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Zap2It 5/20/12 'House' series finale: A look back at the best episodes

Examiner 5/18/12 'House' series finale sneak peek: The doctor makes his exit

Hollywood Reporter 5/18/12 'House' Hugh Laurie and Creator David Shore on Its 8-Season Run: 'Feel Sorry For the Two of Us'

TV Guide 5/16/12 Keck's Exclusives: Jennifer Morrison Previews Emotional House Return

BuddyTV 5/15/12 The Best ‘House’ Patients of the Week

Entertainment Weekly 5/15/12 'House' recap: Is House going [spoiler]?

Digital Spy 5/15/12 'House' recap: Wilson hits breaking point in 'Holding On'

BuddyTV 5/14/12 'House' Recap: The Dangerous Games House Plays

Zap2It 5/14/12 'House' - 'Holding On': A prank too far, plus Olivia Wilde returns (barely)

BuddyTV 5/14/12 'House' Videos: Take a Sneak Peek at 'Holding On'

Entertainment Weekly 5/14/12 'House' scoop: Jesse Spencer 'can't wait' for fans to see how it ends for Chase

TV Guide 5/13/12 Exclusive House Video: The Cast Has a Message for the Fans

E!Online 5/10/12 House Boss Drops Ominous Finale Scoop: "We Never Do Happy Endings"

BuddyTV 5/8/12 'House' Series Finale Photos: 'Everybody Dies'

Examiner 5/8/12 'House' series finale photos: The doctor is ready to head out

Digital Spy 5/8/12 'House' recap: Chase makes a shock decision in 'Post Mortem'

BuddyTV 5/7/12 'House' Videos: Take a Sneak Peek at 'Post Mortem'

TV Guide 5/7/12 Sneak Peek: Thirteen is Back in the House

Entertainment Weekly 5/7/12 'House' series finale: Cast reflects on what they'll miss the most about the show -- Exclusive Video

Examiner 5/3/12 'House' 8.21 photos and spoilers: It isn't over yet

BuddyTV 5/2/12 'House' Episode 8.21 Photos: 'Holding On'

Entertainment Weekly 5/1/12 'House' react: 'I promise.'

BuddyTV 4/30/12 'House' Recap: House Shares His Drug Stash with Wilson

Scripted TV Fans 4/30/12 House And Wilson Take A Little Vacation Tonight on House

TV Guide 4/29/12 Exclusive House Video: What Are the Cast's Favorite Episodes?

BuddyTV 4/27/12 'House' Videos: Cocktails and a Sick Girl in 'The C-Word'

BuddyTV 4/26/12 'House' Series Finale Spoilers: Jennifer Morrison Will Return

BuddyTV 4/25/12 'House' Episode 8.20 Photos: 'Post Mortem'

BuddyTV 4/24/12 'House' Mystery: Is Wilson Going to Die?

Zap2It 4/24/12 'House': We have to talk about Wilson

BuddyTV 4/23/12 'House' Recap: Wilson Breaks it to House

BuddyTV 4/23/12 'House' Series Finale Spoilers: Who Returns and Who Dies?

Scripted TV Fans 4/23/12 Park Has Naughty Dreams About The Team Tonight on House

Examiner 4/23/12 New 'House' cast photos and series finale spoilers

TV Guide 4/21/12 House Scoop: Amber Tamblyn Checks Back In for Finale

BuddyTV 4/20/12 'House' Videos: What Dreams Make Come to 'Body and Soul'

Examiner 4/19/12 'House' 8.19 'The C Word' photos and spoilers

Zap2It 4/19/12 'House's' Hugh Laurie: 'I'm pretty hopeless at goodbyes'

TV Guide 4/18/12 First Look: Behind the Scenes of Hugh Laurie Directing House

BuddyTV 4/17/12 'House' Episode 8.19 Photos: 'The C-Word'

BuddyTV 4/16/12 'House' Recap: Bloody Tears and Sex Dolls

Scripted TV Fans 4/16/12 House And Dominica Plot To Sabotage His Favorite Hooker’s Upcoming Marriage Tonight on House

BuddyTV 4/13/12 'House' Videos: Take a Sneak Peek at 'We Need the Eggs'

BuddyTV 4/12/12 Who Is Your Favorite ‘House’ Team Member?

BuddyTV 4/12/12 'House' Episode 8.18 Photos: 'Body and Soul'

Examiner 4/12/12 'Bones' 7.10 and 'House' 8.18 photos released

BuddyTV 4/10/12 What Is the Worst Thing Dr. House Has Ever Done?

BuddyTV 4/9/12 'House' Recap: Is Wilson a Father?

Scripted TV Fans 4/9/12 House Drops A Bomb On Wilson Tonight on House

Examiner 4/4/12 'House' 8.17 'We Need the Eggs' photos and new spoilers

BuddyTV 4/3/12 'House' Episode 8.17 : House's Wife Again in 'We Need the Eggs'

BuddyTV 4/2/12 'House' Recap: Who's Faking It?

Scripted TV Fans 4/2/12 A Patient Struggles Between Loyalty To His Country And To His Family Tonight on House

BuddyTV 3/29/12 'House' Videos: Take a Sneak Peek at 'Blowing the Whistle'

BuddyTV 3/27/12 'House' Episode 8.16 Photos: A 'Gut Check' for Everyone

BuddyTV 3/23/12 'House' News: Final Episodes and the Possible Return of Kal Penn

Entertainment Weekly 3/22/12 'House' finale scoop: Kal Penn in talks to return -- Exclusive

BuddyTV 3/20/12 'House' Episode 8.15 Photos: 'Blowing the Whistle'

BuddyTV 3/20/12 'House' News: Casting, Directing and the Return of Olivia Wilde

Examiner 3/20/12 'House' 8.15 'Blowing the Whistle' photos and spoilers

Hollywood Reporter 3/20/12 'House': Olivia Wilde to Return for Series Finale

Digital Spy 3/20/12 'House': 'Love Is Blind' recap

Scripted TV Fans 3/19/12 The Other Mrs. House Is In The House, Tonight on House

Entertainment Weekly 3/5/12 Jennifer Morrison on 'House': 'It changed my life' -- EW Video

Digital Spy 3/3/12 'House' star Jesse Spencer joins NBC pilot 'Chicago Fire'

TV Guide 2/28/12 Lisa Edelstein Will Not Return to House for Series Finale

BuddyTV 2/27/12 'House' Recap: Daddy of the House?

BuddyTV 2/27/12 'House' Videos: Family Issues in 'Love Is Blind'

Scripted TV Fans 2/27/12 The Other Mrs. House Is In The House Tonight on House

Entertainment Weekly 2/27/12 Fox shake-up: 'Bones,' 'House,' 'Touch' moving slots

Examiner 2/21/12 'House' 8.14 'Love is Blind' photos and sneak peek: An awkward talk

Digital Spy 2/21/12 'House': 'Man of the House' recap

BuddyTV 2/20/12 'House' Recap: 'Man of the House' and Speaker of the House

Scripted TV Fans 2/20/12 Mrs. House Is In The House, Tonight on House

Zap2It 2/20/12 'House's' Peter Jacobson moves on with Showtime pilot 'Ray Donovan'

BuddyTV 2/17/12 'House' Videos: Gender Issues and Dishonesty in 'Man of the House'

Examiner 2/15/12 House 8.13 'Man of the House' photos and sneak peek: Wife troubles

LA Times 2/15/12 Hugh Laurie strikes back at media over 'House' finale claims

Entertainment Weekly 2/15/12 'House' star disputes claim he was tired of working

BuddyTV 2/13/12 'House' Recap: 'Chasing' The Nun

BuddyTV 2/13/12 'House' Episode 8.13 Photos: 'Love Is Blind'

BuddyTV 2/13/12 'House' Videos: Recovery from Trauma in 'Chase'

Scripted TV Fans 2/13/12 Chase Forms A Deep Bond With A Patient Who Is A Cloistered Nun Tonight on House

NY Post 2/13/12 Hugh Laurie: I was sick of going to work

Zap2It 2/10/12 'House' ending: Odette Annable 'bittersweet'

TV Guide 2/9/12 House: How Will It End?

BuddyTV 2/8/12 FOX Confirms That 'House' Season 8 Will Be Its Last

BuddyTV 2/8/12 'House' Episode 8.13 Photos: House's Wife Returns in 'Man of the House'

Scripted TV Fans 2/8/12 House 2/6/12 “Nobody’s Fault” Episode Recap

Digital Spy 2/7/12 Recap: 'House': 'Nobody's Fault' recap

Scripted TV Fans 2/6/12 The Team Is Placed Under Review Following A Violent Incident Tonight on House

Zap2It 2/6/12 'House': If it's 'Nobody's Fault,' then who's responsible for Chase?

BuddyTV 2/6/12 'House' Videos: Making 'Nobody's Fault'

TV Guide 2/5/12 House on Trial: How Will Jeffrey Wright Rule?

Scripted TV Fans 2/2/12 House 1/30/12 “Runaways” Episode Recap

BuddyTV 2/1/12 'House' Videos: 'Nobody's Fault,' But House Might Get Blamed

Examiner 1/31/12 'House' episode 8.11 'Nobody's Fault' photos and preview

TV Guide 1/31/12 House First Look: Jeffrey Wright Puts Dr. House on Trial

BuddyTV 1/30/12 'House' Recap: My Little Runaways

BuddyTV 1/30/12 'House' Episode 8.12 Photos: A Special Connection for 'Chase'

BuddyTV 1/30/12 'House' Videos: A Street Kid, Some Rebels and a Gun in 'Runaways'

BuddyTV 1/24/12 'House' Episode 8.10 Photos: Who Is to Blame in 'Nobody's Fault'?

BuddyTV 1/24/12 'House' Review: A Change Is Never Gonna Come

TV Guide 1/24/12 Cheers & Jeers: Melanie Lynskey in the House

Digital Spy 1/24/12 'House': 'Better Half' recap

Scripted TV Fans 1/23/12 A Patient’s Symptoms May Be A Reflection Of His Troubled Marriage Tonight on House

BuddyTV 1/18/12 'House' Video: Chase and Adams Talk Suicide in 'Better Half'

BuddyTV 1/18/12 'House' Episode 8.10 Photos: Tasting Freedom in 'Runaways'

TV Guide 1/16/12 Keck's Exclusives: Scoop on Desperate Housewives, The Vampire Diaries and House

Examiner 1/11/12 'House' episode 8.09 'Better Half' photos and spoilers

BuddyTV 1/10/12 'House' Episode 8.9 Photos: 'Better Half'

BuddyTV 1/9/12 Saved or Canceled? News on the Fates of 'House' and 'Fringe'

Zap2It 1/8/12 'House' and 'Terra Nova' still awaiting word on their fates

Digital Spy 1/4/12 'Friday Night Lights' star Michael B Jordan wins 'House' role

Zap2It 12/17/11 'House' Season 9: Could it happen? Hugh Laurie weighs in

BuddyTV 12/12/11 Truth Is Stranger than Fiction: 5 Ridiculous 'House' Cases That Could Actually Happen

Digital Spy 12/8/11 'House' most talked-about TV show on Facebook this year

Zap2It 11/29/11 'House' recap: House of Lies

Digital Spy 11/29/11 'House': 'Perils of Paranoia' recap

BuddyTV 11/28/11 'House' Recap: Fall Finale Shoots, Misses

Scripted TV Fans 11/28/11 Paranoia Permeates Princeton-Plainsboro Tonight on House

Zap2It 11/28/11 Hugh Laurie says he's quitting TV after 'House'

Digital Spy 11/24/11 Hugh Laurie to move to directing or writing after 'House'

Examiner 11/22/11 'House' episode 8.08 'Perils of Paranoia' photos and spoilers

BuddyTV 11/21/11 'House' Recap: 'Dead and Buried' Come Alive

Scripted TV Fans 11/21/11 A 14-Year Old Suffers From More Than Teen Angst Tonight on House

Examiner 11/21/11 'House' 8.07 'Dead and Buried' and 'Terra Nova 1.09 'Vs' sneak peeks

NY Post 11/20/11 Moving into 'House'

Examiner 11/15/11 'House' episode 8.07 'Dead and Buried' photos and spoilers

Digital Spy 11/15/11 'House': 'Parents' recap

BuddyTV 11/14/11 'House' Recap: It's All Kid Stuff for These 'Parents'

BuddyTV 11/14/11 'House' Episode 8.8 Photos: 'The Perils of Paranoia'

Scripted TV Fans 11/14/11 Parenting Decisions Leave a Lasting Impact Tonight on “House”

Digital Spy 11/11/11 Audrey Marie Anderson wins 'House' role

Digital Spy 11/10/11 David Anders to appear on 'House'

BuddyTV 11/8/11 'House' Episode 8.7 Photos: 'Dead and Buried'

Examiner 11/8/11 'House' episode 8.06 'Parents' photos and spoilers

TV Guide 11/8/11 Jeffrey Wright Checks In to House

Zap2It 11/8/11 'House' recap: The Case of the Missing Skin

TV Guide 11/8/11 House Preps For The End

Zap2It 11/8/11 'House' readies for a showdown with Jeffrey Wright

Digital Spy 11/8/11 'House': 'The Confession' recap

BuddyTV 11/7/11 'House' Recap: Familiar Faces Return to Hear a 'Confession'

Scripted TV Fans 11/7/11 A Patient’s Confession Puts His Life At Risk Tonight on House

TV Guide 11/7/11 House's Jesse Spencer on Chase's Return, Playing Power Games and Molding New Team Members

BuddyTV 11/3/11 'House' Episode 8.6 Photos: Meet the 'Parents'

Examiner 11/1/11 'House' episode 8.05 'The Confession' photos and spoilers

Digital Spy 11/1/11 'House': 'Risky Business' recap

E!Online 11/1/11 House Star Odette Annable: Hubby Dave Ready to Start Family, But...

BuddyTV 10/31/11 'House' Recap: Gambling on Some 'Risky Business'

Scripted TV Fans 10/31/11 It’s Just Business, Tonight on House

Examiner 10/28/11 New BTS photos for 'Fringe', 'House' and 'Terra Nova': Sneak peeks

BuddyTV 10/27/11 'House' Episode 8.5 Photos: Babies and Furniture Moving in 'The Confession'

Digital Spy 10/22/11 Olivia Wilde doesn't expect 'House' return

Examiner 10/18/11 'House' episode 8.04 'Risky Business' photos and preview

BuddyTV 10/17/11 'House' Recap: Taking on a 'Charity Case'

BuddyTV 10/17/11 'House' Episode 8.4 Photos: Lots of Trouble in 'Risky Business'

Scripted TV Fans 10/17/11 House Perceives A Patient’s Altruistic Behavior As A Symptom Of Disease Tonight On House

Digital Spy 10/17/11 Jamie Bamber to guest star in 'House'

Zap2It 10/17/11 Olivia Wilde says goodbye to 'House': 'It's been an extraordinary time'

TV Guide 10/15/11 Lisa Edelstein on Leaving House and Her Good New Role: "I Just Move On"

BuddyTV 10/12/11 'House' Episode 8.3 Photos: More of Wentworth Miller in 'Charity Case'

Examiner 10/11/11 'House' episode 8.03 'Charity Case' photos and preview

Zap2It 10/11/11 'House': Change we can believe in?

TV Guide 10/11/11 House: The New Dean of Medicine Speaks

Digital Spy 10/11/11 Omar Epps: 'House twist is a great change-up'

Scripted TV Fans 10/10/11 House Returns To A Chilly Reception Tonight On House

TV Guide 10/7/11 House Exclusive: Get a First Look at Unseen Cast Photos

Zap2It 10/4/11 'House' season premiere: Doctor in the big house

TV Guide 10/4/11 Cheers & Jeers: A Little Lady in the Big House

Entertainment Weekly 10/4/11 'House' returns solid, 'Terra Nova' ratings surprise

TV Guide 10/4/11 6 Burning Questions From House's Season 8 Premiere

Entertainment Weekly 10/4/11 'House' season premiere: A solid season opener... but was it enough to keep you watching?

BuddyTV 10/3/11 'House' Premiere Recap: Best Of 'Twenty Vicodin'

BuddyTV 10/3/11 A 'House' Bromance: The Top 10 'Bro-ments' Between House and Wilson

BuddyTV 10/3/11 'House' Season 8 Premiere Review: Why I Love the Jailhouse Doc

Scripted TV Fans 10/3/11 House Attempts To Solve A Medical Mystery In Prison Tonight On The Season Premiere Of House

Zap2It 10/3/11 'House' creator David Shore discusses House in prison and the series' (possible) end

Hollywood Reporter 10/3/11 'House's' Hugh Laurie Joined by Tom Jones at Album Release Celebration (Video)

TV Guide 10/2/11 House Season 8: Will House's Time in the Slammer Change Him?

BuddyTV 9/27/11 'House' Video: Watch Three Scenes from the Season 8 Premiere

BuddyTV 9/27/11 'House' Episode 8.02 Photos: Back at the Hospital for 'Transplant'

TV Guide 9/19/11 Keck's Exclusives: Taub's Double Blessing

BuddyTV 9/16/11 'House' Season 8 Premiere Photos: House in Jail

BuddyTV 9/16/11 'House' Photos: Meet the Season 8 Cast

Digital Spy 9/13/11 'Prison Break' star Wentworth Miller lands 'House' role

Digital Spy 9/13/11 Odette Annable hoping to avoid 'House', 'Breaking In' clash

BuddyTV 9/7/11 'House' Promo: Spoilery Scenes of House in the Big House

Digital Spy 9/7/11 'House' Jesse Spencer: 'Lisa Edelstein exit was difficult'

Scripted TV Fans 9/3/11 House – Fox Fall Preview 2011

TV Guide 9/3/11 House Star Hugh Laurie: Lisa Edelstein's Departure Was "A Great Shock"

Zap2It 9/2/11 'House's' Hugh Laurie on Lisa Edelstein's departure, show's premature swan song

Daily Mail 8/31/11 Hugh Laurie finds himself behind bars in the latest (and possibly last) series of the show

BuddyTV 8/30/11 Jaleel White to Guest Star on 'House' Season Premiere

Zap2It 8/30/11 'House': Jaleel White (yes, Urkel) locked up for guest role

BuddyTV 8/25/11 'House' Video: An Imprisoned House in Season 8

Zap2It 8/25/11 'House' goes to the big house in Season 8 promo

LA Times 8/24/11 Blame cranky Dr. House because Hugh Laurie hasn't won an Emmy?

BuddyTV 8/22/11 Jesse Spencer on the Next Dean of Medicine, Lisa Edelstein and the End of 'House'

Zap2It 8/20/11 Emmys 2011: What are Hugh Laurie's chances to finally win? Not very good

Digital Spy 8/18/11 'House' Odette Annable: 'I'm not replacing Cuddy'

TV Guide 8/17/11 Amber Tamblyn and David Cross Are Engaged

TV Guide 8/14/11 House Season 8 Scoop: Cuddy Fallout, New Blood, and a Return to the Show's Roots

Digital Spy 8/10/11 Lisa Edelstein: 'House exit is terrifying'

Digital Spy 8/10/11 'House' exec: 'Cuddy exit won't be big story'

BuddyTV 8/8/11 Interview: 'House' EP David Shore on Season 8, Cuddy Leaving and Series Finale Possibilities

Zap2It 8/5/11 'House': Is this the final season? FOX's decision coming in the fall

TV Guide 8/3/11 Charlyne Yi Joins House as Series Regular

TV Guide 7/31/11 Hugh Laurie on Lisa Edelstein's House Departure: We All Miss Her Very Much

Hollywood Reporter 7/30/11 Hugh Laurie Could Forgo Acting for a Musical Career

Hollywood Reporter 7/27/11 'House,' 'Monk,' 'Psych' Acquired by Ion Television

BuddyTV 7/26/11 Odette Annable Joins 'House'

TV Guide 7/25/11 Odette Annable Joins the Cast of House

Zap2It 7/13/11 'House' Season 8: Jesse Spencer to return

Hollywood Reporter 7/13/11 'House's' Jesse Spencer Back for Season 8: How Fans Reacted on Twitter

Digital Spy 7/5/11 Hugh Laurie named new face of L'Oreal Men Expert

BuddyTV 6/23/11 Former 'House' Star Lisa Edelstein Checks Into 'The Good Wife'

Digital Spy 6/9/11 'House' to introduce new 'female presence'

BuddyTV 5/24/11 Monday Ratings for May 23: 'House' Finale Falls

Zap2It 5/24/11 'House' recap: House Wrecker

TV Guide 5/24/11 David Shore on House Finale: There Was Always a Risk That House Would Do Something Insane

E! Online 5/24/11 House Season Finale: So...That Happened—What Did You Think?

Digital Spy 5/24/11 Recap - 'House': 'Moving On'

BuddyTV 5/23/11 'House' Fan Columnist: Top Ten Cuddy Moments

LA Times 5/23/11 'House' recap: The elephant in the room

Scripted TV Fans 5/18/11 House 5/16/11 “After Hours” Episode Recap

BuddyTV 5/17/11 'House' Fan Columnist: Late Night House Calls

BuddyTV 5/17/11 'House' Without Cuddy: Lisa Edelstein Leaving for Season 8

LA Times 5/17/11 'House' recap: Physician, heal thyself

Zap2It 5/17/11 'House' recap: Take Your Work Home

NY Daily News 5/17/11 Dr. Cuddy's departure creates a bigger problem than just having one less doctor in the 'House'

TV Guide 5/17/11 Lisa Edelstein Leaving House

BuddyTV 5/16/11 'House' Review: The Most Disgusting Episode Ever

Scripted TV Fans 5/16/11 Thirteen Helps Out A Fellow Felon Tonight On House

Scripted TV Fans 5/15/11 House 5/9/11 “The Fix” Episode Recap

LA Times 5/12/11 'House' writers' room: The fix is in

Scripted TV Fans 5/11/11 FOX Announces “House” Renewed for Season Eight

NY Post 5/11/11 'House' broken

Zap2It 5/10/11 'House' Season 8 could feature less of the regular cast 

LA Times 5/10/11 'House' recap: Pick your poison

Zap2It 5/10/11 'House' recap: Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am

Digital Spy 5/10/11 Recap - 'House': 'The Fix'

LA Times 5/10/11 'House' will be declared fit to return for eighth season

TV Guide 5/10/11 Fox Renews House; Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps Sign New Deals

Digital Spy 5/10/11 'House' to end after eighth season?

BuddyTV 5/9/11 'House' Fan Columnist: No Easy Fix

BuddyTV 5/9/11 'House' Season 7 Finale Photos: 'Moving On'

Scripted TV Fans 5/9/11 The Gloves Come Off When House & Wilson Spar Over A Boxing Match Tonight On House

Daily Mail 5/6/11 'I'm ready to date again': Bikini girl Olivia Wilde opens up about life after divorce

BuddyTV 5/4/11 'House' Episode 7.22 Photos: 'After Hours'

LA Times 5/4/11 'House' writers' room: Hitting the jackpot

Zap2It 5/3/11 'House' recap: You Can't Win If You Don't Play

LA Times 5/3/11 'House' recap: As luck would have it

Scripted TV Fans 5/2/11 Cuddy’s Mother Threatens To Sue For Malpractice Tonight On House

E!Online 5/2/11 Which House Star Is Selling This Swanky House?

BuddyTV 4/25/11 'House' Episode 7.21 Photos: 'The Fix'

Scripted TV Fans 4/20/11 House 4/18/11 “Last Temptation” Episode Recap

LA Times 4/20/11 'House' writers' room: The cut of Masters' jib

BuddyTV 4/19/11 'House' Fan Columnist: Masters' Plan

Zap2It 4/19/11 'House' recap: Pants On Fire

Digital Spy 4/19/11 Amber Tamblyn: 'Leaving House was hard'

Digital Spy 4/19/11 Recap - 'House': 'Last Temptation'

BuddyTV 4/18/11 'House' Episode 7.20 Photos: 'Changes'

Scripted TV Fans 4/18/11 House Offers Masters A Place On The Team Tonight On House

Scripted TV Fans 4/17/11 House 4/11/11 “The Dig” Episode Recap

Scripted TV Fans 4/13/11 House Episode Review ‘The Dig’: Season 7 Episode 18

Hollywood Reporter 4/13/11 Hugh Laurie to Star in 'Mr. Pip' for Andrew Adamson

BuddyTV 4/12/11 Ratings Report: 'Chuck,' 'HIMYM,' 'House' Hit New Lows

Zap2It 4/12/11 'House' recap: Oh, Brother

Digital Spy 4/12/11 Recap - 'House': 'The Dig'

LA Times 4/12/11 'House' recap: You only hurt the one you spud

BuddyTV 4/11/11 13 Reasons to Watch Thirteen's Return on 'House'

Scripted TV Fans 4/11/11 Thirteen Returns To House After Serving Time In “The Big House” Tonight On House

TV Guide 4/11/11 Amber Tamblyn Moves to the Head of the Class

E!Online 4/10/11 The Jailbird Flies Home! Preview Thirteen's Return to House

Deseret News 4/10/11 'House' hits a milestone with 150th episode, featuring the return of Thirteen

TV Guide 4/10/11 House: How Will Thirteen's Return Affect House and the Team?

E!Online 4/8/11 TV Update: Is House DOA on Fox?

TV Guide 4/8/11 Exclusive: Not So Fast, Here's Why House Is Unlikely to End Up at NBC

Zap2It 4/6/11 'House': Olivia Wilde, Hugh Laurie tease Thirteen's return

BuddyTV 4/5/11 'House' Episode 7.19: 'Last Temptation'

Digital Spy 3/30/11 Olivia Wilde teases 'House' return

BuddyTV 3/29/11 'House' Episode 7.18 Photos: 'The Dig'

BuddyTV 3/29/11 'House' News and Spoilers: Thirteen's Return and the Season Finale

Entertainment Weekly 3/29/11 'House,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Fringe, 'Justified,': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Scripted TV Fans 3/27/11 House 3/21/11 “Fall from Grace” Episode Recap

Scripted TV Fans 3/23/11 House: Fall From Grace Episode Review: Season 7 Episode 17

LA Times 3/23/11 'House' writers' room: Talking about love and death and this week's episode

Daily Mail 3/23/11 Hugh Laurie says goodbye to acting (temporarily) as he launches a music career with his first ever performance

Digital Spy 3/23/11 Hugh Laurie 'plays gig in New Orleans'

BuddyTV 3/22/11 'House' Fan Columnist: Back to Normal?

BuddyTV 3/22/11 Will the Fine Young Cannibal Return on 'House'?

Scripted TV Fans 3/21/11 The Team Has Second Thoughts After Discovering a Patient’s Disturbing Secret Tonight on House

LA Times 3/17/11 'House' writers shoot the bull

BuddyTV 3/15/11 'House' Fan Columnist: My Body Is a Cage

Digital Spy 3/15/11 Recap - 'House': 'Out Of The Chute'

Zap2It 3/15/11 'House' recap: Bull

LA Times 3/14/11 ‘House’ recap: Cannonball run

Scripted TV Fans 3/14/11 The Team Must Perform A Gore-y Procedure To Save A Young Bullfighter Tonight On House

NY Daily News 3/14/11 'House' gives in to sexual tension between stars, leaving Lisa Edelstein to play simply 'girlfriend'

TV Guide 3/11/11 Olivia Wilde Files for Divorce

LA Times 3/10/11 'House' writers talk about the Huddy breakup and all that jazz

Zap2It 3/8/11 'House' recap: Get Happy

BuddyTV 3/7/11 'House' Episode 7.16: 'Fall from Grace'

BuddyTV 3/1/11 'House' Episode 7.16 Photos: 'Out of the Chute'

BuddyTV 3/1/11 'House' Fan Columnist: Your Love is My Drug

Digital Spy 3/1/11 Recap - 'House': 'Recession Proof'

Zap2It 3/1/11 'House' recap: Diagnosis: Pants Afire

Digital Spy 3/1/11 Hugh Laurie 'excited to get common cold'

Scripted TV Fans 2/28/11 House 2/21/11 “Two Stories” Episode Recap

LA Times 2/28/11 ‘House’ recap: Lie, Masters, lie

Scripted TV Fans 2/28/11 A Patient’s Predicament Causes House to Question His Own Practice and Happiness Tonight on House

Digital Spy 2/25/11 Is 'House' having a mid-life crisis?

BuddyTV 2/23/11 'House' Episode 7.15 Photos: 'Bombshell'

BuddyTV 2/22/11 'House' Fan Columnist: House Tells 'Two Stories'

Zap2It 2/22/11 'House' recap: Back To School Fail

LA Times 2/22/11 ‘House’ recap: Telling tales out of school

Scripted TV Fans 2/21/11 House Gets Relationship Advice From Some Fifth Graders Tonight On House

Digital Spy 2/17/11 Edelstein teases 'House' musical episode

BuddyTV 2/15/11 'House' Fan Columnist: Subjective Math

BuddyTV 2/14/11 'House' Episode 7.14 Photos: 'Recession Proof'

BuddyTV 2/14/11 'House' Episode 7.13 Photos: 'Two Stories'

LA Times 2/14/11 ‘House’ recap: A trip down memory lane

Scripted TV Fans 2/14/11 A Waitress With Total Recall Suffers Sudden Paralysis Tonight On House

Scripted TV Fans 2/11/11 House 2/7/11 “Family Practice” Episode Recap

BuddyTV 2/8/11 'House' Fan Columnist: Family Matters

LA Times 2/7/11 'House; recap: Die, Masters, die!

Scripted TV Fans 2/7/11 Cuddy Entrusts Her Mother’s Care To House’s Unorthodox And Illegal Methods Tonight On House

BuddyTV 1/27/11 'House' Episode 7.11: 'Family Practice'

Digital Spy 1/26/11 'House' cast 'not contracted for eighth run'

LA Times 2/7/11 'House; recap: Die, Masters, die!

Scripted TV Fans 2/7/11 Cuddy Entrusts Her Mother’s Care To House’s Unorthodox And Illegal Methods Tonight On House

BuddyTV 1/27/11 'House' Episode 7.11: 'Family Practice'

Digital Spy 1/26/11 'House' cast 'not contracted for eighth run'

BuddyTV 1/25/11 'House' Fan Columnist: Actions Have Consequences

Zap2It 1/25/11 'House' recap: Basic Training

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