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NY Daily News 3/5/08 'High School Reunion': Every dork has his day

Courier Journal 3/5/08 Classmates pick up where they left off – and then some

Variety 3/4/08 High School Reunion

Post Dispatch 2/29/08 High school flashbacks make great TV

Reality TV World 2/2/08 TV Land's 'High School Reunion' revival now set to debut March 5

East Valley Tribune 1/29/08 Chandler High makes final cut for reality TV

Fans of Reality TV 1/20/05 "It's Raining on Prom Night"

Reality News Online 1/20/05 High School Reunion 3, Episode 7: Proms Away

MediaFiends.com 1/19/05 1.18.05 HS Reunion Finale

Reality News Online 1/16/05 High School Reunion 3, Episode 6: Not Very Interesting

Fans of Reality TV 1/13/05 "Last Dance, Last Chance for Romance"

MediaFiends.com 1/11/05  1.11.05 High School Reunion

Reality News Online 1/10/05 High School Reunion 3, Episode 5: Romy and Michelle Go to Maui

Fans of Reality TV 1/6/05 Revenge of the Nerds, Reunion-Style

MediaFiends.com 1/5/05 - 1.4.05 HS Reunion

Fans of Reality TV 12/30/04 Concussions and Repercussions, or Leggo My Ego

Reality News Online 12/30/04 High School Reunion 3, Episode 4: Bringing On the Pain

Reality News Online 12/23/04 High School Reunion 3, Episode 3: Mystery Meet

Fans of Reality TV 12/22/04 Still Crazy After All These Years

Reality TV Calendar 12/22/04 Party Crashing and Cross Dressing: Episode 3 Recap

MediaFiends.com 12/21/04 - 12/21/04 HS Reunion

Reality TV Calendar 12/17/04 Insanity and Restraining Orders

Fans Of Reality TV 12/16/04 Recap Pathetique, or 16 Ghastly Legends.

Reality News Online 12/16/04 High School Reunion 3, Episode 2: Some Things Never Change

Reality TV Calendar 12/15/04 Pyscho Girl, Truth Or Dare, And An Orgy: Episode 2 Recap

MediaFiends.com 12/15/04 - 12/14/04 HS Reunion

Reality News Online 12/14/04 High School Reunion 3, Episode 1: Reacquainted, Reunited, and Reignited

Fans Of Reality TV 12/9/04 High School Reunion 3: Episode 1 Recap - "Feels Like Old Times"

Reality TV Calendar 12/8/04 It's Going To Be A Wild Ride! Commentary by CGHS Alum Audrey Korshoff

Sun Sentinel 12/8/04 Cardinal Gibbons students warm up to reality TV show

Reality TV Calendar 12/8/04 Getting Reaquainted and First Dates: Episode 4 Recap

MediaFiends.com 12/8/04 12/7/04 HS Reunion Premiere

Star Ledger 12/7/04 Just can't turn away

Reality TV Calendar 12/7/04 Scoreboard, Commentary, News, Photos, Bios, and More

Deseret News 12/7/04 Let the humiliation begin

Reality TV World 12/7/04 The WB's 'High School Reunion 3' to premiere tonight, December 7

Hartford Courant 12/7/04 Reality Faceoff: Catholic High Reunion Vs. `Amazing Race 6'

Sun Sentinel 12/5/04 Reunited ’94 Gibbons grads provide sexy TV reality show

Zap2It 10/11/04 New WB 'Reunion' Brings High School Back in December

Fans of Reality TV 5/6/04 Skewered, Shish-Kebabbed, and Other Meat Sayings

Reality News Online 5/4/04 High School Reunion 2, The Aftermath: Is It Really Over, or Just Over?

Fans Of Reality TV 4/29/04 High School Reunion: "Whoop There it Isn't": 4/25 recap

Reality News Online 4/26/04 High School Reunion 2, Episode 7: The Beginning of the End

Press Release 4/26/04 High School Reunion May 2 Episode Preview

Fans Of Reality TV 4/21/04 "Exotic Resorts and Sand in Your Shorts": 4/18 Recap

Reality News Online 4/19/04 High School Reunion 2, Episode 6: The 24-Hour Tease

Elitestv.com 4/17/04 Revenge, Rage and Resentment Rule High School Reunion

Fans Of Reality TV 4/14/04 "In Spanish, It means "Poo" ": 4/11 recap

Reality News Online 4/12/04 Episode 5: Why Confront When You Can Complain and Repress?

Fans Of Reality TV 4/6/04 High School Reunion:"Revenge of the Nerd": 4/4 Recap

Reality News Online 4/5/04 Episode 4: Don’t Worry About Lenny, He’s With the Blond Ones Now

Reality News Online 4/2/04 High School Reunion 2, Episode 3: All Talk, Little Action

Fans Of Reality TV 3/30/04 "Vibrating Giblets, Mate swapping, and Grass Skirts": 3/28 recap

Reality News Online 3/25/04 High School Reunion 2: Inside-Out

Fans Of Reality TV 3/24/04 High School Reunion 3/21 recap: "When Prom Queens Attack"

Reality News Online 3/22/04 High School Reunion 2, Episode 2: Keep Your Enemies Close

Newsday 3/22/04 Hated high school? It's reunion time

Reality News Online 3/17/04 High School Reunion 2: Blond Streaks Make Everything Better!

Fans of Reality TV 3/16/04 Episode 1: Wedgieville Revisited

Reality News Online 3/16/04 Episode 1: How Many Blondes Can Fit into an Expedition?

Beacon Journal 3/14/04 Drama seems very forced in `High School Reunion'

Boston Herald 3/14/04 Full-grown losers relive low points of `High School'

Seattle PI 3/13/04 Gladiators vs. the alumni: Let war begin

Deseret News 3/11/04 'Class Reunion' is reprehensible

Zap2It 3/10/04 Parking-Lot Guy Makes Good on WB's 'High School Reunion'

Reality TV World 1/16/04 'High School Reunion 2' to premiere on The WB on March 5

Reality TV World 10/22/03 The WB orders a third edition of 'High School Reunion'

Reality TV World 9/1/03 2nd season of 'HS Reunion' to air as Fall 2003 midseason replacement

Television Without Pity 3/9/03 Interview with Tim Gittings

Television Without Pity 2/20/03 Episode 6

Reality News Online 2/17/03 Episode 6: Of Proms, Proposals, and Farewells

Media Fiends 2/17/03 - HS Reunion Roundup

Media Fiends 2/17/03 - HS Reunion Finale

Television Without Pity 2/14/03 Episode 5

Reality News Online 2/10/03 Three Overnight Hall Passes and a Secret Admirer

Television Without Pity 2/7/03 Episode 4

Zap2It 2/4/03 Classmates Say Their Final Goodbye's on The WB's "HS Reunion"

Reality News Online 2/4/03 Episode 4: Much Ado About Nothing

Zap2It 2/3/03 WB Goes Back for More 'Reunion'

Television Without Pity 1/23/03 Episode 3

Reality News Online 1/20/03 Ep 3: The Hijinks, the Boxing Match, and the Very Big Fish

Media Fiends 1/20/03 - 1.19.03 High School Reunion

Reality News Online 1/20/03 4 ‘HS Reunion’ Participants Not Actually from the Class

Television Without Pity 1/17/03 Episode 2

Media Fiends 1/13/03 - 1.12.03 High School Reunion

Reality News Online 1/13/03 Episode 2: New Arrivals and Old Baggage

Media Fiends 1/11/03 HS Reunion Alumni on Chicago News

Toronto Star 1/11/03 Twisted school outing

Television Without Pity 1/10/03 Episode 1

Media Life 1/9/03 'High School Reunion,' reality most steamy

Media Fiends 1/8/03 - 1.5.03 High School Reunion

Zap2It 1/7/03 'Joe Millionaire' Debut Cashes In; WB's 'Reunion' Also Scores

Reality News Online 1/7/03 Episode 1: The Gang’s (Almost) All Here

Reality News Online 1/5/03 High School Reunion Participant Preview

Reality News Online 1/4/03 In Preparation for ‘High School Reunion’: A Look Back at 1992

Contra Costa Times 1/4/03 New reality show is so high school

Dallas Morning News 1/4/03 Voted most likely to be deadly dull

Seattle Post 1/3/03 'Reunion' shoulda, woulda, coulda been a lot better

NY Daily News 1/3/03 It's good, mean fun

Zap2It 1/2/03 'Bachelor' Creator Organizes a 'High School Reunion'

Deseret News 1/2/03 Pencil in 'Reunion'

Salt Lake Tribune 1/1/02 Classmates of 'High School Reunion' Haven't Outgrown the Teen Years

Extra 12/31/02 'High School Reunion'

NY1.com 12/31/02 TV Review: "High School Reunion"

NY Daily News 12/19/02 On WB, reality imitates high school

Hollywood Reporter 11/26/02 WB tries reality on Thursdays


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