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BuddyTV 7/16/07 Filming on 'Everybody Hates Chris' Season Three Begins Early

Knox News 7/5/07 'Chris' latest show racing to beat puberty

Extra 6/28/07 Chris Rock Has Déjà Vu!

Celebrity Spider 6/27/07 Everybody Hates Chris Cast Rush Back to Work

Celebrity Spider 5/4/07 Chris Must Master Algebra Monday on "Everybody Hates Chris"

Celebrity Spider 4/20/07 Vincent Pastore Guest Stars Next Week on Everybody Hates Chris

Celebrity Spider 3/25/07 Chris Must Choose Between His Dad & a Girl Monday on Everybody Hates Chris

Celebrity Spider 3/13/07 Chris Steps in to be a DJ Next Week on Everybody Hates Chris

Celebrity Spider 3/6/07 Chris Gets a Lucky Pair of Socks Next Week on Everybody Hates Chris

Celebrity Spider 2/13/07 Chris & Greg Get Caught Cutting School Next Week on "Everybody Hates Chris"

Celebrity Spider 2/6/07 Orlando Jones & Todd Bridges Guest Star Next Week on Everybody Hates Chris

Celebrity Spider 1/31/07 Stars of Everybody Hates Chris Joins USO Tour in Ft. Lewis Washington

Celebrity Spider 1/30/07 Chris Goes Missing Next Week on "Everybody Hates Chris"

Celebrity Spider 1/24/07 Chris and Greg Must Care for an Egg Friday on "Everybody Hates Chris"

TV Guide 1/22/07 Todd Bridges on Everybody Hates Chris? Whatchutalkinbout?!

Celebrity Spider 1/20/07 The CW Gives Everybody Hates Chris Full Season Order for 2007-08 Season

Orlando Sentinel 1/19/07 Chris Rock stands behind "Everybody"

Celebrity Spider 1/17/07 Todd Bridges Guest Stars Monday on Everybody Hates Chris

TV Guide 11/27/06 Everybody Hates Chris' Ms. Morello Teaches Us a Lesson

NY Times 10/30/06 Where Everyone Loves to Love Chris

Inside Pulse 10/26/06 Everybody Hates Chris: The First Season - DVD Review

Chicago Sun-Times 10/6/06 Whoopi punches up 'Everybody Hates Chris'

Palm Beach Post 10/1/06 Rock carries torch for African-American comedies

Mobile Register 10/1/06 What's to hate about 'Chris'?

Jam! 10/1/06 Goldberg loves Chris Rock's sitcom

SF Chronicle 9/28/06 New season is another way to love 'Chris,' but give 'Game' the boot

Knox News 9/22/06 Comic hopes producing gives him a rock-solid future

Celebrity Spider 9/19/06 Wayne Brady Guest Stars on Thanksgiving Episode of Everybody Hates Chris

Zap2It 9/19/06 Brady Thankfully Doesn't Hate 'Chris'

Celebrity Spider 8/21/06 Everybody Hates Chris Commences Season 2 With Comedy Legends

Celebrity Spider 8/14/06 Cast of Everybody Hates Chris Helps Tennis for Tots Charity Event

Detroit News 7/19/06 Costume designer fits 'Chris' perfectly

Jam! 6/12/06 'Everybody Hates Chris' wants people to care

Celebrity Spider 5/26/06 Chris Tries to Hide an "F" on His Report Card on the next "Everybody Hates Chris"

Celebrity Spider 5/19/06 Chris Defends Neighborhood "Asteroids" Title on the next Everybody Hates Chris

Celebrity Spider 5/12/06 Chris Develops a "Bus Crush" on the next Episode of "Everybody Hates Chris"

Detroit News 5/11/06 Take time to show love to 'Everyone Hates Chris'

Celebrity Spider 5/5/06 Season Finale of Everybody Hates Chris to Air Next Week

Deseret News 5/4/06 Star of 'Chris' is just a boy

Celebrity Spider 4/28/06 Chris Runs Into Trouble With the Law on the next Everybody Hates Chris

Celebrity Spider 4/21/06 Chris Takes A Playboy Magazine to School on the next Everybody Hates Chris

Celebrity Spider 4/14/06 Chris Enrolls in Karate Classes on the next Everybody Hates Chris

USA Today 4/13/06 On 'Chris,' Rock directs his own story — sort of

Rocky Mountain News 4/12/06 You won't hate Chris' energy

Celebrity Spider 4/7/06 Chris Tries to Get Himself Expelled on the next "Everybody Hates Chris"

Celebrity Spider 3/17/06 Rochelle's Father Dies on the next "Everybody Hates Chris"

Celebrity Spider 3/5/06 Avid Exposure Signs Tequan Richmond From Everybody Hates Chris

Zap2It 3/2/06 The Almost True Story of 'Everybody Hates Chris'

Celebrity Spider 2/24/06 Chris Tries to Hide an "F" on His Report Card on the next "Everybody Hates Chris"

Asbury Park Press 2/22/06 'Everybody Hates Chris' Cast to Appear

Celebrity Spider 2/17/06 Chris Befriends Fat Mike on the next "Everybody Hates Chris"

Jam! 2/16/06 Everybody loves Chris Rock's sitcom

Celebrity Spider 2/10/06 Chris Defends Neighborhood "Asteroids" Title on the next Everybody Hates Chris

Seattle PI 2/9/06 Viewers, 'Chris' deserves your valentines

Celebrity Spider 2/5/06 Chris Develops a "Bus Crush" on the next Episode of "Everybody Hates Chris"

San Francisco Chronicle 1/30/06 'Earl' and 'Chris' rescue sitcoms from mediocrity

Celebrity Spider 1/27/06 Chris Tries to Find an Outfit for His School Picture on "Everybody Hates Chris"

Celebrity Spider 1/20/06 Chris Gets Recruited for the Basketball Team on "Everybody Hates Chris"

Zap2It 1/20/06 UPN Sends Smith, Rock Behind the Camera

Dallas Morning News 1/20/06 TV press tour: There's no patronizing with 'Chris'

NY Daily News 1/20/06 UPN hasn't renewed 'Chris' - yet

Washington Post 1/20/06 'Chris' Co-Creator Dodges the Santa Claws

Celebrity Spider 1/13/06 Chris Learns the Value of a Dollar on the next "Everybody Hates Chris"

Zap2It 1/10/06 'Chris,' 'Crash' Lead Image Award Nominees

Celebrity Spider 1/6/06 Chris Gets a Chance to Impress Keisha on the next "Everybody Hates Chris"

Washington Post 1/1/06 For Ex-Redskin Crews, TV Success Tastes Sweet

Celebrity Spider 12/30/05 Julius Finds Food Stamps on the Next "Everybody Hates Chris"

Chicago Sun Times 12/23/05 'Chris' takes little flak for swipe at Santa

CBS 12/22/05 Chris Rock's Show Says Santa Doesn't Exist

Celebrity Spider 12/9/05 The Water Heater Breaks on the Next Everybody Hates Chris

NY Times 12/4/05 'Wonder Years,' By Way of Bed-Stuy

Zap2It 12/1/05 'Lost,' 'Chris' Take Family TV Honors

Celebrity Spider 11/18/05 Chris Goes to Greg's House Without Permission on the next Everybody Hates Chris

Journal Now 11/10/05 Atypical: Longtime writer for Chris Rock inspired by classic TV

The New Yorker 11/4/05 “My Name Is Earl” and “Everybody Hates Chris.”

Mobile Register 11/3/05 'Chris' is a UPN success

Beacon Journal 11/2/05 Still liking `Everybody Hates Chris'

Celebrity Spider 10/7/05 Everybody Hates Chris Continues to Draw Strong Ratings

NY Daily News 10/6/05 'Chris' star is steady as a Rock

Celebrity Spider 10/5/05 UPN Orders a Full Season of Everybody Hates Chris

Metro 9/27/05 Comedy still kicking as 'Chris,' 'Earl' sizzle

Celebrity Spider 9/26/05 UPN and Google to Offer Streaming Video of Everybody Hates Chris Premiere

Celebrity Spider 9/25/05 Everybody Hates Chris Rocks the Competition

NY Daily News 9/24/05 New 'Chris' rocks 'em

Celebrity Spider 9/23/05 Chris Rock Gets Apology From Old Teacher

Dallas Morning News 9/23/05 UPN's hopes hitched to star

Knox News 9/23/05 Rock's series goes from no-go to lauded UPN show

NY Daily News 9/23/05 On Rock's old block, everybody loves Chris

Orlando Sentinel 9/22/05 Young actor loves "Everybody Hates Chris"

Seattle Times 9/22/05 A chip off the old Chris Rock

Philly.com 9/22/05 You may come to love 'Chris'

Boston Globe 9/22/05 Appealing Chris Rock sitcom puts sweet face on serious issues

AJC 9/22/05 Chris Rock pulls laughs from lots of hard knocks

Philly.com 9/22/05 Likable 'Chris' good for grins; 'Criminal Minds' is grim

Dallas Morning News 9/22/05 Rock rules

Chicago Sun-Times 9/22/05 'Chris' rocks with the wit of the streets

Beacon Journal 9/22/05 Forget title, show very hard to hate

Chicago Tribune 9/22/05 'Everybody Hates Chris' is rock-solid fun

Dallas Morning News 9/22/05 UPN's hopes hitched to star

Washington Post 9/22/05 'Everybody Hates Chris': Whuppin' With Laughter

Detroit News 9/22/05 Show uses humor to address racial issues

NY Times 9/22/05 A Boy Grows in Brooklyn, With a Voice-Over

SouthFlorida.com 9/22/05 Autobiographical Everybody Hates Chris is possibly best new sitcom of season

SF Chronicle 9/22/05 'Chris' definitely a contender, while 'Love' takes a beating

Detroit Free Press 9/22/05 Honestly Funny: Chris Rock puts his heart into his childhood tales

USA Today 9/22/05 There's much to like about lovable 'Chris'

Jam! 9/22/05 Chris Rock gets laughs from childhood

NY Daily News 9/22/05 'Chris' is Rock solid and a riot on UPN

Rocky Mountain News 9/22/05 Critics love Rock-solid show

Hartford Courant 9/22/05 A Rock-Solid New Sitcom

Milwaukee Journal 9/21/05 There's plenty to love about 'Chris'

CBS 9/21/05 Why 'Everybody Hates Chris.' Not!

Star Ledger 9/21/05 'Chris' rocks

Deseret News 9/21/05 You just might love 'Chris'

The Oregonian 9/18/05 There are lots of reasons to love 'Everybody Hates Chris'

NY Times 9/18/05 Chris Rock Hates Everybody's Fussing

Zap2It 9/18/05 'Everybody Hates Chris' Is Ready to Rock

Celebrity Spider 9/15/05 Chris Rock Avoids Family Lawsuits

Asbury Park Press 9/12/05 Rock's Show is Among Fall's Best

Celebrity Spider 9/9/05 Chris Rock Narrates New Series Everybody Hates Chris

Media Buyer Planner 9/9/05 Big Push for 'Everybody Hates Chris'

Chicago Tribune 9/6/05 UPN loves `Chris' -- and that's no joke

Newsday 9/4/05 Television's most anticipated comedy is about Chris Rock's Brooklyn childhood

Chicago Sun-Times 9/4/05 Rock in a hard place

Deseret News 8/22/05 Chris rocks on

Memphis Commercial Appeal 7/30/05 'Chris' puts comedy back on TV

Indy Star 7/26/05 'Everybody' loves Chris Rock's fall series

Media Life 7/26/05 All fall down and pray for Chris Rock

Contra Costa Times 7/25/05 Everybody loves 'Hate'

Detroit Free Press 7/25/05 New comedy's solid, like Rock

Denver Post 7/24/05 UPN's plight: Critics love Chris Rock pilot

Star Ledger 7/23/05 Chris Rock rolls with the hype for new series

South Florida 7/23/05 Rock's irreverent show on UPN after Fox passed

Seattle PI 7/23/05 Fall TV Preview: It's a love fest for 'Everybody Hates Chris'

Beacon Journal 7/22/05 Rock on a roll as he promotes new UPN sitcom

Milwaukee Journal 7/22/05 Chris Rock refuses to play by the usual sitcom rules

Post Gazette 7/22/05 Tuned In: UPN pilot is Rock solid

USA Today 7/22/05 'Chris' is ours alone, UPN says

FOX News 7/22/05 Chris Rock Talks on 'Everybody Hates Chris'

Jam! 7/22/05 Chris Rock gabs about new sitcom

Hollywood Reporter 7/22/05 Everybody says 'Chris' stays put

Washington Post 7/22/05 Chris Rock, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

NY Daily News 7/22/05 Rock's comic roots

Detroit News 6/21/05 Chris Rock talks about his new sitcom

Zap2It 6/20/05 'Chief,' 'Chris' Deemed Family Friendly


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