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Celebrity Spider 9/28/07 Heroes Star: "Hayden Panettiere & Milo Ventimiglia Are Not Dating"

Inside Pulse 9/28/07 A Case of the...Heroes - Episode 2-1

Hollywood Reporter 9/26/07 Replay rule helps 'Heroes'

Celebrity Spider 9/25/07 The Haitian Returns Next Week on "Heroes"

Celebrity Spider 9/25/07 Eli Roth Set for Heroes Spin-Off

Entertainment Weekly 9/25/07 George Takei Talks 'Heroes'

IGN 9/25/07 Heroes: "Four Months Later..." Review

E!Online 9/25/07 Dancing Soars; Heroes Asks for Recount

TV Guide 9/25/07 Heroes Shocker! Is Nathan's Mother Next for Murder?

Entertainment Weekly 9/25/07 Ordinary Heroes

Inside Pulse 9/24/07 Heroes Week Monday: Zachary Quinto Interview

Zap2It 9/24/07 'Heroes' premiere: You dress strangely for a monk

Digital Spy 'Heroes' star keen to get married

Jam! 9/24/07 A 'Heroes' welcome

Inside Pulse 9/23/07 Heroes Week Sunday: Heroes Co-Executive Producer Jeph Loeb Interview

Mercury News 9/23/07 The 'Heroes' challenge

Celebrity Spider 9/22/07 A Heroes Romance

Inside Pulse 9/22/07 Heroes Week Saturday: Noah Gray-Cabey Interview

Inside Pulse 9/21/07 Heroes Week Friday:  Dania Ramirez Interview

Entertainment Weekly 9/21/07 'Heroes' Comes Out Swinging

Globe and Mail 9/21/07 The truth is out there, maybe somewhere near Ottawa

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 9/21/07 Next feat for 'Heroes': Meeting high expectations

Knox News 9/21/07 'Heroes' character's geeky demeanor not just an act

Entertainment Weekly 9/21/07 The New Heroes

Inside Pulse 9/20/07 Heroes Week Thursday: James Kyson Lee Interview 

Buffalo News 9/20/07 On 'Heroes' Row, a matter of life and death

Chicago Tribune 9/20/07 A few tidbits on the new season of 'Heroes'

Knox News 9/20/07 'Heroes' travels backward for Hiro

Celebrity Spider 9/19/07 Hayden Panettiere's A Motherly Hero

BuddyTV 9/19/07 Exclusive 'Heroes' Season 2 Clips Hit the Web

Inside Pulse 9/19/07 Heroes Week Wednesday - David Anders Interview

Entertainment Weekly 9/19/07 'Heroes' Report Card: We Grade All 23 Episodes

BuddyTV 9/18/07 Quentin Tarantino: "What the F*** is Heroes?"

Inside Pulse 9/18/07 Heroes Week Tuesday - Nick D'Agosto Interview

BuddyTV 9/17/07 'Heroes' Fails to Capture Emmy Gold

Extra 9/17/07 Masi Oka: From 'Hero' to Hustler?

NY Post 9/16/07 Power Girl

BuddyTV 9/12/07 'Heroes' Hype Slows Down

BuddyTV 9/10/07 Is 'Heroes' Distancing Itself From Fans?

Buddy TV 9/7/07 Heroes: Is the Hype Justified?

Metro 9/7/07 Hayden gushes

Celebrity Spider 9/3/07 Heroes Cheerleader's Bald Past

Celebrity Spider 9/3/07 Heroes Star Unwilling to Part With Clunker

NY Post 9/3/07 'Heroes' Q&A: Hayden Panettiere Gives Three Cheers for the DVD

BBC 9/3/07 BBC strikes Heroes deal with NBC

Media Guardian 9/3/07 BBC2 bags Heroes exclusive

Celebrity Spider 9/2/07 Masi Oka: "Don't Ask Me About the Cheerleader"

Celebrity Spider 9/2/07 Heroes Star Gets Inked Without Permission

Celebrity Spider 9/2/07 Heroes Star Works Second Job

Newsday 9/2/07 'Heroes' the world over

Toronto Star 9/1/07 Toronto pays homage to Heroes

Jam! 8/31/07 Canadian city in 'Heroes' storyline

Digital Spy 8/31/07 Exclusive: In Video: 'Heroes' UK press conference

Zap2It 8/31/07 NBC Shows Disappearing from iTunes

Toronto Star 8/31/07 A tight-lipped Heroes cast

Jam! 8/31/07 'Heroes' stars land in Toronto

USA Today 8/31/07 Fall TV returns: 'Heroes' powers up for Season 2

BBC 8/31/07 Reluctant Heroes try to save world

Jam! 8/30/07 'Heroes' reveal vague clues

USA Today 8/30/07 'Heroes' powers up for Season 2

BuddyTV 8/29/07 'Heroes' Unveils Comprehensive Season 1 DVD Sets

Orlando Sentinel 8/28/07 NBC makes an heroic effort

Washington Post 8/28/07 'Heroes': Saving the World on DVD

NY Daily News 8/28/07 Season 1 of 'Lights,' 'Heroes' are DVDelightful

Celebrity Spider 8/27/07 Lt. Uhura Joins George Takei on Heroes

The Trades 8/27/07 Heroes - Season One

BuddyTV 8/27/07 'Heroes' Unveils Kensei Mythology

Newsday 8/27/07 'Heroes' goes on a world tour for DVD, new season

Toronto Star 8/27/07 Season 1 Heroes DVD heavy on extras

TV Guide 8/27/07 Exclusive: Secrets of Heroes' Kensei Legend Revealed

Digital Spy 8/26/07 Cult Spy Icons: Kaito Nakamura from 'Heroes'

Jam! 8/26/07 'Heroes', 'Ugly Betty' on DVD

Digital Spy 8/25/07 Heroes "fills missing part" of BBC Two

Celebrity Spider 8/24/07 Save the Cheerleader, Save the Milk

Buddy TV 8/24/07 'Heroes' Stars Pull out of Fan Con

News OK 8/24/07 Creator of 'Heroes' says stories driven by characters' lives, not their superpowers

Coming Soon 8/24/07 Exclusive: Zachary Quinto on Heroes & Star Trek

IGN 8/24/07 Heroes: Season 2 Preview & Predictions

ET Online 8/24/07 Secrets from 'Heroes' Second Season

Press-Journal 8/23/07 'Heroes' beams up another Trek alum

Digital Spy 8/23/07 'Heroes' star doing own hair for Emmys

Celebrity Spider 8/22/07 Malcolm McDowell Has Son to Thank for Heroes Role

Celebrity Spider 8/22/07 Hayden Panettiere Gets Cheerleader Chance

E!Online 8/22/07 Heroes Hits the Road

IGN 8/22/07 Exclusive Heroes Interview: Ali Larter and Sendhil Ramamurthy

Boston Globe 8/22/07 Too much, too fast for overreaching 'Heroes'

Celebrity Spider 8/21/07 NBC Announces Heroes World Tour to Begin August 26

Celebrity Spider 8/21/07 Kristen Bell Joins "Heroes"

Digital Spy 8/21/07 'Heroes' star not interested in older men

BuddyTV 8/20/07 'Heroes' Did Not Steal Kristen Bell from 'Lost'

E! Online 8/20/07 Veronica Mars Sleuths Out Heroes Gig

Chicago Tribune 8/20/07 'Veronica Mars' star Kristen Bell joins 'Heroes'

Digital Spy 8/20/07 Kristen Bell joins 'Heroes'

MTV 8/20/07 Milo Ventimiglia Becomes Anti-'Hero,' Gets Caught Up In Sex, Drugs, Murder

Chicago Sun Times 8/19/07 A sneak peek at 'Heroes'

Digital Spy 8/19/07 'Heroes' - The Unanswered Questions

TV Guide 8/17/07 How Heroes' Ali Larter Became Bollywood's It Girl

Zap2It 8/17/07 'Bratz' Star Lands on 'Heroes'

Digital Spy 8/17/07 Panettiere reveals 'Heroes' secrets

Hollywood Reporter 8/17/07 Parrish joins 'Heroes' team

Digital Spy 8/17/07 Janel Parrish joins 'Heroes'

ET Online 8/16/07 Secrets from 'Heroes' Second Season

Digital Spy 8/15/07 Panatierre will keep 'Heroes' pom poms

Jam! 8/15/07 'Heroes' stars coming to Toronto

NY Post 8/15/07 Uhura Does 'Heroes'

Celebrity Spider 8/14/07 Masi Oka: "Hiro Almost Wasn't a Hero"

Coming Soon 8/14/07 Masi Oka on Heroes

Digital Spy 8/14/07 'Heroes' star can't wait for school reunion

Digital Spy 8/14/07 'Heroes' star praises George 'Sulu' Takei

BuddyTV 8/13/07 Masi Oka Talks 'Heroes' Season 2

Buddy TV 8/12/07 'Heroes' Goes Big Business

Celebrity Spider 8/11/07 Hayden Panettiere Wants to be Invisible

TMZ 8/11/07 Hayden's Not-So-Wild Ride

Digital Spy 8/11/07 Ali Larter thrilled by 'Heroes' success

TMZ 8/10/07 Hayden Wears Short Shorts

NY Post 8/10/07 'I'm Not Sweet'

Jam! 8/10/07 'Heroes' star wants invisibility

This is London 8/10/07 Actress Ali is a hero for our times

Superhero Flix 8/9/07 Interview: Hayden Panettiere Cheers on Heroes: Season 2

Orlando Sentinel 8/9/07 Pressure is on for 'Heroes'

Digital Spy 8/7/07 Anders upped to 'Heroes' series regular

BuddyTV 8/6/07 'Heroes' Cast Expands Again

TBO 8/6/07 Powers That Be Provide Peek Into 'Heroes,' Tell Of Character More Evil Than Sylar

E!Online 8/3/07 A New Heroes Hire

Orlando Sentinel 8/3/07 At "Heroes," the Emmy nominations help, the DVD is loaded, the show will change a bit in season two

Zap2It 8/3/07 'Nine' Co-Star Gets 'Heroes' Powers

Celebrity Spider 8/2/07 Kevin Smith to Direct Heroes Spin Off

Digital Spy 8/2/07 'Heroes' star promises "exciting" new season

TMZ 8/1/07 L.A. Invaded by Heroes

Chicago Tribune 7/30/07 More treats to come for 'Jericho' fans

TV Guide 7/30/07 Heroes' Masi Oka Discusses Tripping Time and Getting Smart

Hollywood Reporter 7/30/07 TV Comic-Con's 'Heroes'

Chicago Tribune 7/29/07 Kevin Smith meets his 'Heroes': A Comic-Con report

Union Tribune 7/28/07 Heroes: Comic-Con

Celebrity Spider 7/27/07 Hayden Panettiere Was a Tomboy

TBO 7/27/07 Critics Take A Peek At 'Heroes' Set - But No Scoops

Hollywood Reporter 7/27/07 Coming soon: ‘Heroes’ tank, action dolls

BBC 7/27/07 Heroes villain lands Spock role

Celebrity Spider 7/26/07 Hayden Panettiere Hates Lindsay Lohan Comparison

BuddyTV 7/26/07 'Heroes' HD-DVD to Feature Web-Enhanced Features

Toronto Star 7/26/07 Hints and Clues from the Heroes Set

E!Online 7/26/07 Heroes Gets Printed, Played

MTV 7/26/07 'Star Trek' Earmarks A 'Hero' To Play New Spock In J.J. Abrams Flick

Chicago Tribune 7/26/07 Talking with HRG from 'Heroes'

Digital Spy 7/26/07 Strong start for 'Heroes' on BBC Two

Chicago Tribune 7/26/07 Live from the 'Heroes' set - with Hiro

Hollywood Reporter 7/26/07 Power on for 'Heroes' game

BBC 7/26/07 US TV's Heroes is hit for BBC Two

Celebrity Spider 7/24/07 Heroes Star to Play Spock?

BuddyTV 7/24/07 ‘Heroes’ Casting Update: Who’s Out Now?

Zap2It 7/24/07 A few quick 'Heroes' spoilers

BuddyTV 7/23/07 Former ‘Heroes’ Star Dekker Discusses Terminators and Gaygate

Zap2It 7/23/07 Thomas Dekker talks about leaving 'Heroes'

BBC 7/23/07 US critics' award for TV's Heroes

Hollywood Reporter 7/22/07 TCA picks: 'Heroes,' 'Lights,' 'Office'

The Telegraph 7/21/07 Ordinary people, extraordinary powers

BuddyTV 7/20/07 'Heroes' Expands Its Cast Again

IGN 7/20/07 Heroes: Catching Up with the Bennet Family

Zap2It 7/20/07 NBC Needs Another 'Hero'

Hollywood Reporter 7/20/07 Davis powers way into 'Heroes'

Celebrity Spider 7/19/07 Heroes Star Has High Hopes for Japanese Homecoming

BuddyTV 7/19/07 'Heroes' Steals Emmy Thunder from 'Lost'

TV Guide 7/19/07 Heroes' Hayden Panettiere Cheers on Her Brother Jansen

E!Online 7/19/07 Emmy Noms: Heroes, Betty In, 24 Out

Contra Costa Times 7/19/07 'Sopranos,' 'Heroes' top list of Emmy nods

People 7/18/07 Hayden Panettiere to Sing with Greg Grunberg's Band

Canada.com 7/17/07 "Heroes" stars coming to Canada

Digital Spy 7/6/07 New 'Heroes' revealed for second season

Fox News 7/3/07 Report: 'Heroes' and 'Ugly Betty' on Emmy-Nominations Short List

Coming Soon 7/3/07 Dominic Keating Joins Heroes

TMZ 6/27/07 Buccaneer Birthday Babe, Ahoy!

Zap2It 6/25/07 'Heroes' Actress Joins CW's 'Reaper'

MediaPost Publications 6/22/07 Nissan Ties Rogue Campaign to NBC's 'Heroes'

Coming Soon 6/21/07 The Heroes Speak

Zap2It 6/20/07 Ex-'Alias' Baddie Joins 'Heroes'

Hollywood Reporter 6/20/07 Legion of super-'Heroes'

Zap2It 6/18/07 Legion of 'Heroes' Keeps Growing

Hollywood Reporter 6/18/07 D'Agosto joins ranks of 'Heroes'

Buddy TV 6/16/07 Heroes Zach Quinto Confirmed for Season Two

Digital Spy 6/14/07 NBC inks 'Heroes' marketing pact

Celebrity Spider 6/13/07 Heroes Season 1 DVD Available for Preorder

Deseret News 6/12/07 Miss Universe is hoping to land a role on 'Heroes'

Journal Gazette 6/10/07 Are heroics enough?

TMZ 6/10/07 Hayden on Paris: Tee-hee!

Hollywood Reporter 6/7/07 'Heroes' welcome for Kring

MSNBC 6/5/07 ‘Heroes,’ ‘Sopranos’ compete for critics awards

South Florida 6/2/07 One hero, with everything

Zap2It 6/1/07 'Sopranos' Actress Joins 'Heroes'

E!Online 6/1/07 Heroes Gets an X-Men Factor

Hollywood Reporter 6/1/07 Ramirez lands 'Heroes' role

TMZ 5/31/07 Hayden Cheers Paris, Boos Lindsay

Second Sight TV 5/30/07 Character Biographies

Second Sight TV 5/30/07 Season One At A Glance

Second Sight TV 5/30/07 How to Stop an Exploding Man: Finale Recap

NY Magazine 5/30/07 Are ‘Heroes’ Fans Morons While ‘Lost’ Fans Are Smart?

The Envelope 5/30/07 'Heroes' conspiracy theory

After Ellen 5/29/07 A lesbian joins the cast of "Heroes"

Chicago Tribune 5/28/07 'Heroes' answers few questions

Post Gazette 5/28/07 Tuned In Podcast: 'Heroes' Sylar speaks

News.com.au 5/25/07 Seeing is believing

TV Guide 5/25/07 Can Heroes' Big Baddie Contain an Outbreak?

Star Ledger 5/25/07 'Lost' finds its way, while 'Heroes' falls short

Zap2It 5/24/07 NBC Holding Out for More 'Heroes'

Inside Pulse 5/23/07 In Hindsight: Heroes Episode 1-23

Boston Globe 5/23/07 Season finale highlights 'Heroes' flaws

Digital Spy  5/23/07 BBC gets exclusivity for 'Heroes' season 2

NY Post 5/23/07 Explosive Finish

IGN 5/22/07 Heroes: "How To Stop An Exploding Man" Review

Boston Globe 5/22/07 Superpowers can’t save ‘Heroes’ finale

Entertainment Weekly 5/22/07 Apocalypse? Nah!

Chicago Sun Times 5/22/07 Fiery end to a way-cool season

Palm Beach Post 5/21/07 Looking back on the super season of TV's hottest new hit: Heroes

Union Tribune 5/21/07 Heroes, May 21

Digital Spy 5/21/07 Whose Scary Mask?

Deseret News 5/21/07 Hurrah for 'Heroes'!

Knox News 5/21/07 'Heroes' to face critical moment

Jam! 5/21/07 'Heroes' wraps up its season tonight

Chicago Sun Times 5/20/07 Analyzing 'Heroes'

Digital Spy 5/20/07 Cult Spy: Tangled 'Heroes'

ET Online 5/18/07 'Heroes,' 'Babel' Stars Win Asian Excellence Awards

Chicago Tribune 5/17/07 Artist moves from comic books to TV

Celebrity Spider 5/15/07 Preview for Next Week's Season Finale of "Heroes"

Entertainment Weekly 5/15/07 Penultimate Warrior

Philly.com 5/15/07 NBC goes heavy on 'Heroes' in new season

Union Tribune 5/15/07 Heroes: May 14

Zap2It 5/14/07 'Heroes' Expands Universe with 'Origins'

E! Online 5/14/07 More Heroes to NBC's Rescue

ET Online 5/14/07 Can the Cheerleader Save the World?

Seattle Times 5/14/07 "Heroes'" Masi Oka is super-geeky

Inside Pulse 5/11/07 Interview with Hayden Panettiere and Eric Roberts of Heroes

NY Post 5/11/07 'I Want A Boyfriend'

Journal Now 5/11/07 A Heroic Punching Bag: Will Heroes really kill off Peter Petrelli? Actor says character's fate isn't known

MediaPost 5/11/07 NBC.com Goes 'Inside Heroes'

US Magazine 5/11/07 Heroes Gets Even More Nerdy

Celebrity Spider 5/8/07 Various Heroes Fatefully Arrive in New York City Next Week on "Heroes"

Celebrity Spider 5/8/07 Heroes Cheerleader Hayden Panettiere Too Boring for Paparazzi

E!Online 5/8/07 Heroes Looks Mortal

Entertainment Weekly 5/8/07 Bland Ambition

Union Tribune 5/8/07 Heroes: May 7

Metro 5/8/07 Teenager still getting used to being a ‘Hero’

Celebrity Spider 5/7/07 Heroes Star Hayden Panettiere Hopes to Help the Poor

TV Guide 5/7/07 Up Close with the "Shiftiest" of NBC's Heroes

Tampa Tribune 5/7/07 Horrors! Former Ditz In Musical Turns Up On NBC's 'Heroes' As Mother Of Evil Sylar

Philly.com 5/7/07 'Heroes' takes aim at New York

Playbill.com 5/6/07 Little Shop's Greene Guests on NBC's "Heroes" May 7

Enquirer 5/4/07 Hayden's Graduation Surprise

Entertainment Weekly 5/3/07 The Bomb Squad

Jam! 5/3/07 'Heroes' stars in spotlight

Knox News 5/3/07 Grudge match: Spider-Man vs. Hiro ('Heroes')

Inside Pulse 5/2/07 A Case of the... Heroes

Celebrity Spider 5/1/07 Sylar Visits His Mom Next Week on "Heroes"

IGN 5/1/07 Interview: George Takei

TMZ 5/1/07 Hayden Sucks Face with Her Hero

Entertainment Weekly 5/1/07 Double Your Pressure

Union Tribune 5/1/07 Heroes: April 30

Playbill.com 5/1/07 Little Shop's Greene to Guest on NBC's "Heroes"

Extra 4/30/07 Masi Oka: How His Seven-Line 'Heroes' Audition Changed his Life

TV Guide 4/30/07 Heroes' Mohinder Previews a Bleak (Yet Thrilling) Future

Knox News 4/30/07 'Heroes' actor good at playing dead

TMZ 4/30/07 Hayden Acts Her Age

USA Today 4/29/07 Hayden Panettiere keeps feet firmly planted

TV Guide 4/29/07 Heroes' Mohinder Previews a Bleak (Yet Thrilling) Future

USA Today 4/29/07 Hayden Panettiere keeps feet firmly planted

TMZ 4/29/07 When Hiros Collide

Inside Pulse 4/25/07 A Case of the... Heroes

Inside Pulse 4/25/07 In Hindsight - Heroes Episode 1-19

Celebrity Spider 4/24/07 Hiro and Ando are Thrown Five Years Into the Future Next Week on "Heroes"

Access Hollywood 4/24/07 The Cast Of 'Heroes' Prepares For The Season Finale

Zap2It 4/24/07 'Heroes' Hiro Leads 'Smarter' Sequel

TV Guide 4/24/07 A Heroes Death Paints an Uncertain Future

Union Tribune 4/24/07 Heroes: April 23

Entertainment Weekly 4/23/07 Fighting the Inevitable

Dallas Morning News 4/23/07 New 'Heroes' episode means more fun

Star Ledger 4/23/07 How 'Heroes' can save itself

TV Guide 4/23/07 Shocking Heroes Preview: The Final Countdown

Deseret News 4/23/07 'Heroes' face death

San Jose Mercury News 4/23/07 `Heroes' proves skeptics wrong with strong scripts and characters

Newsday 4/23/07 Back to heroic unreality

Philly.com 4/23/07 Hooray, 'Heroes' is back

CNN 4/23/07 'Heroes' star Oka enjoying breakout status

Knox News 4/23/07 Heroes' is great - the parts I can remember

Baltimore Sun 4/23/07 'Heroes' worship

Chicago Tribune 4/23/07 'Heroes' maintains sure and steady pace

NY Post 4/23/07 Underworld

NY Daily News 4/23/07 Puzzle pieces come together on 'Heroes'

USA Today 4/23/07 'Heroes' finale delivers big resolution, smaller cliffhangers

Newsday 4/23/07 Where 'Heroes' left off

USA Today 4/23/07 Where the 'Heroes' left off

Chicago Sun-Times 4/22/07 Hiro's 'Heroes': NBC's wonder boy

Newsday 4/22/07 Back to heroic unreality

Ventura County Star 4/22/07 ‘Heroes' offers a chilling episode

NY Post 4/22/07 Heroes 101

IGN 4/20/07 Heroes: Exclusive Red Carpet Interviews

Orlando Sentinel 4/20/07 "Heroes" returns Monday with chilling new episode

Zap2It 4/19/07 'Heroes' hype: On set with the Nakamuras

IGN 4/20/07 Heroes: Exclusive Red Carpet Interviews

NY Post 4/5/07 'Heroes' Spoils Itself 

Zap2It 4/4/07 'Heroes' Star Studies Pathology

TMZ 4/4/07 Hayden Panettiere: Don't Call Me Lindsay

TV Guide 3/30/07 Heroes' Greg Grunberg Proves to Be a Real Superman

Zap2It 3/29/07 'Heroes' Cheerleader Catches 'Fireflies'

Celebrity Spider 3/28/07 Nathan Has a Meeting With Linderman Next Week on Heroes

Chicago Tribune 3/25/07 Santiago Cabrera

Celebrity Spider 3/23/07 H.R.G.'s Hidden Past is Revealed Next Week on "Heroes"

Celebrity Spider 3/23/07 NBC Announces What will happen next on Heroes? Video Contest

MSNBC 3/18/07 New York artists sue NBC over ‘Heroes’

Denver Post 3/17/07 Panettiere to be honored in Vail

TMZ 3/15/07 Hayden's Brand New Bag

Variety 3/11/07 'Heroes' fly at Paley festival

Television Without Pity 3/11/07 Parasite

Entertainment Weekly 3/9/07 Nobody's Hero

SunHerald.com 3/9/07 Conspiracy theories abound about 'Heroes,' 'Lost'

Celebrity Spider 3/8/07 Artwork Featured on Heroes Show to be Auctioned on NBC.com

Chicago Tribune 3/8/07 Otherwordly plot of `Heroes' trumps the silly antics on `Lost'

Inside Pulse 3/6/07 In Hindsight - Heroes - Episode 1-18

Entertainment Weekly 3/6/07 Directory Assistance

Union Tribune 3/6/07 Heroes: March 5

BuddyTV 3/5/07 Heroes: 1.18 "Parasite" - Spoilers

Inside Pulse 3/5/07 Spoilers Heroes - Episode 1-18

Inside Pulse 3/5/07 Interview with Jack Coleman a.k.a. H.R.G. from Heroes

TV Guide 3/5/07 Twisted Sisters: Heroes' Ali Larter Teases a Big Battle

Bergen Record 3/5/07 N.J. native does double-duty on '24', 'Heroes'

NY Post 3/5/07 'Heroes' Spring Break

AM New York 3/5/07 "Heroes" and "24" silly off

Television Without Pity 3/4/07 Company Man

Palm Beach Post 3/4/07 Spring TV fling Q&A with Zachary Quinto, alias Sylar

RealityTVRules.com 3/2/07 Heroes 1x17: Company Man Summary

Jam! 3/2/07 'Heroes' snares 'Spidey 3' sneak

Detroit News 3/1/07 A chat with Jack Coleman

USA Today 3/1/07 Spidey lands on 'Heroes'

Inside Pulse 2/28/07 A Case of the... Heroes

Zap2It 2/28/07 'Heroes' Mom Joins FOX Pilot

Celebrity Spider 2/27/07 A New Hero Debuts Next Week on "Heroes"

Entertainment Weekly 2/27/07 A Blast and the Past

Union Tribune 2/27/07 Heroes: Feb. 26

BuddyTV 2/26/07 Heroes: 1.17 "Company Man" Spoilers - 2/26

Variety 2/26/07 American 'Heroes' travel to Ireland

Television Without Pity 2/25/07 Unexpected

Houston Chronicle 2/24/07 Viewers have love, hate bond with HRG

Dallas Morning News 2/24/07 'Heroes' star doesn't know what his character is up to

TV Guide 2/23/07 Killed-off Heroes Star Maintains a "Super" Attitude

UGO 2/23/07 Exclusive: Heroes Set Visit

RealityTVRules.com 2/22/07 Heroes 1x16: Unexpected Summary 2/19/07

NY Daily News 2/22/07 Conspiring to keep viewers guessing

Inside Pulse 2/21/07 In Hindsight: Heroes, Episode 01-16

Jam! 2/21/07 Success in sight for 'Heroes' star

Philly.com 2/21/07 'Heroes' ' super enigma

Celebrity Spider 2/20/07 H.R.G.'s Hidden Past is Revealed Next Week on "Heroes"

USA Today 2/20/07 Simone goes out with a bang

Digital Spy 2/20/07 'Heroes' wins it for Sci-Fi

Palm Beach Post 2/20/07 Someone Finally Dies on 'Heroes'

Union Tribune 2/19/07 Heroes: Unexpected

Celebrity Spider 2/19/07 Peter Learns Someone Close May Have Betrayed Him Tonight on "Heroes"

Inside Pulse 2/19/07 Heroes - Episode 1-16

TV Guide 2/19/07 Adrian Pasdar: Heroes' "Flying Man" Swoops by TV Guide

Television Without Pity 2/18/07 Run!

Digital Spy 2/15/07 In Video: Ali Larter talks 'Heroes'

San Francisco Chronicle 2/15/07 Nuke-Deploying Dramas Shake Up Viewers

RealityTVRules.com 2/14/07 Heroes 1x15: Run! Summary 2/12/07

Inside Pulse 2/13/07 In Hindsight: Heroes, Episode 1-15

Union Tribune 2/13/07 Heroes, Feb. 12

Entertainment Weekly 2/13/07 Men of Steal

TMZ 2/12/07 Family Matters on 'Heroes'
Television Without Pity 2/11/07 Distractions

Digital Spy 2/9/07 In Video: Milo Ventimiglia talks 'Heroes'

TMZ 2/8/07 Cheerleader Saves Rumer Willis

Inside Pulse 2/7/07 Interview with George Takei of Heroes

RealityTVRules 2/7/07 Heroes Episode 1x14: Distractions Summary

NY Post 2/7/07 Battle Ground

NY Times 2/7/07 The Unseen and Unexplained, Inching Closer to the Truth

Celebrity Spider 2/6/07 The Truth About Claire's Real Father is Revealed Next Week on "Heroes"

Inside Pulse 2/6/07 In Hindsight: Heroes 1-14, "Distractions"

BuddyTV 2/6/07 Heroes and the Evolution of Comic Books

TV Guide 2/6/07 Conversation Father: Inside Heroes' Big Paternity Twist

Entertainment Weekly 2/6/07 My two dads

Union Tribune 2/6/07 Heroes, Feb. 5

TMZ 2/6/07 Hayden and Kristin's Retail Romp

Inside Pulse 2/5/07 Heroes - Episode 1-14

Coming Soon 2/5/07 George Takei on Starring in Heroes

News.com.au 2/5/07 Extraordinary heroes

Television Without Pity 2/4/07 The Fix

Times Picayune 2/4/07 Lost in translation?

Toronto Star 2/2/07 Helmsman does Heroes

Jam! 2/2/07 George Takei beams into 'Heroes'

RealityTVRules 1/31/07 Heroes, Season 1 Episode 13 Summary: The Fix 1/29/07

Celebrity Spider 1/30/07 Hiro Tries to Explain His Heroic Path to His Father Next Week on "Heroes"

Inside Pulse 1/30/07 In Hindsight - Heroes 1-13, "The Fix"

Entertainment Weekly 1/30/07 The Spawn Cycle

Union Tribune 1/30/07 Heroes, Jan. 29

BuddyTV 1/29/07 Heroes: Season 1, Episode 13 Spoilers

Inside Pulse 1/29/07 Heroes - Episode 1-13

Sydney Morning Herald 1/29/07 No mood for heroics

TV Guide 1/29/07 Star Trek's George Takei Teases a "Tantalizing" Heroes Visit

Deseret News 1/29/07 Takei is now a 'Hero'

IGN 1/29/07 Heroes Star Greg Grunberg

NY Post 1/29/07 The Year of Fear: Suddenly, Nukes are the New Black

Philly.com 1/29/07 'Trek's' Takei takes on 'Heroes' role

Winston-Salem Journal 1/29/07 Network Savior: NBC executives are flying high over Heroes

Television Without Pity 1/28/07 Godsend

Courier Mail 1/28/07 Super power

First Coast News 1/26/07 Interview: Santiago Cabrera and Milo Ventimiglia of NBC's "Heroes"

Seattle PI 1/26/07 A moment with ... Masi Oka, 'Heroes' actor

Reality TV Rules 1/24/07 Heroes, Season 1 Episode 12 Summary: Godsend 1/22/07

BuddyTV 1/24/07 Heroes beats 24, but Charlie Sheen is King

Inside Pulse 1/24/07 A Case of the... Heroes

Inside Pulse 1/24/07 In Hindsight - Heroes 1-12, "Godsend"

Coming Soon 1/24/07 Who Will Die on NBC's Heroes?

NY Post 1/24/07 'Heroes' more than '24'

Celebrity Spider 1/23/07 Hiro's Search for the Sword Takes a Turn Next Week on "Heroes"

BuddyTV 1/23/07 Heroes, Season 1, Episode 12: What Others are Saying

Zap2It 1/23/07 'Heroes' Expands Universe with Roberts

Entertainment Weekly 1/23/07 The Divine Dramedy

Philly.com 1/23/07 Cherry Hill actress is one (or two?) of the ‘Heroes’

Union Tribune 1/23/07 Heroes, Jan. 22

Coming Soon 1/23/07 Eric Roberts Joins Heroes Cast

Palm Beach Post 1/22/07 'Heroes' is back

Knox News 1/22/07 Video: Noah Gray-Cabey chats about "Heroes"

BuddyTV 1/22/07 Heroes: Season 1, Episode 12 Spoilers

Baltimore Sun 1/22/07 'Heroes' returns in nick of time -- opposite '24'

Inside Pulse 1/22/07 Heroes - Episode 1-12

Buffalo News 1/22/07 'Heroes' star tells how he got part

TV Guide 1/22/07 Heroes Preview: Is Ando More Than Just a Trusty Sidekick?

Buffalo News 1/22/07 'Heroes' star tells how he got part

TV Guide 1/22/07 Hit "List": Heroes' New Campaign Aims to Defuse 24

Deseret News 1/22/07 'Heroes' solves mystery

Jam! 1/22/07 'Heroes', 'Prison Break' return

Knox News 1/22/07 Morrow: Young star of 'Heroes' can keep secrets

Detroit News 1/22/07 'Heroes' quiz sets the mood

Orlando Sentinel 1/22/07 Big hero at NBC

Chicago Sun Times 1/22/07 Powers Trip

Chicago Sun Times 1/22/07 So what's next for 'Heroes'?

News Leader 1/22/07 'Heroes' strong in transitional week

NY Post 1/22/07 New 'Heroes' Guy Revealed

Sun Sentinel 1/22/07 Heroes has another foe clocking in -- Jack Bauer

St. Petersburg Times 1/22/07 A heroic struggle

HeraldNet 1/22/07 Oka relishes new fame as co-star of 'Heroes'

Chicago Tribune 1/21/07 `Heroes' reveal their own heroes

Dallas Morning News 1/21/07 Higher powers

Newsday 1/21/07 'Heroes' vs. '24'

Toronto Star 1/21/07 Heroes welcome

NY Post 1/21/07 Hide and Seek

Toronto Star 1/21/07 The heroes liked by Heroes

Celebrity Spider 1/20/07 NBC Gives Heroes Audience a 360 Degree Experience Beginning January 22

Sun Sentinel 1/20/07 Heroes has another foe clocking in

Plain Dealer 1/19/07 Renewed Heroes' big task: Take on '24' head-to-head

Entertainment Weekly 1/19/07 Superpower Surge

Jam! 1/19/07 'Heroes' & '24' go head-to-head

RealityTVRules 1/18/07 Heroes: A Main Character Overview

RealityTVRules 1/18/07 Heroes: Which One is That, Anyway?

Knox News 1/18/07 Video: Milo Ventimiglia of "Heroes" reveals spoilers

Jam! 1/18/07 'Heroes' comes to NBC's rescue

Celebrity Spider 1/17/07 NBC Renews The Office, My Name is Earl and Heroes for 2007-08 Season

Celebrity Spider 1/16/07 A New Hero is Revealed Next Week on "Heroes"

USA Today 1/16/07 'Heroes' returns Monday

Philly.com 1/8/07 'Heroes' ' Oka keeping his day job

Coming Soon 1/8/07 Masi Oka on Heroes and the Future

Digital Spy 1/7/07 Sendhil Ramamurthy Interview

Zap2It 1/5/07 NBC, Netflix Offer 'Heroes' Catch-up

Extra 1/5/07 Real-Life 'Heroes' Shine on NBC

NY Post 1/5/07 'Heroes' Hiro Spills About Love, Magic Swords and Upcoming Shows

Digital Spy 1/5/07 NBC to offer 'Heroes' catch-up on DVD

TMZ 1/3/07 Naughty Cheerleaders, Anyone?

Celebrity Spider 1/2/07 Double Episode Replay of Heroes Next Monday

Boston Globe 1/2/07 Young actor says acting gig is only temporary

Hollywood Reporter 1/2/07 Blackjack: Oka is all in for Col's '21'

Zap2It 1/2/07 'Heroes' Hiro Plays Big-Screen '21'

Celebrity Spider 12/28/06 Heroes Star Masi Oka to Appear on The Tonight Show January 3rd

Celebrity Spider 12/26/06 Start the New Year With a Triple Episode Night of "Heroes" on NBC

TV Guide 12/24/06 Heroes' Masi Oka Reveals His Super Holiday Plans

Digital Spy 12/22/06 Exclusive: In Video: Hayden Panettiere talks 'Heroes'

Knox News 12/22/06 Young TV veteran finally gets his primetime break

Digital Spy 12/22/06 NBC plans marketing push for 'Heroes' return

TMZ 12/15/06 Buy the Cheerleader, Save the World

Digital Spy 12/13/06 Gay 'Heroes' character turns straight

Digital Spy 12/13/06 'Heroes' enters top 5 demo ratings ranking

Digital Spy 12/12/06 'Heroes' creator not afraid of killing

Zap2It 12/11/06 'Heroes,' 'Lights' Shine for AFI

TeeVee 12/10/06 Gomen Nasai, “Heroes”

Television Without Pity 12/10/06 Fallout

Coming Soon 12/7/06 Heroes' Dekker to Play John Connor

Zap2It 12/7/06 'Heroes' Co-Star Joins FOX's 'Terminator' Pilot

Inside Pulse 12/6/06 A Case of the.... Heroes

Inside Pulse 12/5/06 In Hindsight - Heroes, Episode 1-11

Entertainment Weekly 12/5/06 Exit to Eden

NY Post 12/5/06 Blown away in 'Heroes' hanger

Union Tribune 12/5/06 Heroes, Dec. 4

Deseret News 12/4/06 You gotta love 'Heroes'

Union Tribune 12/4/06 'Betty' and 'Heroes' saved the season

TV Guide 12/4/06 Heroes: A Preview of Tonight's Mid-season Cliff-hanger

NY Times 12/4/06 A Surprise TV Star Embraces His Geeky Side

Toronto Star 12/4/06 Leading the cheer for Heroes

NY Post 12/4/06 'Heroes' leaves fans hangin'

Newsday 12/4/06 'Heroes' packs an old-fashioned punch

USA Today 12/3/06 'Heroes' falls into line with 'fall finale'

St. Petersburg Times 12/3/06 'Heroes': strength in comic belief

Variety 12/3/06 Gameshow, 'Heroes' to NBC's rescue

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 12/3/06 Pittsburgh native Quinto is face of 'Heroes' villain

Contra Costa Times 12/3/06 TV's 'Heroes' show their power

NY Daily News 12/3/06 The cheerleader saves herself

Television without Pity 12/2/06 Six Months Earlier

NY Post 12/1/06 Comic Hiro

Entertainment Weekly 11/30/06 Geeking Out

Celebrity Spider 11/29/06 Shocking Details About The Bomb Prediction Are Revealed Next Week on "Heroes"

Knox News 11/29/06 Actor aims to leap from 'Heroes' to 'Star Trek'

NY Post 11/29/06 'Heroes' climbing the charts

Digital Spy 11/29/06 'Heroes', 'Prison Break' stay strong

Hollywood Reporter 11/28/06 'Deal,' 'Heroes' take Monday for NBC

Entertainment Weekly 11/28/06 The Evolutionary War

Union Tribune 11/29/06 Heroes: Nov. 27

TMZ 11/27/06 "Heroes" Star: Former "Whiz Kid"

Times Union 11/27/06 A Hiro is born to enliven 'Heroes'

TV Guide 11/27/06 Jack Coleman, Heroes: What's Going On Behind the Glasses?

Television Without Pity 11/27/06 Homecoming

Northwest Herald 11/26/06 Flying 'brothers' enjoy being TV ‘Heroes’

NY Post 11/26/06 Comic Hiro

Newsday 11/24/06 Talking to Hayden Panettiere

Media Guardian 11/24/06 BBC2 to air US drama hit Heroes

BBC 11/23/06 BBC Two nabs terrestrial 'Heroes' rights

Inside Pulse 11/22/06 In Hindsight - Heroes, Episode 1-09

Hollywood Reporter 11/22/06 'Heroes,' 'Deal' deliver for NBC Mon.

Celebrity Spider 11/21/06 The Clock Turns Back Six Months Next Week on "Heroes"

Mania.com 11/21/06 Hiro's dad is ... Hiro's dad on "Heroes"

Entertainment Weekly 11/21/06 Pompom and Circumstance

Digital Spy 11/21/06 Star Trek's Sulu to join 'Heroes'

Union Tribune 11/21/06 Heroes, 11-20

Contra Contra Times 11/20/06 Fair share of adoration for quirky 'Heroes' Hiro

TV Guide 11/20/06 Meet Nora Zehetner, Heroes' Newest Empowered Stranger

Philly.com 11/20/06 'Heroes' goes to Texas

NY Post 11/20/06 Save Yourself

NY Daily News 11/20/06 For hero cheerleader, yell of a problem

Journal Sentinel 11/19/06 Two actors find heroics as brothers on NBC

Television Without Pity 11/18/06 Seven Minutes To Midnight

E!Online 11/17/06 Heroes Recruits Captain Sulu

Digital Spy 11/17/06 Report: Eccleston to join 'Heroes' cast

Celebrity Spider 11/16/06 H.R.G. Tries to Protect His Daughter by Any Means Next Week on "Heroes"

News.com.au 11/16/06 Heroes scores a likely hit

Inside Pulse 11/15/06 In Hindsight - Heroes, Episode 1-08

Inside Pulse 11/15/06 A Case of the.... Heroes

BuddyTV 11/14/06 Heroes: Seven Minutes to Midnight

Entertainment Weekly 11/14/06 Another Roadside Attraction

Union Tribune 11/14/06 Heroes, 11-13

BuddyTV 11/13/06 Heroes Spoilers Episode 1.13

Deseret News 11/13/06 He's ambitious

TV Guide 11/13/06 Heroes' Greg Grunberg Takes TV Guide on the Hunt for Sylar

Toronto Star 11/13/06 Conquering Heroes

USA Today 11/13/06 Greg Grunberg is heroic

Mobile Register 11/13/06 'Heroes' proves to be most fun for Mondays

Celebrity Spider 11/9/06 "Heroes" Star Jack Coleman Discusses His Role on the Show

Television Without Pity 11/9/06 Nothing To Hide

Celebrity Spider 11/7/06 Forces Gather to Threaten Various Heroes on Next Weeks Episode of "Heroes"

Entertainment Weekly 11/7/06 Panels Discussion

BuddyTV 11/6/06 Heroes 1.08: "Seven Minutes to Midnight" Spoilers - 11/06

Entertainment Weekly 11/7/06 Suppressing Engagements

Union Tribune 11/7/06 Heroes, 11-6

Inside Pulse 11/6/06 Josh Clinton Conferences With Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes

Journal Now 11/6/06 Supergeek: Heroes' lovable Hiro is big hit with viewers

BuddyTV 11/6/06 Heroes: What Took So Long?

Inside Pulse 11/6/06 [Spoilers] Heroes - Episode 1-7

TV Guide 11/6/06 Adrian Pasdar, Heroes: Will Nathan Kill to Keep His Secret?

Jam! 11/6/06 'Heroes' to the rescue

NY Newsday 11/6/06 'Heroes' launches Hiro-mania

NY Post 11/5/06 Die Hard

Entertainment Weekly 11/3/06 The powers that be

Herald Net 11/2/06 'Heroes' might be the show that saved NBC

Inside Pulse 11/1/06 A Case of the.... Heroes

Celebrity Spider 10/31/06 The Heroes Confront Unexpected News Next Week on "Heroes"

Celebrity Spider 10/31/06 Cast of Heroes Hosts Online Charity Auction

Union Tribune 10/31/06 Heroes, 10-30

Entertainment Weekly 10/31/06 Bipolar Exploration

Tampa Tribune 10/30/06 Heroes With Extraordinary Powers Come To The Rescue Of New York City And NBC

Orlando Sentinel 10/30/06 A 'heroic' comeback

NY Times 10/30/06 It Doesn’t Take a ‘Comic Book Nerd’ to Create a Superheroes Hit

Detroit Free Press 10/29/06 Quirky 'Heroes' is a super success

Television Without Pity 10/29/06 Hiros

Charlotte Observer 10/28/06 Exuberant 'Hero' bends fans his way

Inside Pulse 10/27/06 Interview with Ali Larter & Creator Tim Kring of Heroes

Celebrity Spider 10/25/06 Hiro and His Buddy Make Their Journey to New York Next Week on "Heroes"

Inside Pulse 10/25/06 A Case of the.... Heroes

Digital Spy 10/25/06 'Heroes' heroic in the ratings

BuddyTV 10/24/06 Heroes Goes Political

Digital Spy 10/24/06 Jack Coleman joins 'Heroes' cast (Spoilers)

BuddyTV 10/24/06 Heroes Spoilers...and Many More

Union Tribune 10/24/06 Heroes, 10-23

Inside Pulse 10/22/06 [Spoilers] Heroes - Episode 1-5

Post Gazette 10/22/06 Q&A with Masi Oka

Post Gazette 10/22/06 TV Preview: We do need another hero -- NBC's 'Heroes'

Television without Pity 10/21/06 Collision

Celebrity Spider 10/18/06 Claire Confesses to Her Father on Next Monday's Episode of "Heroes"'

Digital Spy 10/18/06 'Heroes' still strong for NBC

Entertainment Weekly 10/17/06 Theories of Evolution

Inside Pulse 10/17/06 In Hindsight - Heroes Episode 1-4

Inside Pulse 10/17/06 A Case of the.... Heroes

Inside Pulse 10/17/06 Murtzcellanious: Spider-Murtz and Wolveromo Experience The Marvel Superheroes Science Exhibition

Celebrity Spider 10/16/06 Catch Up With "Heroes" Show Next Sunday on NBC

BuddyTV 10/16/06 Heroes Fulfills Early Promises

BuddyTV 10/16/06 Football, Heroes Help NBC Gain Viewers

Union Tribune 10/17/06 Heroes, 10-16

BuddyTV 10/16/06 Heroes: Interview with Creator Tim Kring

Coming Soon 10/16/06 Exclusive: Heroes' Hiro, Masi Oka

NY Daily News 10/16/06 More high-powered drama

Mobile Register 10/16/06 'Heroes' a happy surprise

TV Guide 10/16/06 NBC's Super Heroes: Burning Questions Answered

Deseret News 10/16/06 'Heroes' rules!

Television Without Pity 10/15/06 One Small Leap

NY Post 10/15/06 "Heroes"

Forbes 10/13/06 NBC's Zucker Rescued By 'Heroes'

BuddyTV 10/13/06 Heroes Spoilers

BuddyTV 10/11/06 Has Heroes Cracked the 'Lost' formula?

Inside Pulse 10/11/06 Picture In Picture: Heroes Episode 1-3 Counter-Argument

Inside Pulse 10/11/06 A Case of the.... Heroes

Media Daily News 10/11/06 'Heroes' Proves Heroic For NBC, Saves 18-49-Year-Olds

Celebrity Spider 10/10/06 Suresh Tracks Down a Genetically Advanced "Superman" Next Week on Heroes

Inside Pulse 10/10/06 Romo Rants: Heroes - Episode 3

BuddyTV 10/10/06 Is Heroes Moving Too Slow?

Union Tribune 10/10/06 Heroes, Oct. 9

USA Today 10/9/06 'Heroes' imitates comic-book art in content, format

News Leader 10/9/06 Hiro tries to stop nuclear blast in 'Heroes'

DNA India 10/8/06 An Indian among Heroes in top-rated US show

Washington Times 10/8/06 Places of 'Heroes' worship

Television Without Pity 10/8/06 Don't Look Back

Celebrity Spider 10/6/06 Heroes Given Full Season Order from NBC

Zap2It 10/6/06 Hail the Conquering 'Heroes'

Silver Chips Online 10/4/06 "Heroes" save the day

CanMag 10/4/06 Heroes a Hit for NBC

Celebrity Spider 10/3/06 Heroes Continue to Test Their Newfound Abilities Next Week on Heroes

BuddyTV 10/3/06 Heroes Gores It Up

Zap2It 10/3/06 Garbage Disposal Maker Sues NBC Over 'Heroes' Scene

Bergen Record 10/3/06 Get extra helping of 'Heroes,' comics style, online

Union Tribune 10/3/06 Heroes, October 2

TV Guide 10/2/06 Heroes' Vixen Reveals the Devil Inside

Television Without Pity 10/1/06 Genesis

Zap2It 9/27/06 Sofer Clocks In for '24,' 'Heroes'

Hollywood Reporter 9/27/06 'Heroes' saves night for NBC

Philly.com 9/27/06 Ellen Gray | Two locals are happy to be 'Heroes'

Celebrity Spider 9/26/06 Preview for Heroes Episode for October 2nd

Inside Pulse 9/26/06 A Case of the.... Heroes

NBC 9/26/06 NBC's 'Heroes' Hits A Debut Record

Union Tribune 9/26/06 Heroes, 9-25

Digital Spy 9/26/06 'Heroes' makes strong debut on NBC

Inside Pulse 9/25/06 Heroes - The Premiere

Cleveland Plain Dealer 9/25/06 Superheroes try to master big-time TV

Newsday 9/25/06 Being normal makes heroes super

Washington Post 9/25/06 'Heroes': Less Than Super

Kansas City Star 9/25/06 They can be ‘Heroes’

Contra Costa Times 9/25/06 'Heroes' not super

SouthCoast Today 9/25/06 Has NBC found its 'Lost'?

Boston Globe 9/25/06 The strength of 'Heroes' is its psychological nuance

LA Times 9/25/06 Super, within reason

Deseret News 9/25/06 'Heroes' worship

Charlotte Observer 9/25/06 Sudden super powers put ordinary people on the spot

Media Life 9/25/06 'Heroes,' aspiring to rescue this world

CT Now 9/25/06 `Heroes' Only Somewhat Interesting

Philly.com 9/25/06  'Heroes' needs writers to save it

Philly.com 9/25/06  'Heroes' a series for grown-ups

Jam! 9/25/06 Everyday 'Heroes' saving the world

Kansas City Star 9/25/06 Review: 'Heroes'

San Francisco Chronicle 9/25/06 NBC wonders what it would be like to wake up with superpowers

NY Times 9/25/06 Trouble, Supernatural and the Fugitive Kind

Courier Journal 9/25/06 Nearly super 'Heroes' and 'Fugitive'-like 'Runaway' do battle

Detroit News 9/25/06 NBC's new 'Heroes' show packs plenty of mutant power

Orlando Sentinel 9/25/06 Super 'Heroes' shows skills

Detroit Free Press 9/25/06 Comic charm in everyday 'Heroes'

Chicago Tribune 9/25/06 Only special power `Heroes' has is going from super to stupor

USA Today 9/25/06 'Heroes' has the power to engage and confuse

Seattle Times 9/25/06 "Heroes": a mystic thriller

NY Daily News 9/25/06 'Heroes' a Marvel to behold

NY Newsday 9/25/06 'Heroes' soars in its humanity

Heraldnet 9/25/06 Comic-book 'Heroes' deliver on promise

Chicago Sun Times 9/24/06 Super 'Heroes'

Post Gazette 9/24/06 TV Review: New NBC series is Super

TV Guide 9/23/06 NBC's Heroes: The Show's Secrets Unmasked

Inside Pulse 9/22/06 [Spoilers] Heroes - Episode 1.01 (9/25/06)

Hollywood Reporter 9/22/06 Heroes

Christian Science Monitor 9/22/06 Tubegazing: 'Heroes'

TeeVee 9/20/06 Fall ‘06: “Heroes”

Movie Web 9/20/06 Cast and Creators of Heroes Speak

San Antonio Business Journal 9/20/06 Clear Channel Radio selected to promote NBC's "Heroes" drama

Knox News 9/19/06 'Heroes' stands alone amid new season's offerings

Malaysian Star 9/19/06 Heroes spills over online

Inside Pulse 9/18/06 Heroes Conference Call Interview with Creator and Two Stars of the New NBC Show

NY Daily News 9/18/06 Friend and rival roots for his personal 'Hero'

MediaFiends.com 9/15/06 Heroes: Episode 1 Review

Celebrity Spider 8/15/06 New NBC Series "Heroes" to Premiere September 25th

Coming Soon 8/15/06 Exclusive: Heroes' Jeph Loeb

Coming Soon 8/8/06 Exclusive: Heroes' Hayden Panettiere

Adweek 8/1/06 NBC Readies Cross-Promo for 'Heroes'

Media Buyer Planner 7/31/06 NBC's 'Heroes' Hits Theaters, iTunes in August

Media Week 7/28/06 NBC to Offer Heroes Pilot on iTunes

Zap2It 7/28/06 NBC Offers Free Peek at 'Heroes'


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