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News about Elizabeth Hurley


MegaStar 1/27/05 Hurley burley over fad diet

This Is London 1/26/05 One-meal-a-day Liz

Contact Music 1/26/05 Hurley Regains Figure With One Meal A Day

Herald Sun 1/26/05 Liz is a designer's delight

This Is London 1/25/05 When Liz met Grayson

Big News 1/8/05 Elizabeth Hurley plans to wed boyfriend

New Kerala 1/7/05 Decks cleared for Liz Arun nuptials

Sky News 1/7/05 Liz Accepts Arun's Proposal

Daily Record 12/30/04 Liz's Little Skirt Is A Thrill In The Chill

Contact Music 12/22/04 Beckham 'Furious Elton And Hurley Are Brooklyn's Godparents'

Contact Music 12/9/04 Bing Meets Hurley Baby

Ananova 12/9/04 Steve Bing meets his son

Times of India 12/2/04 Liz and Arun may 'do it' next year

New Kerala 11/30/04 Liz Hurley creates family feud in Beckham household

New Kerala 11/29/04 Liz Hurley's son goes wild at a party

Contact Music 11/21/04 Hurley's Son Wreaks Havoc At Kids Party

Contact Music 11/18/04 Grant and Hurley's Company in Trouble?

Contact Music 11/16/04 Sir Elton Defends Hurley's Baby

Times of India 11/16/04 Liz wants UK wedding, Indian blessing

Contact Music 11/14/04 Hurley to Marry Next Year

Digital Spy 11/10/04 Grant to give away Hurley at wedding

Sky News 11/10/04 Liz's Indian Wedding

Ananova 11/10/04 Liz wants Arun's baby

Ananova 11/9/04 Nicole dating Liz's ex

Times of India 11/7/04 Nayar's wife on lovebirds' trail...

Contact Music 11/5/04 Hurley Horrified By Virginity Plea

Times of India 11/2/04 Liz, Arun plan Udaipur wedding

Ananova 11/2/04 Liz says plastic surgery is pathetic

Daily Record 11/1/04 Liz Talk Of The Steamy

Contact Music 11/1/04 Hurley And Nayar To Marry This Weekend?

Ananova 11/1/04 Liz Hurley to marry in India?

Stuff.co.nz 11/1/04 Hurley's class seizes the day

Hello! 10/29/04 Liz pretty in pink on charity trip to Oz

News.com.au 10/29/04 Liz's quick visit

News.com.au 10/28/04 Hurley hits shops

News.com.au 10/22/04 Hurley's quick hit

Ananova 10/22/04 Liz wants Hugh to give her away

Digital Spy 10/16/04 Hurley got director arrested by stripping

Contact Music 10/15/04 Hurley Got Me Arrested, Claims Director

Ananova 10/11/04 Liz's family trip to India

Contact Music 10/10/04 Hurley Falls Out Of Love

Contact Music 10/7/04 Hurley's 'Lonely And Traumatic' Pregnancy

News.com.au 10/3/04 Hurley's dual mission to Oz

Examiner 10/1/04 Hurley's lover slams pregnancy rumours

Contact Music 9/28/04 P Diddy Chases Hurley

Newindpress 9/8/04 What baby? Arun Nayar denies reports of Elizabeth Hurley’s pregnancy

Times of India 9/7/04 Mom Liz, Dad Arun?

Times of India 9/6/04 Liz Hurley expecting Arun's baby

Sky News 9/5/04 Another Baby on the Way

Contact Music 9/5/04 Hurley Pregnant?

Hello 9/2/04 Liz a hands-on mum while shopping in London

New Kerala 8/27/04 Liz Hurley voted star with best beautifully 'manufactured' body

Big News Network 8/17/04 Liz Hurley launches fashion line

Times of India 8/17/04 Liz launches invisible lingerie

This Is London 8/16/04 Hurley's little he-man

British Vogue 8/16/04 Liz Hurley's Invisible Underwear

Hello 7/30/04 Smoother path ahead for Liz and Arun

Ananova 7/30/04 Liz's partner's ex says: 'You can have him'

This Is London 6/25/04 Liz's night in white satin

Hello 6/18/04 Liz Hurley Leads Ascot Bonnet Parade

Times of India 6/13/04 Liz Hurley is obsessed with bikinis

This Is London 6/11/04 Hurley's bikini glamour

Times of India 5/28/04 Grant, Hurley spend night together!

British Vogue 5/18/04 Liz's Film Flops

Sky.com 5/18/04 It's Turkey Time... Again

MegaStar 5/18/04 Liz flick 'a loser'

Ananova 5/18/04 Liz Hurley's new film goes straight to video

Hindustantimes.com 5/17/04 Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar in Cannes

Times of India 4/29/04 Hurley's 'pink' effort to fight breast cancer

Defy 4/19/04 Liz Hurley's Naked Past

Webindia123.com 4/8/04 Liz Hurley is helping young people find jobs!

Times of India 4/6/04 Liz Hurley plans to move up in life!

AZ Central 2/17/04 Director lashes out at Liz Hurley's sexcapades

This Is London 2/16/04 'I hated working with Liz'

Sky.com 2/16/04 Hurley's Lover 'Loses It'

Anorak 2/16/04 Method Acting

MegaStar 2/16/04 Hurley's on-set tantrums

Ananova 2/16/04 Director attacks Liz Hurley

Ananova 2/16/04 Liz's lover lost it over movie sex scene

Times of India 2/15/04 Lid off Liz Hurley's tantrums

The Telegraph 2/15/04 Oompa Loompa, known as Arun also

This Is London 2/12/04 Liz Hurley in model wars

This Is London 2/11/04 Liz is no actress, says Samantha

Sky.com 2/11/04 'Hurley's No Actress'

Ananova 2/11/04 Oscar nominee attack's Liz Hurley acting ability

Times of India 1/31/04 Liz Hurley comes calling

Express India 1/30/04 Liz Hurley, Arun spotted in Mumbai again!

Vogue 1/19/04 The Estee Trio

MegaStar 12/30/03 Bollywood or bust, Liz

News.com.au 12/29/03 Good golly Miss Bolly

Hello! 12/24/03 Liz Hurley Set To Become New Queen of Bollywood 

Zap2It 12/11/03 'Method' to Hurley's Madness

Vogue 12/8/03 The Lauder Trio

British Vogue 12/1/03 Hurley's German Bash

BBC 11/24/03 Hurley lights up new home town

The Age 11/23/03 Hurley dazzles English town

BBC 11/18/03 Liz Hurley to leave the UK for good?

Sky.com 11/18/03 'Don't Call Me Liz'

MegaStar 11/18/03 Hurley name hell

Mirror.co.uk 11/3/03 Liz: I Never Had Plans To Marry

Sky.com 11/3/03 'What Wedding Plans?'

MegaStar 11/3/03 Hurley 'amused' by rumour

Sky.com 11/2/03 No Wedding For Hurley

Sky.com 10/30/03 Liz Left To Lunch Alone

MegaStar 10/29/03 Hurley auction horror

Vogue.co.uk 10/28/03 Hurley's £250,00 Style Pile

Zap2It 10/28/03 Elizabeth Hurley and Evelyn Lauder Paint London Pink

MegaStar 10/28/03 For frocks sake, Liz

Vogue.co.uk 10/27/03 Liz Lights Up

Hindustan Times 10/19/03 Liz and Arun's make or break phase

Times of India 10/19/03 Liz plans surprise b'day bash for Nayar

IOL 10/14/03 Grant cuts final ties with Hurley

Teen Hollywood 10/12/03 Cruise, Hurley And Grant Offer Their Time

Sunday Mirror 8/31/03 Bing Still Hasn't Seen His Son 16 Months On

Sky.com 8/29/03 Liz And Pammy Team Up

Sky.com 8/15/03 Liz's Comic Potential

BBC 8/6/03 Hurley movie wilts in the heat

WXXA 7/18/03 Hurley Rushes Son to Hospital

British Vogue 7/14/03 Hurley's Marriage Plans

icWales 6/21/03 Liz Hurley: My happy childhood holiday in Wales

Rediff.com 6/2/03 Arun Nayar's lover Elizabeth Hurley may opt for a private jet

Newindpress.com 5/15/03 Liz Hurley has another spat with British Airways, and wins

The Age 5/9/03 There's something about Liz

Zap2It 5/7/03 Hurley Shows Interest In 'The Method'

Zap2It 5/3/03 Liz Hurley to Host Fashion Rocks Charity Event

MegaStar 4/23/03 Hurley bites back

Express India 3/25/03 Liz Hurley and boyfriend Nayar arrive in city..

This Is London 3/19/03 New neighbours for Liz

Teen Hollywood 1/5/03 Hugh And Liz: Together Again?

This Is London 1/3/03 Ice-cool Liz has a happy Hugh year

BBC 12/17/02 Hurley refuses Bing's child payments

BBC 10/23/02 Bing proclaims victory over Mirror

BBC 10/22/02 Mirror apologises to Bing

MegaStar 10/2/02 Hurley tickled pink

Extra TV 9/25/02 An Eye For Beauty

Guardian 9/23/02 Bedazzled with St Hurley

BBC 9/16/02 Liz cut off in her pregnant prime

Zap2It 9/3/02 Elizabeth Hurley Frustrated Over Robbery Attempt

CNN 8/30/02 Elizabeth Hurley: 'Serving Sara'

Salon 8/23/02 "Serving Sara"

Dallas Morning News 8/19/02 Perry, Hurley left mark

Daily Record 8/16/02 Ol' Wild West Vest Look For Liz

Hello 8/14/02 A Happier Liz Hurley Doesn't Rule Out Another Baby

Zap2It 6/25/02 Nasty Allegations about Elizabeth Hurley to Come Out in Vanity Fair

Telegraph 6/21/02 Hurley snared Bing into being a father, says sister

Extra TV 6/19/02 Bing-Hurley DNA Results

BBC 6/19/02 Bing is Hurley baby's father

E!Online 6/19/02 Hurley's Daddy Drama Resolved

Hello 6/14/02 Liz Hurley Back to Her Glamorous Self at Charity Event

iTechnology 5/23/02 'Cad calls' over Hurley baby row are A-okay

BBC 5/22/02 Watchdog rejects Bing complaint

Toronto Star 5/7/02 Hurley's cavalcade of calamity continues

Zap2It 4/30/02 Liz Hurly Baby Pics Won't go to Hello, OK!

E!Online 4/19/02 Hurley's "Daddy" Strikes Back

BBC 4/19/02 Bing launches paternity case

Ananova 4/19/02 Hurley 'distressed' as Bing launches paternity proceedings

BBC 4/19/02 Man accused of stalking Hurley freed

Zap2It 4/19/02 Elizabeth Hurley Stalker Released Due to Lack of Evidence

Guardian 4/18/02 TV chat about Bing in the balance

BBC 4/12/02 Hurley 'stalker' appears in court

Hello! 4/11/02 Liz Hurley Seeks Refuge at Elton John's Ultra Private Estate

Zap2It 4/11/02 Elizabeth Hurley Asks Hugh, Patsy and Sir Elton to be God Parents

Zap2It 4/10/02 Elizabeth Hurley Signs $3 Million for Mother-Son Photos

BBC 4/10/02 Liz Hurley leaves hospital

Zap2It 4/8/02 Hugh Grant Drops Julia Roberts Film Out of Loyalty to Hurley

BBC 4/5/02 Hurley 'stalker' remanded in custody

Hello 4/4/02 Liz Hurley Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Zap2It 4/4/02 Hurley Stalker Arrested Moments After She Gives Birth

Dallas Morning News 4/4/02 It's a boy for Elizabeth Hurley

BBC 4/4/02 Liz Hurley gives birth to boy

E!Online 4/4/02 Liz Hurley's New Boy!

Zap2It 4/3/02 Hurley's Stalker Stopped for a Second Time

Hello 4/1/02 Baby Hurley to be Little Boy Blue?

Independent 3/15/02 Battle of the bump as magazines offer Hurley £1.5m for baby photos

Zap2It 3/15/02 Tabloids Fight To Photograph Elizabeth Hurley's Baby

This is London 3/14/02 Bids hit £1.5m for Liz's story

The Mirror 12/28/01 Liz's Rat Sues Us for Emotional Distress

Zap2It 12/28/01 Steve Bing, Elizabeth Hurley's Ex, Files Suit Against British Tabloid

BBC 12/28/01 Bing sues Mirror over hate campaign

Zap2It 12/27/01 Elizabeth Hurley Discusses Paternity on 'Today'

Ananova 12/27/01 Liz Hurley film to be screened at Sundance festival

Hello 12/26/01 Hugh and Liz Side by Side in LA

BBC 12/21/01 Hurley: No need for court battle

Sky News 12/17/01 Hugh And Liz To Wed?

BBC 12/10/01 Alleged Hurley stalker released

BBC 12/10/01 Alleged Hurley stalker arrested

BBC 12/6/01 Pregnant Hurley 'has new boyfriend'

BBC 12/6/01 Hurley 'completely loyal' to Bing

Zap2It 12/5/01 More Paternity Woes for Pregnant Elizabeth Hurley

BBC 12/5/01 Hurley hits back at ex-lover

New Zealand Herald 12/5/01 Bing breaks silence on Hurley baby

BBC 12/4/01 Hurley's ex unsure over baby

USA Today 12/4/01 Hurley's ex-beau questions paternity

Milwaukee Journal 12/4/01 Hurley's Ex-Boyfriend Mulls Paternity

Zap2It 11/27/01 Paternity of Elizabeth Hurley's Baby Questioned

Zap2It 11/24/01 Elizabeth Hurley Confirms She's with Child

BBC 11/9/01 Grant visits pregnant Hurley

E!Online 11/8/01 Yeah, Baby! Liz Hurley Preggers

BBC 11/8/01 Liz Hurley expecting baby

Telegraph 11/8/01 Liz Hurley pregnant

People News 10/20/01 Hurley denies pregnancy

CNN 9/7/01 Murphy sidelines Hurley at Lauder

Zap2It 7/30/01 Elizabeth Hurley And Donald Trump Guest Star On "The Job"

San Francisco Chronicle 6/1/01 Nash must have seen her and set up a play

This is London 4/3/01 I may never find a new Liz - Hugh

BBC 3/8/01 Cleese and Hurley face facts

Zap2It 3/1/01 Hurley to Guest Star in Leary's 'Job'

BBC 3/1/01 Hurley 'attacked' over fur coat

Computer User 1/11/01 Easyspace embroiled in Liz Hurley domain name dispute

Zap2It 1/4/01 Spice Girl, Supermodel Headed For 'Friends'?

The Advertiser 1/3/01 `Ugly Hurley' gibe a press invention, Kournikova

BBC 12/18/00 Hurley fined for strike-breaking ad

E!Online 12/18/00 SAG Hurls $100G Fine at Hurley

Seattle PI 12/18/00 Actress Hurley fined $100,000 for working during strike

CNN 12/17/00 Liz Hurley fined over perfume ad

UK Telegraph 12/10/00 Estee Lauder boss defends Hurley against the 'snobs'

Salon 11/28/00 Hurley becoming push-up bra pusher?

BBC 11/14/00 Bedazzled charms UK box office

BBC 10/30/00 Hurley finds a 'Friend'

E!Online 10/25/00 Fashion Police - Peachy Keen

BBC 10/20/00 More union trouble for Hurley

CNN 10/20/00 Elizabeth Hurley Talks About Playing the Devil in 'Bedazzled'

Forbes 10/19/00 Forbes Faces: Elizabeth Hurley

UK Telegraph 10/19/00 Union activists disrupt premiere of Hurley film

CNN 10/19/00 Elizabeth Hurley Torments Brendan Fraser in 'Bedazzled'

Salon 10/18/00 Liz Hurley talks sex -- again and again and ...

BBC 10/18/00 Hurley première picketed

E!Online 10/17/00 Elizabeth Hurley Interview

BBC 10/17/00 Hurley sorry for breaking strike

E!Online 10/11/00 Fashion Police - Test Pattern

BBC 9/13/00 Magazine says sorry to Hurley

BBC 8/9/00 Hurley and Cleese make faces

Salon 8/3/00 Elizabeth Hurley spills the sex beans

BBC 7/21/00 Hurley 'could face strike hearing'

E!Online 7/18/00 Liz Hurley: Strike Buster!

BBC 7/18/00 Hurley under fire from striking actors

Salon 7/18/00 Hurley and Grant swept up by rumor hurricane

TV Guide 7/17/00 Hugh & Hurley: Neighbors?

E!Online 7/12/00 Fashion Police - Loud and Clear

BBC 7/10/00 Liz and Hugh knock villagers for six

BBC 6/28/00 Hurley breaks split silence

Askmen.com 6/25/00 Celebrity Battle: Actress Elizabeth Hurley vs. Actor Hugh Grant

E!Online 6/21/00 Fashion Police - Keeping Abreast

BBC 5/24/00 Liz and Hugh announce split

BBC 5/24/00 The golden couple lose their shine

BBC 5/24/00 Hurley and Grant fend off media

E!Online 5/23/00 Grant and Hurley Split

Salon 1/25/00 Careless Talk costs Liz

IGN 11/8/99 Babe of the Day: Elizabeth Hurley

Extra TV 4/14/99 Will The REAL Diva Please Stand Up!

IGN 2/25/99 Movie Babe of the Day: Elizabeth Hurley


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