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News Articles about American Idol 5 Contestant Elliott Yamin


Daily Press 12/6/07 Q & A: Richmond's favorite Idol, Elliott Yamin, speaks

BuddyTV 12/4/07 Exclusive Interview with American Idol Contestant Elliott Yamin

Washington Post 11/28/07 Movin' From 'Idol' Adulation to Stage Charm

Times Union 11/25/07 Elliott Yamin, an unlikely success

Baltimore Sun 11/22/07 Not just 'Idol' success

Houston Chronicle 11/20/07 Elliot Yamin's 'Wait' takes him to Top 10 on the charts

Earth Times 11/13/07 American Idol Star Elliott Yamin and Music Legend Gloria Gaynor To Perform at AnthemLIVE

Morning Call 11/10/07 Golden Idol

Richmond Times Dispatch 11/9/07 Catching up with Elliott Yamin

Patriot-News 11/8/07 Elliott Yamin spins some holiday tunes

News Record 11/4/07 Yamin shows smooth talent despite level of L.A. artifice

Citizen-Times 11/2/07 Beyond 'Idol:' Before Asheville show, Yamin talks about writing songs, odd job and charity groups

Parade Magazine 11/1/07 American Idol's Elliott Yamin reflects on his diabetes... his music... and his true love

Herald Mail 11/1/07 'Idol' finalist to perform in Hagerstown

Daily Press 10/26/07 Elliott Yamin gets in a holiday mood

The Tennessean 10/22/07 'Idol' finalist Yamin comes to town armed with hit

Flint Journal 10/14/07 Idol's Yamin impresses in Machine Shop gig in Flint, Michigan

The Daily Beacon 10/10/07 American Idol finalist plays Bijou

Reality TV World 10/8/07 Former 'American Idol 5' finalist Elliott Yamin releasing holiday album

UW Badger Herald 10/8/07 Idol’s soul overpowers bland lyrics, pop beats

Grand Rapids Press 10/8/07 Soulful Elliot makes for a great night

Grand Rapids Press 10/6/07 Star is rising for 'Idol' star

UW Badger Herald 10/5/07 Yamin sings song of success

Hagerstown Morning Herald 9/29/07 'American Idol' competitor to perform at The Maryland Theatre

Manila Standard Today 9/28/07 A song from Elliot

The Inquirer 9/28/07 Idol mind • Idol mind • Idol mind

Daily Tribune 9/28/07 Jammin’ with Yamin

All American Patriots 9/18/07 Elliott Yamin, Former 'American Idol' Contestant, Earning Respect with Debut Album

Celebrity Spider 9/14/07 Elliot Yamin: Fighting Diabetes

TMZ 9/12/07 "Idol" Loser Sticks Up for Brit

Sturgis Journal 9/6/07 Yamin leads by example

Asbury Park Press 8/31/07 Life After 'Idol' 

LiveDaily.com 8/24/07 Elliott Yamin works TV ahead of fall outing

Celebrity Spider 8/22/07 Constantine Maroulis & Elliott Yamin Friday on The Bold and The Beautiful

Eagle Tribune 8/19/07 Haverhill concert crowd idolizes Elliott Yamin

11 Alive 8/14/07 Elliott Yamin Review

Eagle Tribune 8/5/07 Haverhill to be stage for 'American Idol' Yamin

Richmond.com 7/31/07 Eric Cantor and Elliott Yamin join to fight juvenile diabetes

Entertainment Weekly 7/20/07 Elliott Yamin: Third Power

LiveDaily.com 6/25/07 Elliott Yamin goes his own way

Buddy TV 6/18/07 Elliot Yamin Gains Success Post-American Idol

Union Tribune 6/16/07 Live: One funky white boy

IGN 6/14/07 Elliott Yamin - Elliott Yamin

Star Gazette 6/14/07 Yamin thriving after 'Idol' snub

MLive 6/13/07 My baloney has a first name, it's Y-A-M-I-N...

Inside Bay Area 6/12/07 Former 'Idol' singer Yamin brings his smooth singing to Slim's

Vancouver Sun 6/9/07 Former 'Idol' contender brings first-album tour to Commodore

The Olympian 6/7/07 Third place worked like a charm for Elliott Yamin

CBS 5/30/07 Elliott Yamin Found His Calling

Flint Journal 5/29/07 Former 'Idol' Elliott Yamin enjoying his 'icing on the cake'

Beavers On Idol 5/28/07 Heart and Soul (and Sweat): Elliott Yamin Kicks Off U.S.Tour

MLive.com 5/28/07 Former 'Idol' Elliott Yamin enjoying his 'icing on the cake'

Lancaster Newspapers 5/27/07 'Idol' worship

Buddy TV 5/25/07 What Are They Up To? American Idol's Elliott Yamin

Asbury Park Press 5/19/07 "Idol" runner-up Yamin takes debut album on the road

Richmond Times Dispatch 5/18/07 Success means new jeans for Yamin

Cleveland Jewish News 5/17/07 Tell us what Yamin

OC Register 5/9/07 Elliott Yamin is a winner after 'Idol'

Richmond.com 5/6/07 Hometown High

Richmond Times Dispatch 5/6/07 Yamin performance delayed till May 18

Celebrity Spider 5/5/07 Elliott Yamin Tour Dates Announced 

Richmond Times Dispatch 5/5/07 Yamin sings anthem at RIR

MLive 4/17/07 Yamin coming to Detroit

Reality TV World 4/13/07 Former 'Idol 5' finalist Elliott Yamin's first album debuts at No. 3

Daily Press 4/12/07 'American Idol' finalist from Virginia to perform in Norfolk

News14 4/10/07 'Idol' raises money for grieving families

Western Star 4/9/07 Elliot Yamin shows off worthy vocals in self-titled debut album

Times Dispatch 4/1/07 Elliott Yamin stops by his old job

ThatsRacin.com 3/30/07 Former American Idol to perform at Richmond

Sturgis Journal 3/28/07 Yamin scores well with debut

Beacon Journal 3/25/07 `Idol' soul singer Elliott Yamin shows up Hicks on debut CD

USA Today 3/23/07 Elliott: My track-by-track overview

Times Dispatch 3/22/07 Elliott returns to Richmond, still feels the love

Times Dispatch 3/22/07 Elliott was here

Foxes on Idol 3/21/07 American Idol CD Review: "Elliott Yamin" - A First Listen

NY Daily News 3/20/07 For 'Idol' alum, pitchiness isn't the problem - it's the songs

Times Dispatch 3/20/07 Elliott Yamin's CD comes out today

Times Dispatch 3/11/07 Elliott's life in L.A.

MTV 3/8/07 Idols Now: Elliott Yamin 'Movin' On' With Limp Bizkit's DJ Lethal

Mrs. Jones on Idol 3/5/07 Calling Out All Elliott Yamin Fans

MediaFiends.com 2/4/07 Elliott's New Single! He's "movin' on!"

Mrs Jones on Idol 1/26/07-Elliott, Hot Off the Press

Times Dispatch 1/26/07 Wait for Elliott Yamin's record is over

Diabetes Health 1/4/07 Elliott Yamin -Advocate and ‘Idol’

Times Dispatch 12/31/06 Elliott Fever 

Celebrity Spider 12/8/06 American Idol Star Elliott Yamin Gets New Teeth

Zap2It 12/8/06 'Idol's' Yamin a Snaggletooth No More

Richmond Times Dispatch 12/7/06 Yamin's new smile gets him in People

Richmond Times Dispatch 12/5/06 Elliott Yamin has a Christmas song

Foxes On Idol 12/4/06 Idol Thoughts, December 4: Who’s on Third?

MediaFiends.com 12/2/06 Don't Forget to Remember Elliott!

Celebrity Spider 10/25/06 American Idol's Elliott Yamin Helps Fans Raise Money For Diabetes Research

Richmond Times Dispatch 10/9/06 Elliott Yamin comes to town

Richmond Times Dispatch 10/4/06 Yamin surprise in store

People 10/2/06 Idol's Elliott Yamin Has Surgery

Celebrity Spider 9/25/06 Elliott Yamin's First Solo Concert to Benefit Juvenile Diabetes Research

Sturgis Journal 8/24/06 The Farr Side: This 'Idol' is a winner in niece's book

Jewish Journal 8/11/06 Tour Keeps 'American Idol' Runner-up on the Run

Times Dispatch 8/10/06 Yamin tix for sale Saturday

MSNBC 8/8/06 No record deal yet for Elliott Yamin of ‘Idol’

Inside Entertainment 8/3/06 Idol's Yamin makes dreams come true

Reality TV World 8/2/06 Former 'Idol 5' finalist Elliott Yamin expecting to sign contract soon

Entertainment Weekly 8/2/06 Yamin Business

People 8/1/06 Idol's Elliott Yamin Is 'Entertaining Offers'

Reality TV Magazine 7/30/06 American Idol - Why No Record Deal For Elliott Yamin?

Times Dispatch 7/29/06 Elliott's caught napping: Idol tardy for Bush date

Times Dispatch 7/11/06 Mom holds down the fort for Elliott

Celebrity Spider 7/1/06 Elliott Yamin Fans Help to Find a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes

Times Dispatch 6/12/06 Yamin hit a high note for tourism

Reality TV Magazine 6/10/06 Elliott Yamin Fans Petition Media For Support

MediaFiends.com 6/1/06 Elliott on 'Live'

Times Dispatch 5/26/06 No regrets for Elliott Yamin

Richmond Times Dispatch 5/24/06 We tried, Elliott, we tried

Reality TV Calendar 5/22/06 A "Yamin"-ingful Journey

Mrs Jones on Idol 5/19/06 The Great Jones Mystery Solved

Chancelucky 5/19/06 Elliott Yamin Out at Third

Fans of Reality TV 5/19/06 American Idol Interview With Elliott Yamin

Cleveland Jewish News 5/19/06 Nice Jewish boy' Yamin is our ‘American Idol'

Newsday 5/19/06 Not singing the blues

Celebrity Spider 5/18/06 Elliott Yamin Eliminated From American Idol; Next Week Idol Finale

Entertainment Weekly 5/18/06 Graceful Exit

Extra 5/18/06 Elliott Says Tearful Goodbye on ‘Idol'

Daily News 5/18/06 Elliott Yamin talks about post-"Idol" career

Richmond.com 5/18/06 Cantor congratulates Yamin for his 'American Idol' run

Times Dispatch 5/18/06 Yamin wins House tribute

Foxes On Idol 5/18/06 American Idol 5: Why Elliott Lost

Buffalo News 5/18/06 Soulful Elliott's 'Idol' quest is ended

MSNBC 5/18/06 Hometown enjoyed Yamin's ‘amazing run’

People 5/18/06 Elliott Out on American Idol

Toledo Blade 5/18/06 Viewers derail Yamin's bid to reach finals

Detroit News 5/18/06 Soulful dark horse Elliott rides into sunset in close vote

NY Daily News 5/18/06 'Idol' Elliot told go home

Boston Globe 5/18/06 Elliott is eliminated on 'Idol'

Fredericksburg.com 5/18/06 Virginia's Yamin gets boot from 'Idol'

Newsday 5/18/06 Bye bye, Elliott

CBS 5/18/06 Elliott Yamin Exits 'Idol'

MTV 5/18/06 'American Idol' Voters End Elliott Yamin's Finale Hopes

Chicago Sun Times 5/18/06 End of road for 'funky white boy' Elliott

Reality TV Magazine 5/17/06 Emotional American Idol Exit For Elliott Yamin

Reality TV Magazine 5/17/06 American Idol Results - Elliott Yamin Eliminated In Very Close Voting

Times Dispatch 5/17/06 'Idol' hopes over for Elliott

Richmond.com 5/17/06 Elliott Yamin fails to advance on 'American Idol'

PhillyBurbs.com 5/17/06 American Idol: Defending Elliott Yamin

People 5/16/06 Idol Watch: Elliott Next to Go?

Celebrity Spider 5/16/06 Richmond Phone Company Sets Up Phone Banks to Support Elliott Yamin

Mercury News 5/16/06 Abdul reveals her choice to win 'Idol'

TMZ 5/15/06 Elliott Yamin Doesn't Know the Rules of Celebrity

National Ledger 5/16/06 Elliott Yamin: The Rodney Dangerfield of American Idol

Chicago Tribune 5/15/06 'American Idol' judge Paula Abdul not ashamed to root for Elliott Yamin

Times Dispatch 5/13/06 Richmond's 'Idol'

Times Dispatch 5/13/06 Bear names even include . . . Elliott

Times Dispatch 5/11/06 Elliott Comes Home

National Ledger 5/11/06 How Elliott Yamin Can Win American Idol

Richmond.com 5/10/06 Elliott Yamin advances on 'American Idol,' plans Friday trip to Richmond for parade, R-Braves game

Times Dispatch 5/10/06 Elliott in 'Idol's' final three

Reality TV Magazine 5/10/06 Unforgettable Night For Elliott Yamin on American Idol

Orlando Sentinel 5/10/06 Go, Elliott

Indy Star 5/10/06 Yamin's chances improve after Elvis-inspired 'Idol'

Style Weekly 5/10/06 Goose Bumps and T-Shirts, Elliott’s “Already Won”

Reality TV Magazine 5/9/06 American Idol: Elliott Comes Out Fighting On Elvis Week

Virginia Pilot 5/9/06 Family and friends rooting for Yamin on ''Idol''

Daily Press 5/9/06 Yamin's singing talent a welcome surprise to 'Idol' hopeful's family

Our Sports Central 5/9/06 American Idol contestant Elliott Yamin may visit Diamond

PhillyBurbs.com 5/9/06 American Idol: Elliott phone home from Graceland

National Ledger 5/9/06 American Idol: It’s Time to Take Elliott Yamin Seriously

Reality TV Magazine 5/8/06 American Idol Dark Horse Rising: Does Elliott Yamin Stand A Chance?

Beavers On Idol 5/8/06 Ya Gotta Believe in Yamin!

Richmond Times-Dispatch 5/3/06 Elliott has another close 'Idol' call

San Gabriel Valley Tribune 5/2/06 `American Idol' finalist has ties to Glendora

Richmond Times Dispatch 5/2/06 As Elliott goes, so go the ratings

Foxes On Idol 4/28/06 American Idol 5: The Case for Elliott

Times Dispatch 4/26/06 Elliott will return for another round of 'Idol'

MediaFiends.com 4/26/06 Elliott Yamin: A Song For Us

Times Dispatch 4/25/06 Elliott's looks, and chances, evolving

Virginian Pilot 4/25/06 Yamin-Mania!

Richmond Times Dispatch 4/20/06 Elliott advances on American Idol

Richmond.com 4/20/06 Ace in the hole; Yamin moves on in 'American Idol'

Richmond.com 4/20/06 Ace in the hole; Yamin moves on in 'American Idol'

Times Dispatch 4/19/06 Elliott advances on American Idol

MLive.com 4/19/06 Elliott's stock is rising, Chris hangs in there

MediaFiends.com 4/17/06 - Elliott Yamin: The Voice: Can you handle it?

Virginian Pilot 3/28/06 Richmond's Elliott Yamin still alive in ''Idol'' top 10

Potomac News 3/23/06 Yamin, Daughtry still in the hunt

Richmond Times Dispatch 3/23/06 Yamin, Daughtry still in the hunt

Potomac News 3/22/06 Manilow helps Yamin wow judges

Richmond Times Dispatch 3/16/06 Yamin, Daughtry make cut on 'Idol'

Richmond Times Dispatch 3/15/06 'Idol's' Yamin wins praise from an idol

Star Tribune 3/14/06 Handicapping the top 12 on 'American Idol' puts Yamin on top

Richmond Times Dispatch 3/10/06 Va. 'Idol' contestants stayin' alive

Richmond Times Dispatch 3/9/06 Yamin, Daughtry criticized on 'Idol'

Richmond Times Dispatch 3/1/06 Yamin to 'mix it up' tonight

PhillyBurbs.com 2/28/06 American Idol: Elliott Yamin's dental dilemna

Richmond Times Dispatch 2/23/06 Idol's Cowell praises Yamin

WTKR 2/23/06 Virginia Contestants Earns Rave Reviews On ' American Idol'

Virginian Pilot 2/21/06 Richmonder goes from karaoke to ''American Idol''

Richmond Times Dispatch 2/17/06 Two on 'Idol' have ties to Virginia

Celebrity Spider 2/16/06 Top 24 American Idol Semifinalists Revealed


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