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News Articles about American Idol 3 contestant George Huff


Muskogee Daily Phoenix 3/31/05 Ex-idol: Carrie's my fave

Newsday 3/20/04 The other ‘Idol’ comeback that’s still paying off

Foxes On Idol 11/11/04 George Huff’s “My Christmas EP” – A First Listen

CCM Magazine 11/8/04 American Idol Finalist George Huff Releases Christmas EP 11/6/04 George Huff to release Christmas EP..

Billboard 11/4/04 Billboard Bits: George Huff, ...

KATC 11/1/04 "American Idol" finalist George Huff to release Christmas E-P

Foxes On Idol 8/23/04 Idol Update, 8/23: George Huff & John Stevens Get Record Deals, Season 4 Auditions Continue

Capital Entertainment 8/20/04 Word Entertainment Signs Two Idols: George Huff & Karen Clark-Sheard

Times Picayune 8/11/04 Idol of the people

The Advertiser 5/23/04 Huff goes from omelet maker to ‘Idol’ star

Daily News 5/20/04 Congrats to ‘Idol' finalist Huff

News OK 5/15/04 Former OU student seeks spotlight after 'Idol' ouster

Jam! 5/11/04 The 'Huffinator' a good loser

TVRules 5/12/04 American Idol: Conference Interview With George Huff

Knox News 5/11/04 Huff ousted, but still hopeful about show-biz success

Fans of Reality TV 5/10/04 Our Interview With George Huff

Foxes On Idol 5/10/04 Idol Thoughts, May 10: The Beat Goes On

Foxes On Idol 5/10/04 “The Winner Will Be Me!”: An Interview with George Huff

AJC 5/7/04 George didn't leave 'Idol' in a huff

MTV 5/7/04 'American Idol' Loser George Isn't Leaving In A Huff

Reality TV Calendar 5/6/04 American Idol - Final 5 Results Recap 5/6/04 - Huff Snuffed

Access Hollywood 5/6/04 America Says 'Enuff' Of 'Idol' Huff

Foxes On Idol 5/6/04 George Huff: Only the Beginning

Reality TV World 5/6/04 George Huff becomes the eighth 'American Idol' finalist to be eliminated

Crazy4RealityTV 5/6/04 "Huff Gets Snuffed" - American Idol 3 - Episode 33

Foxes On Idol 5/6/04 American Idol 3: Why George Lost 5/6/04 - Sorry George... Guess It's Not A Wonderful World After All

Zap2It 5/6/04 'Idol' Viewers Have Enough Huff

AZ Central 5/6/04 A sweaty send-off for George

Rugged Elegance 5/6/04 American Idol III: George Huff Departs Leaving An All Female Final Four 5/6/04 George's Gone; An All-Girl 'Idol'

Detroit News 5/5/04 Viewers Vote Huff Off 'American Idol'

Bayou Buzz 5/4/04 New Orleans Mayor Salutes Local American Idol

Times Picayune 5/4/04 George Huff on the hot seat

Victoria Advocate 4/27/04 Ousted 'Idol' throws support to George

Times Picayune 4/27/04 A gift for George's mom

Read a Bet 4/22/04 Time to Bet on George Huff at 7/2

Oklahoma Daily 4/7/04 Choir roots on 'Idol' singer

Times Picayune 4/6/04 The George Huff Fan Club

Foxes On Idol 3/29/04 Idol Thoughts, March 29: Motown Week – Can George “Reach Out”?

Times Picayune 3/23/04 George to the world

Star-Telegram 3/17/04 It's curious, how George stays on 'Idol'

Jacksonville Daily News 3/16/04 Local couple have rooting interest when 'American Idol' airs tonight

The Advocate 3/15/04 Louisiana native 'Idol' finalist

Reality TV World 3/11/04 Jon, Jennifer, Leah and George complete 'Idol's Top 12 finalists

Beavers On Idol 3/3/04 Did George Manage to Do a Great Job?

Oklahoma Daily 3/3/04 OU student aims for 'Idol'

NY Daily News 2/28/04 Washout getting his 'Idol' moment

Reality TV World 2/26/04 Donnie Williams pulled from 'Idol' following arrest, replaced by George Huff


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