivor'

Penn State Live 2/16/05 Penn State alumnus Rosenberger ready to be sole 'Survivor' of CBS show

Beaver County Times 2/15/05 A new Survivor in town

Keynoter 1/14/05 Dolphin trainer on TV cast

Digital Collegian 1/14/05 PSU grad chosen for next 'Survivor'

Centre Daily Times 1/14/05 PSU grad a 'Survivor'

E!Online 1/13/05 "Survivor: Palau" Cast Revealed

CBS 1/13/05 Meet Survivor: Palau Cast

Collegian 1/10/05 Former USG president may be 'Survivor' contestant

Post Gazette 12/25/04 'Survivor' might feature Beaver County player

Collegian 4/12/04 Rosenberger and Morgan reflect on year in USG

PSU 12/23/03 AG Student Takes the Lead in Penn State Student Government

Collegian 4/3/03 Rosenberger to Lead USG


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