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Rocky Mountain News 8/4/04 Fox's 'Shore' unlikely survivor

TVRules 8/3/04 North Shore: Burned Preview 8/9/04

Extra 7/19/04 Momoa Makes Hawaii Hot

TVRules 7/19/04 North Shore: Secret Service Preview 7/19

Reality Reel 7/13/04 Jasmine Trias Will Appear on North Shore

TVRules 7/10/04 North Shore: Monday, June 12 (Video) Previews 7/9/04 - Jasmine Trias Will Be On 'North Shore' July 12

Zap2It 7/8/04 'Idol' Finalist Trias Comes Home to 'North Shore'

Zap2It 7/7/04 McDonald Burns for 'North Shore'

TVRules 7/6/04 American Idol's Jasmine Trias Takes A Visit To FOX's NorthShore

TV Guide 6/28/04 Days Star Goes North

Austin Chronicle 6/25/04 Pale imitations

Zap2It 6/24/04 Duo Surfs into 'North Shore'

Zap2It 6/23/04 'O.C.' Co-Star Righetti Washes Up on 'North Shore'

Mobile Register 6/21/04 New Fox soap offers pretty setting, players

TVRules 6/15/04 Northshore Episode Two, June 21 Preview

Media Life 6/14/04 'North Shore,' dreamy day at the beach

Sun Sentinel 6/14/04 North Shore: Beefcake, cheesecake on the beach

Dallas Morning News 6/14/04 Review: Surf, skin keep Fox's summer light, salty

Newsday 6/14/04 A summer gone bust

Deseret News 6/14/04 Fox goes 'North'

NY Times 6/14/04 'Upstairs, Downstairs,' but With Cocoa Butter

TV Guide 6/14/04 O.C. Vixen Going MIA? 6/14/04 Fox uses 'Vegas' plot in 'North Shore'

Seattle Times 6/14/04 Fox is 0 for 3 with soaper, comedies

Boston Herald 6/14/04 Maui wowie! Fox hopes `North Shore' will float your boat

Post Gazette 6/14/04 Reviews of 'North Shore,' 'Next Action Star,' Extreme Dodgeball'

USA Today 6/14/04 Fox's 'North Shore' promises heady mix of sun, sea, soap

NY Daily News 6/14/04 It's hula & moola, but just leis there

SF Chronicle 6/14/04 Tired, trite -- but after all, it's summer 6/12/04 North Shore: Upcoming Video Previews

News Leader 6/12/04 Johnson excited about 'North Shore' 6/12/04 North Shore: Series Premiere 6/14 Preview

Seattle PI 6/12/04 Looks are everything in Fox's frothy 'North Shore'

Access Hollywood 6/10/04 Brooke Burns 'Bruces' The Bushy

Zap2It 6/10/04 'North Shore' Splashes onto FOX

KFOX 6/8/04 Beauty And The Beach

Hawaii News 6/7/04 TV series takes former Xerox site

Tucson Citizen 6/4/04 Fox hoping to find paradise with summer's 'North Shore'
ET Online 6/3/04 FOX Says Aloha to 'North Shore'

Extra TV 5/31/04 On Location in Paradise

Zap2It 4/16/04 Brooke Burns in FOX's 'North Shore' Sun

Honolulu Advertiser 3/19/04 New TV series set on North Shore


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