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LA Times 4/29/02 Urbanites at Home on the Range

Post Gazette 4/28/02 'Frontier House' reality for highbrows

USA Today 4/28/02 'Frontier House' rebuilds past

Cincinnati Enquirer 4/28/02 1883 a true frontier for PBS families

Deseret News 4/26/02 3 families survive 'Frontier House'

NY Times 4/25/02 Home, Home With No Range

Houston Chronicle 4/25/02 Families take the frontier challenge

Denver Post 4/24/02 Reality TV hits 'Frontier' on PBS

Town Online 4/23/02 Kristen Brooks, ‘Frontier’ woman

Milwaukee Journal 4/22/02 Pioneering not all it's cut out to be

Reality News Online 4/20/02 Frontier House: A Preview

Elites TV 4/17/02 ETV exclusive: Behind Frontier House

Elites TV 4/16/02 Frontier House: Life Before Reality

Elites TV 4/6/02 Reality – With A Twist

Washington Times 3/31/02 Reality TV — a la 1883

Post Gazette 1/10/02 Reality invades PBS's 'Frontier'

Seattle PI 1/10/02 TV gathering makes one long for 'Frontier House'

Zap2It 1/9/02 Sept. 11 Brings 'Frontier' Families Back to Present

Zap2It 6/28/01 'Frontier House' Starts Production

Zap2It 11/29/00 Westward Ho! PBS Builds a 'Frontier House'


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