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Reality TV Magazine 3/16/13 Fashion Star Recap: Sex Sells

Zap2It 3/15/13 'Fashion Star' episode 2 winning looks retail for $69.90 to $245

Reality TV Fans 3/15/13 One Designer Sparks A Major Bidding War Tonight on Fashion Star

Hollywood Reporter 3/15/13 'Fashion Star' Sneak Peek: Designers Bring 'Sexy' Back (Exclusive Video)

Digital Spy 3/14/13 Nicole Richie: 'Fashion Star mentors try not to be competitive'

Reality TV Magazine 3/9/13 Fashion Star Recap: Showstoppers

NBC 5 3/9/13 Texas Designer Sells Dress to Express on "Fashion Star" Season Premiere

Zap2It 3/8/13 'Fashion Star' Season 2 premiere winning looks retail for $69.90 to $280

BuddyTV 3/8/13 'Fashion Star' Season 2 Premiere Preview: The Biggest Buy in 'Fashion Star' History

Reality TV Fans 3/8/13 Fashion Star Season 2 Premieres Tonight on NBC

Hollywood Reporter 3/8/13 Nicole Richie's Next Fashion Moment

Entertainment Weekly 3/8/13 'Fashion Star' season 2 takes cues from 'The Voice' -- Video

Zap2It 3/8/13 'Fashion Star' Season 2: Buy online while you watch and more

Daily Mail 3/8/13 Pregnant Jessica Simpson upstages Fashion Star waifs with big hair and even bigger cleavage

Alabama' 3/8/13 University of Alabama Alum competes on NBC’s Fashion Star Friday

E!Online 3/8/13 Fashion Star Host Louise Roe Dishes on Spring Trends

CultureMap Houston 3/7/13 Ring that Bell: Fashion Star contestant with Houston ties aims to win, hopes she's not the "crier" 3/7/13 Isaac Sullivan models on NBC’s Fashion Star

Modesto Bee 3/7/13 Local looks to be a 'Fashion Star'

The Advocate 3/6/13 LSU grad appears on new season of ‘Fashion Star’

Zap2It 3/5/13 'Fashion Star': Get your first look at Season 2

US Magazine 1/24/13 Jessica Simpson Shows Off Slim Body on Fashion Star Set Before Second Pregnancy Announcement

US Magazine 1/24/13 Nicole Richie Debuts New, Short Haircut: Picture

Reality TV Fans 12/18/12 NBC Announces New Cast for Season 2 of “Fashion Star”

Hollywood Reporter 12/13/12 NBC Schedules 'Fashion Star' on Fridays for Season 2

People 12/5/12 Louise Roe, Host of Fashion Star, Is Engaged

Reality TV Fans 10/25/12 NBC Announces Glamour Magazine Editor Louise Roe as Host of Season 2 of “Fashion Star”

NY Post 9/17/12 Subbing for the Elle of it

TV Guide 9/17/12 Plain Jane's Louise Roe Named New Fashion Star Host

Reality TV Magazine 7/2/12 Fashion Star Shake-Up: Who’s In and Who’s Out For Season 2?

Zap2It 6/29/12 'Fashion Star' Season 2: Elle Macpherson out as host

E!Online 6/29/12 Elle Macpherson and H&M Announce Respective Exits from Fashion Star

Reality TV Magazine 6/28/12 Jessica Simpson Isn’t Feeling Any Pressure From Weight Watchers

Reality TV Fans 6/24/12 Casting Call – NBC’s Design Competition Series “Fashion Star”

Reality TV Magazine 6/7/12 Jessica Simpson Puts Together Personal Weight Loss Group

E!Online 6/7/12 Nicole Richie Dyes Her Hair Pink—Is This a Hit or Miss?

Rolling Stone 5/17/12 'Fashion Star' Winner Kara Laricks Talks $6 Million Prize, Having Designs Changed by Retailers

Reality TV Fans 5/16/12 Kara Laricks Crowned NBC’s “Fashion Star”

Digital Spy 5/16/12 'Fashion Star' season finale recap: 'This is my dream come true'

Rolling Stone 5/16/12 'Fashion Star' Recap: Kara Laricks Ties It Up

Reality TV Magazine 5/15/12 Fashion Star Recap: Which Aspiring Designer Gets $6 Million Contract?

Zap2It 5/15/12 'Fashion Star' winner: Kara Laricks, Ronnie Escalante or Nzimiro Oputa, who took home the prize?

Reality TV Fans 5/15/12 The Winner Is Crowned Tonight on the Fashion Star Season Finale

Digital Spy 5/15/12 'Fashion Star': Kara Laricks, Nzimiro Oputa, Ronnie Escalante Q&A

TV Guide 5/10/12 NBC Renews 30 Rock for Final Season, Parenthood and Fashion Star

Digital Spy 5/9/12 'Fashion Star': 'Buyer's Choice' recap

Zap2It 5/9/12 'Fashion Star': Episode 9 winning looks and the Final 3 revealed

People 5/9/12 Jessica Simpson: 'Motherhood is the Best Thing I've Ever Experienced'

Reality TV Magazine 5/8/12 Fashion Star Recap: The Buyers Call The Shots For The Designers

Reality TV Fans 5/8/12 Three Designers Go Home Tonight on Fashion Star

US Magazine 5/8/12 Nicole Richie on Being Bi-Racial: "It's Work to Do My Hair"

Digital Spy 5/3/12 'Fashion Star' Ross Bennett Q&A: 'The show was a dream come true'

Reality TV Calendar 5/2/12 Top Shot - Here's The Rankings

Zap2It 5/2/12 'Fashion Star': Episode 8 winning looks retail for $39.95 to $325

Reality TV Magazine 5/1/12 Fashion Star Recap: Branding

Reality TV Fans 5/1/12 Mentors Help The Designers Create Successful Imaging Campaigns Tonight on Fashion Star

Reality TV Magazine 5/1/12 Jessica Simpson Names Her New Baby Girl

E!Online 5/1/12 Jessica Simpson Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Reality TV Calendar 4/25/12 Listen To John Varvatos - Here's The Rankings

People 4/25/12 John Varvatos: Jessica Simpson Is 'Counting the Days' Until Delivery

Digital Spy 4/25/12 'Fashion Star' episode 7 recap: 'Mentor's Choice'

Reality TV Magazine 4/24/12 Fashion Star Recap: Mentor’s Choice

Reality TV Fans 4/24/12 The Remaining Contestants Are Paired With Celebrity Mentors Tonight on Fashion Star

Zap2It 4/24/12 Elle Macpherson says Karl Lagerfeld worth 'Fashion Star' contestants emulating

Digital Spy 4/20/12 'Fashion Star' Barbara Bates Q&A: 'The feedback came too late'

Reality TV Calendar 4/18/12 Bad Inspiration - Here's The Rankings

Rolling Stone 4/18/12 'Fashion Star' Recap: A Flicker of Insight from Jessica Simpson

Digital Spy 4/18/12 'Fashion Star' episode 6 recap: 'Out Of The Box'

Zap2It 4/18/12 'Fashion Star': Episode 6 winning looks include two $100,000 purchases

Reality TV Magazine 4/17/12 Fashion Star Recap: Stepping Out Of The Box

Reality TV Fans 4/17/12 One Of The Designers Adds A Sexy Edge To His Collection Tonight on Fashion Star

Digital Spy 4/16/12 'Fashion Star' video: Orly seeks redemption, Ross branded a "copycat"

Digital Spy 4/13/12 'Fashion Star' Nikki Poulos Q&A: 'I want to take over the world!'

Digital Spy 4/12/12 'Fashion Star' Edmond Newton Q&A: 'I've been battling with myself'

Reality TV Fans 4/11/12 Five Designer’s Winning Creations Are Purchased by America’s Top Retailers on “Fashion Star”

Reality TV Calendar 4/11/12 How Much Is That Dress In The Window? Here's The Rankings

Reality News Online 4/11/12 Fashion Star, Episode 5: There’s No “Why” in Team

Rolling Stone 4/11/12 'Fashion Star' Recap: Nicole Richie's Runway 'WTF?' Moment

Zap2It 4/11/12 'Fashion Star': Episode 5 winning looks include reversible blazer and double-breasted vest

Reality TV Magazine 4/10/12 Fashion Star Recap: Live Window Designs

Reality TV Fans 4/10/12 The Remaining Designers Create Living Window Showcases Tonight on Fashion Star

Zap2It 4/10/12 'Fashion Star's' Sarah Parrott: 'I do have a clear vision on my aesthetic'

Zap2It 4/9/12 'Fashion Star' first look: Orly Shani in crisis with new fabric

Reality TV Calendar 4/4/12 Low End Paddington Bear - Here's The Rankings

Reality News Online 4/4/12 Fashion Star, Episode 4: Here Comes the Raincoat Again

Digital Spy 4/4/12 'Fashion Star' episode 4 recap: 'High-End Appeal/Mass-Market Appeal'

Zap2It 4/4/12 'Fashion Star': Episode 4 winning looks retail for $24.95 to $395

Reality TV Magazine 4/3/12 Fashion Star Recap: High End Designs And Mass Market Garments

Reality TV Fans 4/3/12 The Designers Experience Highs And Lows At The Fashion Show Tonight on Fashion Star

Digital Spy 4/3/12 'Fashion Star' John Varvatos Q&A: 'Internally, I've rolled my eyes'

Zap2It 4/2/12 'Fashion Star' first look: Luciana fights with her pattern-maker William

Reality TV Calendar 3/28/12 Summer Girls - Here's The Rankings

Reality News Online 3/28/12 Fashion Star, Episode 3: Suddenly So Last Summer

Zap2It 3/28/12 'Fashion Star': Episode 3 winning looks run $24.95 to $295

Digital Spy 3/28/12 'Fashion Star' episode 3 recap: 'Here Comes Summer'

Reality TV Magazine 3/27/12 Fashion Star Recap: Summer Designs

Reality TV Fans 3/27/12 The Designers Create A Look That Incorporates The New Summer Trends Tonight on Fashion Star

Zap2It 3/27/12 'Fashion Star's' Nicole Richie has loved many looks that the buyers haven't jumped on

Entertainment Weekly 3/26/12 'Fashion Star': Nicole Richie makes a designer cry -- Video

Digital Spy 3/26/12 'Fashion Star' Nicole Richie Q&A: 'There are some tears ahead'

Digital Spy 3/26/12 'Fashion Star' preview: Orly worries about her summer looks - video

Reality TV Calendar 3/21/12 Bat Wings And Boleros - Here's The Rankings

Reality News Online 3/21/12 Fashion Star, Episode 2: Buy, Sell, and Tirade

TV Guide 3/21/12 Watercooler: Fashion Star or Hot Mess?

Reality TV Magazine 3/20/12 Fashion Star Recap: Customers Choose

Reality TV Fans 3/20/12 The Designers Receive Customer Feedback Tonight on Fashion Star

Hollywood Reporter 3/20/12 'Fashion Star' Jessica Simpson Tells Jimmy Kimmel: 'I Have a Lot of Amniotic Fluid' (Video)

Digital Spy 3/20/12 'Fashion Star': Kara fights back after elimination scare - video

Reality TV Magazine 3/19/12 Details on Jessica Simpson’s Star Studded Baby Shower

TV Guide 3/19/12 Strong Retail Sales for NBC's Fashion Star, Despite Soft Ratings

Fox News 3/15/12 'Fashion Star' a hit with retailers, but not with viewers

Reality TV Calendar 3/14/12 Signature Pieces - Here's The Rankings

Reality News Online 3/14/12 Fashion Star, Episode 1: Hot Under the Collar

MSNBC 3/14/12 Winning 'Fashion Star' design sells out in under an hour

Dallas Voice 3/14/12 Dallas designer Oscar Fierro's off to a rocky start on NBC's "Fashion Star"

Palm Beach Post 3/14/12 Local “Fashion Star” contest Nikki Poulos makes sale to Macy’s 3/14/12 Holland Native Lizzie Parker makes strong showing on NBC’s Fashion Star

LA Times 3/14/12 'Fashion Star': Instant gratification and a lot of gaffes

Rolling Stone 3/14/12 'Fashion Star' Recap: Jessica Simpson May End This in Violence

NY Magazine 3/14/12 The Many Reasons Fashion Star Is Harder to Parse Than a David Foster Wallace Novel

Seattle Times 3/14/12 Sammamish designer Lizzie Parker scores a 'Fashion Star' deal

Dallas Morning News 3/14/12 Lewisville designer lives to sew another day on 'Fashion Star'

US Magazine 3/14/12 Review: Fashion Star "Needs Some Alterations"

Entertainment Weekly 3/14/12 'Fashion Star' series premiere: Who are these people?

Digital Spy 3/14/12 'Fashion Star' premiere recap: Signature pieces

Digital Spy 3/14/12 Elle Macpherson's 'Fashion Star' makes modest debut for NBC

Reality TV Magazine 3/13/12 Fashion Star Recap: The Journey Begins

Hollywood Reporter 3/13/12 'Fashion Star' Premiere Recap: A Signature Look, a Little Bit of Sexism

Zap2It 3/14/12 'Fashion Star': The winning looks retail for $19.95 to $350

Zap2It 3/13/12 'Fashion Star' premiere: Are you looking to purchase any of the designs?

NY Daily News 3/13/12 Jessica Simpson and ‘Fashion Star’ can’t quite give a new look to a familiar format

Zap2It 3/13/12 Jessica Simpson: I take my 'Fashion Star' mentoring very seriously

E!Online 3/13/12 Pregnant Jessica Simpson Talks "Unstoppable" Sex Drive, False Contractions and Painful Labor

Hollywood Reporter 3/13/12 'Fashion Star': NBC Attempts to Reinvent the Reality Fashion Show Competition (Video)

Zap2It 3/13/12 'Fashion Star's' Elle Macpherson: 'It's a great way to shop'

BuddyTV 3/12/12 'Fashion Star' Season 1 Preview Guide: The Search for the Next Big Brand

TV Guide 3/12/12 Elle Macpherson on Why Fashion Star Isn't Project Runway

Digital Spy 3/12/12 Jessica Simpson is ready to pop, says 'Fashion Star's John Varvatos

Digital Spy 3/12/12 'Fashion Star' - Meet designers Oscar Fierro, Ronnie Escalante: video

NY Post 3/12/12 ‘Star’ sets sale

USA Today 3/11/12 'Fashion Star': It's not 'Runway,' but will it take off?

Digital Spy 3/11/12 'Fashion Star': Meet designers Nzimiro Oputa, Orly Shani - video

Digital Spy 3/10/12 'Fashion Star': Meet designers Nicholas Bowes, Nikki Poulos - video

Digital Spy 3/9/12 Fashion Star: Meet designers Lizzie Parker, Luciana Scarabello - video

Reality TV Magazine 3/3/12 What's Up With Julianne Moore And Jessica Simpson

Reality TV Magazine 2/28/12 Nicole Richie Shelters Fashion Fame from Kids for Good Parenting

People 2/25/12 Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie Offer Sneak Peek at Fashion Star

Digital Spy 2/6/12 Jessica Simpson: 'Fashion Star is great shopping show for the ladies'

Digital Spy 2/1/12 'Fashion Star' mentor John Varvatos: 'I will be very honest' - video

Digital Spy 2/1/12 Elle Macpherson: 'Fashion Star has a bit of everything' - video

Reality TV Magazine 1/30/12 Fashion Star Contestants Announced By NBC

Zap2It 1/27/12 'Fashion Star' season 1 cast revealed: Meet the designers competing on NBC's newest reality show

Reality TV Magazine 1/19/12 Nicole Richie Didn't Sleep As A Fashion Star Mentor

Reality TV Magazine 1/10/12 Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie Discuss Unique Format Of Fashion Star

Reality TV Magazine 1/9/12 Fashion Star: Jessica Simpson Launches Maternity Line But Won’t Wear It

E!Online 1/7/12 Jessica Simpson Talks Fashion Star, New Maternity Line and Guessing the Sex of Her Baby

LA Times 1/6/12 NBC's 'Fashion Star' wants to sell you clothes

TV Guide 1/6/12 Fashion Star: It's Not Just About the Fashion – It's Also About the Shopping

Zap2It 1/6/12 'Fashion Star': A clothing store with a story line?

Reality TV Fans 7/8/11 Nicole Richie and John Varvatos Join NBC Series “Fashion Star” as Celebrity Mentors

Digital Spy 7/7/11 Nicole Richie joins Jessica Simpson as 'Fashion Star' mentor

Reality TV Fans 6/14/11 NBC Names Jessica Simpson as Celebrity Mentor of New Reality Series “Fashion Star”

Reality TV Magazine 6/14/11 Fashion Star: Jessica Simpson To Star In New NBC Series

People 6/13/11 Jessica Simpson Joining NBC's Fashion Star

TV Guide 6/13/11 Jessica Simpson Is NBC's Fashion Star

NY Daily News 4/26/11 NBC's new 'Fashion Star' reality competition aims to clothe regular Americans: host Elle Macpherson

Reality TV Fans 4/5/11 NBC Announces New Series “Fashion Star” Hosted by Elle MacPherson

TV Guide 4/4/11 NBC to Launch Fashion Design Series with Host Elle Macpherson

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