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News Articles about American Idol 3 contestant Fantasia Barrino

TV Guide 12/13/11 American Idol's Fantasia Barrino Welcomes a Baby Boy

E!Online 10/11/11 Fantasia Barrino Reveals Sex, Due Date of Unborn Baby

NY Post 10/6/11 'Idol' threat to gospel flick

Reality TV Fans 8/2/11  American Idol Fantasia Barrino Is Pregnant

Reality TV Magazine 8/1/11 American Idol Winner Fantasia Barrino Is Pregnant

NY Daily News 8/1/11 Fantasia announces pregnancy during Florida concert, one year after she attempted suicide

AJC 6/17/11 Fantasia sings ‘Idol’ coronation song ‘I Believe’ to Ron Clark Academy
Fay Observer 5/8/11 Fantasia brings love, laughter to Crown Arena show

Zap2It 3/31/11 'American Idol': Fantasia Barrino serves up 'Collard Greens and Cornbread'
USA Today 3/31/11 Fantasia returns to 'American Idol'

Reality TV Fans 3/25/11 Fantasia to Perform on Next Week’s Results Show

TMZ 3/7/11 Fantasia Bares Her Soles

Reality TV Magazine 2/9/11 American Idol: Fantasia Barrino Lands Lead In Mahalia Jackson Biopic

NY Post 11/24/10 Fantasia abortion shocker

Reality TV Magazine 11/23/10 American Idol: Fantasia’s Courtroom Bombshell

Reality TV Magazine 9/28/10 American Idol: Fantasia Announces First Headlining Tour

E!Online 9/28/10 Fantasia Continues Bounce-Back, Announces First Headlining Tour

MTV 9/20/10 Fantasia Pole Dances On 'Fantasia For Real 2' Premiere

LA Times 9/17/10 'Fantasia for Real' returns for a second season more real than planned

People 9/17/10 Video: Fantasia's Suicide Scare Filmed for Reality Show

MTV 9/10/10 Fantasia Says 'Nobody Was There To Help Me'

Reality TV Magazine 9/2/10 American Idol: Fantasia Rises To The Top

Zap2It 9/2/10 Fantasia debuting new single 'I'm Doin' Me,' Asia'h Epperson to be charged with battery

LA Times 8/27/10 Fantasia Barrino opens up about her dark days and her painful healing process

Zap2It 8/25/10 'American Idol' Fantasia on 'Lopez Tonight' opens up about suicide attempt 8/25/10 Barrino's agony

Gather 8/24/10 Fantasia Barrino Talks About Suicide Attempt on 'Good Morning America'

MTV 8/24/10 Fantasia's 'Behind The Music' Addresses Career Highs, Life Lows

People 8/24/10 Fantasia Barrino: Why I Attempted Suicide

US Magazine 8/24/10 Fantasia: Affair Wasn't Why I Attempted Suicide

Reality TV Fans 8/23/10 Fantasia Sets the Record Straight Tomorrow on “Behind the Music: Fantasia” on VH1

TV Guide 8/23/10 Fantasia on Overdose: "You Can't Accidentally Take a Whole Bottle of Pills"

Daily Mail 8/23/10 'I wanted out': American Idol star Fantasia Burrino confirms suicide bid two weeks after overdose
USA Today 8/23/10 Fantasia: I wanted it to be over with

MTV 8/18/10 Fantasia's Alleged Boyfriend Antwaun Cook Defends Singer

Digital Spy 8/17/10 Fantasia Barrino thanks fans for support

MTV 8/16/10 Fantasia Already Back To Promoting New Album

TMZ 8/16/10 Fantasia's Married BF -- Time to Pack Up

E!Online 8/16/10 Fantasia Gets Back to Back to Me

Reality TV Magazine 8/14/10 American Idol: Fantasia Barrino’s Potential Lawsuit For Adulterous Affair

NY Post 8/12/10 Fantasia show will go on

NY Daily News 8/12/10 Fantasia Barrino out of hospital after suicide try; Manager says singer is 'lifted up' by fans

Reality TV Fans 8/11/10 Fantasia Barrino Overdoses

Reality TV Magazine 8/11/10 American Idol: Fantasia Barrino Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

LA Times 8/11/10 Fantasia Barrino spoke about second chances five days before being hospitalized

People 8/11/10 Fantasia 911 Call: 'She's Slowly Losing Consciousness'

TMZ 8/11/10 Fantasia 911 Call -- She 'Took a Bottle of Aspirin'

Daily Mail 8/11/10 American Idol winner Fantasia admitted to hospital in overdose drama after reports of affair

LA Times 8/10/10 VH1 stands behind Fantasia Barrino

TMZ 8/10/10 Fantasia's Overdose -- Aspirin and Sleep Aid

NY Daily News 8/10/10 Fantasia Barrino 'Back to Me' review: 'American Idol' winner makes a wail of a comeback album

E!Online 8/10/10 Rep: "Exhausted" Fantasia Hospitalized for Overdose

TMZ 8/10/10 Fantasia's Rep Confirms Overdose

TV Guide 8/10/10 Fantasia Barrino Hospitalized After Drug Overdose; "Heartbroken" Over Affair Allegations

TMZ 8/10/10 Report: Fantasia Barrino Hospitalized for Overdose

Reality TV Fans 8/10/10 Fantasia Barrino in Sex Tape with Married BF Antwaun Cook

Gather 8/9/10 American Idol - Idol Winner's Shocking Affair Causes Divorce

E!Online 8/9/10 Fantasia "Certain" She Didn't Cause Couple's Divorce

TMZ 8/9/10 Fantasia: I Am 'Not Responsible' For Divorce

US Magazine 8/9/10 Manager: Fantasia "Is Not Responsible" for Breaking Up Marriage

TMZ 8/7/10 Fantasia Barrino Named in Divorce/Sex Tape Scandal

MTV 7/2/10 Fantasia Leads You Through 'Bittersweet' Video, Frame By Frame

Gather 6/26/10 American Idol 2010 - Fantasia Bittersweet Music Video Premiere [Video]
Celebrity Cafe 5/6/10 Fantasia's Third Album To Be Released In July

LA Times 4/19/10 VH1 renews 'Fantasia For Real'

Reality TV Magazine 2/23/10 American Idol: Fantasia Barrino Receives Threatening Hate Mail Filled With Racial Slurs

NY Daily News 2/20/10 Fantasia Barrino concerned for safety after receiving threatening letter filled with racial slurs

LA Times 2/16/10 Fantasia announces 'Color Purple' makeup shows

LA Times 2/15/10 Fantasia OKd to return to the stage by her doctor

LA Times 2/13/10 Fantasia missing performances in 'The Color Purple' in Hollywood

Reality TV Magazine 2/3/10 American Idol: Fantasia Opens Up to Oprah and Debuts New Song

MTV 2/3/10 Fantasia Says Her Career Is Her 'First Love'

AJC 1/13/10 ‘Idol’ ratings hold up! Kat McPhee sells… 15,000 albums, Fantasia’s VH1 show opens strong

Zap2It 1/11/10 'American Idol' Fantasia Barrino opens up tonight on VH1

NY Daily News 1/11/10 Life after 'American Idol': Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood found success after reality show

AJC 1/10/10 Fantasia interview for her new VH1 show ‘Fantasia For Real’

LA Times 1/10/10 Fantasia Barrino's long and winding road

NY Daily News 12/21/09 'Fantasia for Real' follows life of former 'American Idol' winner Barrino

Reality TV Fans 12/7/09 VH1 Announces New Series “Fantasia for Real” to Premiere January 11

Zap2It 12/1/09 'American Idol': Get a glimpse of 'Fantasia for Real' in January

Charlotte Observer 10/16/09 Barrino hosts high-profile dinner to help hungry

Chicago Sun Times 8/28/09 Fantasia steeps herself in 'The Color Purple'

Tri State Defender 8/22/09 Fantasia and friends aim to inspire

Dig Triad 8/16/09 Fantasia's Tumors Cut Broadway Role Short Last Year

Reality TV Magazine 1/13/09 American Idol: Fantasia Barrino Settles Debt To Keep Home
Troubled Hollywood 1/11/09 What’s Hot In Hollywood Today - Whew! Fantasia Will Keep Her House

Reality TV World 1/7/09 Officials: Fantasia Barrino ignoring upcoming house auction notices
Troubled Hollywood 1/8/09 What’s Hot In Hollywood Today - Fantasia In Debt “Up to Her Eyeballs”

Reality TV World 12/9/08 Former 'American Idol' champ Fantasia Barrino's home up for auction
TMZ 12/9/08 Fantasia -- Foreclosure's Just a Fantasy

The Evening Sun 12/4/08 'American Idol' stars sing holiday classics
Reality TV Tickets 11/18/08 American Idol Fantasia Barrino Performing With Comedian Rickey Smiley

TMZ 11/4/08 Fantasia Lends Voice To Jennifer Hudson's Grieving

AceShowbiz 11/4/08 Jennifer Hudson Kissed Mother Goodbye, Fantasia Barrino Sang At Private Service
MTV 11/3/08 Fantasia Sings At Funeral For Jennifer Hudson's Family Members

SingersRoom 10/21/08 Jennifer Hudson's 'Argument' With Fantasia Turns Golden
Celebrity Spider 8/31/08 Fantasia Barrino Comes Clean About Tumor Surgery

Reality TV Tickets 8/21/08 American Idol Winner Fantasia to Perform September 20th in Bossier City, LA
Singers Room 8/8/08 Fantasia Says A Rumor Was To Blame For 'Color Purple' Ending

Reality TV Tickets 7/17/08 American Idol Fantasia Barrino Winner to Perform July 26th in Monroe, Louisiana
Entertainment Weekly 6/30/08 Happy birthday, Fantasia Barrino!

SingersRoom 6/27/08 Was Fantasia Dropped From Her Management Company?
People 5/27/08 Fantasia Barrino Thanks Her Mentor Oprah
TMZ 5/22/08 Fantasia: I Believe My Man's Wasted

News4Jax 5/20/08 Cowell Rips Fantasia's 'Idol' Performance
Reuters UK 5/15/08 We have a final two, but Fantasia dominates “Idol” buzz

New York Post 5/15/08 Fantasia Keeps It Interesting

Winchester Star 4/18/08 Festival will have an ‘Idol’ this year

TMZ 4/18/08 Fantasia: The Apple of Our Eye

WSLS 4/18/08 American Idol’s Fantasia to serve as grand marshal at Apple Blossom festival

Playbill 3/6/08 Will Fantasia Star in Film of The Color Purple Musical?

Digital Spy 3/6/08 Fantasia starring in 'Colour Purple' remake

TMZ 2/11/08 Fan to 'Tasia: "You Sho Iz ... Pretty"

TMZ 2/7/08 Fantasia BarriNO

My Fox 1/21/08 Fantasia a No-Show at Annual MLK Celebration

Celebrity Spider 1/18/08 Simon Cowell Shocked by Fantasia Barrino's "Terrible" Brother

Playbill 1/6/08 Fantasia Exits Broadway's The Color Purple Jan. 6

Celebrity Spider 12/20/07 Fantasia Barrino Dismisses Pregnancy Talk

Celebrity Spider 12/19/07 Fantasia Barrino Pregnancy Rumors

NY Post 12/12/07 Fantasia's Purple Flu

Gothamist 12/12/07 American Idol Fantasia Makes Children Weep

Entertainment Weekly 11/30/07 Fantasia's brother gets 'American Idol' axe

Trans World News 11/14/07 Fantasia pregnant with Young Dro baby?

CNN 9/12/07 Fantasia Barrino Helps Reward Students for Their Dedication to Literacy and Education

Reality TV World 9/6/07 'American Idol 3' champ Fantasia Barinno dishes on 'Color Purple'

Virgin Media Music 8/31/07 Fantasia talks love

CNN 8/21/07 'Idol' winner becomes the toast of Broadway

MTV 7/20/07 Fantasia Proves Broadway Isn't Just Dumping Ground For Failed 'American Idol' Singers

Celebrity Spider 7/14/07 Fantasia Barrino Extends Color Purple Run

ABC News 7/12/07 Good Morning America Welcomes an Idol

Broadway World 7/12/07 Fantasia Extends Run in The Color Purple through Jan. '08

Idol Thoughts 7/10/07 Fantasia Extends Stay in The Color Purple, May Star in New Musical

CD Music Robot 7/8/07 Messages behind the Musical Artist: Fantasia Barrino Trivia

Idol Thoughts 5/29/07 Fantasia Will Perform on the Tony Awards

Providence Journal 5/27/07 Fantasia enlivens Broadway’s The Color Purple 5/24/07 Fantasia Welcomes Alice Walker to The Color Purple

Idol Thoughts 5/22/07 Fantasia Wins Theater World Award for Best Broadway Debut

Newsday 5/18/07 It's no fantasy, Fantasia is the real thing

NY Times 5/18/07 And as the Abused Heroine, a Pop Princess

Star Ledger 5/18/07 Fantasia's 'Purple' passion

NY Post 5/18/07 'Idol' Worship Fitting for B'Way's Fantasia

NY Daily News 5/18/07 Fantasia's a Hit

NY Daily News 5/17/07 Fantasia lights up 'Purple'

Variety 5/17/07 The Color Purple

TMZ 4/23/07 Fantasia Barrino Is a Hot Mess

Newsweek 4/20/07 Five Things You Don't Know About Fantasia

Celebrity Spider 4/17/07 The Color Purple Breaks Broadway Theatre Records With Fantasia

Variety 4/16/07 Fantasia a box office fantasy

Playbill 4/10/07 "American Idol" Champ Fantasia is Celie in The Color Purple Beginning April 10

Charlotte Observer 4/10/07 Fantasia in 'The Color Purple'

MTV 4/9/07 Fantasia Rehearses 'The Color Purple' — With Strep Throat And Jokes Galore

NY Post 4/6/07 Fantasia in Footlights

Dallas Morning News 4/2/07 Fantasia gives musical boost

NY Daily News 3/29/07 She means big green for 'Purple'

News Observer 3/6/07 Fantasia heads to broadway

LAist 3/4/07 Fantasia Singing the National Anthem

MTV 2/28/07 Fantasia Tells Oprah She's Already Learned From Celie

Celebrity Spider 2/24/07 Fantasia Barrino Confirms Color Purple Lead

Variety 2/23/07 'Idol's' Barrino heads to Broadway

Celebrity Spider 2/21/07 Former Idol Fantasia to Perform Thursday on American Idol

Celebrity Spider 2/16/07 Fantasia Barrino Considers Purple Role

E!Online 2/14/07 Fantasia's Purple Reign on Broadway

The Record 1/31/07 Fairy tale didn't come easy

Celebrity Spider 1/26/07 Jamie Foxx Wanted Fantasia for Dreamgirls Role

Orlando Sentinel 1/26/07 Fantasia's newest songs don't have time for pain

Orlando Sentinel 1/5/07 Fantasia: Fantasia (3 stars out of 5)

Press Telegram 1/1/07 Not an idle star

PR Newswire 12/20/06 Fantasia Enters the Billboard R&B Album Chart at #3

Miami Herald 12/17/06 At 22, Fantasia's finally decided to act her age

NY Daily News 12/17/06 A too-distant 'Idol'

Sun Sentinel 12/12/06 CDs: Fantasia's fairy tale continues with solid 2nd release

Dallas Morning News 12/12/06 CD review: 'Fantasia'

USA Today 12/12/06 'Aretha meets Tina' in Fantasia's second album

Dallas Morning News 12/11/06 Following Fantasia, Taylor

Newsday 12/11/06 An 'Idols' CD tandem

Celebrity Spider 12/7/06 Fantasia Barrino Fumes Over Losing Dreamgirls Role to Jennifer Hudson

MTV 12/6/06 'Dreamgirls' Meanie Jamie Foxx Makes Nice With Fantasia, Snoop On Tour

NY Post 12/3/06 Soul Mother

MTV 11/22/06 Fantasia Unleashes Her Inner Rock Star: 'This Time It's My Own Vision'

Celebrity Spider 11/20/06 Fantasia Barrino Releases Self Titled Album "Fantasia" December 12th

Live Daily 11/13/06 Fantasia's sophomore set due in December

AOL Music 11/10/06 Fantasia Barrino Gets Toned Like Tina

Celebrity Spider 9/27/06 American Idol Dad Files Libel Lawsuit

TMZ 9/27/06 Barrino Haunted By a Ghost(writer)

Book Standard 9/27/06 Ghostwriter for American Idol's Fantasia Complains About the Life of a Ghostwriter

BBC 9/27/06 US Idol's father in libel action

Reality TV World 9/10/06 'Idol 3' winner Fantasia Barrino wows 'em at Aretha Franklin tribute

Celebrity Spider 8/29/06 Fantasia Barrino Helps Single Mothers With Beauty Salon Business

Zap2It 8/22/06 Fantasia, Shatner Reel 'em In

Foxes on Idol 8/21/06 The Fantasia Barrino Story: Life is Not a Fairy Tale

Mobile Register 8/20/06 Barrino exposes grit that came before 'Idol' glitter

News Record 8/20/06 Young fans gather for Barrino movie

Charlotte Observer 8/20/06 Fantasia radiates in Lifetime bio

Providence Journal 8/19/06 Fantasia's 'Mom' may be familiar to local viewers

Orlando Sentinel 8/19/06 Fantasia deserves better than dismal Lifetime biopic

Seattle PI 8/19/06 On TV: 'Fantasia Barrino Story' is flawed yet fulfilling

Deseret News 8/19/06 No, Fantasia is not an actress

NY Daily News 8/19/06 Fantasia's double life

Hartford Courant 8/19/06 `Idol' Winner Fantasia Barrino Plays Herself In The Cinderella Story Of Her Life

Star Ledger 8/18/06 An 'Idol' bio

Zap2It 8/18/06 Fantasia's Not-So-Perfect 'Fairy Tale'

Buffalo News 8/18/06 Lifetime film role moves Barrino to tears

Palm Beach Post 8/18/06 Fantasia's reality: TV movie tells 'American Idol' winner's tale

Hollywood Reporter 8/18/06 Fantasia Barrino Story

Courier Journal 8/18/06 Fantasia Barrino stars in film on her tough life, 'Idol' climb

NY Times 8/18/06 Fantasia: An ‘Idol’ Dreamgirl’s Hard-Knock Life

Tampa Tribune 8/18/06 Another Poor Choice For 'Idol' Champ?

Herald Net 8/17/06 Victor's Pick: Fantasia Barrino

Post Gazette 8/17/06 TV Review: Fantasia's fairy tale an uplifting TV movie

NY Daily News 8/17/06 Biopic of 'Idol' winner doesn't sing

Star Tribune 8/16/06 Lifetime movie on belter Fantasia hits the flat notes

News & Observer 8/13/06 Believe it: Biopic uneven but heartfelt

Times Dispatch 8/13/06 Fantasia is film's star and subject

The Oregonian 8/13/06 Barrino's woes turn to wows in monotonous biopic

Washington Post 8/12/06 Fantasia's Lifetime Story

Inside Pulse 8/10/06 [Press Release] The Fantasia Barrino Story: Life is Not a Fairy Tale

Reality Reel 8/9/06 The Fantasia Barrino Story: Life Is Not A Fairy Tale

Foxes On Idol 8/3/06 Fantasia Film Causes Furor at Idol

Celebrity Spider 7/31/06 American Idol Producers Deny Trying to Push Out Fantasia Barrino

People 7/31/06 Idol Bosses Angry Over Fantasia TV Movie

Celebrity Spider 7/23/06 Fantasia Barrino Wants to Play Debbie Allen in Biopic

Celebrity Spider 7/23/06 Fantasia Barrino Coaxed Through Rape Scenes by Director's Son

Celebrity Spider 7/23/06 Fantasia Barrino Almost Quit Over Internet Hate Campaign

TMZ 7/21/06 Star Catcher LA - Fantasia and Joe Francis

Celebrity Spider 7/18/06 American Idol Winner Fantasia Barrino Scared to Star in Biopic

Deseret News 7/17/06 'American Idol' winner to play herself in TV film

Dallas Morning News 7/16/06 Fantasia's tough new verse

MTV 7/7/06 Fantasia Collaborates With Her American Idol, Aretha Franklin

Celebrity Spider 7/6/06 Fantasia Barrino Gives Mini Me the Thumbs Up

Delaware County Times 7/3/06 ‘Idol’ Barrino takes center stage at the Art Museum

MTV 6/28/06 Eminem Joins Busta Onstage, Jamie Foxx Smooches Fantasia At BET Awards

Washington Times 6/28/06 Fantasia drops out of Rochester MusicFest

Business Wire 6/27/06 ''You Can Achieve Your Dreams''; All-American Idol Fantasia's Personal Story in July Guideposts Magazine

Celebrity Spider 5/6/06 American Idol Winner Fantasia Barrino Stars in Lifetime Movie

Zap2It 5/5/06 Fantasia Playing Fantasia in 'Fantasia Story'

Reality TV World 3/23/06 'Idol 3' winner Fantasia Barrino to star in Lifetime movie about her life

WCNC 3/3/06 Fantasia wows CIAA fans

Celebrity Spider 2/16/06 Fantasia Barrino, Hilary & Haylie Duff and to Appear at Nascar Race

MTV 2/15/06 A Lot Of Lovin', A Lot Of Livin' Shaping Fantasia's Next LP

News Record 2/7/06 "Idol" star up for four Grammys 12/19/05 Fantasia Joins UNCF's An Evening Of Stars Tribute To Stevie Wonder

Celebrity Spider 12/16/05 Fantasia Barrino Leaves Jury Duty Mid Case

Portland Mercury 12/8/05 Life is Not a Fairy Tale

Oregon Live 12/8/05 'Idol' winner Barrino gets to sing, live her own fairytale

Toledo Blade 12/4/05 'Idol's' Fantastia Barrino hits a sour note

Mercury News 12/2/05 She believes

Commercial Appeal 11/13/05 American Idol star's story of literacy problems prompts outpouring of support

The Hub 11/10/05 Fantasia's big lips and bigger talent dazzle

Bayou Buzz 10/25/05 American Idol Fantasia Barrino´s LowPoint

Celebrity Spider 10/19/05 Fantasia Signs Cause a Fuss in Her Hometown

Reality TV Magazine 10/19/05 Did American Idol Winner Fantasia Exaggerate In Her New Book?

Chicago Tribune 10/19/05 Foxx thinks Barrino is a `Dreamgirl'

WCNC 10/18/05 Couple asks city to remove signs honoring Fantasia

Myrtle Beach Online 10/18/05 Couple asks city to remove signs honoring Fantasia

Zap2It 10/17/05 Foxx Endorses Fantasia for 'Dreamgirls' Role

Charlotte Observer 10/16/05 How this star emerged after a life of scars

Howard University Hilltop 10/14/05 The Illiterate Idol 10/12/05 Fantasia keeps working toward a happy ending

Detroit News 10/12/05 When an Idol can't read

Celebrity Spider 10/10/05 Fantasia Barrino is Simon Cowell's Favorite

Daily Pennsylvanian 10/10/05 Crowd packs bookstore for 'American Idol' winner

Bergen Record 10/9/05 Fans in Ridgewood sing praises of 'Idol' winner at book signing

Celebrity Spider 10/7/05 Fantasia Barrino Reveals Physical Abuse

Rolling Stone 10/7/05 Fantasia Presses Forward

The Dispatch 10/7/05 'American Idol' judges: Fantasia our favorite winner

Chetek Alert 10/7/05 Fantasia Uses Talent to Overcome Failure

Rolling Stone 10/7/05 Fantasia Presses Forward

Greensboro News Record 10/4/05 What Fantasia said about growing up in High Point

Celebrity Spider 10/1/05 Fantasia Barrino Reveals Abuse Trauma
Celebrity Spider 10/1/05 Fantasia Barrino: "I Can Barely Read or Write"

ABC News 9/30/05 Fantasia's Memoirs Reveal Experiences With Illiteracy, Rape

ABC News 9/30/05 Excerpt: 'Life Is Not a Fairy Tale,' by Fantasia

MSNBC 9/7/05 Ciara, Fantastia Up for Lady of Soul Awards

ABC News 7/22/05 Fantasia Performs on 'GMA'

NMC 7/21/05 Good Morning Fantasia

The Day 7/14/05 She's Doing Her Thing

Yes! Weekly 7/12/05 The Fantasia controversy is laid to rest

Birmingham News 7/10/05 The 'Idol' parade continues

Journal Gazette 7/9/05 ‘American’ woman reaches out

News Times 7/8/05 Post Idol update

Yes! Weekly 7/5/05 Fantasia stands up fans at the Sky Bar

Savannah Now 7/4/05 Update: Fantasia was fantastic

WCNC 6/29/05 "American Idol" winner comes up short at award show 6/28/05 Fantasia coming home as opening act

Newsday 6/27/05 Fantasia: part star, part Everywoman

The State 6/26/05 For Fantasia, the lights of ‘Idol’ haven’t yet dimmed 6/22/05 Fantasia unveils take on 'punk rock look' 6/17/05 Last year's 'Idol' winner Fantasia is doing it her way

Baltimore Sun 6/16/05 Fantasia rises to the challenge of sudden celebrity

Birmingham News 6/12/05 Fantasia's charisma could grow

Birmingham News 6/10/05 The 'Idol' parade continues

NMC 6/9/05 Fantasia Brings On The Fourth

Nashville City Paper 6/9/05 'American Idol' winner steps into solo spotlight 6/6/05 West Palm lands American Idol Fantasia for the Fourth

WRAL-TV 6/1/05 'American Idol' Fantasia, Kenny Rogers Among N.C. Fair Acts

Reality TV World 5/24/05 Fantasia Barrino rooting for Bo Bice to be 'American Idol's next winner

Reality TV Hall of Fame 5/24/05 The Winner's Circle: American Idol 3's Fantasia, the Girl Next Door - Like It or Not

Extra 5/23/05 Fantasia's Fantastic Year

NPR 5/23/05 'Baby Mama' Spurs Debate Over Teen Motherhood

Reality TV World 5/23/05 'American Idol 3' winner Fantasia Barrino to perform at charity benefit

Tribune-Review 5/21/05 Fantasia to perform at benefit

St Petersburg Times 5/21/05 Fantasia to light up the Sun Dome

NMC 5/20/05 Fantasia On GMA Summer Lineup

NMC 5/18/05 Fantasia On Baby Mama

New Age Media Concepts 5/18/05 Fantasia ''Turns On'' Atlantic City and Summertime at the City's 150th Birthday

Launch 5/14/05 Eminem, Lil' Jon, Fantasia To Appear At Hip-Hop Summit 5/13/05 'Idol' winner Fantasia Barrino joins city's 150th birthday gala

Celebrity Spider 5/11/05 American Idol Fantasia Defends Troubled Paula Abdul

NMC 5/9/05 Eminem, Fantasia Talk Finance

Slu One Stop 5/7/05 Fantasia Brings Down the House at Saint Lucia Jazz 5/6/05 Fantasia's year as 'American Idol' winding down

Detroit Free Press 5/6/05 'Baby Mama' Barrino sings for all moms

NMC 5/6/05 Fantasia Visits Springfield 5/4/05 Eyewitness News At Home With American Idol Winner Fantasia 5/3/05 Fantasia Visits Springfield 4/27/05 American Idol's Fantasia To Tour This Summer

Billboard 4/26/05 Fantasia Jumps Aboard Kem Tour

NMC 4/26/05 Fantasia Joins Kem On Tour

WXii 4/25/05 KEM & Fantasia To Perform In Greensboro

Journal Times 4/22/05 A true idol to make Regency appearance

NMC 4/18/05 Fantasia To Write Autobiography

Anchorage Daily News 4/17/05 Fantasia proves why she's a star

Anchorage Daily News 4/15/05 For Fantasia, fame still hard to 'Believe'

Celebrity Spider 4/14/05 Fantasia Tries to Impress Denzel Washington With TV Roles

MTV 4/13/05 Fantasia Salutes Single Moms, Gets Beaten By Lisa Simpson 4/7/05 Fantasia To Write Autobiography, Tells Idol Hopefuls To 'Act Ugly'

Entertainment Weekly 4/6/05 Truth Is

St. Petersburg Times 4/6/05 That song shouldn't be so irresistible

NMC 4/4/05 Alicia Keys, Fantasia On Essence Cover 3/31/05 Fantasia - Free Yourself

News Observer 3/25/05 Fantasia defends her song

NMC 3/24/05 Fantasia on NAACP Image Awards Tomorrow

NMC 3/21/05 Ellen's Got Fantasia Tomorrow

NMC 3/15/05 Fantasia Returns to American Idol

NMC 3/14/05 Fantasia To St. Lucia's Jazz Festival

MLive 3/11/05 'Idol' winner Fantasia gets tropical gig

High Point Enterprise 3/7/05 Fantasy hair for Fantasia

The Pacer 3/8/05 Fantasia’s Free Yourself is fantastic

Magic City Morning Star 3/1/05 Single Mothers Get Their "15 Minutes of Fame" With Hit Song

LA Family 2/27/05 The True Idol: Motherhood

The Hilltop 2/25/05 Fantasia Not so Fantastic: Album Sales Less Than Other Idols

Black Voice 2/19/05 Fantasia’s “Baby Mama” drama

NMC 2/17/05 Fantasia Chicago In-Store

ArriveNet 2/17/05 'American Idol(TM)' Winner Fantasia Offers First-Hand Tips for Latest Breakout Star

NMC 2/16/05 106 & Park's Got Fantasia and Ja Rule
Eurweb 2/14/05 Fantasia Trades Idol Worship for Critical Praise

MTV 2/13/05 Fantasia The Star Of Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party

Charlotte Observer 2/11/05 Fantasia heats up the Big Chill

Foxes On Idol 2/10/05 Freeing Fantasia!

Reality TV World 2/9/05 Fantasia Barrino's sales falling short of previous 'American Idol' winners

NMC 2/9/05 Fantasia Sings at Celebration of Gospel

Business Wire 2/8/05 Fantasia Trades 'Idol' Worship for Critical Praise - as Debut Album Free Yourself Earns RIAA Platinum

Winston-Salem Journal 2/5/05 An Idol Pays a Call

WCNC 2/5/05 Fantasia hopes song speaks to unwed teen mothers

Charlotte Observer 2/4/05 Queen City pays homage to N.C. 'Idol'

News 14 2/4/05 City leaders honor Fantasia

WCNC 2/3/05 Charlotte city leaders honor 'American Idol' winner

NMC 2/3/05 Fantasia To Soul Train Awards

Montgomery Advertiser 1/30/05 Lucky few listen to singing 'Idol'

Signal Online 1/28/05 Fantasia “Free Yourself” Review

Village Voice 1/28/05 Identity Crisis

WSFA 1/26/05 American Idol Winner To Perform In Montgomery

Manhunt 1/22/05 Fantasia, Free Yourself Review

Journal Now 1/21/05 Fantasia's win will help make this year's 'Idol' better, Abdul says

Dallas Morning News 1/13/05 Fantasia has earned the right to sing about being a single teen mom, but let's not endorse it

London Free Press 1/11/05 Idol win, album free Fantasia from past

Tampa Tribune 12/21/04 Bucs Rookie Linked To `Idol' Winner Barrino

Detroit News 12/18/04 Fantasia says she doubted 'Idol' chances

LA Independent 12/15/04 Free Yourself Fantasia J Records

Indy Star 12/12/04 'American Idol' sensation merits better treatment

Orlando Sentinel 12/10/04 Studdard fading but Fantasia frisky

STL Today 12/9/04 Fantasia, "Free Yourself" and Ruben Studdard, "I Need an Angel"

Montgomery Advertiser 12/5/04 'Idol' winner has no time to be idle

Sun Sentinel 12/3/04 The first album from Fantasia fulfills fans' Idol wishes

Monterey Herald 12/3/04 Solid debut for 'Idol' winner

Times Leader 12/3/04 'Idol's' Fantasia keeps it real

The State 12/3/04 These days, Fantasia’s the (scratchy) voice of optimism

Zap2It 12/2/04 Fantasia's Debut CD Falls Short

Union Tribune 12/1/04 From poverty to 'American Idol'

Miami Herald 11/30/04 Fantasia salutes 'Baby Mamas' everywhere 11/29/04 Fantasia Barrino Launches New Shades With M*A*C

Foxes On Idol 11/29/04 Fantasia’s “Free Yourself” – A First Listen

Detroit News 11/29/04 Fantasia is living a dream

Zap2It 11/23/04 Studdard Hospitalized for Exhaustion

Indy Star 11/29/04 Fantasia transforms street reality into star quality

News 14 Carolina 11/27/04 High Point museum looking for items for Fantasia exhibit

News Record 11/27/04 Museum seeks items to honor city's 'Idol'

Charlotte Observer 11/26/04 'Idol' winner has no time to be idle 11/26/04 - Kelly, Ruben, and Fantasia special: A Review

Reality News Online 11/25/04 Kelly, Ruben, and Fantasia: Home For the Holidays

SF Chronicle 11/25/04 Fantasia should take cues from debut title

CBS 11/24/04 Fantasia: One For The Single Moms

News Record 11/24/04 Anticipation: Fantasia's debut CD causes stir

Charlotte Observer 11/23/04 Fantasia has CD, holiday special

WCNC 11/23/04 Have You Heard? Fantasia's new CD is out

MTV 11/22/04 Missy's Got Fantasia's Ear, But An Ex-Lover Has Caught Her Eye

Contact Music 11/22/04 Aretha Makes American Idol Winner Nervous

NY Daily News 11/21/04 Fantasia taking flight

ABC News 11/12/04 'American Idol's' Fantasia Frees Herself

Billboard 11/11/04 Fantasia Debut Bolstered By R&B Vets

Chart Attack 11/11/04 Fantasia Hopes To Free Herself From The Curse Of Lousy Idol CDs

Rolling Stone 11/11/04 Fantasia Gets "Free"

Business Wire 11/10/04 Fantasia Declares: Free Yourself with Debut Album on November 23 11/8/04 Fantasia returns home

TVRules 11/5/04 Fantasia Guest Stars as Aretha Franklin on American Dreams

News Record 11/5/04 Barrino set to sing at AIDS event 11/4/04 Fantasia to attend benefit in High Point

Fox News 11/4/04 Fantasia's Fantastic Performance

Greensboro News Record 10/28/04 Idol returns: AIDS event to feature Barrino

NMC 10/28/04 Fantasia Gets Help From Friends

Contact Music 10/27/04 Fantasia Lines Up Big Names For Album

MTV 10/27/04 Missy Elliott, R. Kelly Helping Fantasia With Her Debut LP

Zap2It 10/11/04 Two 'Idol' Winners Lead 'Dreams' Guest List

NBCMV 10/8/04 'American Dreams' Takes a Spin into the Past with Fantasia Barrino & Kelly Clarkson as Guest Stars in Season 3

SF Chronicle 9/19/04 Fantasia Is Living Post-'Idol' Dream

Contact Music 9/2/04 Fantasia Buys New Home for Family

Times-Leader 8/27/04 For Fantasia, fame still worth the sacrifices

Teen Music 8/24/04 Fantasia Hits Back At Diva Accusations

Zap2It 8/20/04 Saturday is 'Fantasia Barrino Day' in NC

Journal Now 8/20/04 Dreams Come True

News 14 Carolina 8/20/04 Saturday named Fantasia Barrino Day in North Carolina

Charlotte Observer 8/20/04 Fantasy life 8/19/04 Fantasia brings soul to Idols Live! show

USA Today 8/12/04 Radio turns deaf ear to third-season Idols

Dallas Morning News 8/11/04 Review: American Idols tour is entertaining, but she's clearly the star

Dallas Morning News 8/9/04 Fantasia's reality

Detroit News 7/23/04 'Idol' Father Plans Record Label

Milwaukee Journal 7/23/04 Barrino blows away other Idols

VH1 7/22/04 Fantasia: Fantasy Becomes Reality

The Oregonian 7/20/04 An anti-TV person finds herself cheering on Fantasia Barrino at the Rose Garden

Knox News 7/16/04 Fantasia to do Aretha on 'American Dreams'

Reality TV World 7/16/04 Fantasia Barrino and Diana DeGarmo keep top-selling singles in U.S. and Canada 7/16/04 - Fantasia DVD winners

Fox23 7/14/04 "American Idol" Winner Bungles "Banner"

British Vogue 7/13/04 Fashion Fantasia

Business Wire 7/13/04 American Rag Cie Signs American Idol's Fantasia Barrino

Reality TV World 7/10/04 Fantasia Barrino and Diana DeGarmo also hold top spots on Canadian sales charts

Zap2It 7/8/04 Fantasia Beats Diana on Singles Chart

Reality TV World 7/8/04 Fantasia Barrino's 'I Believe' outsells Diana DeGarmo's 'Dreams' to keep #1 spot in U.S.

Reality TV World 7/8/04 Fantasia Barrino's 'I Believe' and Diana DeGarmo's 'Dreams' both reach Billboard Top 20

MTV 7/8/04 Fantasia Beats Diana DeGarmo Again — This Time In Stores 7/7/04 Your Chance to Win a Fantasia DVD

BBC 7/5/04 Top spot for American Idol winner

New Zealand Herald 7/5/04 American Idol winner goes in at No 1

Newsday 7/4/04 Fast Chat: Fantasia Barrino

Teen Music 7/4/04 Idol Fantasia Storms To The Top

Washington Post 7/3/04 'Believe': Fantasia Knocks Usher from No. 1 7/2/04 Fantasia's off to 'idolic' start

MTV 7/2/04 Fantasia's Single Sales Pale In Comparison To Clay, Ruben And Kelly's

Billboard 7/1/04 Fantasia's Debut Single Bows At No. 1

Reality TV World 7/1/04 'Idol 3' Fantasia Barrino's 'I Believe' track debuts at #1 on Billboard Hot 100

Zap2It 7/1/04 'Idol' Champ Fantasia Debuts Atop Singles Chart

Reality TV World 6/30/04 'Idol 3' winner Fantasia Barrino's 'I Believe' single hits #1 with 144,000 units sold

WKYT 6/30/04 Fantasia Barrino hits number one

WRAL 6/29/04 Clay, Fantasia Headline July Fourth Celebrations 6/27/04 - A Case for Fantasia

Fans Of Reality TV 6/27/04 American Idol 3: The FORT Interview With Fantasia Barrino

Ireland Online 6/27/04 Fantasia's father wants his daughter back

Reality TV World 6/25/04 Fantasia's debut single opens at #14, as Diana DeGarmo's single waits in wings

Business Wire 6/24/04 American Idol Fantasia Barrino Receives Dinner From Golden Corral..

Teen Music 6/24/04 Fantasia's Father Wants His Daughter Back

News Record 6/23/04 Fantasia's fans snap up CD

Charlotte Observer 6/22/04 Fantasia Enjoys New Home, New Record

WCNC 6/22/04 'American Idol' winner moves to Charlotte

Reality TV Calendar 6/22/04 American Idol: Fantasia Almost Didn't Audition

News Record 6/22/04 Pride of High Point buys home in Charlotte 6/22/04 'Idol' Fantasia Releases Debut Single

USA Today 6/22/04 'Music lover' Fantasia embraces all styles

NY Daily News 6/22/04 Fantasia is fantastic

Teen Music 6/21/04 Davis: Fantasia Will Be The Next Mary J Blige

WCNC 6/21/04 Q&A with 'American Idol' Fantasia Barrino

Charlotte Observer 6/21/04 Fantasia Barrino's single in stores tomorrow

Zap2It 6/18/04 'Idol' Champ Joins NBC's July 4th Celebration

Rolling Stone 6/18/04 Fantasia: The Next Diva

News Record 6/18/04 Fantasia CD release likely to spark rush

Eurweb 6/17/04 Fantasia Barrino and more

NBC 17 6/12/04 'Idol' Winner's First Release Delayed A Week

News Record 6/10/04 Color me red: Idol signs idled for lack of paint

Teen Music 6/8/04 Idol Winners Plan To Get Together

WCNC 6/8/04 'American Idol' performer recording in North Carolina

News Sentinel 6/7/04 Fantasia's example: Go for it anyway

AJC 6/6/04 Fantasia Sets Eyes on ATL

VH1 6/5/04 Kelly Clarkson Hopes To Record With Fantasia, Expects 'Idol' Tag On Her Headstone

Digital Spy 6/5/04 Fantasia's 'diva' behaviour

Reality TV World 6/4/04 Debut singles from Fantasia Barrino and Diana DeGarmo pushed back a week

Foxes On Idol 6/4/04 What’s Going On with Fantasia’s and Diana’s Singles – Part 2: Mostly Settled

Newsday 6/4/04 ‘American Idol’ winner to sing at CFDA Awards

Teen Music 6/4/04 Fantasia's Diva Behaviour

Zap2It 6/4/04 'Idol' Finalists Set Single Release Dates

Reality TV World 6/3/04 'Idol 3' winner Fantasia Barrino and runner-up Diana DeGarmo plan June singles

Business Wire 6/3/04 American Idol Champion Fantasia to Release Debut Single on J Records, June 15!

MTV 6/2/04 Fantasia Barrino On Her Future: 'I'm Still Gonna Be Barefoot'

ESP Magazine 6/2/04 Congratulations Fantasia!

CBS 6/2/04 Fantastic Fantasia Barrino

Extra 6/1/04 Fantasia Bites the Big Apple

Arizona Republic 6/1/04 Singing through the tears, Fantasia wraps up 'Idol'

News Record 6/1/04 Church seeing return of Fantasia fans

USA Today 6/1/04 'Idol' speculation: Fantasia has staying power

Foxes On Idol 6/1/04 American Idol 3: Fantasia Wins… What a Relief

Big News 6/1/04 'Idol's' Fantasia Barrino headed to Disney

Foxes On Idol 5/31/04 What’s Going On with Fantasia’s and Diana’s Singles?

Boston Channel 5/31/04 Idol Fantasia Just Wants Some Sleep

Economic Times 5/30/04 Fantasia Barrino needs a break

USA Today 5/29/04 Durham minister seeks DJ's ouster for 'Idol' comments

Courier Tribune 5/29/04 For Fantasia's kin, she's 'Idol' and friend

Straits Times 5/29/04 New American Idol wants to write songs

Teen Hollywood 5/29/04 Fantasia's Lucky Break

News and Record 5/28/04 Local businesses try to cash in on Fantasia

MSBNC 5/27/04 Fantasia was the right choice

Boston Globe 5/27/04 Fantasia is voted all-'American'

Star Ledger 5/27/04 Fantasia takes home the gold as America's 'Idol'

Foxes On Idol 5/27/04 American Idol 3: Why Fantasia Won

Extra TV 5/27/04 'Idol' Insider: It's Fantasia!

St. Petersburg Times 5/27/04 Fantasia crowned the 'Idol'

POAC 5/27/04 Fantastic Fantasia Voters follow judges’ lead to select the new ‘American Idol’

NY Daily News 5/27/04 Our new 'Idol': Fantasia!

Washington Post 5/27/04 The Champ

MSNBC 5/27/04 It’s official: Fantasia is fantastic

NY Times 5/27/04 In 'American Idol' Democracy, Fantasia Wins

Local 6 5/27/04 Fantasia Tops Diana For 'American Idol' Title

News and Record 5/26/04 City plans Fantasia's homecoming

Zap2It 5/26/04 Fantasia Fantasy: 'Idol' Crowns a New Champ

Journal Now 5/26/04 North Carolina's Fantasia Barrino is the new 'American Idol' 5/26/04 'Idol' performance was just Fantasia 5/26/04 Where Did Fantasia Go?

Star Telegram 5/26/04 Fantasia is fantastic in 'Idol' finale

Commercial Appeal 5/26/04 Barrino's big finish wows 'Idol'

WCNC 5/25/04 North Carolina native proves what Idol judges knew all along

Foxes On Idol 5/25/04 “I’m Going to Sing Like I Never Sang Before!”: An Interview with Fantasia Barrino

Herald Online 5/25/04 'Idol' cheering section has family, friends from Rock Hill to Hollywood

Zap2It 5/24/04 'American Idol' Finale: Fantasia Speaks 5/24/04 Will America crown Fantasia supreme on May 26?

WRAL 5/24/04 Easley Urges N.C. Residents To Vote For Idol Finalist 5/23/04 ‘American’ women

TVRules 5/23/04 American Idol: Pre Finale Conference Interview With Fantasia Barrino

News Record 5/22/04 Aiken to host festivities for Fantasia at Coliseum 5/21/04 American Idol: Diana or Fantasia?

AJC 5/21/04 Jasmine: Diana, Fantasia 'both inspire me'

Charlotte Observer 5/21/04 5 questions for Fantasia Barrino

Charlotte Observer 5/20/04 Fantasia breezes into top 2

ESP Magazine 5/20/04 Fantasia mania grips the Triad

WRAL 5/20/04 Tar Heel Singer Advances To 'Idol' Final For Second Year

The Gazette 5/20/04 Idol finalists: Diana DeGarmo, Fantasia Barrino

Times Picayune 5/20/04 Barrino, DeGarmo to face off in 'American Idol' finale

News Record 5/20/04 Fantasia moves to top two

USA Today 5/20/04 The next 'Idol': Fantasia or Diana 5/19/04 - Game! Set! Match!... Fantasia Lays Waste To Her Competition!

Charlotte Observer 5/19/04 Fantasia steals 'Idol' spotlight

ESP 5/19/04 Fantasia mania grips the Triad

Greensboro News Record 5/19/04 Fantasia Fever Gets Hotter

Arizona Republic 5/19/04 Fantasia seals her 'Idol' fate

MichNews 5/19/04 Still Say She's A Tramp: AI Contestant Does Little To Mend Wild Image

Charlotte Observer 5/18/04 Fantasia's family: Fame is inevitable

Winston Salem Journal 5/15/04 Coliseum to hold a viewing party for American Idol finals Tuesday

News Record 5/14/04 Fantasia mania hits high note

MTV 5/14/04 La Toya London Says Fantasia Is The One To Beat On 'Idol'

News 14 5/14/04 Would-be "Idol": Fantasia basks in hometown love

WRAL 5/13/04 High Point 'Idol' Fantasia Advances, Gets Hometown Welcome

Charlotte Observer 5/13/04 Boo! Sob! Fantasia's close call an outrage

Daily Press 5/12/04 Fantasia's still singing

Winston Salem Journal 5/11/04 Competition is new, singer says

Charlotte Observer 5/11/04 Fantasia keeps on singing, praying

Winston Salem Journal 5/6/04 Barrino makes final 4 on 'Idol'

Charlotte Observer 5/6/04 N.C.'s Barrino dazzles her way into final four

The Spoof 5/5/04 American Idol Shocker: Fantasia Barrino's Secret Twin

News Observer 4/29/04 Barrino survives to compete again

Charlotte Observer 4/27/04 Can Fantasia make next 'Idol' cut?

Celebrity Cafe 4/22/04 Fantasia Barrino Takes it to Church on American Idol

Charlotte Observer 4/22/04 It was a close call for N.C.'s Fantasia

News Observer 4/22/04 'Idol' viewers nearly send Fantasia home

Foxes On Idol 4/19/04 Pretenders and Contenders: The Fans Strike Back

News Observer 4/16/04 Barrino's Gershwin wows 'Idol' judges

Charlotte Observer 4/16/04 N.C. singer advances on 'Idol' contest

MTV 4/8/04 Jon Peter Lewis Tries 'My Girl,' Fantasia Barrino Does Aretha For 'Idol' LP

News Observer 4/1/04 High Point singer dazzles 'Idol' judges

The Sun News 3/30/04 'Idol' contestant redefines show with struggles

News Observer 3/18/04 N.C. 'Idol' contender still in the game

WRAL 3/17/04 High Point Singer Wows 'Idol Judges'

Digital Spy 3/15/04 Cowell picks his 'American Idol' faves

Zap2It 3/11/04 Fantasia Named Early 'Idol' Favorite

Foxes On Idol 2/17/04 Fantasia: What Befits An Idol Most

WTVD 2/16/04 A Second North Carolinian Heads to American Idol

Reality TV World 2/12/04 Fantasia Barrino and Diana Degarmo advance to 'American Idol' Top 12

Fans Of Reality TV 2/12/04 American Idol 3 2/11/04: The First Two Get Through

Zap2It 2/11/04 'Idol' Voters Experience Sonic Fantasia

Charlotte Observer 2/11/04 'Idol' candidate already recognized


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