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TV Guide 11/21/13 Chi McBride Promoted to Series Regular on Hawaii Five-0

Hollywood Reporter 11/20/13 George Litto's $100 Million Claim Over 'Hawaii Five-0' Headed to Trial in January

Zap2It 11/15/13 'Hawaii Five-0': Nick Jonas hacks his way into the CBS drama

TV Guide 10/31/13 Keck's Exclusives First Look: Carol Burnett Joins McGarrett's Family on Hawaii Five-0

Zap2It 10/11/13 'Hawaii Five-0' turns an episode over to fans

TV Guide 10/1/13 Exclusive Hawaii Five-0 First Look: See Danny's Hot New Ride

Examiner 9/29/13 'Hawaii Five-0' episode 4.03 photos: Jorge Garcia joins the team

Zap2It 9/27/13 'Hawaii Five-0' Season 4 premiere: A new adversary but few answers for McGarrett

TV Guide 9/27/13 Hawaii Five-0 Boss: "McGarrett Is at the Tipping Point"

Zap2It 9/27/13 'Hawaii Five-0' Season 4: Alex O'Loughlin on McGarrett's 'looming existential crisis' and working with Chi McBride

Examiner 9/22/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 4.01 sneak peeks: Chin Ho Kelly to the rescue

Examiner 9/16/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 4.02 photos: Big surprises planned for the premiere

Examiner 9/4/13 'Hawaii Five-0' spoilers: Season 4 will reveal more about Chin Ho

TV Guide 9/2/13 Keck's Exclusives First Look: Hawaii Five-0's Lost Reunions

Examiner 8/28/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 4.01 photos: Premiere spoilers tease trouble ahead

Access Hollywood 8/27/13 Hawaii Five-0 Season 4: Daryl Hannah To Guest Star

Examiner 8/16/13 'Hawaii Five-0' season 4 set photo: Kono's return teased

Zap2It 8/13/13 'Hawaii Five-0' snags Nick Jonas for Season 4 guest role

Examiner 7/15/13 'Hawaii Five-0' season 4 set photos: 'Lost' star Henry Ian Cusick teased

TV Guide 7/15/13 More Lost Reunions Ahead for Hawaii Five-0

Zap2It 6/14/13 'Hawaii Five-0' has another 'Lost' reunion: Jorge Garcia guesting in Season 4

Examiner 6/9/13 'Hawaii Five-0' season 4 spoilers: Production start and premiere teased

BuddyTV 5/21/13 'Hawaii Five-0' Season 3 Finale: 5 Burning Questions for Season 4

Zap2It 5/21/13 'Hawaii Five-0' Season 3 finale: McGarrett finds himself in a tight spot

Examiner 5/19/13 'Hawaii Five-0' finale sneak peek and spoilers: Kono is on the run

BuddyTV 5/15/13 CBS' 2013-2014 Schedule: New Nights for 'Person of Interest' & 'Hawaii Five-0,' Two-Hour Comedy Block..

Zap2It 5/8/13 'Hawaii Five-0': Kidnapping episode parallels real-life Cleveland case

BuddyTV 5/6/13 [Video] 'Hawaii Five-0' Episode 3.22 Sneak Peek: How Far Will Danny Go?

Examiner 5/5/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.22 photos and sneak peek: Danny loses control

BuddyTV 5/2/13 'Hawaii Five-0' Season 3 Finale Photos: Has Danny Found Love Again?

Examiner 4/30/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.24 photos and spoilers: A discovery for McGarrett

Examiner 4/29/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.21 sneak peeks and spoilers: McGarrett isn't happy

Examiner 4/26/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.23 photos and spoilers: Danny receives a surprise

BuddyTV 4/15/13 'Hawaii Five-0' Episode 3.20 Preview: More Facts are Revealed in a Series Prequel

Examiner 4/14/15 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.20 sneak peek and spoilers: McGarrett needs help

Entertainment Weekly 4/12/13 'Hawaii Five-0' prequel: McGarrett's on a mission -- Exclusive Clip

Examiner 4/10/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.21 photos and spoilers: Wo Fat causes more trouble

Zap2It 4/3/13 'Hawaii Five-0': 'Parenthood's' Craig T. Nelson stirs up trouble on the island

Examiner 3/27/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.20 photos and spoilers: A visit to McGarrett's past

Examiner 3/25/13 'Hawaii Five-0' sneak peeks and spoilers: McGarrett deals with sharks

BuddyTV 3/18/13 'Hawaii Five-0' Episode 3.18 Preview: Catherine Tries Roller Derby

Examiner 3/15/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.19 photos and spoilers: A deadly threat teased

BuddyTV 3/8/13 'Hawaii Five-0' Season 3 Spoilers: Lots of Emotional Drama Coming for Steve and Danny

Examiner 3/5/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.18 photos: Dog the Bounty Hunter gets pulled in

Zap2It 3/4/13 'Hawaii Five-0': Watch Grace Park deliver Kono's greatest hits

Zap2It 2/22/13 'Hawaii Five-O' casts Alan Ritchson of 'Smallville' and 'Blue Mountain State' as McGarrett's brother-in-arms

BuddyTV 2/19/13 Best 'Hawaii Five-0' Bromance Moments from 'Pa ani'

BuddyTV 2/18/13 'Hawaii Five-0' Episode 3.17 Preview: Steve and Danny's Bromance Blossoms

Examiner 2/18/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.17 sneak peek and spoilers show a little rivalry

Entertainment Weekly 2/18/13 Grace Park on her proudest moments of the series, the key to delivering exposition, and working...

Zap2It 2/18/13 'Hawaii Five-0': Grace Park talks Kono, moving the plot and her hopes for the character

TV Guide 2/13/13 Keck's Exclusives: Hawaii Five-0 Leashes In Dog the Bounty Hunter

BuddyTV 2/11/13 'Hawaii Five-0' Episode 3.16 Preview: Summer Glau Gets Into the Fighting Ring in 'Kekoa'

Examiner 2/6/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.17 photos and spoilers: A pro helps out

BuddyTV 2/4/13 'Hawaii Five-0' Episode 3.15 Preview: Chasing After The 'Hookman'

Zap2It 2/4/13 'Hawaii Five-0': Peter Weller finds his way via 'Star Trek Into Darkness'

Entertainment Weekly 2/1/13 'Hawaii 5-0': Jack Lord makes a primetime comeback -- Video

Examiner 1/30/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.16 photos and spoilers: McGarrett has mom trouble

BuddyTV 1/24/13 'Hawaii Five-0' Episode 3.15 Photos: Updating the Original Episode 'Hookman'

TV Guide 1/24/13 Keck's Exclusives: Magnum, P.I. Vet Guest Stars on Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 1/23/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.15 photos and spoilers: Taking on a classic

BuddyTV 1/22/13 Best 'Hawaii Five-0' Quotes From 'Hana I Wa ‘Ia'

BuddyTV 1/21/13 'Hawaii Five-0' Episode 3.14 Preview: Steve Helps Danny With a Very Important Battle

TV Guide 1/18/13 Exclusive Hawaii Five-0 First Look: Why Is Chin Ho in Prison?

Examiner 1/11/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.13 photos and spoilers: Chin Ho stuck behind bars

TV Guide 1/10/13 Hawaii Five-0 to Feature New Jimi Hendrix Music on Special Sunday Episode

Examiner 1/4/13 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.12 photos and spoilers: The fans asked to choose

BuddyTV 1/3/13 'Hawaii Five-0' Airing Special Episode That Lets Fans Decide The Ending

BuddyTV 1/2/13 'Hawaii Five-0' Spoilers: Chin Suffers Payback, Plus a Flashback Prequel Episode u

BuddyTV 12/18/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Christmas Episode: Ranking the Most Intense and Heartwarming Moments 'Kahu'

BuddyTV 12/17/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Episode 3.13 Preview: George Takei Brings a Little Christmas Cheer

Examiner 12/16/12 'Hawaii Five-0' sneak peek and spoilers: A fight club and more coming

BuddyTV 12/11/12 'Hawaii Five-0': The Most Intense Moments from 'Hauka I Kula'

BuddyTV 12/10/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Preview: One of the Team is Gunned Down 'Huaka'I Kula'

Examiner 12/8/12 New 'Hawaii Five-0' set photos with Alex O'Loughlin and sneak peek

BuddyTV 12/5/12 Why I Wish 'Hawaii Five-0' Was More Like 'NCIS: Los Angeles'

BuddyTV 12/3/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.9 Preview: Victoria's Secret Model Behati and Rumer Willis Guest Star

TV Guide 12/2/12 Keck's Exclusives First Look: George Takei Treks to Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 11/30/12 'Hawaii Five-0' episode photos and spoilers: Bad field trip and more

Examiner 11/28/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.09 and set photos and spoilers: Jeff Fahey to appear

BuddyTV 11/27/12 Ranking ‘Hawaii Five-0’: 10 Most Shocking Moments from 'Wahine'inoloa'

Entertainment Weekly 11/26/12 'Hawaii Five-0' sneak peek: It's a Victoria's Secret crossover! -- Exclusive Video

Examiner 11/20/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.09 set photos and spoilers: Chin Ho moves on

Zap2It 11/19/12 'Hawaii Five-0's' Alex O'Loughlin: Hawaii 'feels like Australia ... clean and cool'

TV Guide 11/12/12 Hawaii Five-0: Scott Caan Teases Danny's "Super-Important" Flashback Episode

Zap2It 11/12/12 'Hawaii Five-0' will remake the classic 1970s episode 'Hookman'

Examiner 11/9/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.08 photos and spoilers: Terry O'Quinn on Joe White

Digital Spy 11/6/12 'Hawaii Five-0' casts Adam Levine's model girlfriend Behati Prinsloo

Digital Spy 11/6/12 Terry O'Quinn doubts 'Hawaii Five-0' return: "I have no plans"

BuddyTV 11/5/12 'Hawai Five-0' Recap: Satanic Goat Head

Examiner 11/2/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.07 photos and spoilers: McGarrett's past

Zap2It 10/29/12 'Hawaii 5-0': Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan take advantage of location shooting

TV Guide 10/26/12 It’s a Boy for Hawaii Five-0’s Alex O’Loughlin

Examiner 10/24/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.06 photos and spoilers: Danny in trouble

Examiner 10/22/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.05 photos and spoilers: A Halloween murder

BuddyTV 10/19/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Episode 3.5 Photos: 'Mohai'

Digital Spy 10/18/12 George Takei to appear on 'Hawaii Five-0'

Hollywood Reporter 10/17/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Sets 'Heroes' Reunion for Season 3

BuddyTV 10/16/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Review: A Mother's Lies

TV Guide 10/12/12 Hawaii Five-0's Taryn Manning Arrested on Assault Charges

BuddyTV 10/10/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Episode 3.4 Photos: 'Popilikia'

Examiner 10/5/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.03 sneak peek and spoilers: Tom Arnold to appear

Examiner 10/4/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.04 photos and spoilers: Doris to return once again

TV Guide 10/4/12 Las Vegas Alum Vanessa Marcil Travels West for Hawaii Five-0

TV Guide 10/4/12 Keck's Exclusives: Tom Arnold to Guest on Hawaii Five-0

BuddyTV 10/3/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Episode 3.3 Photos: 'Lana I Ka Moana'

TV Guide 10/2/12 Keck's Exclusives: Hawaii Five-0 Brings on Alex O'Loughlin's Old CBS Co-Star

BuddyTV 10/1/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Review: Betrayals

Examiner 10/1/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.02 sneak peek and spoilers: Kono goes in

Zap2It 10/1/12 'Hawaii Five-0': Ed Asner returns after his last stint 'bugged everybody'

Examiner 9/28/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 3.03 photos and spoilers: Danno and McGarrett adrift

Examiner 9/27/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 spoilers: McGarrett's mom and Wo Fat

BuddyTV 9/24/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Season 3 Premiere Review: Task Force Deals with a Death

TV Guide 9/24/12 Hawaii Five-0 Postmortem: Daniel Dae Kim on Chin Ho's Tough Choice and His Search for Peace

Zap2It 9/24/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Season 3 premiere, featuring the most ridiculous thing 'Hawaii Five-0' has ever done

BuddyTV 9/24/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Season 3 Premiere Preview: 'La O Na Makuahine'

Zap2It 9/24/12 'Hawaii Five-0' EP Peter Lenkov talks Season 3, Christine Lahti and resolving cliffhangers

Examiner 9/20/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 episode and set photos: A look ahead

USA Today 9/18/12 Wave of woe may swamp 'Five-0'

Scripted TV Fans 9/8/12 Fall Previews: Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 9/2/12 First 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 preview and spoilers: Wo Fat is back

TV Guide 8/31/12 First Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Trailer Features Mama McGarrett

Examiner 8/26/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 spoilers: Going back in time

TV Guide 8/24/12 T.I. Books Retro Hawaii Five-0 Guest Spot

Entertainment Weekly 8/21/12 'Hawaii 5-0' books Terrence Howard for guest spot -- Exclusive

TV Guide 8/21/12 Terrence Howard to Guest-Star on Hawaii Five-0

Zap2It 8/17/12 Kendall Jenner will guest-star on 'Hawaii Five-0'

Examiner 8/12/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 episode photos and spoilers: Kono's fate

Examiner 8/9/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 spoilers: McGarrett's mom and Danno

Zap2It 8/9/12 'Hawaii Five-0': Ving Rhames will go mano a Danno with Scott Caan

Examiner 8/7/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 photo and spoilers: McGarrett's mom

TV Guide 8/6/12 Keck's Exclusives First Look: McGarett's Mom Joins Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 8/1/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 spoilers: Fishing trouble for McGarrett

TV Guide 7/26/12 Keck's Exclusives: Look Who's Returning to Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 7/23/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 set photos and spoilers: Ed Asner returns

Examiner 7/17/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 spoilers: McGarrett's mom and set trouble

Zap2It 7/13/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Season 3: The gang's all here ... right?

Examiner 7/12/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 set photos and spoilers: More on what's next

Examiner 7/10/12 'NCIS: Los Angeles' and 'Hawaii Five-0' start production

Examiner 7/5/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 spoilers: Christine Lahti's role revealed

Examiner 7/3/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 spoilers: Daniel Dae Kim talks series

Zap2It 7/3/12 'The Office' hires Clark Duke, Christine Lahti signs on to 'Hawaii Five-0'

TV Guide 7/3/12 Christine Lahti Cast as McGarrett's Mom on Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 7/2/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 spoilers: Christine Lahti joins cast

Zap2It 7/2/12 'Hawaii Five-0's' Daniel Dae Kim: Reiko Aylesworth 'deserves better.'

Examiner 6/22/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 spoilers: McGarrett romantic trouble ahead

Examiner 6/20/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 3 spoilers: Kono's fate revealed

Gather 6/10/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Season 3 Spoilers: Alex O'Loughlin on What's Next

Gather 6/4/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Spoilers: More Trouble Ahead for Steve and Danno

TV Guide 6/4/12 Keck's Exclusives: An End to Hawaii Five-0's "Carguments"?

BuddyTV 5/24/12 The Mother of All Twists: 'Revenge' and 'Hawaii Five-0' Join the Mommy Cliffhanger Trend

Gather 5/16/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Spoilers: Looking Ahead to Season 3

Entertainment Weekly 5/15/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season finale: Top 5 Moments

Zap2It 5/14/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Season 2 finale: Chin Ho's choice and McGarrett's big discovery

Examiner 5/14/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 2 finale photos and sneak peek: A death comes

Zap2It 5/7/12 'Hawaii Five-0': McGarrett and Wo Fat are back, plus details on the 'jaw-dropping' finale

Zap2It 5/7/12 'Hawaii Five-0': Michelle Borth's return could strain the Catherine-McGarrett relationship

Examiner 5/3/12 'Hawaii Five-0' season 2 finale photos and spoilers: A manhunt

Scripted TV Fans 5/1/12 The NCIS: LA – Hawaii Five-0 Crossover Event Concludes Tonight on CBS

Scripted TV Fans 4/30/12 NCIS: LA Stars Guest Tonight on a Special Crossover Episode Of Hawaii Five-0

TV Guide 4/23/12 On the Set: NCIS: Los Angeles Hits the Beach For a Hawaii Five-0 Crossover

Examiner 4/19/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 2.22 'Ua Hopu' photos and Alex O'Loughlin spoilers

Examiner 4/13/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 2.21 'Pa Make Loa' photos and spoilers

Scripted TV Fans 4/9/12 Max Is Compelled To Reveal Shocking Information About His Childhood Tonight on Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 4/9/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 2.20 'Ha'alele' photos and sneak peek

Hollywood Reporter 4/9/12 'Hawaii Five-0' Star Masi Oka on Max's Big Episode and his Quest to Bring Improv to Japan

Entertainment Weekly 4/9/12 'Hawaii Five 0': Behind the Scenes With Masi Oka

Zap2It 3/30/12 'Hawaii Five-0': Alex O'Loughlin's rehab stint forces him out of 'NCIS:LA' crossover show

Examiner 3/29/12 New set photos from the 'Hawaii Five-0' and 'NCIS: LA' crossover

TV Guide 3/29/12 Keck's Exclusives: When Will Alex O'Loughlin Return to Hawaii Five-0?

Examiner 3/26/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 2.20 'Ha'alele' photos and Alex O'Loughin update

Scripted TV Fans 3/19/12 McGarrett’s Sister Is Arrested For Diamond Smuggling Tonight on Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 3/9/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 2.19 'Kalele' photos: McGarrett's sister in trouble

ET Online 3/2/12 O'Loughlin on Leave From 'Five-0' For 'Treatment'

Scripted TV Fans 2/27/12 James Caan And Dennis Miller Guest Tonight on Hawaii Five-0

Zap2It 2/25/12 'Hawaii Five-0': Dennis Miller hits the Airwaves From the Waves

Examiner 2/24/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 2.18 'Lekio' photos: James Caan makes a visit

Scripted TV Fans 2/20/12 Apolo Ohno Guests As A Helpful Hawaiian History Buff Tonight on Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 2/20/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 2.17 sneak peek and new BTS photos

Entertainment Weekly 2/15/12 'Hawaii Five-0' first look: James and Scott Caan stage small-screen family reunion

Examiner 2/14/12 'Hawaii Five-0' episode 2.17 'Kupale' photos and preview

Scripted TV Fans 2/13/12 The Team Nearly Causes An International Incident Tonight on Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 2/10/12 'Hawaii Five-0' 2.16 preview and new behind the scenes photos

Examiner 2/2/12 'Hawaii Five-0' episode 2.16 'I Helu Pu' photos and spoilers

Examiner 1/22/12 'Hawaii Five-0' episode 2.15 photos and spoilers

Examiner 1/19/12 New 'Hawaii Five-0' season 2 BTS photos and finale spoilers

Scripted TV Fans 1/16/12 Chin Ho Shocks McGarrett With Information About Joe White Tonight on Hawaii Five-0

Digital Spy 1/13/12 Dennis Miller to guest in 'Hawaii Five-0'

Entertainment Weekly 1/11/12 'NCIS' cast talks 200th episode, plans 'LA' and 'Hawaii Five-0' crossover

Examiner 1/3/12 'Hawaii Five-0' episode 2.14 'Pu'olo' preview and photos

Scripted TV Fans 1/2/12 The Team Must Find Out Why a Teenage Was Targeted for a Professional Hit Tonight on “Hawaii Five-0”

Examiner 12/21/11 'Hawaii Five-0' episode 2.14 photos with Alex O'loughlin and spoilers

NY Post 12/15/11 ‘Five-0’ sorry for shushing vets

Scripted TV Fans 12/12/11 A Man Is Left For Dead In An Abandoned World War Two Bunker Tonight on Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 12/11/11 'Hawaii Five-0' 'Alaheo Pau'ole' sneak peek, new Scott Caan photos

BuddyTV 12/8/11 Casting Bits: Uma Thurman Heads to 'Smash', Ed Asner Returns to 'Hawaii Five-0'

TV Guide 12/8/11 Ed Asner to Reprise Original Hawaii Five-0 Role for Reboot

Examiner 12/6/11 'Hawaii Five-0' episode 2.12 'Alaheo Pau'ole' photos and spoilers

Scripted TV Fans 12/5/11 A Busload Of School Children Is Kidnapped Tonight on Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 12/5/11 'Hawaii Five-0' episode 2.11 'Pahele' BTS photos and sneak peek

Examiner 11/23/11 'Hawaii Five-0': Alex O'Loughlin GQ Man of the Year photos released

Scripted TV Fans 11/21/11 McGarrett and Company Get a Helping Hand From Guest Star Jimmy Buffett Tonight on Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 11/20/11 'Hawaii Five-0' episode 2.10 'Ki'ilua' BTS photos and preview

Examiner 11/15/11 'Hawaii Five-0' episode 2.10 'Ki’ilua' photos and spoilers

Scripted TV Fans 11/14/11 Five-0 Discovers a Body in The Trunk of a Car After a High Speed Chase Tonight on Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 11/14/11 'Hawaii Five-0' 'Ike Maka' sneak peek: McGarrett and Danno together

Scripted TV Fans 11/7/11 A Plane Crash Victim Was Dead Before Takeoff Tonight on Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 11/6/11 New 'Hawaii Five-0' season 2 cast photos with Alex O'Loughlin

TV Guide 11/3/11 Hawaii Five-0 Says Aloha to General Hospital's Ingo Rademacher

Scripted TV Fans 10/31/11 A Couple Of Young Film-makers Is Murdered At A Hawaiian Burial Site Tonight on Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 10/25/11 'Hawaii Five-0' episode 2.07 'Ka Iwi Kapu' photos with Alex O'Loughlin

Scripted TV Fans 10/24/11 NCIS’ Daniela Ruah (Agent Kensi Blye) Lends Her Expertise Tonight On Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 10/23/11 'Hawaii Five-0' episode 2.06 preview: Behind the 'NCIS: LA' connection

TV Guide 10/21/11 Social Power Rankings: Hawaii Five-0 Is Not Going to Be Canceled

Examiner 10/18/11 'Hawaii Five-0' episode 2.06 photos and preview, new set photos

Scripted TV Fans 10/17/11 A Murder Investigation Uncovers More Bad News About Kono Tonight On Hawaii Five-0

TV Guide 10/17/11 Aloha! Hawaii Five-0 Brings Shrimp, Success to Local Taylor Wily

TV Guide 10/16/11 Hawaii Five-0 Set Visit: Cast Talks Chin Ho's Hot Date, Kono in Hot Water

Examiner 10/11/11 'Hawaii Five-0' episode 2.05 'Ma'ema'e' photos and preview, set photos

Scripted TV Fans 10/10/11 Five-0 Investigates The Murder Of A Deep-Sea Treasure Hunter Tonight On Hawaii Five-0

TV Guide 10/10/11 Patty Duke Returns to TV in Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 10/9/11 'Hawaii Five-0': New Alex O'Loughlin set photos, episode 2.04 preview

Examiner 10/5/11 'Hawaii Five-0': New set photos and Alex O'loughlin set videos

Examiner 10/4/11 'Hawaii Five-0': Photos and preview for episode 2.04 released

Scripted TV Fans 10/3/11 Five-0 Investigates The Mysterious Death Of A Seal Member Tonight On Hawaii Five-0

TV Guide 10/3/11 Hawaii Five-0: Surf's Up True Blood's Chris Bauer

Examiner 10/2/11 'Hawaii Five-0': New behind the scenes photos, episode 2.03 preview

Digital Spy 9/28/11 'Hawaii Five-0' expands Terry O'Quinn role

Examiner 9/27/11 'Hawaii Five-0' 2.02 recap, 2.03 peek: Team gains one, but loses two

Entertainment Weekly 9/27/11 'Hawaii Five-0' scoop: Jimmy Buffett to guest star

Scripted TV Fans 9/26/11 The Heat Is On For Kono Tonight On Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 9/26/11 'Hawaii Five-0' spoilers: Is Kono being replaced on the team?

TV Guide 9/25/11 Hawaii Five-0: Could the Team Lose Kono?

Examiner 9/23/11 'Hawaii Five-0' 2.02 'Ua Lawe Wale' photos and sneak peeks released

Examiner 9/20/11 'Hawaii Five-0' season 2 premiere recap: The team is back together

TV Guide 9/20/11 Hawaii Five-0's Masi Oka Dissects the Premiere's "OMG" Moment During CBS Tweet Week

Zap2It 9/20/11 'Hawaii Five-0' season premiere: We're getting the band back together

Scripted TV Fans 9/19/11 Danny’s Surprise Visitor Could Clear McGarrett Tonight On The Season Premiere Of Hawaii Five-0

Examiner 9/19/11 New 'Hawaii Five-0' behind the scenes photos with Alex O'Loughlin

TV Guide 9/18/11 Hawaii Five-0: Can the Team Be Put Back Together?

Zap2It 9/15/11 'Hawaii Five-0' adds another 'Lost' alum to Season 2

Examiner 9/14/11 New 'Hawaii Five-0' cast photo and video with Alex O'Loughlin released

Examiner 9/12/11 'Hawaii Five-0' premiere photos with Alex O'Loughlin, new spoilers

Scripted TV Fans 9/11/11 Hawaii Five-0 – One Man to the Rescue

TV Guide 9/11/11 Exclusive: Hawaii Five-0 Books 24's Annie Wersching

Examiner 9/9/11 New 'Hawaii Five-0' set photos with Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan

Digital Spy 9/6/11 George Takei to appear on 'Hawaii Five-0'?

Examiner 9/1/11 'Hawaii Five-0': Season 2 premiere Alex O'Loughlin images released

Examiner 8/31/11 New 'Hawaii Five-0' Alex O'Loughlin set photos, season 2 preview

Examiner 8/30/11 'Hawaii Five-0' latest set photos feature Alex O'Loughlin

Examiner 8/28/11 'Hawaii Five-0': New Alex O'Loughlin and Terry O'Quinn set photos, preview

TV Guide 8/26/11 First Look: Lost's Terry O'Quinn to the Rescue on Hawaii Five-0

Zap2It 8/26/11 'Hawaii Five-0': Terry O'Quinn stars in Season 2 teaser

Examiner 8/25/11 'Hawaii Five-0' set photos and spoilers: Scott Caan celebrates 35th on set

Examiner 8/23/11 'Hawaii Five-0' new set photos with Alex O'Loughlin, season 2 spoilers

Hollywood Reporter 8/22/11 'Hawaii Five-0': 'Criminal Minds' Alum Meredith Monroe Plays Damsel in Distress

TV Guide 8/22/11 Dawson's Creek's Meredith Monroe Cashes In on Hawaii Five-0

Digital Spy 8/22/11 'Hawaii Five-0' to air Halloween special

Examiner 8/19/11 'Hawaii Five-0': New Alex O'Loughlin season 2 photo, NCIS: LA crossover planned

Zap2It 8/18/11 'Hawaii Five-0' Season 2 pics: McGarrett in prison, at least for a little bit

TV Guide 8/18/11 Aloha, Kensi! CBS Plans NCIS: Los Angeles-Hawaii Five-0 Crossover

Examiner 8/16/11 'Hawaii Five-0': New set and first season 2 photos feature Alex O'Loughlin

Examiner 8/15/11 'Hawaii Five-0': New set photos and videos show off Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan

Examiner 8/11/11 'Hawaii Five-0' spoilers: New love interest in Autumn Reeser, latest set photos

Scripted TV Fans 8/10/11 Hawaii Five-0 – Season 1 Recap

Zap2It 8/10/11 Autumn Reeser says aloha to 'Hawaii Five-0'; meet the new 'Grey's Anatomy' chief

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