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News Articles about NBC Networks Last Comic Standing


Reality Reel 8/11/04 'Last Comic' Achieves A Thursday Summer High To Lead NBC'S Week

The Trades 8/11/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - The Final Three

Reality TV Calendar 8/11/04 Tammy Pescatelli & Jay London? Ep 14 Recap

Reality News Online 8/11/04 Last Comic Standing 2, Episodes 14 & 15: Forward! Into the Past...

Reality Shack 8/11/04 Last Comic Standing - Grand Finales, C'mon John Heffron

WDIV 8/10/04 South Lyon Native Looks To Be 'Last Comic Standing'

Bella Online 8/10/04 Last Comic Standing - Grand Finale Recap

NBCMV 8/10/04 'Last Comic' Achieves A Thursday Summer High To Lead NBC's Week

Florida Today 8/10/04 Three funnymen go for the last laugh

Sun Sentinel 8/10/04 Three finalists on 'Comic' are veterans with plenty of club experience

Post Dispatch 8/10/04 Kathleen Madigan exits laughing and keeps her friends

WILX-TV 8/10/04 Local Comic Looking for National Chance

Reality Reel 8/9/04 Last Comic Standing — Week 9

Orlando Sentinel 8/9/04 'Last Comic' host says 'SNL' wasn't all laughs

NY Times 8/8/04 A Show That Works Even When Its Jokes Fall Flat

Quad City Times 8/7/04 Pescatelli finds friends on ‘Comic’

Fans of Reality TV 8/7/04 The Should-Be Finale, OR The Extended Dance Club mix

Detroit News 8/7/04 TV gets serious about stand-up

Reality TV World 8/6/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - Episode 10 summary

Reality TV Calendar 8/6/04 It Took An Hour To Say "Go Home" - Episode 13 Recap

Reality Shack 8/6/04 Last Comic Standing - The Final Finalists are Chosen

The Trades 8/5/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - The Final Six - Results

Fans of Reality TV 8/5/04 Milk, Whores, and Gnome Remorse

USA Today 8/5/04 'Last Comic' host Jay Mohr talks 'SNL'

KCRA-TV 8/4/04 Roseville Family Not Laughing Over 'Last Comic' Mix-Up 8/4/04 Second Last Comic Standing

Reality TV Calendar 8/4/04 They Tried, They Failed: Episode 12 Recap

Reality Shack 8/4/04 Last Comic Standing - Final Six Bring It

Reality News Online 8/4/04 Last Comic Standing 2, Episode 12: Building Momentum

The Trades 8/3/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - The Final Six

Reality TV World 8/2/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - Episode 10 summary

Reality Reel 8/2/04 Last Comic Standing — Week 8

Myrtle Beach Online 8/2/04 'Last Comic Standing' finalist at HOB

Fans Of Reality TV 8/1/04 Cave Man Gets A Bone

The Trades 7/30/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - Wild Card Results

Reality TV Calendar 7/30/04 This Is Insane: Results Show Recap

Reality News Online 7/30/04 Last Comic Standing 2, Episode 11: Then There Were Five... uh, Six

Reality Shack 7/30/04 Last Comic Standing, Wildcard Winner Announced

Fans of Reality TV 7/29/04 Choosing Our Sixth Place Patsy! (7/27 recap)

The Trades 7/28/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - Wild Card Competition

Reality TV World 7/28/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - Episode 9 summary

Reality TV Calendar 7/28/04 What Happened To The "Comic" Part? Episode 10 Recap

Reality News Online 7/28/04 Last Comic Standing 2, Episode 10: Battle of the Second-Tier Guys (and Gal)

TVRules 7/27/04 Last Comic Standing, August 3 Preview

USA Today 7/27/04 Stand-up, sketch comedy getting loudest laughs

JokersUpdates 7/25/04 Last Comic Standing: Why We Love it Despite the Controversy

TVRules 7/24/04 Last Comic Standing: Summary - 7/20 - Episode 9

Reality TV World 7/23/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - Episode 8 summary

Fans of Reality TV 7/22/04 Angry Drones and Drowning Gnomes (7/20 recap)

Reality Reel 7/21/04 Last Comic Standing: Week 7 - The Eliminated Comics Are Back

Reality News Online 7/21/04 Last Comic Standing 2: The Final Twist?

Reality TV Calendar 7/21/04 Return Of The Losers: Episode 9 Recap

TVRules 7/21/04 Last Comic Standing Spoilers 7/20

Reality News Online 7/21/04 Last Comic Standing 2, Episode 9: Like a Bad High School Reunion

Reality News Online 7/19/04 Last Comic Standing 3: What to Expect? The Official Word

Detroit News 7/17/04 Comic represents Detroit on NBC reality show

Elites TV 7/16/04 Last Comic Standing – Ghosts, Dogs, Kids and Leprechaun’s…

Reality News Online 7/15/04 Last Comic Standing 2, Episode 8: The Nitty Gritty

TVRules 7/15/04 Last Comic Standing: Summary - 7/13 - Episode 8

Reality News Online 7/14/04 The Evolution of Last Comic Standing

The Trades 7/14/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - House Episode 4

Reality TV Calendar 7/14/04 Snoozin And Losin': Episode 8 Recap

Reality Reel 7/12/04 Last Comic Standing Week 6 -- Ant Got Zapped

Reality TV World 7/12/04 NBC to premiere 'Last Comic Standing 3' August 31, bumping 'Average Jane' to midseason

TVRules 7/12/04 Last Comic Standing Returns in the Fall!

Reality TV World 7/12/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - Episode 7 summary

Reality TV World 7/12/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - Episode 6 summary

Digital Spy 7/11/04 'Last Comic Standing' gets third season

NBCMV 7/10/04 Last Comic Standing’ Has Last Laugh in Summer and Now on NBC’S New Fall Schedule Beginning 8/31

Zap2It 7/10/04 'Contender,' 'Last Comic' Move into Fall

Media Life 7/8/04 Hotter 'Big Bro 5' deflates 'Last Comic'

Fans Of Reality TV 7/8/04 Last Comic Standing Recap 7/6: Cave Man On Fire, and the Crushing of The Bug

TVRules 7/8/04 Last Comic Standing: Summary - 7/6 - Episode 7

TV Barn 7/7/04 Last Comic Standing July 7, 2004: ANT Farm

USA Today 7/7/04 Drama's good for laughs on 'Last Comic'

Reality Reel 7/7/04 Last Comic Standing - Week 4

The Trades 7/7/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - House Episode 3

Reality TV Calendar 7/7/04 Last Comic Standing: Gulman Raids Ant - Deadbug! Episode 7 Recap

Chicago Tribune 7/7/04 Last laugh

Reality News Online 7/7/04 Last Comic Standing 2, Episode 7: There Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant

Plain Dealer 7/6/04 Local comic finds special motivation for TV show

Reality News Online 7/5/04 Last Comic Standing 2: Winning the Battle But Losing the War

TV Barn 7/1/04 Don't it always seem to go that you don't know that you've lost til you're gone?

Fans of Reality TV 7/1/04 Shut Your Gump Ass Up

TVRules 6/30/04 Last Comic Standing: Summary - 6/29 - Episode 6

The Trades 6/30/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - House Episode 2

Reality News Online 6/30/04 Episode 6: Every Man For Himself, and Todd Against All

NBCMV 6/30/04 NBC Takes Tuesday In 18-49 With 'Comic' and 'SVU'

Zap2It 6/29/04 NBC Juggles Tuesday, Wednesday Reality Options 6/29/04 Philly native in good standing to be best in jest

Seattle PI 6/29/04 Caged comedians go for the jugular -- and it's not a pretty sight

Reality TV World 6/28/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - Episode 5 summary

Indy Star 6/27/04 Still sullen after all these years

Chicago Tribune 6/27/04 Still standing with Jay Mohr in his Hollywood Hills home

Cringe Humor 6/26/04 Fake Reality: NBC Comes Clean With More Deception

Fans of Reality TV 6/25/04 Stuffed Buzzards and Stupid, Stupid Ho's (6/22 recap)

Reality News Online 6/25/04 A Review of Jay Mohr's Gasping for Airtime

Salt Lake City Weekly 6/24/04 House of Ha-Ha

Reality Reel 6/24/04 The Last Comic Standing - Week 1

Reality Reel 6/24/04 The Last Comic Standing - Week 2

Reality Reel 6/24/04 Last Comic Standing - Week 3

E!Online 6/23/04 NBC's "Comic" Gets Dramatic

TVRules 6/23/04 Last Comic Standing: Summary - 6/22 - Episode 5

TV Barn 6/23/04 Last Comic Standing 6/22/04 : Patrick Swayze in Ghost was a hairy potter

The Trades 6/23/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - Episode 1

Reality TV Calendar 6/23/04 Last Comic Standing: 96 To 4 Is Humiliating, Ep 5 Recap

TVRules 6/23/04 Last Comic Standing: Summary - 6/15-6/16 - Episode 3&4 Summary

TVRules 6/23/04 Last Comic Standing: Elimination, Episode Five Results

Reality News Online 6/23/04 Last Comic Standing 2, Episode 5: In the House I Live In

NY Daily News 6/23/04 For ratings boost, NBC exploits 'Comic' relief

NBCMV 6/22/04 NBC Wins The Week In 18-49 As 'Last Comic' Cracks Up The Competition

Reality TV World 6/22/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - Episode 3 summary

Reality TV World 6/22/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - Episode 4 summary

Reality TV World 6/22/04 Second week of NBC's 'Last Comic Standing 2' continues excellent ratings. 

TVRules 6/22/04 NBC To Reair Last Comic Standing On Wednesdays

TV Guide 6/22/04 Last Comic Drama Erupts!

Hollywood Reporter 6/22/04 'Last Comic Standing' gets second set

TV Barn 6/21/04 1.2 times the laughs as "Last Comic" airs 2/week

Zap2It 6/21/04 NBC Doubles Up on 'Last Comic Standing'

TVRules 6/21/04 Last Comic Standing 2: Episode 6, June 29 Preview

NBCMV 6/21/04 NBC Doubles the Laughs with Last Comic Standing with Encore Presentations... Reality TV Calendar 6/21/04 Last Comic Standing: Jay Mohr Discusses The Judging

Fans Of Reality TV 6/21/04 Last Comic Standing 2 Recap 6/16: When Celebrities Attack

Reality News Online 6/21/04 Last Comic Standing 2: Eyewitness to Controversy 6/20/04 Last Comic Standing: Interview with Dan Naturman

Reality Reel 6/20/04 Last Comic Standing: Let Me Into The House!

Reality Reel 6/20/04 Last Comic Standing: Come On, Give Me A Freakin’ Key 6/18/04 Last Comic Standing: the Controversy and the Truth

Zap2It 6/18/04 No Kidding: Mohr Defends 'Last Comic' Judging

Reality TV Calendar 6/18/04 Last Comic Standing: The Fallout Continues

Fans of Reality TV 6/18/04 It Starts With a C, and It Sure Ain't "Cashew" (6/15 recap)

TVRules 6/18/04 Last Comic Standing Episode 5 Preview 6/22

TVRules 6/18/04 Last Comic Standing: More Big Numbers For Last Comic

NBCMV 6/17/04 More Big Numbers For 'Last Comic'

Reality TV Calendar 6/17/04 Last Comic Standing: The Controversy Reviewed

Reality TV Calendar 6/17/04 Last Comic Standing: The Naturman Debacle

Reality News Online 6/17/04 Last Comic Standing 2, Episode 4: Vegas Finals, Part 2

Reality TV Calendar 6/16/04 Last Comic Standing: The Fix Is In & It Ain't Funny

Reality News Online 6/16/04 Last Comic Standing 2, Episode 3: Vegas Finals, Part 1

NBCMV 6/15/04 'Last Comic Standing' Is Top-Rated Program Of The Week, Excluding Sports

Reality Reel 6/15/04 The Return Of 'Last Comic' Gets Big Laughs, Big Ratings

Reality TV World 6/14/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - Episode 2 summary

TVRules 6/14/04 Last Comic Standing Episode Four Preview, June 16

Fans Of Reality TV 6/14/04 Last Comic Standing: The Road to Siegfried and Roy, Without the Mauling 6/12/04 Last Comic Standing: Episode 1 Summary

Reality TV World 6/11/04 'Last Comic Standing 2' sets series ratings records... 

Fans Of Reality TV 6/11/04 Last Comic Standing 6/07: "The Big, Big, Balls of Buck"

NBCMV 6/10/04 Last Comic Hits Record Ratings

Reality News Online 6/10/04 Last Comic Standing 2, Episode 2: Narrowing Down the Field

Reality TV World 6/10/04 Last Comic Standing 2 - Episode 1 summary

Reality TV Calendar 6/10/04 Last Comic Standing: New York Semi-Finals

NBCMV 6/9/04 Update: The Return Of 'Last Comic' Gets Big Laughs, Big Ratings

Reality TV Calendar 6/9/04 Last Comic Standing: Buck Star & The 40 Funnies

Reality News Online 6/9/04 Last Comic Standing 2, Episode 1: The Premiere

TBO 6/8/04 This Former Tampa Guy Prefers To Be Known As No. 1 Comic Standing

Virginian-Pilot 6/8/04 “Last Comic” is back for more funny business

Arizona Republic 6/8/04 'Last Comic' begins its second run on NBC

Beacon Journal 6/8/04 Being funny has little to do with it

Globe and Mail 6/8/04 No joking: the Last Comic Standing is back, again

Deseret News 6/8/04 Is it comedy or reality?

NY Daily News 6/8/04 New 'Comic' offers full house of jokers

Zap2It 6/7/04 Talent Scouts Embrace Search For 'Last Comic'

Reality News Online 6/7/04 Checking In on the Comics from Last Comic Standing 1

Zap2It 6/5/04 Jay Mohr Puts Out the Call for 'Last Comic Standing'

TVRules 6/1/04 Last Comic Standing 2: June 9 Preview

TVRules 6/1/04 Last Comic Standing 2: June 8 Premiere Preview

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/28/04 Big comic Ralphie May skips obvious laughs to tell it like it is

Bikini Day 5/14/04 Introduction To Last Comic Standing Season 2

Reality TV World 4/5/04 Second season of NBC's 'Last Comic Standing' to premiere June 8

Cringe Humor 3/22/04 Fake Reality: The Man Behind The Myth

Courier & Press 3/10/04 'Last Comic Standing' judges aren't laughing over changes

E!Online 3/8/04 Carey Cracks on NBC "Comic"

Zap2It 3/8/04 'Last Comic' Judges Have Beef with Selection Process

Reality TV World 3/8/04 'Last Comic Standing 2' judges cry foul,.....

Hollywood Reporter 3/8/04 Carey, Butler: Funny biz in NBC voting for 'Comic'

Cringe Humor 3/2/04 Fake Reality: The Controversy Behind Last Comic Standing 2

Reality News Online 3/2/04 Last Comic Standing 2: Controversy at the Paris

Reality Reel 2/25/04 Last Comic Standing Returns!

TVRules 2/25/04 Last Comic Standing 2 Returns To Vegas February 26

Review Journal 2/23/04 'Last Comic Standing' returns for tapings at Paris Las Vegas

Reality News Online 2/17/04 Last Comic Standing 2: The Open Calls Are Done! 1/30/04 Only three left standing after audition

Chicago Tribune 1/29/04 Stand up and deliver: NBC looking for few good laughs

The Tennessean 1/28/04 Aspiring comics hit stage; stage hits back

SunSpot 1/26/04 Comic makes a really big impression

Leaf Chronicle 1/24/04 NBC looking for its next 'Last Comic Standing' in Nashville

Knox News 1/23/04 'Last Comic Standing' champion looks to bigger things

Reality News Online 1/19/04 Last Comic Standing 2: Audition News & Updates

NBC5 1/12/04 Chicago Comics Invited To Be 'Last Standing'

Reality News Online 1/9/04 Last Comic Standing to Return – Tryouts Start This Month

TVRules 1/8/04 Last Comic Standing Casting Call

Digital Spy 1/7/04 NBC seeking next 'Last Comic Standing'

Zap2It 1/7/04 NBC Begins Search for Next 'Last Comic'

TVRules 1/6/04 Last Comic Standing Returns For Second Season

Reality TV World 1/6/04 'Last Comic Standing 2' begins regional talent searches

NBCMV 1/6/04 NBC’s Hit Summer Series 'Last Comic Standing' Gears Up For A 2nd Season...

Reality TV World 11/4/03 'Last Comic's Ralphie May enjoying post-show success, ......

Review Journal 10/31/03 Still Standing

Chicago Tribune 9/7/03 Despite outcome of reality show, trio still standing 8/22/03 - Interview with Dave Mordal from 'Last Comic Standing'

Reality News Online 8/21/03 Last Comic Standing: The Rich Vos Interview

Reality News Online 8/20/03 Last Comic Standing: After the Armageddon

Review Journal 8/15/03 Instant Fame

Reality News Online 8/15/03 Adventures in Vegas: the “Live” Last Comic Standing Report

Reality News Online 8/12/03 Last Comic Standing: An Interview with Dave Mordal

Reality News Online 8/11/03 Last Comic Standing: An Interview with Creator and Host, Jay Mohr 8/9/03 Tough Crowd 8-7-03: How Did Dat Happen? 8/8/03 Dat's Incredible

SF Examiner 8/7/03 What's up with Dat?

Reality Reel 8/7/03 The boring comic wins, a scandal just like American Idol

Fans Of Reality TV 8/7/03 Our Interview With Tess Drake

Hollywood Reporter 8/7/03 NBC's Tuesday gets last laugh with 'Comic'

NY Daily News 8/7/03 'Comic' has last laugh against 'O.C.'

The Trades 8/6/03 Reality Bites -Last Comic Standing

Reality TV World 8/6/03 'Last Comic Standing' finale suffers ratings drop, comics book future gigs

E!Online 8/6/03 Dat Is Da "Last Comic Standing"

Fans Of Reality TV 8/6/03 Season Finale: Least Comic Standing

TVRules 8/6/03 Last Comic Standing: Finale

Fans of Reality TV 8/6/03 Interview with Sean Kent

Reality News Online 8/6/03 Last Comic Standing, the Finale: Dat’s All, Folks!

Extra TV 8/5/03 'Last Comic Standing'

MSNBC 8/5/03 Funny business meets reality TV

Reality TV World 8/5/03 'Last Comic Standing' -- Final Performance Episode summary

Reality News Online 8/4/03 Last Comic Standing: An Interview with Sean Kent

Reality News Online 8/1/03 Last Comic Standing: An Interview with Cory Kahaney

The Trades 7/30/03 Reality Bites 7/30/03 Dissin' Dat

Fans of Reality TV 7/30/03 Ep. 9: Well, That Was Disappointing

Reality News Online 7/30/03 Episode 9: Five Comics, Five Minutes, Five Results

Reality Reel 7/30/03 Down to the wire.

TVRules 7/29/03 Last Comic Standing: 7/22 - Episode 8

SF Examiner 7/28/03 Make me laugh

Fans Of Reality TV 7/27/03 Last Comic Standing: Interview With Dat Phan.

Reality TV World 7/27/03 Five remaining comedians to have final showdown on July 29

Fans Of Reality TV 7/26/03 Last Comic Standing: Interview With Rob Cantrell

TVRules 7/25/03 Five Remaining Comedians Compete Tuesday, July 29

Fans Of Reality TV 7/25/03 Episode 8: What's the Lesson?

Fans of Reality TV 7/24/03 Interview with Rich Vos

The Trades 7/23/03 Reality Bites - Last Comic Standing 

Reality News Online 7/23/03 Episode 8: The Dragon Sleeps Tonight

Reality Reel Media 7/23/03 Dat wins again

Reality Reel Media 7/23/03 Another comic looses to Dat

Fans Of Reality TV 7/21/03 Last Comic Standing: Our Interview with Ralphie May

Review Journal 7/21/03 Locals get two chances to become part of the show

Reality TV World 7/19/03 Have some of the finalists on NBC's 'Last Comic Standing' been revealed?

Fans of Reality TV 7/18/03 Episode 7, A Little Dis, A Little Dat

Reality Reel 7/17/03 Dat survives another week. 7/17/03 It's a Miracle!

Fans Of Reality TV 7/17/03 Last Comic Standing: Our Interview With Dave Mordal

Reality News Online 7/16/03 Last Comic Standing, Episode 7: The Sleeper Awakens

The Trades 7/16/03 Reality Bites- Last Comic Standing

TVRules 7/16/03 Last Comic Standing-Time to Be Funny 7/15 Summary

TVRules 7/16/03 Last Comic Standing: 7/8 - Episode 6

The Gate 7/16/03 The Scoop on: "Last Comic Standing"

Capital-Journal 7/11/03 National comic to visit Topeka 7/10/03 Pick a Color

National Enquirer 7/9/03 'Last Comic' Star: I Owe My Success To Drugs & Booze!

Reality TV World 7/9/03 'Last Comic Standing' draws highest Adults 18-49 rating since premiere

Reality Reel 7/9/03 Dat stays, Rob goes.

The Trades 7/9/03 Reality Bites - Last Comic Standing

Reality News Online 7/9/03 Last Comic Standing, Episode 6: Dat Phan Dat You Do!

Reality Reel 7/9/03 Rob goes packing

Fans of Reality TV 7/9/03 Ep. 6, The Last Trustworthy Comedian

Reality Reel 7/8/03 Return of the Mafia-7/8/3 Update

Reality News Online 7/8/03 Last Comic Standing: Confessions of a “Cha-Cha-Cha” Fan

Reality TV Talk 7/5/03 Last Comic Standing - I Give Myself Permission To Fail

Reality TV World 7/3/03 'Last Comic Standing' wins timeslot, draws 7.9 million viewers overall

TV Rules 7/2/03 Last Comic Standing: 6/24 - Episode 4

Reality Reel 7/2/03 I know I am funnier than Tere

The Trades 7/2/03 Reality Bites- Last Comic Standing

Fans of Reality TV 7/2/03 Episode 5: The Bringer Show

Reality News Online 7/2/03 Last Comic Standing, Episode 5: Cha-Cha-Cha-Challenged

Reality Reel 7/2/03 A little Extra! Tess

Star Tribune 7/1/03 Elk River's Dave Mordal hopes to have last laugh on NBC

Reality TV World 6/26/03 'Last Comic Standing' comedy face-off episode draws 8 million viewers

The Trades 6/26/03 Reality Bites- Last Comic Standing

Reality Reel 6/26/03 Comics go to school?

Reality Reel 6/25/03 10 comics, 1 house, what else could happen? 6/25/03 - The Cowboy Hat vs. the Midwesterner

Reality News Online 6/25/03 Episode 4: When Stupidity Takes Hold

Fans of Reality TV 6/25/03 Ep 4, Who Are You?

TV Rules 6/24/03 Last Comic Standing: 6/17 - Episode 3

Star Ledger 6/24/03 Serious comics

Reality News Online 6/24/03 Last Comic Standing – Questions, Accusations, and Answers

Salt Lake Tribune 6/23/03 'Last Comic Standing' is fun so far 6/23/03 'Last Comic' sets contestants in Hollywood Hills

Extra TV 6/20/03 'Last Comic Standing' 6/19/03 - Viva Las Vegas

Reality TV World 6/18/03 Second week of 'Last Comic Standing' draws 8.6 million viewers

Reality News Online 6/18/03 Last Comic Standing, Episode 3: Where’s Eddie?

SB County Sun 6/18/03 Jay Mohr's new show gives boost to unknown comics

Star News 6/17/03 Local comedian part of NBC reality TV show 6/15/03 Sharks, Jack in the Box and Hillbillies

Fans of Reality TV 6/13/03 East Coast Semi-Finals: Make Me Laugh

TV Rules 6/12/03 Last Comic Standing: 6/10 - Episode 1

Fans of Reality TV 6/12/03 West Coast Semi-Finals: Send in the Clowns

Reality TV World 6/11/03 'Last Comics Standing' wins timeslots, draws 9.7 viewers overall

Zap2It 6/11/03 NBC Gets Last Laugh on Tuesday

Reality News Online 6/11/03 Last Comic Standing, Episodes 1 & 2: Three Minutes of Fame

Post Dispatch 6/10/03 Comedians spar to win title as Best Comic in America

Extra TV 6/10/03 'Last Comic Standing'

USA Today 6/10/03 'Last Comic Standing': Good for laughs

Reality News Online 6/10/03 Last Comic Standing Preview: Warming Up the Crowd

Deseret News 6/10/03 Real laughs? We'll NB-see

STL Today 6/10/03 Comedians spar to win title as Best Comic in America

Chicago Tribune 6/10/03 Last comic standing will surely be laughing

Seattle PI 6/10/03 'Top Model' and 'Last Comic' promise it all; count on entertainment

Reality TV World 6/6/03 'Last Comic Standing' to premiere with back-to-back episodes on June 10th

NBCMV 6/5/03 ‘Last Comic Standing’ Will Premiere With Back-To-Back Episodes 6/10

Zap2It 6/5/03 'Last Comic Standing' Promises Jokes and Mohr

Reality TV World 5/21/03 'Last Comic Standing' comedy search to premiere June 10th

TV Rules 5/5/03 Let the Summer Season Begin: Last Comic Standing

NBCMV 5/5/03 "NBC presents it's new Summer Season"

Zap2It 4/2/03 NBC Shares 'Last Comic' with Comedy Central

NBCMV 2/7/03 Semi-Finals In LA To Be Held 2/10 At The Laugh Factory

NBCMV 1/30/03 NY And LA To Host Semi-Finals For 'The Last Comic Standing'

NBCMV 1/13/03 LA And NY To Host Final Auditions For 'Last Comic Standing'

NBCMV 1/3/03 'Last Comic Standing' Regional Search In San Francisco

Hollywood Reporter 9/13/02 In-house reality: NBC's 'Funniest' compiles comics

BBC 9/13/02 Comedy Big Brother Idol...


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