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News Articles about The Hulk


Rocky Mountain News 6/13/08 'Hulk' a big let down
Jam! 6/13/08 'Hulk' close to incredible
Roger Ebert 6/13/08 The Incredible Hulk

USA Today 6/12/08 'Hulk' goes heavy on action, light on humor
Entertainment Weekly 6/11/08 Movie Review The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Ananova 6/10/08 Hollywood premiere for Hulk
Jam! 6/9/08 Will Hulk be a smash hit?

Coming Soon 6/2/08 New Incredible Hulk Trailer!
Super Hero Hype 5/29/08 Liv Tyler is the New Betty Ross!

Coming Soon 5/29/08 New Incredible Hulk TV Spot!

TMZ 5/1/08 The incredible hulk memba him

MTV 4/24/08 'Incredible Hulk' Baddie Tim Roth Offers A Glimpse Into His 'Fascinating Character' And Monstrous Alter Ego

Coming Soon 4/20/08 Exclusive: Letterier, Feige and Hurd on Hulk's Return

Coming Soon 4/20/08 New Hulk Photos, Tie-in Marketing

E!Online 4/17/08 Norton Finds Reports of Hulk Feud Incredible

Entertainment Weekly 4/16/08 'The Incredible Hulk': Behind-the-Scenes Drama

Coming Soon 4/14/08 The Incredible Hulk Poster Revealed

Coming Soon 4/5/08 The Incredible Hulk New In-Theater FirstLook

Herald Sun 3/16/08 Versatile Ed Norton is going green

NY Daily News 3/14/08 'Incredible' fight for Ed Norton on 'Hulk'

IGN 3/12/08 IGN Sees The Incredible Hulk Trailer

MTV 3/12/08 'Incredible Hulk' Trailer: Shot-By-Shot Analysis Shows Green Guy Has Control Issues

Coming Soon 3/7/08 The Incredible Hulk Teaser to Debut Wed., March 12

MTV 2/12/08 Eric Bana Won’t Smash Ed Norton Over New Hulk

Digital Spy 1/25/08 Ed Norton hints at 'Hulk' sequel

MTV 1/19/08 William Hurt Says New Hulk Is More Heroic, Reveals Iron Man Crossover Scene

Superhero Hype 12/31/07 The Incredible Hulk Game Site Up

Coming Soon 11/25/07 New Hulk Set Pics and Video

Digital Spy 10/25/07 Lou Ferigno to appear in new Hulk movie

Coming Soon 10/5/07 Exclusive The Incredible Hulk Set Photos

Coming Soon 9/20/07 A Glimpse at New Hulk Artwork?

Toronto Star 8/31/07 Incredible Hulk to film on Yonge St.

Coming Soon 8/22/07 The Incredible Hulk Set Report

Coming Soon 7/31/07 Hulk Filming at CFB Trenton

Jam! 7/30/07 Ed Norton honoured to play 'Hulk'

Jam! 7/26/07 Nelson goes green for 'Hulk'

Coming Soon 7/22/07 New Hulk Shooting Location and Synopsis

BBC 6/13/07 Hurt 'joins Incredible Hulk cast'

Jam! 6/13/07 William Hurt joins 'Hulk' cast

Hollywood Reporter 5/10/07 Roth to play 'Hulk' heavy

Zap2It 4/16/07 'Incredible' Casting: Norton Hulks Out

Hollywood Reporter 4/5/07 Rhythm & Hues bulks up 'Hulk'

Toronto Star 2/27/07 Hulk a hero to T.O. film industry

Coming Soon 8/17/06 Dominic Purcell Up for The Incredible Hulk?

Digital Spy 7/20/06 'Incredible Hulk' finds director

Zap2It 3/13/06 Brother Makes Ex-'Hulk' Star Angry

BBC 2/14/06 Hulk star fights real-life crime

This is London 2/14/06 Hulk turns into a policeman

Celebrity Spider 1/30/06 The Clock is Ticking on Eric Bana's Return as the Hulk

USA Today 12/6/05 'Hulk' actor Jack Colvin dies at 71 10/7/04 Bana Seriously Considering The Hulk 2 5/3/04 Bana Hasn't Been Talked to About Hulk 2 4/28/04 The Hulk Movie Game Sells 2 Million Copies

Ironton Tribune 4/28/04 Man comes up with 'Hulk' of a car 4/5/04 Hurd & Arad Still Moving Ahead on Hulk 2

Zap2It 4/5/04 'Hulk'-Lite Gets Green Light

NY Times 4/2/04 'Hulk' Star Settles Toxic Mold Suit

NBC4 3/29/04 Jury Selection To Begin In 'Hulk' Star Lawsuit 1/27/04 The Academy Snubs The Hulk and X2 1/23/04 The Hulk Sequel to Feature More Action

Coming Soon 1/22/04 Cut Hulk Spoof on Scary Movie 3 DVD

Japan Times 1/15/04 Green man hulks his weight about 12/26/03 Hulk 2 in Trouble?

BBC 12/22/03 Hulk and Rings' Oscar battle 12/19/03 The Hulk & X2 to Compete For FX Oscar

Tech Review 11/30/03 The Man behind the Monster

DVD Talk 11/7/03 The Incredible Hulk - The Television Series Ultimate Collection

Coming Soon 11/7/03 The Hulk DVD & Video on Top Last Week

Coming Soon 11/6/03 The Hulk Wins Award for Online Ad

New Zealand Herald 11/6/03 The Hulk

Hollywood Reporter 10/31/03 'Hulk' DVD busts out: 2.5 mil copies in 2 days

NY Daily News 10/26/03 Plenty big green

Rocky Mountain News 10/24/03 Video reviews: 'Hulk' demolishes comic book rivals

DVD Talk 10/16/03 The Hulk (2003): Special Edition

Zap2It 9/27/03 Illegal Internet 'Hulk' Broadcast Yields Probation 9/26/03 N.J. man sentenced for putting movie on Internet

Palm Beach Post 9/25/03 Universal's Hulk coaster re-opens after woman's illness

The Age 9/24/03 The Hulk and me

Sun Sentinel 9/23/03 Unconscious woman taken to Orlando hospital after riding Universal's Hulk ride

AZ Reporter 9/15/03 Universal Studios Home Video Unleashes 'The Hulk' 9/11/03 Dressing down for the Hulk

Media Guardian 8/13/03 The Hulk adds muscle to Marvel's profits 7/31/03 The Hulk hogs Brit box office crown

BBC 7/29/03 Hulk keeps box office hold

Ananova 7/23/03 Hulk tops UK box office

ABC News 7/22/03 Stretchy Like a Sea Cucumber

BBC 7/22/03 Hulk leaps to top of box office

BBC 7/17/03 Nick Nolte barely remembers Hulk filming

Ananova 7/15/03 Hulk

BBC 7/11/03 The comic genius who made superheroes human

Hollywood Reporter 7/7/03 UIP, German exhibs agree over cut of 'Hulk's' green

MegaStar 7/4/03 Hulk crashes in

BBC 7/4/03 Fans turn out for tanned Hulk

Hello 7/4/03 Huge Green Monster Storms Into London

BBC 7/3/03 Hulk celebrates UK première

The Trades 7/3/03 A Conversation With Stan Lee

Ananova 7/3/03 Monster turnout for Hulk premiere 7/3/03 Monster Movie Premiere 7/3/03 Monster Flick Hits UK

BBC 7/3/03 How Ang Lee conquered the world

BBC 7/3/03 How cinema boosted Marvel's fortunes

BBC 7/3/03 Hulk gets UK premiere

Ananova 7/3/03 Ang Lee hints at retirement

BBC 7/3/03 Hulk poised for UK première

Hollywood Reporter 7/2/03 Germans hold 'Hulk' hostage over UIP's cut

Teen Hollywood 7/1/03 Connelly is Anti-Botox

NY Daily News 6/30/03 How 'Angels' can make a 'Hulk' sulk

Dallas Morning News 6/30/03 'Angels' ascends to top spot, 'Hulk' suffers free-fall 6/27/03 Hulkmania To Hit London

USA Today 6/27/03 Rage boiling over on screen

NY Daily News 6/26/03 Bootleg 'Hulk' pummels pirate 6/25/03 Bana follows heart home

Teen Hollywood 6/24/03 Jennifer Connelly's Hulk Shame 6/24/03 Bana walks green carpet

BBC 6/24/03 Hulk breaks blockbuster mould

Houston Chronicle 6/24/03 Professional praise squeezes Connelly's personal life

USA Today 6/24/03 Animator has Hulk in his DNA

Borowitz 6/23/03 Rumsfeld Gives Speech Wearing Big Green Hulk Hands

BBC 6/23/03 Hulk storms through US cinemas

USA Today 6/23/03 'The Hulk' opens at No. 1, but everything isn't green 6/23/03 Hulk toughs it out

TBO 6/22/03 Despite Itchy Makeup, Tedium, Actor Keeps Big Place In Heart For Hulk

Ananova 6/22/03 Hulk is monster hit

WPXI 6/22/03 'Hulk' Haul Leaves Competition Green With Envy

Fox News 6/22/03 Hulk Makes Killer Debut at Box Office

Hollywood Reporter 6/22/03 Monster debut: 'Hulk' opens to $62.6 mil

Teen Hollywood 6/21/03 Eric Bana: Hulk with a Punchline

Go Memphis 6/20/03 The Ferrigno factor

Santa Cruz Sentinel 6/20/03 A ‘Hulk" smash

Go Memphis 6/20/03 Hulk aglow on DVD, Bixby-style

Chicago Sun-Times 6/20/03 Upper Deck sees green in new Hulk trading cards

Zap2It 6/20/03 Expect a Smash-'Hulk' This Weekend!

CNN 6/20/03 Review: 'Hulk' not quite all there

Teen Hollywood 6/20/03 Movie Review: The Hulk

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/20/03 'Hulk' is big, big, big

Hollywood Reporter 6/20/03 'Hulk' ready for boxoffice rampage

Bergen Record 6/20/03 Ang Lee's 'Hulk' simply too inconsistent

Launch 6/20/03 Kelly Clarkson Isn't Afraid Of The 'Hulk'

Salon 6/20/03 "The Hulk"

Seattle Times 6/20/03 'Hulk' transforms into a mean green, muted machine

Toronto Star 6/20/03 Beast with a heart

CBS 6/20/03 'Hulk' Runs Amok On Silver Screen

NY Times 6/20/03 Tall and Green, but No 'Ho, Ho, Ho'

USA Today 6/20/03 Fans have the muscle to shape the movie

USA Today 6/20/03 Gloomy 'Hulk' never mutates into something worthwhile

The Sun 6/20/03 Monster hold-up on road

CNN 6/19/03 Magic spells and gamma rays

Salon 6/19/03 The Hulk speaks!

Slate 6/19/03 Hulk B-a-a-a-a-d 6/19/03 The Hulk is Ang Lee's American 'hidden dragon'

USA Today 6/19/03 Busting out: 'Hulk' stars aglow for the premiere 6/19/03 Green machine

Newsday 6/18/03 It's 'The Hulk' vs. 'Harry Potter'

Extra TV 6/18/03 'The Hulk' 6/18/03 Studios Green With Envy

The Trades 6/18/03 "Hulk" Review

NY Daily News 6/18/03 Pow! Comics take it on chin

CBS 6/16/03 Sam Elliott: The Hulk's Nemesis

NY Times 6/16/03 The Terminator and the Hulk Help Build a Career

Fox News 6/15/03 The Hulk Aims for Young and Mature Audiences

Newsday 6/15/03 Catching Up With "Hulk" Lou Ferrigno

Newsday 6/15/03 Aarrah!! Another leap....

Zap2It 6/14/03 'Hulk' Too Big for Mere Movies

NZ Herald 6/14/03 Eric Bana and the next big (green) thing

Houston Chronicle 6/13/03 All the rage

Irish Examiner 6/13/03 Hulk execs vow to hunt down pirates

The Star 6/13/03 The Hulk unearthed

CSM 6/13/03 Seeing green

The Trades 6/13/03 "Incredible Hulk #55" Review

Newsday 6/12/03 The Hulk Is Still Going Strong

Hollywood Reporter 6/12/03 The Hulk

USA Today 6/12/03 The hunk who plays 'The Hulk' 6/12/03 Hulk bootlegged

Zap2It 6/11/03 Bana Sees Green As Banner

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/10/03 Incredible: new 'Hulk' game is big, green

BBC 6/10/03 'Hulk' movie leaked online 6/6/03 Marveling at The Hulk's Marketing

Teen Music 6/5/03 The Hulk Soundtrack Is Hot

Wichita Eagle 6/4/03 Original 'Incredible Hulk' pilot on DVD as new Hulkmania starts

Chicago Sun-Times 6/3/03 Hulkamania

Zap2It 6/2/03 Ang Lee Just Finishes Final Tweaks to 'The Hulk'

The Trades 6/1/03 Page to Life

The Trades 6/1/03 "Hulk, The (Movie Adaptation)" Review

Sunday Times 5/30/03 How Bana bulked up for The Hulk

USA Today 5/28/03 An incredible bulk of 'Hulk' adventures

The Trades 5/27/03 A Hulkcentric (mostly) conversation with Peter David

The Trades 5/16/03 "Incredible Hulk #54" Review

The Trades 5/7/03 "Incredible Hulk #53" Review

PR Newswire 5/2/03 Meet The Incredible Hulk in Person!

Daily Bulletin 4/26/03 From 'X2' to 'The Hulk,' summer movies promise a wild ride

Zap2It 4/26/03 Summer DVD Releases Include 'Hulk,' 'Schmidt' and Stiller

USA Today 4/25/03 For everyone: Machines, girls and a big green guy

The Trades 4/14/03 "Incredible Hulk #52" Review

CNN 4/2/03 Comic book heroes to make jump to big screen

Sydney Morning Herald 3/21/03 Toy award for Hulk Hands

The Trades 3/19/03 "Incredible Hulk #51" Review 3/13/03 Nolte Won Over In Hulk

Sydney Morning Herald 3/11/03 North Shore welcomes Hulk

USA Today 3/7/03 Serene color gets the green light in uncertain times

The Trades 2/18/03 "Incredible Hulk #50" Review

Zap2It 2/8/03 'The Hulk' Bulks Up with Lots of Summer Promos 1/31/03 Actor Ferrigno puts his muscle behind local writer's project

Oregon Daily Emerald 1/30/03 Computer-animated Hulk is devoid of humanity

The Age 1/27/03 Bana bowls over US as The Hulk

The Hollywood Reporter 1/21/03 It's easy being green on Super Bowl Sunday

CNN 12/24/02 Fans getting giant look at 'Hulk'

Zap2It 12/21/02 Stan Lee's New Year Will Include Four More Marvel Films

CHUD 12/18/02 Hulk Tease!

Gazettenet 11/4/02 Ferrigno 'incredible' for more than hulk

The Age 10/15/02 The incredible rise of Mr Bana

Coming Soon 10/12/02 Is This the Movie Hulk?

USA Today 10/10/02 Hunky Lucas is one happy 'Hulk'

SciFi 9/12/02 Lucas Gushes Over Hulk

Zap2It 8/30/02 Expect Ang Lee's Human Touch in 'Hulk' Movie

Coming Soon 7/30/02 The Hulk Set Pictures!

Empire Online 5/3/02 Here's The Hulk

IGN 4/11/02 Script Review of The Hulk!

Zap2It 3/27/02 'Hulk' Scribe Wins Award in Nantucket
Sci Fi 2/27/02 Elliott Soldiers On Hulk Villain

Sci Fi 2/27/02 Bana Green With Joy About Hulk

IGN 2/19/02 Lucas Mindful of The Hulk

Zap2It 2/19/02 'Hulk' Marks 'Beautiful' Reunion for Jennifer Connelly

Ananova 2/19/02 Beautiful Mind star joins Hulk cast

Sci Fi 2/8/02 Danna To Score Hulk

Empire Online 2/27/02 Bana on Banner

Zap2It 1/18/02 'The Hulk' to Break Out Onto Game Consoles

Sci Fi 1/18/02 Uni Will Make Hulk Games

Coming Soon 1/14/02 Bana on The Hulk & Black Hawk Down

Sci Fi 12/27/01 Bana Was TV Hulk Fan

IGN 12/21/01 Fathers of The Hulk

Coming Soon 12/20/01 The Hulk Grabs Sam Elliot & Nick Nolte

Guardian 12/20/01 Nolte signs up for Ang Lee's Hulk

Hollywood Reporter 12/20/01 Elliott, Nolte bulk up 'Hulk'

Zap2It 12/19/01 Jennifer Connelly and Eric Bana Get Serious About 'The Hulk'

IGN 12/19/01 Hulk Out in '03

SciFi 12/18/01 Hulk Release Date Set

Zap2It 12/18/01 'The Hulk' Rips Into Summer 2003 Release Date

Hollywood Reporter 12/18/01 Uni's 'Hulk' pumped up for June '03

Zap2It 11/30/01 'Beautiful' Jennifer Connelly 'Hulks' Up

Empire Online 1/12/01  Ang Lee vs The Hulk


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