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Celebrity Spider 4/11/08 Shannon Elizabeth's a Dog Lover

TMZ 4/9/08 Shannon Elizabeth is Watching

Waco Tribune 4/8/08 Before she danced with the stars, actress Shannon Elizabeth took a turn on a Waco dance floor

MSNBC 4/7/08 Shannon’s legs give her an edge on ‘Dancing’

TMZ 2/25/08 Shannon Is Ready to Rumba

Celebrity Spider 2/15/08 Shannon Elizabeth Finds Love With Teacher 12/31/07 Shannon Elizabeth folds on Aussie poker champ

Celebrity Spider 8/14/07 Shannon Elizabeth Set for British Hell's Kitchen Show

Herald Sun 8/2/07 Shannon spits chips at Crown 7/24/07 Shannon Elizabeth deals herself in for poker match

E!Online 1/10/07 Elizabeth Serves Up Piece of the Pie

Celebrity Spider 7/18/06 Poker Queen Shannon Elizabeth Addicted to Cards

Celebrity Spider 5/17/06 Shannon Elizabeth in Photographer Fracas

Celebrity Spider 3/16/06 Shannon Elizabeth's Husband Seeks Property

Celebrity Spider 1/4/06 Shannon Elizabeth's a Big Winner on New Years Eve

Celebrity Spider 10/7/05 Shannon Elizabeth Eyes Penelope Cruz' Boyfriend

Celebrity Spider 9/23/05 Shannon Elizabeth Shares Hair Tips

Celebrity Spider 7/2/05 Shannon Elizabeth Files for Divorce

Zap2It 7/1/05 Shannon Elizabeth Files for Divorce

Celebrity Spider 5/9/05 Shannon Elizabeth Urges Cheating Men to Watch Oprah

Zap2It 3/8/05 Shannon Elizabeth Splits with Husband

Celebrity Spider 2/28/05 Shannon Elizabeth's Saucy Scavenger Hunt

Contact Music 2/28/05 Shannon's Saturday Night Spoiled By Prank Calls

Zap2It 2/13/05 Shannon Elizabeth Curls up with 'Cuts'

National Enquirer 12/21/04 American Pie Cutie Turns To Psychic To Save Marriage

Zap2It 11/10/04 UPN Picks Up 'One on One' Spinoff

Zap2It 3/11/04 Elizabeth Goes 'One on One' with UPN

Hollywood Reporter 3/11/04 Casting call for McRaney, Elizabeth

Teen Hollywood 11/25/03 Wes Craven Horror Film Undergoes Cast Overhaul

CNN 11/17/03 '70s Show' 'terrified' Shannon Elizabeth

Digital Spy 4/18/07 Jordan criticises Elizabeth Hurley

Celebrity Spider 4/12/07 Arun Nayar's Father Speaks Out Against Elizabeth Hurley Wedding

Teen Hollywood 9/6/03 Shannon Nervous About Ashton Love Scenes

Cincinnati Post 7/31/03 'Pie' stars finding success, or not, in other film roles

Hollywood Reporter 7/11/03 Elizabeth takes "70s' love trip 3/25/03 Celeb of the Day: Shannon Elizabeth

Zap2It 3/25/03 Shannon Elizabeth Joins 'Cursed' Cast

Zap2It 10/14/02 Shannon Elizabeth to Star in a FOX Series

Zap2It 9/9/02 Shannon Elizabeth to Guest Star on The Twilight Zone on UPN

Zap2It 7/22/02 Shannon Elizabeth Guest Stars as Chau's Dream Girl

Teen Hollywood 6/28/02 Shannon Elizabeth: No More Teen Movies

Zap2It 1/25/02 Shannon Elizabeth Guest Stars as Finch's Au Pair on Just Shoot Me

Deseret News 10/30/01 Elizabeth tapes message opposing hate crimes

IGN 10/27/01 Celeb of the Day: Shannon Elizabeth

Zap2It 8/3/01 'American Pie 2:' The X-Rated Version

CNN 4/10/01 Shannon Elizabeth: The Chihuahua stole my job

Milwaukee Journal 1/26/01 Actress Shannon Elizabeth Honored

BBC 9/8/00 Scary babes speak out

Empire Online 9/6/00 Shannon Elizabeth Talks American Pie 2

BBC 9/5/00 Stars out for Scary première

Salon 7/7/00 "Scary Movie"


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