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BuddyTV 12/17/12 'Gossip Girl' Series Finale Recap: Gossip Girl's Identity is Revealed

Zap2It 12/17/12 'Gossip Girl' finale recap: Two weddings, Chuck and Blair's kid, and the anonymous blogger's identity revealed

BuddyTV 12/17/12 20 Best Episodes of 'Gossip Girl'

E!Online 12/17/12 Who Is Gossip Girl? Will There Be a Movie? Scoop on Tonight's Series Finale From Boss Stephanie Savage

TV Guide 12/16/12 Gossip Girl Co-Creator on the "Emotional" End and the Big Reveal That Almost Didn't Happen

BuddyTV 12/14/12 'Gossip Girl' Series Finale Videos: Georgina and Jack Bass Team Up

Examiner 12/14/12 'Gossip Girl' finale sneak peeks and spoilers: A twist and surprises

E!Online 12/14/12 Gossip Girl Series Finale: See the Very Last Scene Ever Shot

BuddyTV 12/13/12 'Gossip Girl' Series Finale Video: One Last Chance for Dan and Serena

Digital Spy 12/12/12 'Gossip Girl' recap: The Rooftop Curse strikes again in 'The Revengers'

BuddyTV 12/10/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: Sayonara Bart Bass

E!Online 12/10/12 Gossip Girl: Ed Westwick's 10 Best Looks Ever as Chuck Bass

Examiner 12/6/12 'Gossip Girl' series finale photos and spoilers: The big day arrives

E!Online 12/6/12 Gossip Girl Spoiler Bomb: A Major Death Is Coming

E!Online 12/5/12 Chace Crawford in Sexy New Mr Porter.com Campaign

BuddyTV 12/4/12 'Gossip Girl' Series Finale Photos: 'New York, I Love You XOXO'

E!Online 12/4/12 Gossip Girl Series Finale First Look: Chuck and Blair's Wedding, Eric's Return and More

BuddyTV 12/3/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: The Last Thanksgiving

BuddyTV 12/3/12 Serena and Blair's Best Moments on ‘Gossip Girl’

Examiner 11/28/12 'Gossip Girl' 6.09 photos and spoilers: The big secret revealed

Digital Spy 11/28/12 'Gossip Girl' recap: 'Save the Last Chance'

BuddyTV 11/27/12 The Craziest Chuck Bass Outfits in 'Gossip Girl' History

BuddyTV 11/26/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: Is Dan Good or Evil?

BuddyTV 11/26/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 6.9 Photos: 'The Revengers'

BuddyTV 11/20/12 'Gossip Girl' Director Norman Buckley Talks Dan and Serena, Standout Episodes and a Bittersweet Goodbye

Examiner 11/20/12 'Gossip Girl' 6.08 photos and spoilers: A special dinner coming

BuddyTV 11/19/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: Did Dan and Serena Just Reunite?

BuddyTV 11/19/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 6.8 Photos: A Really Complicated Thanksgiving

BuddyTV 11/14/12 'Gossip Girl' Video: Eleanor Waldorf Is Back

BuddyTV 11/12/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: Sex Tape Scandal

BuddyTV 11/12/12 'Gossip Girl's' 10 Weirdest, Kinkiest and Downright Gorssest Hook-Ups

BuddyTV 11/9/12 Kristen Bell to Make Cameo in 'Gossip Girl' Series Finale

Zap2It 11/9/12 'Glee' - 'The Role You Were Born to Play': Finn Hudson, leader?

Zap2It 11/9/12 'Gossip Girl' gives Kristen Bell face time in series finale

BuddyTV 11/6/12 The CW Announces Holiday Episodes for 'The Vampire Diaries,' 'Arrow,' 'Gossip Girl' and More

BuddyTV 11/5/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: Everyone Has Officially Slept With Everyone Else

BuddyTV 10/31/12 The CW Sets 'Gossip Girl' Series Finale Date

Examiner 10/31/12 'Gossip Girl' 6.07 photos and spoilers: Dan's book and the finale

Zap2It 10/31/12 'Gossip Girl' series finale title and details revealed

BuddyTV 10/29/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 6.7 Photos: 'Save the Last Chance'

People 10/26/12 Check Out Leighton Meester’s New (Way Shorter!) Hairdo

Examiner 10/23/12 'Gossip Girl' 6.06 and more finale photos and spoilers: Romance details

Zap2It 10/23/12 Disgruntled 'Gossip Girl' recap: 'Dirty Rotten Scandals' abandons all hope

BuddyTV 10/22/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 6.6 Photos: 'Where the Vile Things Are'

Examiner 10/17/12 'Gossip Girl' 6.05 photos and spoilers: Katie Cassidy teases return

People 10/17/12 Blake Lively Photographed in Wedding Dress on Gossip Girl Set

BuddyTV 10/16/12 Are Eric and Jenny Returning for the 'Gossip Girl' Series Finale?

Examiner 10/16/12 'Gossip Girl' series finale set photos and spoilers: A wedding to come

TV Guide 10/16/12 Are Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo Returning to Gossip Girl?

Zap2It 10/16/12 'Gossip Girl' series finale spoilers: Taylor Momsen, Connor Paolo, Katie Cassidy and more to return

People 10/16/12 Blake Lively Envisioned Her Wedding Down to Last Detail, Says Her Planner

BuddyTV 10/15/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: Growing Up is Hard To Do

Entertainment Weekly 10/15/12 'The Good Wife' recap: State of Affairs

Zap2It 10/15/12 'Gossip Girl' recap: Blair regresses as 'High Infidelity' covers familiar ground

E!Online 10/15/12 Gossip Girl Recap: Steven's Secret Is Revealed and Nelly Yuki Returns

BuddyTV 10/15/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 6.5 Photos: 'Monstrous Ball'

US Magazine 10/15/12 Ed Westwick: I Want to Steal Blake Lively From Gossip Girl's Set

Scripted TV Fans 10/13/12 Gossip Girl 10/8/12 “Gone Maybe Gone” Episode Recap

BuddyTV 10/12/12 Katie Cassidy Returning for 'Gossip Girl' Series Finale

Examiner 10/12/12 'Gossip Girl' season 6 set photos and spoilers: Finale title revealed

Examiner 10/10/12 'Gossip Girl' 6.04 photos and spoilers: Time apart and more

People 10/10/12 Blake Lively Shows Off Engagement Ring on Her First Red Carpet Post-Wedding

BuddyTV 10/8/12 Best ‘Gossip Girl’ Quotes from the Final Season Premiere

BuddyTV 10/8/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 6.4 Photos: 'Portrait of a Lady Alexander'

Examiner 10/8/12 'Gossip Girl' season 6 set photos and spoilers: A hot premiere

TV Guide 10/7/12 Gossip Girl's Final Season: Where We Left Off and What's Next

TV Guide 10/5/12 Will Gossip Girl's Identity Be Revealed in the Final Season?

Examiner 10/4/12 'Gossip Girl' season 6 set photos: More on the premiere

Examiner 10/3/12 'Gossip Girl' 6.03 photos and spoilers: Twisted couple action

BuddyTV 10/2/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 6.3 Photos: 'Dirty Rotten Scandals'

Zap2It 9/26/12 'Gossip Girl' Season 6 spoilers: 10 things to know about 'Chair,' 'Dair,' Serena's new love, and more

Examiner 9/25/12 'Gossip Girl' 6.02 photos and spoilers: New premiere details

Entertainment Weekly 9/25/12 'Gossip Girl' season 5 DVD clip: Producers reflect on Chuck/Blair saga -- Exclusive Video

BuddyTV 9/24/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 6.2 Photos: 'High Infidelity'

Scripted TV Fans 9/19/12 Gossip Girl : OMSG Preview

Examiner 9/18/12 'Gossip Girl' 6.01 photos and spoilers: Dan and Blair together again

People 9/18/12 Blake Lively Has On-Set Wedding Celebration

Digital Spy 9/18/12 Penn Badgley turned down 'Gossip Girl', wanted to play Chuck Bass

People 9/18/12 Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Married – 5 Days After Their Wedding

BuddyTV 9/17/12 'Gossip Girl' Season 6 Premiere Photos

People 9/17/12 Blake Lively Returns to Work on Set of Gossip Girl

NY Daily News 9/17/12 Blake Lively returns to 'Gossip Girl' set one week after secret wedding with Ryan Reynolds

People 9/17/12 See Blake Lively's Wedding Ring

People 9/12/12 Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Vowed to 'Make Each Other Laugh'

NY Daily News 9/11/12 Blake Lively says she's 'never been happier,' would love to have 30 children if she could

Daily Mail 9/11/12 William Baldwin locks lips with Kaylee DeFer on Gossip Girl - who happens to be half his age

People 9/11/12 Blake Lively: I'd Have 30 Kids If I Could

BuddyTV 9/10/12 'Gossip Girl' Final Season Trailer: Everyone Gets Exposed

TV Guide 9/10/12 Gossip Girl Promo: Who's Getting Exposed? Who’s Getting Slapped? And Who’s Getting Hitched?

NY Daily News 9/10/12 Blake Lively's ex Penn Badgley on her marriage to Ryan Reynolds: 'I'm so happy for her'

TV Guide 9/10/12 Gossip Girl's John Shea Joins The Good Wife

BuddyTV 9/9/12 'Gossip Girl's Blake Lively Marries Ryan Reynolds in a Secret Wedding

Examiner 9/9/12 'Gossip Girl' season 6 set photos and spoilers: Premiere details

E!Online 9/7/12 Ryan Lochte Lobbies for Gossip Girl Cameo, Cops to Having a "Big Crush on Blake Lively"

Zap2It 9/7/12 'Gossip Girl' Season 6: Check out Chuck and Blair's hot and heavy sex session and Serena's very bad day

E!Online 8/31/12 Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford Makes First Appearance Since "Devastating" Custody Ruling

Examiner 8/30/12 'Gossip Girl' season 6 set photos and spoilers: The premiere and more

People 8/27/12 Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds's Sweet Celebration in N.Y.C.

Examiner 8/23/12 'Gossip Girl' season 6 set photos and spoilers: Romance trouble

Examiner 8/19/12 'Gossip Girl' season 6 set photos and spoilers: Another to return

TV Guide 8/18/12 Gossip Girl Trailer: Will Chuck and Blair Make It in the End?

Zap2It 8/18/12 'Gossip Girl' Season 6 trailer: Will Blair and Chuck be the 'endgame' couple?

Zap2It 8/15/12 'Gossip Girl' Season 6 spoilers: Nelly Yuki and Poppy Lifton return

Examiner 8/12/12 New 'Gossip Girl' season 6 set photos and spoilers: News on Dan

Examiner 8/10/12 'Gossip Girl' season 6 spoilers: Chuck and Blair's status

Examiner 8/6/12 New 'Gossip Girl' season 6 photos and spoilers: New lady on set

TV Guide 8/3/12 Gossip Girl's Caroline Lagerfelt to Guest-Star on Castle

Examiner 8/2/12 'Gossip Girl' season 6 set photos: Plans for final season revealed

Zap2It 8/2/12 'Gossip Girl' snags Alexa Chung for final season

Digital Spy 8/2/12 Blake Lively stars in 'Drive' Nicolas Winding Refn's Gucci ad - video

Digital Spy 7/31/12 'Gossip Girl's final season to run for 10 episodes

BuddyTV 7/25/12 'Gossip Girl' Reruns to Air on Style Network

Examiner 7/18/12 New 'Gossip Girl' season 6 set photos: An enemy for Serena

Zap2It 7/18/12 'Gossip Girl adds Zoe Aggeliki to Season 6; 'Smash' star heads to 'Necessary Roughness'

US Magazine 7/13/12 Pic: Penn Badgley Finally Shaves Off His Beard

Examiner 7/10/12 First 'Gossip Girl' season 6 set photos: New face coming to series

Zap2It 7/9/12 'Gossip Girl' Season 6 casts '7th Heaven' star Barry Watson as Serena's love interest

Zap2It 7/8/12 'Gossip Girl' casts 'Lost's' Andrea Gabriel in Season 6 role

Digital Spy 6/25/12 'Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick makes catwalk debut at Milan Fashion Week

US Magazine 6/22/12 Blake Lively Named Face of Gucci's Premiere Perfume

Zap2It 6/20/12 Hipster Penn Badgley is ambivalent about both 'Gossip Girl' and his beard

Examiner 6/19/12 New 'Savages' official photos with Blake Lively and Taylor Kitsch

Gather 6/12/12 'Gossip Girl' Star Blake Lively Makes Shocking Love Life Admission
Access Hollywood 6/11/12 Blake Lively: I’m Not Like Gossip Girl’s Serena In Real Life

Zap2It 6/7/12 Leighton Meester: Moving on from 'Gossip Girl' will be 'great'

E!Online 6/6/12 Leighton Meester Not Obligated to Give Her Mother a Dime...Ever

TV Guide 6/6/12 Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester Wins in Legal Claim Against Her Mother

NY Daily News 5/29/12 Blake Lively ready to move on from ‘Gossip Girl,’ says it's not her ‘best quality of work’

Extra 5/24/12 'Extra' Raw! At the 'Gossip Girl' Finale Screening

Gather 5/23/12 'Gossip Girl' Spoilers: Looking Ahead to Season 6

Entertainment Weekly 5/17/12 'Gossip Girl' final season episode order still undecided, says network

US Magazine 5/17/12 Gossip Girl to Air Sixth and Final Season This Fall

Scripted TV Fans 5/16/12 Gossip Girl 5/14/12 “The Return of the Ring” Episode Recap

Entertainment Weekly 5/15/12 'Gossip Girl' season finale: OMFGG, we're back where we started

Digital Spy 5/15/12 'Gossip Girl': Season finale 'The Return of the Ring' recap

BuddyTV 5/14/12 'Gossip Girl' Finale Recap: High Stakes Betting

Zap2It 5/14/12 'Gossip Girl' EP: Look for Dan to shred the Upper East Side with his new book

Zap2It 5/14/12 'Gossip Girl' finale: Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf together again?

Extra 5/14/12 The Extra List: Top 10 Favorite 'Gossip Girl' NYC Locations

BuddyTV 5/11/12 The CW Orders Final 'Gossip Girl' Season, Renews 'Nikita' and 'Dixie,' Cancels 'Ringer' and 'Secret Circle'

BuddyTV 5/11/12 The Best Moments of ‘Gossip Girl’ Season 5

Zap2It 5/11/12 'Gossip Girl' sneak peek: Blair's diary could be her undoing

People 5/9/12 Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Share an Island Getaway (in Vancouver)

Examiner 5/8/12 'Gossip Girl' season finale photos: Chuck and Blair head off together?

BuddyTV 5/7/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: Bart Bass Rises

BuddyTV 5/7/12 'Gossip Girl' Season 5 Finale Photos: 'The Return of the Ring'

Wall Street Journal 5/7/12 ‘Gossip Girl,’ Season 5, Episode 23, ‘The Fugitives’: TV Recap

Hollywood Reporter 5/7/12 'Gossip Girl' Alum Connor Paolo on His Affection for Taylor Momsen, Potentially Returning to the CW

Zap2It 5/7/12 'Gossip Girl': Dan and Blair kiss and make up...but for how long?

Examiner 5/6/12 'Gossip Girl' 5.23 photos and finale spoilers: Blair will choose

BuddyTV 5/2/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 5.23: 'The Fugitives'

TV Guide 5/1/12 Watercooler: Gossip Girl's Walking Dead?

BuddyTV 4/30/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: Whoa Daddy!

Scripted TV Fans 4/30/12 Blair And Company Believe That Diana And Jack Share An Explosive Secret Tonight on Gossip Girl

Daily Mail 4/30/12 Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford sued by private eye she hired to 'spy on her ex husband'

E!Online 4/30/12 Gossip Girl: Hottie Singer to Make Acting Debut on Upcoming Finale

Zap2It 4/25/12 'Gossip Girl' executive producer to take over 'Smash' and leave the UES behind

Zap2It 4/24/12 'Gossip Girl': Chuck Bass has daddy issues

Scripted TV Fans 4/23/12 Blair Fears That Her Upper East Side Status Is Slipping Away Tonight on Gossip Girl

Examiner 4/20/12 'Gossip Girl' 5.22 'Raiders of the Lost Art' photos and spoilers

BuddyTV 4/19/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 5.22 Photos: 'Raiders of the Lost Art'

Zap2It 4/19/12 'Gossip Girl' sneak peek: Chuck and Nate share an uncomfortable moment or two

Examiner 4/17/12 'Gossip Girl' 5.21 'Despicable B' photos and spoilers

TV Guide 4/17/12 Gossip Girl Shocker: Chuck's Mom Is Revealed — And She's Still Hiding Something

Digital Spy 4/17/12 'Gossip Girl' recap: Chuck's mother is revealed in 'Salon of the Dead'

US Magazine 4/17/12 Gossip Girl: Chuck Bass' Mother Revealed After Five Seasons

BuddyTV 4/16/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: Mother-Chucker

BuddyTV 4/16/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 5.21 Photos: 'Despicable B'

Zap2It 4/16/12 'Gossip Girl': Woah momma

Scripted TV Fans 4/16/12 Blair And Dan Host A Glamorous British-Themed Salon Tonight on Gossip Girl

US Magazine 4/16/12 PICS: Leighton Meester Flashes Butt in Skimpy Bikini

BuddyTV 4/11/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 5.20 Photos: 'Salon of the Dead'

Zap2It 4/10/12 'Gossip Girl': Chuck Bass in a red onesie, just because

BuddyTV 4/9/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: The Price of Fame

E!Online 4/9/12 Gossip Girl Redux: Blair Says Goodbye to Her Princess Status—and Chuck—for Good?

Zap2It 4/9/12 'Gossip Girl': Diana Payne brings the intrigue back

Scripted TV Fans 4/9/12 Serena Sets Out To Make Lola The Upper East Side’s New It Girl Tonight on Gossip Girl

Examiner 4/9/12 'Gossip Girl' 5.19 'It Girl, Interrupted' photos and new spoilers

Hollywood Reporter 4/9/12 'Gossip Girl': Blair Schemes to Find the 'Next Serena van der Woodsen' (Exclusive Video)

Zap2It 4/6/12 'Gossip Girl' sneak peek: Diana Payne is back, causing pain

BuddyTV 4/5/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 5.19 Photos: Elizabeth Hurley Returns

E!Online 4/3/12 Courtney Stodden Responds to Gossip Girl Diss

Digital Spy 4/3/12 'Gossip Girl' recap: Blair and Dan get drunk in 'Con-Heir'

BuddyTV 4/2/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: Going Down

Zap2It 4/2/12 'Gossip Girl': Wake us when it starts

Scripted TV Fans 4/2/12 Chuck Invites Jack To Town Tonight on Gossip Girl

Examiner 4/2/12 New 'Gossip Girl' set photos and season finale spoilers

Zap2It 4/2/12 'Gossip Girl' EP: Look for early struggles in Dan and Blair's relationship

TV Guide 4/1/12 Gossip Girl Spoilers: Blair Chose Dan Over Chuck — Now What?

BuddyTV 3/30/12 'Gossip Girl' Video: Dan and Blair Try to Have Sex

BuddyTV 3/30/12 How Would the Cast of 'Gossip Girl' Win 'The Hunger Games'?

Examiner 3/29/12 'Gossip Girl': New Blake Lively set photos and spoilers

BuddyTV 3/27/12 'Gossip Girl' Video: 'Dexter' Star Returns as Jack Bass

Examiner 3/27/12 'Gossip Girl': New Ed Westwick set photos and 5.18 'Con Heir' preview

Zap2It 3/26/12 'Gossip Girl' sneak peak: Are Dan and Blair already having problems?

Daily Mail 3/26/12 'She's the epitome of the ideal woman': Chace Crawford gushes about his Gossip Girl co-star Elizabeth Hurley

Examiner 3/23/12 'Gossip Girl' 5.18 'Con Heir' photos and new spoilers

BuddyTV 3/22/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 5.18 Photos: 'Con Heir'

Examiner 3/22/12 New 'Gossip Girl' set photos feature Leighton Meester

Zap2It 3/22/12 'Gossip Girl' sneak peak: Are Nate and Lola getting more serious?

Daily Mail 3/21/12 Make-up free Leighton Meester's a far-cry from her glamorous Gossip Girl self in Uggs and a grey tracksuit

E!Online 3/12/12 Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: What Did They Pack for a Picnic Together? Lotsa PDA

Scripted TV Fans 3/7/12 Gossip Girl 2/27/12 “The Princess Dowry” Episode Recap

Examiner 3/6/12 New 'Gossip Girl' set photos and Dair spoilers

Daily Mail 3/6/12 Brrr! Elizabeth Hurley and Blake Lively shiver through their scenes on the sub-zero set of Gossip Girl

E!Online 3/2/12 Blake Lively Shuts Down Unwanted Beau: Alleged Stalker Ordered to Stay Away for Three More Years

Digital Spy 2/28/12 'Gossip Girl': 'The Princess Dowry' recap

BuddyTV 2/27/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: An Irish Exit

Scripted TV Fans 2/27/12 Hurricane Georgina Threatens The Upper East Side Tonight on Gossip Girl

Examiner 2/24/12 New 'Gossip Girl' 5.17 photo and sneak peek: Dair lives on

Zap2It 2/24/12 'Gossip Girl' clip: Billy Baldwin returns and Georgina gets her scheme on

Zap2It 2/22/12 'Gossip Girl' sneak peak: Dan and Blair look to their future

Digital Spy 2/21/12 'Gossip Girl': 'Cross Rhodes' recap

Zap2It 2/21/12 'Gossip Girl': It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world

BuddyTV 2/20/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: Gin Bar in the Sky

Scripted TV Fans 2/20/12 Blair Tries To Save Her Friendship With Serena Tonight on Gossip Girl

Scripted TV Fans 2/18/12 Gossip Girl 2/13/12 “Crazy, Cupid, Love” Episode Recap

Zap2It 2/17/12 'Gossip Girl' sneak peak: Blair and Serena spar over Dan

Examiner 2/14/12 'Gossip Girl' 5.17 'The Princess Dowry' photos show Baldwin's return

E!Online 2/14/12 Blake Lively Gets Restraining Order Against Man Who Wanted to "Guide" Her

BuddyTV 2/13/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: Cupid Interruptus

BuddyTV 2/13/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 5.17 Photos: Billy Baldwin Returns in 'The Princess Dowry'

Scripted TV Fans 2/13/12 Blair Can’t Resist Playing Cupid, St. Vincent Performs, Tonight on Gossip Girl

Digital Spy 2/12/12 'Gossip Girl': 'Crazy, Cupid, Love' in pictures

Zap2It 2/10/12 'Gossip Girl' spy shots: Where is Blair's wedding ring?

Zap2It 2/9/12 'Gossip Girl' sneak peak: Blair is looking for love...sort of

Examiner 2/7/12 'Gossip Girl' set photos show Leighton Meester kissing, 5.16 photos

Zap2It 2/7/12 'Gossip Girl': A game of lost and found

Digital Spy 2/7/12 Recap: 'Gossip Girl': 'The Backup Dan' recap

Digital Spy 2/7/12 David A Gregory to star in 'Gossip Girl'

BuddyTV 2/6/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: Dowry Does It

BuddyTV 2/6/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 5.16 Photos: 'Cross Rhodes'

Scripted TV Fans 2/6/12 Georgina Is On The Scent Of Scandal Tonight on Gossip Girl

Examiner 2/3/12 'Gossip Girl' 5.15 'Crazy Cupid Love', new 5.14 'Back Up Dan' photos

Zap2It 2/3/12 'Gossip Girl' sneak peak: Chuck pleads his case to Blair

BuddyTV 2/2/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 5.15 Photos: 'Crazy, Cupid, Love'

BuddyTV 2/1/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 5.14 Photos: Dan and the Runaway Bride

Zap2It 2/1/12 'Gossip Girl' star: 'I was very shocked' by 100th episode cliffhanger

BuddyTV 1/31/12 5 Questions from the 'Gossip Girl' 100th Episode Royal Wedding Disaster

Examiner 1/31/12 'Gossip Girl' episode 5.14 'The Back Up Dan' photos and preview

Examiner 1/31/12 'Gossip Girl' episode 5.14 'The Back Up Dan' photos and preview

TV Guide 1/31/12 Gossip Girl Wedding Day Aftermath! Scoop on Everything That Happens Next

Entertainment Weekly 1/31/12 Gossip Girl revealed: Where were the clues?

Hollywood Reporter 1/31/12 'Gossip Girl' 100th Episode: What the Viewers are Saying

BuddyTV 1/30/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: Royal Runaway Bride

Entertainment Weekly 1/30/12 'Gossip Girl' 100th episode shocker: Producers Stephanie Savage and Josh Safran tease what's next

Hollywood Reporter 1/30/12 'Gossip Girl' Bosses Explain Shocking Georgina Reveal, Blair's Wedding Snafu and Louis' Ultimatum

Zap2It 1/30/12 'Gossip Girl' 100th episode: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Zap2It 1/30/12 'Gossip Girl' 100th episode: What did you think?

E!Online 1/30/12 Gossip Girl: Vera Wang Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Tonight's Gorgeous Wedding

TV Guide 1/29/12 Gossip Girl's 100th Episode: Blair's No Blushing Bride

BuddyTV 1/27/12 The Quotable 'Gossip Girl': 99 Episodes of Scandalous Sass

TV Guide 1/27/12 6 Things to Expect From the Gossip Girl Wedding

Zap2It 1/27/12 'Gossip Girl': Ed Westwick unhappy with Chuck Bass, looks for series to end

Digital Spy 1/27/12 'Gossip Girl' execs tease 100th episode

BuddyTV 1/26/12 'Gossip Girl' 100th Episode Videos: Chuck's Big Royal Wedding Plans

Entertainment Weekly 1/26/12 In honor of 'Gossip Girl' Day, bosses tease 100th episode's 'gasp' moment

US Magazine 1/26/12 Exclusive: Gossip Girl Star Kaylee DeFer Ends Engagement

BuddyTV 1/25/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 5.14 Photos: 'The Backup Dan'

Examiner 1/25/12 'Gossip Girl' episode 5.13 'G.G.' sneak peeks and spoilers

TV Guide 1/25/12 Ed Westwick Tired of "Lovesick Puppy" Chuck, Ready for Gossip Girl to End

People 1/25/12 Take a Sneak Peek at Gossip Girl's Royal Wedding

Zap2It 1/25/12 'Gossip Girl' EP: We've been 'planning Blair's wedding since the pilot'

Zap2It 1/25/12 'Gossip Girl' exclusive video: All hail Blair Waldorf

Zap2It 1/25/12 'Gossip Girl' EP: Season six renewal all but assured

BuddyTV 1/24/12 100 Great ‘Gossip Girl’ Quotes: The Wit and Wisdom of Chuck Bass

E!Online 1/24/12 Gossip Girl Wedding Video: Here Comes the Blair! Our First Look at the 100th Episode

Digital Spy 1/24/12 'Gossip Girl': 'Father Of The Bride' recap

Digital Spy 1/24/12 'Gossip Girl' Georgina 'back for a long stretch'

BuddyTV 1/23/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: A Royal Hangover

Zap2It 1/23/12 'Gossip Girl': Blair gets blitzed, Nate gets his man

Scripted TV Fans 1/23/12 It’s Blair’s Big Bachelorette Bash Tonight on Gossip Girl

Zap2It 1/23/12 'Gossip Girl' sneak peak: Blair's bachelorette bash

People 1/21/12 Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively's Latest Hangout: New Orleans

US Magazine 1/20/12 See Blake Lively Channel Marilyn Monroe in Gossip Girl's 100th Episode

Zap2It 1/20/12 'Gossip Girl' sneak peak: The cast celebrates old Hollywood

Examiner 1/19/12 New 'Gossip Girl' 5.13 'G.G.' photos and spoilers

Digital Spy 1/18/12 'Gossip Girl' exec: 'We're not taking Blair plot lightly'

BuddyTV 1/17/12 'Gossip Girl' Photos: 100th Episode Dream Sequence

Digital Spy 1/17/12 'Gossip Girl': 'The End of the Affair?' recap

BuddyTV 1/16/12 'Gossip Girl' Recap: Say A Little Prayer

Entertainment Weekly 1/16/12 'Gossip Girl' boss Josh Safran on Blair's future, 'heated' moments in the writer's room

E!Online 1/16/12 Gossip Girl Redux: Big Boss Reveals Love Triangle Is Becoming a "Major" Square

Zap2It 1/16/12 'Gossip Girl': Time keeps on slipping into the future

TV Guide 1/16/12 Gossip Girl "End of the Affair" Postmortem: Burning Questions Answered

Zap2It 1/16/12 'Gossip Girl' sneak peak: Blair survives crash, continues wedding march

Examiner 1/13/12 New 'Gossip Girl' Chace Crawford set photos and casting news

Zap2It 1/13/12 'Gossip Girl': EP Josh Safran discusses Chuck and Blair's car crash, Ivy's identity crisis

E!Online 1/13/12 Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick Professes He's "Madly in Love" With Leighton Meester

Zap2It 1/13/12 'Gossip Girl's' Ed Westwick: Should Chuck be threatened by Dan?

E!Online 1/13/12 Elizabeth Hurley Set to Make Her Return to Gossip Girl

E!Online 1/12/12 Gossip Girl: Ed Westwick on Chuck and Blair's Future and if He's Ready to Say Goodbye to the Show

Examiner 1/11/12 'Gossip Girl' episode 5.12 and 5.13 photos, new Blake Lively set photos

BuddyTV 1/10/12 'Gossip Girl' 100th Episode Photos: Blair's Royal Wedding

E!Online 1/10/12 Gossip Girl Wedding Preview: Blair Torn Between Two Men! Plus, Who's Walking Down the Aisle With Dan?

BuddyTV 1/9/12 'Gossip Girl' Photos: Blair's Bachelorette Party

Zap2It 1/9/12 'Gossip Girl': Billy Baldwin is back

E!Online 1/6/12 Gossip Girl Scoop: Billy Baldwin Set to Return for [Spoiler Alert]

Examiner 1/4/12 'Gossip Girl' episode 5.11 'The End of the Affair' photos and spoilers

BuddyTV 1/3/12 'Gossip Girl' Episode 5.11 Photos: Blair's Wedding Dress

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Tampa Tribune 1/9/07 Rumor Has It That Tampa Actress Could Become Regular On 'Gossip Girl'

CTV 1/9/08 Guys from 'Gossip Girl' learn to cope with heartthrob status

The-Trades 1/8/08 Television Review: Gossip Girl, "A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate"

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Zap2It 1/4/08 Tons of 'Gossip Girl' fun...

Variety 1/4/08 'Gossip Girl' moves to Monday

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BuddyTV 1/2/08 Gossip Girl: Episode 12 "School Lies" Recap

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Celebrity Spider 1/2/08 Ed Weswick & His Band "The Filthy Youth" Featured Tonight on Gossip Girl

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The-Trades 1/1/2008 Television Review: Gossip Girl, "School Lies"

Zap2It 12/31/07 Be as beautiful as Blake Lively for your New Years Eve bash...

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BuddyTV 12/19/07 Gossip Girl “Episode 11 “Roman Holiday” Recap

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Daily Northwestern 11/1/07 'Gossip Girl:' another distortion of reality

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InStyle 10/29/07 Blake Lively and Daily Hot Shots

TMZ 10/27/07 "Gossip" Guys Wield Yoga Mats, Imposters

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Zap2It 10/22/07 Kristen Bell is working primetime full-time

Zap2It 10/19/07 A Friday morning that's full of good news

Celebrity Spider 10/18/07 Dan is Torn Between Vanessa & Serena Next Week on "Gossip Girl"

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BuddyTV 10/17/07 Gossip Girl: Episode 5 “Dar Devil” Recap

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CBS 10/17/07 Is "Gossip Girl" Too Racy For Kids?

NY Times 10/14/07 Gossip Guy

Zap2It 10/12/07 GG v. OC

Celebrity Spider 10/11/07 Dan Makes Elaborate Plans to Impress Serena Next Week on "Gossip Girl"

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BuddyTV 10/10/07 Gossip Girl: Episode 1.4 “Bad News Blair” Recap

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Union Tribune 10/10/07 Gossip Girl: XOXO

Washington Post 10/10/07 Dishing and Dirt: Did You Hear About 'Gossip Girl' and 'Pushing Daisies'?

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Knox News 10/8/07 'Gossip' circulates well around here

NY Post 10/7/07 Teen Scream

Media Life 10/5/07 With teens at least, 'Gossip Girl' is hot

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BuddyTV 10/3/07 Gossip Girl: Episode 1.3 “Poison Ivy” Recap

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Zap2It 10/3/07 Birthday rant...

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Inside Pulse 10/2/07 Excusive Gossip: Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford Interview

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Zap2It 10/1/07 'Gossip Girl' still popular with viewers in its second episode...

Zap2It 10/3/07 Shopping with Blair! (Well, Leighton Meester, who you probably like better anyway...)

Celebrity Spider 9/27/07 Blair Uncovers a Scandalous Secret About Serena Next Week on "Gossip Girl"

Zap2It 9/27/07 Last night's recap...

Spectrum 9/27/07 'Gossip Girl' brings west coast drama to the east

BuddyTV 9/26/07 Gossip Girl: Episode 1.2 "The Wild Brunch" Recap

Zap2It 9/26/07 'Gossip Girl' invites us to brunch

Inside Pulse 9/25/07 Exclusive Gossip: Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley Interview

Zap2It 9/25/07 Interviews with the Cast and a Startling Discovery

Zap2It 9/24/07 A little secret I've got to share...

NY Daily News 9/23/07 Chace Crawford drives love triangle on 'Gossip Girl'

Brandeis Hoot 9/22/07 The O.C. comes to NYC

Inside Pulse 9/21/07 Fall Frenzy: The Groove Tube - Gossip Girl

Zap/21/07 The critics say...

Zap2It 9/20/07 Initial Reactions to Gossip Girl

Huffington Post 9/20/07 My Review Of The OC Creator's New Show Gossip Girl, Which I Did Not Watch

NY Magazine 9/19/07 Josh Schwartz on ‘Gossip Girl’ and Avoiding the Mistakes of ‘The O.C.’

BuddyTV 9/19/07 Gossip Girl: Episode 1.1 "Pilot" Recap

Zap2It 9/19/07 Premierewatch '07: 'Gossip Girl'

Zap2It 9/19/07 'Gossip Girl' Dishes the Dirt

Boston Globe 9/19/07 Snarky rich kids make for fun 'Gossip'

Deseret News 9/19/07 Parents, pay attention to the content of 'Gossip Girl'

San Francisco Chronicle 9/19/07 Review: Rumors shape upper-class teens' lives in 'Gossip Girl'

Philly.com 9/19/07 Don't listen, don't watch

NY Times 9/19/07 Reading, Writing and Raunch: Mean Girls Rule Prep School

Washington Post 9/19/07 On the CW, 'Gossip Girl' and the Vicious Circle

Knox News 9/19/07 Kids, don't listen to 'Gossip'

Chicago Tribune 9/19/07 'Gossip Girl' gives us something to talk about, like why it's such a downer

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 9/19/07 The CW's 'Gossip Girl' should be talk of the teens

LA Times 9/19/07 The pampered youth and casual sex of the 'Gossip Girl'

NY Daily News 9/19/07 The spoiled are juicy dish in 'Gossip Girl'

Media Life 9/19/07 'Gossip Girl,' not much to talk about

Metro 9/19/07 Something to talk about

Uncle Barky 9/18/07 New series -- Gossip Girl (CW)

Inside Pulse 9/18/07 Exclusive Gossip: Interview with Gossip Girl's Stephanie Savage

TBO 9/18/07 'Gossip Girl' Aims To Be Talk Of Town

IGN 9/18/07 IGN Interview: Gossip Girl's Blake Lively

USA Today 9/18/07 Juicy 'Gossip' is rich with delusion

Regina Leader Post 9/18/07 'Gossip Girl' looks at life for teens today

Sun Sentinel 9/18/07 Gossip Girl review: Escapades of the spoiled

Jam! 9/18/07 'Gossip Girl' guy gets mean

NY Post 9/18/07 'Girl' Crazy

Toronto star 9/18/07 Can TV's Gossip Girl survive the hype?

Toronto Star 9/18/07 Chace Crawford next teen sensation

BuddyTV 9/17/07 Male Cast Members Talk About 'Gossip Girl'

Chicago Sun-Times 9/16/07 'Gossip Girl'

Entertainment Weekly 9/13/07 TV Review- Gossip Girl

NY Daily News 9/13/07 'Gossip Girls' advertising to spread through New York City

NY Times 9/12/07 Omigosh! ‘OC’ With Warmer Duds?

Celebrity Spider 9/11/07 Gossip Girl to Premiere September 19th on The CW

Jam! 9/11/07 Leighton Meester has elite role in 'Gossip Girl'

The-Trades 9/7/07 Gossip Girl - Pilot

NY Post 8/29/07 Talk of the Town

USA Today 8/24/07 The younger old money is 'Gossip' target

Celebrity Spider 8/13/07 The CW's "Gossip Girl" Premiere Moves to Wednesday September 19

Zap2It 8/6/07 'Gossip Girl' Gets Early, Post-'Top Model' Premiere

Knox News 7/27/07 Sevier native ready to settle into new role, new locality

Knox News 7/24/07 Sevier-bred actor dishes on 'Gossip'

Charlotte Observer 7/23/07 'Gossip Girl' dishes on rich

NY Daily News 7/23/07 'Gossip' teens live rich & fast

Digital Spy 6/29/07 ITV2 lands 'Bionic Woman', 'Gossip Girl'

Celebrity Spider 5/17/07 The CW Announces New Fall Series "Gossip Girl"


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