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BuddyTV 8/6/08 'Greatest American Dog' Settles Down on Wednesdays
Zap2It 8/6/08
'Greatest American Dog': Are dogs allowed on the Hot Tamale Train?
Reality News Online 8/5/08 "He's a Little Warrior" - An Interview with Greatest American Dog's Ron and Tillman the Bulldog
Reality News Online 8/2/08 Greatest American Dog, Episode 4: Top Dog Model
Zap2It 7/31/08 'Greatest American Dog' Becomes 'America's Next Top Dog Model'
Reality TV World 7/28/08 CBS swaps 'Big Brother 10' and 'Greatest American Dog' timeslots
Reality TV Magazine 7/25/08: Greatest American Dog Is Off The Leash
Reality News Online 7/25/08 Greatest American Dog, Episode 3: The Fast and the Furriest
RealityShack 7/24/08 And This Is Why I Love Reality TV: Great Dogs, Nutty Owners
Reality News Online 7/19/08 Greatest American Dog, Episode 2: Hes a Farter, Not a Fighter
Whats Hot On TV  7/18/08  Greatest American Dog, Big Brother for Dogs?
Reality News Online 7/15/08 Greatest American Dog, Episode 1: Dogging It
Reality TV Magazine 7/14/08: The Greatest American Dog Is Tops
BuddyTV 7/10/08 'Greatest American Dog' Series Premiere Review: Put This Puppy to Sleep
Reality TV Magazine 7/10/08: Greatest American Dog: Meet The Host
Reality TV Magazine 7/10/08: Greatest American Dog Premieres On CBS
BuddyTV 6/10/08 CBS Presents 'Greatest American Dog' Premiering in July


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