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US Magazine 9/25/12 Exclusive Video: Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos: Massive TV Fight Led Us to Joint Therapy

Reality TV Magazine 9/18/12 Flipping Out Recap: Where Do You Draw The Line?

Reality TV Fans 9/18/12 Design Assistant Andrew Crosses The Line Tonight on Flipping Out

Reality TV Magazine 9/11/12 Flipping Out Recap: Oh Jenni, What You Have Gotten Yourself Into?

Reality TV Fans 9/11/12 Jeff Tries To Convince Client Jeanne Shaw To Undertake A Major Remodel Tonight on Flipping Out

Reality TV Magazine 9/4/12 Flipping Out Recap: Painfully Amazing Or Amazingly Painful?

Reality TV Fans 9/3/12 It’s A Great Day At Jeff Lewis’ Office Tonight on The Season Six Premiere of Flipping Out

Reality TV Magazine 7/25/12 Flipping Out Sneak Peek: First Look At The New Season!

Reality TV Fans 4/22/12 Interview with Interior Therapy’s Jeff Lewis

Reality TV Magazine 3/21/12 ‘Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis’ vs. ‘Flipping Out’: Which Show Is Better?

Reality TV Magazine 2/16/12 Jenni Pulos Talks Interior Therapy, Secrets Of Flipping Out, And Other Bravo Stars

Reality TV Magazine 9/14/11 Flipping Out Reunion: Andy Cohen Talks To The Cast

Reality TV Fans 9/13/11 Andy Cohen Hosts The Season 5 Reunion Show In Jeff & Gage’s New Home Tonight On Flipping Out

Reality TV Fans 9/6/11 Jeff Finds There’s No Place Like Home Tonight On Flipping Out

Reality TV Fans 8/30/11 Jeff Puts It All On Red As He Considers Starting His Own Line Of Paints Tonight On Flipping Out

Reality TV Fans 8/23/11 The Roof Falls In On A Contractor Who Tries To Bully Jeff Tonight On Flipping Out

Reality TV Fans 8/16/11 Things Get Hairy With Chaz When Jeff Tries To Discuss His NYC Salon Tonight On Flipping Out

Reality TV Magazine 8/16/11 Flipping Out: Interview with Jett Pink

Hollywood Reporter 8/10/11 'Flipping Out': Trace's Firing Is Season's Most Watched Episode

Reality TV Fans 7/26/11 What Happens In Vegas Airs On National Television Tonight On Flipping Out

Reality TV Fans 7/23/11 Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis Interview

Reality TV Fans 7/19/11 Jeff Gives Zoila A Very Uplifting Birthday Tonight On Flipping Out

Us Magazine 7/19/11 Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis: Why I Gifted My Housekeeper With Plastic Surgery

Reality TV Fans 7/12/11 Jeff Styx His Foot In His Mouth Tonight On Flipping Out

Reality TV Fans 7/9/11 Flipping Out Flips Nights Starting Next Tuesday July 12

Reality TV Fans 7/7/11 The Talk – Leah Remini ‘Flipping’ for Jeff Lewis

Reality TV Magazine 7/6/11 Flipping Out Recap: Season Premiere

Reality TV Fans 7/6/11 Jeff Has A New Man-ager In His Life Tonight On The Season Five Premiere Of Flipping Out

Reality TV Magazine 7/6/11 Flipping Out And Jeff Lewis Return Tonight

Reality TV Fans 6/30/11 Jeff Lewis Turns Interior Designer in Fifth Season of “Flipping Out” Premiering July 6

Reality TV Fans 6/7/11 Bravo Announces Season 5 of “Flipping Out” to Premiere July 6

Zap2It 2/22/11 TLC taps 'Flipping Out's' Ryan Brown for new home design series

TV Guide 11/11/10 Jeff Lewis One Step Closer to TV Career He Deserves with Tori Spelling Daytime Gig

LA Times 11/11/10 ABC finds man for Tori Spelling and is developing show for Food Network's Danny Boome

Reality TV Magazine 10/18/10 Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis Finally Flips A House

Reality TV Fans 10/13/10 Ratings Report: Flipping Out Scores Its Most Watched Season

Reality TV Magazine 10/12/10 Flipping Out: Season Four Finale

Reality TV Magazine 10/5/10 Flipping Out: Jenni Loses Jeff’s Schedule and Trace Gets Slapped

Reality TV Magazine 10/4/10 Flipping Out: Jeff Asks Sarah How He Can Be A Better Boss

Reality TV Magazine 10/2/10 Flipping Out: Jenni Pulos Helps Out Needy Kids

Reality TV Magazine 9/30/10 Flipping Out: Jeff’s Assistant Sarah Berkman Is Engaged

Reality TV Magazine 9/28/10 Flipping Out: Jeff And Sarah Bump Heads

Reality TV Magazine 9/14/10 Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis Takes On Too Many Projects And Calls Jenni Pulos A Moron

Reality TV Magazine 9/10/10 Flipping Out: Jenni Pulos Dishes About Working For Designer Jeff Lewis

Reality TV Magazine 9/7/10 Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis Heads To New York City To Design A Kitchen For House Beautiful Magazine

Reality TV Magazine 9/1/10 Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis On Cocktail Hour, Doll House Remodels, & Zoila’s Escape Attempts

Reality TV Magazine 8/31/10 Flipping Out: Baby Mania & Getting Fired

Reality TV Magazine 8/24/10 Flipping Out: Crazy Clients, Radical Remodels, & Human Urine

TV Guide 8/24/10 Flipping Out Over Jenni Pulos

Reality TV Magazine 8/17/10 Flipping Out: Salon Makeovers And Restaurant Renovations

Reality TV Magazine 8/10/10 Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis Is Back In The Season 4 Premiere

Reality TV Magazine 8/10/10 Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis On His “Softer Side,” Estrangement From Ryan Brown & Season 4

LA Times 8/10/10 Catching up with 'Flipping Out's' Jeff Lewis [Video]

Reality TV Fans 6/24/10 Bravo Announces Season 4 of “Flipping Out” to Premiere August 10

Reality TV Magazine 10/21/09 Flipping Out: Season 3 Finale

Reality TV Magazine 10/13/09 Flipping Out: Jeff Discovers He Has A Heart

Reality TV Fans 10/13/09 Jeff Tries to Rekindle his Friendship with Ryan Tonight on “Flipping Out”

Reality TV Magazine 10/6/09 Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis Is Drunk With Power

Reality TV Fans 10/6/09 Jeff Reveals the Identity of His Favorite Employee Tonight on Flipping Out

Reality TV Magazine 9/29/09 Flipping Out: Is It Finally Splitsville For Ryan And Jeff?

Reality TV Fans 9/29/09 Jeff Confronts Ryan Tonight on Flipping Out

Reality TV Magazine 9/22/09 Flipping Out: Friends Stab You In The Front

Reality TV Magazine 9/15/09 Flipping Out: Don’t Make Me Enforce A Dress Code

Reality TV Magazine 9/8/09 Flipping Out: Time For A New Assistant

Reality TV Magazine 9/1/09 Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis Is Growing As A Person

Reality TV Magazine 8/26/09 Flipping Out: Jenny Needs A Man

Reality TV Fans 8/25/09 Jeff Accuses Ryan of Not Sharing Clients Tonight On Flipping Out

Reality TV Fans 8/20/09 Ratings Report: Flipping Out Draws Huge Audience

Reality TV Magazine 8/18/09 Flipping Out: Season 3 Premiere
Reality TV Fans 8/18/09 Flipping Out Returns Tonight on Bravo

Reality TV Magazine 8/17/09 Flipping Out: Season 3 Premiere Previews

Reality TV Fans 7/2/09 Bravo Announces Flipping Out to Return August 17

Zap2It 7/1/09 'Rachel Zoe,' 'Flipping Out' return in August

Reality TV World 4/20/09 'Flipping Out' star Jeff Lewis settles legal feud with 'Ugly Betty' actress

Reality TV Magazine 12/13/08 Bravo Renews Tabatha's Salon Takeover, Flipping Out, And Million Dollar Listing
Reality TV World 12/8/08 Bravo renews 'Flipping Out,' 'Rachel Zoe,' 'Million Dollar,' 'Tabatha's'

Reality TV Fans 12/8/08 Flipping Out Returns to Bravo for a Third Season
Reality TV Fans 10/29/08 Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis Returns Tonight for Part One of the Top Design Finale
Reality TV Magazine 9/25/08 Jeff Lewis From Flipping Out Guest Stars On Top Design
BuddyTV 8/5/08 'Flipping Out' Season 2 Ends Tonight

NY Post 8/5/08 Real-Ity Estate
Reality TV Magazine 7/1/08: Good Cop Bad Jeff On Flipping Out

Reality TV Magazine 6/22/08: Jeff Flips Again on Tuesday Night
BuddyTV 6/17/08 Conference Call with Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos of 'Flipping Out'
Reality TV Magazine 6/17/08: Flipping Out Is Back!

RealityWanted.com 6/17/08 Interview with Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos from Bravo’s Flipping Out

Reality TV World 5/8/08 Bravo announces 'Flipping Out's second season to premiere June 17

Celebrity Spider 4/15/08 "Flipping Out" Returns for Season 2 This Summer on Bravo

AfterElton.com 8/20/07 Interview With Jeff Lewis of Flipping Out

NY Post 8/20/07 'Flipping Out' Over Jeff Lewis

OC Register 8/13/07 TV's 'Flipping Out' star began flipping in O.C.

Media Life 8/7/07 'Flipping Out,' delightful drama queen

Capital Times 8/7/07 Reality TV 'flippings' go crazy

Celebrity Spider 8/2/07 Jeff Lewis Flips Out Over a Seller Who Won't Move Out Tuesday on Flipping Out

NY Times 7/31/07 A Los Angeles Speculator Sold on Himself

Celebrity Spider 7/26/07 Bravo's Flipping Out Delves Into High Drama World of LA Home Flipping

Celebrity Spider 7/16/07 Bravo Announces New Series "Flipping Out" to Premiere July 31

Celebrity Spider 6/28/07 Bravo Announces New Docu-Drama "Flipping Out" to Premiere July 31


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