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Washington Post 8/29/04 A Roaring Good Time for Adults

Dallas Morning News 8/28/04 Fuzzy wuzzy turns scuzzy in 'Father of the Pride'

Zap2It 8/28/04 'Father of the Pride' Springs to Life on NBC

Philly.com 8/26/04 'Pride' is animated, but it's not for kids

Milwaukee Journal 8/26/04 'Pride' more bore than roar on NBC

USA Today 8/26/04 Tooth and claw: NBC puts 'Pride' in prime time

USA Today 8/25/04 'Pride' goeth, from Hollywood to Hong Kong

Zap2It 8/17/04 NBC's Filled With 'Pride,' 'Hawaii'

Deseret News 8/4/04 'Pride' not for kids

Boston Globe 7/13/04 NBC counts on lions and LeBlanc

Zap2It 7/12/04 NBC's 'Pride' Brings Panda Sex and Other Taboos to Primetime

Time Asia 6/18/04 To the Drawing Board

Coming Soon 6/17/04 First Peek at DreamWorks' Father of the Pride

Zap2It 6/9/04 Family Friendly Funding Frees New Trio

Fox News 6/3/04 Networks Animate Prime Time

Washington Post 5/18/04 On NBC's Lineup, 'Pride' but No Shame

Turnto10.com 5/18/04 Roy Horn Makes First Appearance Since Attack

NY Daily News 5/4/04 Cat's entertainment!

NY Times 4/12/04 DreamWorks and NBC Gamble on a Lion Act

Louisville Channel 3/27/04 Siegfried And Roy Work On Cartoon Series

Zap2It 3/26/04 Murphy's Donkey Visits NBC's 'Pride'

Coming Soon 3/21/04 Murphy Reprising Donkey in Father of the Pride

Teen Hollywood 2/16/04 Friends To Be Replaced By Siegfried + Roy's Cats?

Extra 2/12/04 Siegfried and Roy: Lion in Wait

Coming Soon 12/17/03 Daryl Sabara Talks Animated Father of the Pride

Deseret News 10/8/03 Attack puts show in doubt

Zap2It 10/6/03 Mauling Puts NBC's 'Pride' in Doubt

Zap2It 9/29/03 DreamWorks' Union 'Pride' Questioned

Zap2It 7/28/03 Familiar Voices Join NBC's 'Pride'

NBCMV 5/20/03 John Goodman, Orlando Jones, Carl Reiner & Cheryl Hines to Star as Character Voices For Pride

NY Daily News 4/15/03 NBC has an ace of cubs up its sleeve

NBCMV 4/14/03 NBC and Dreamworks to Produce Groundbreaking 3-D Animation Series

Zap2It 4/14/03 NBC, DreamWorks Get Early Start on 'Pride'


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