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Seattle Times 10/20/08 "Eli Stone" cast's gotta sing, gotta dance
Zap2It 10/15/08 Good Omen for 'Eli Stone'
Zap2It 10/14/08 Premierewatch: 'Eli Stone'

Post Gazette 10/14/08 TV Review: 'Eli' dances with heart and soul
Celebrity Spider 10/14/08 Jonny Lee Miller Brands Katie Holmes' Eli Stone Slot 'Amazing'

Celebrity Spider 10/13/08 Eli Stone: Eli Fights For Jordan's Life Tomorrow on ABC
Jam! 10/11/08 Katie Holmes guests on 'Eli Stone'

Daily Mail 10/10/08 Goodbye girl next door: Katie Holmes shows her raunchy side on U.S. television

Celebrity Spider 9/29/08 Katie Holmes To Set Pulses Racing With Eli Stone Cameo

NY Daily News 9/29/08 Katie Holmes sexes up 'Eli Stone'
Celebrity Spider 9/23/08 Jonny Lee Miller's Wife Pregnant With First Child
Post Gazette 9/4/08 TV on DVD: 'Eli Stone,' 'Life,' 'The Office'
Chicago Tribune 8/29/08 'Eli Stone': A peek at Season 2
Digital Spy 8/21/08 Sci Fi picks up legal drama 'Eli Stone' 
Celebrity Spider 7/19/08 Katie Holmes A Hit With Eli Stone Cast

NJ.com 4/18/08 Eli Stone: Feeling good

Zap2It 4/18/08 Finalewatch: 'Eli Stone': A Doctor, a Rabbi and a Lawyer...

Celebrity Spider 4/17/08 Eli's Life Hangs in the Balance Tonight on "Eli Stone"

LA Times 4/17/08 Loretta Devine counts her many blessings

USA Today 4/17/08 'Eli Stone' can't predict future, but all involved hope series lives

Detroit News 4/17/08 'Eli Stone' on life support

Zap2It 4/13/08 'Eli Stone': See? Told You.

Celebrity Spider 4/11/08 Eli Foresees an Earthquake and Sues to Save the City Sunday on "Eli Stone"

Zap2It 4/10/08 'Eli Stone': Living Brave

Celebrity Spider 4/4/08 Eli and Keith Sue a Prison Next Week on "Eli Stone"

Zap2It 4/3/08 'Eli Stone': Family Flashback

Celebrity Spider 4/3/08 Eli Defends His Brother in Court Tonight on "Eli Stone"

IGN 3/28/08 Eli Stone: "I Want Your Sex" Review

Zap2It 3/27/08 'Eli Stone': Fan Boy, anyone?

Celebrity Spider 3/27/08 George Michael Retains Eli's Counsel Tonight on "Eli Stone"

IGN 3/24/08 Eli Stone: "Praying for Time" Review

Entertainment Weekly 3/21/08 George Michael Has Faith in 'Eli Stone'

Knox News 3/21/08 Brit finds U.S. TV role irresistible

Zap2It 3/20/08 'Eli Stone': So much for faith  

Celebrity Spider 3/20/08 Eli Foresees an Earthquake Tonight on "Eli Stone"

Deseret Morning News 3/20/08 Save 'Eli Stone'

IGN 3/14/08 Eli Stone: "Heal the Pain" Review

Zap2It 3/13/08 'Eli Stone': Slaying the Dragon

Celebrity Spider 3/13/08 A Fire Breathing Dragon Chases Eli Tonight on "Eli Stone"

Detroit News 3/13/08 ABC's 'Eli Stone' has uncertain future

IGN 3/7/08 Eli Stone: "Something to Save" Review

IGN 3/7/08 Eli Stone: "One More Try" Review

Zap2It 3/6/08 'Eli Stone' finally stops the lies (and the rain)

Celebrity Spider 3/6/08 Eli is Called Before the State Bar Tonight on "Eli Stone"

Zap2It 2/28/08 'Eli Stone': New Eli vs. Old Eli

Chicago Tribune 2/27/08 Jonny Lee Miller on the prophet-vs.-profit motives of 'Eli Stone'

Celebrity Spider 2/22/08 Untimely Courtroom Visions Threaten Eli's Case Next Week on "Eli Stone"

IGN 2/22/08 Eli Stone: "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" Review

Zap2It 2/21/08 'Eli Stone': A W&S Vision

Southcoast Today 2/21/08 'Eli Stone,' 'Lipstick Jungle' see their viewership vanishing

Celebrity Spider 2/15/08 Eli Sues the Church Next Week on "Eli Stone"

IGN 2/15/08 Eli Stone: "Father Figure" Review

Zap2It 2/14/08 'Eli Stone': Saving Private Swain

Firefox News 2/14/08 Review -- "Eli Stone," so far

Celebrity Spider 2/8/08 Eli Battles His Fiancée in Court Next Week on "Eli Stone"

IGN 2/8/08 Eli Stone: "Freedom" Review

Zap2It 2/7/08 'Eli Stone': Boys' Choirs and Biplanes

Celebrity Spider 2/1/08 Eli Takes on a Huge Conglomerate Next Week on "Eli Stone"

Houston Chronicle 2/1/08 Eli Stone keeps the faith

BuddyTV 1/31/08 Pilot Review: You Gotta Have Faith in Eli Stone

Daily Herald 1/31/08 Misplaced 'Faith' mars treacly new legal series

Union Tribune 1/31/08 Eli Stone: I Object

Celebrity Spider 1/31/08 Oceanic Airlines Announces How to Get Golden Pass Tonight During "Eli Stone"

Celebrity Spider 1/31/08 Preview for Tonight's Series Premiere Episode of "Eli Stone"

NY Times 1/31/08 A Lawyer Who Hears New Ways to Argue

Washington Post 1/31/08 'Eli Stone': No Seer, But No Rerun Either

Boston Globe 1/31/08 'Eli Stone' puts its faith in lawyers

Zap2It 1/31/08 Premierewatch: 'Eli Stone'

Buffalo News 1/31/08 'Eli Stone' on ABC has an 'Ally McBeal' feel

TV Guide 1/31/08 Eli Stone: Jonny Lee Miller Takes a Leap of Faith

Deseret News 1/31/08 'Eli' is great

Chicago Tribune 1/31/08 'Eli Stone' puts George Michael and faith in the spotlight

South Coast Today 1/31/08 ABC's 'Eli Stone' joins genre of cosmic cuteness

Star Ledger 1/31/08 He thinks he's a prophet, but he's at a loss: 'Eli Stone' review

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 1/31/08 TV Review: 'Eli Stone' has McBeal-like imagination

Chicago Sun Times 1/31/08 Heavenly father figure

LA Times 1/31/08 'Eli Stone' explores new life inside his head

Philly.com 1/31/08 There's a familiar ring to quirky lawyer show

Philly.com 1/31/08 Ellen Gray: 'Eli' may remind you of 'Ally'

Newsday 1/31/08 Review: Jonny Lee Miller in 'Eli Stone'

Hartford Courant 1/31/08 'Eli Stone' Is Here

NY Daily News 1/31/08 'Eli Stone' needs some tuning

Uncle Barky 1/30/08 New series review: Eli Stone (ABC)

IGN 1/30/08 Eli Stone: "Pilot" Advance Review

Cleveland Plain Dealer 1/30/08 Quirky 'Eli Stone' has promise

USA Today 1/30/08 Say halo to the heavenly, overly cute 'Eli Stone'

San Francisco Chronicle 1/30/08 'Eli Stone' goes for quirky, 'Ally McBeal' style, but after a while, kooky can start to get irritating

NY Post 1/30/08 Vocal Hero

Star Ledger 1/30/08 Doctors' protests can't sway ABC to cancel autism drama

Toledo Blade 1/29/08 Moral flip-flop: A lawyer finds himself at the crossroads in ABC's 'Eli Stone'

Rocky Mountain News 1/29/08 In new 'Stone,' comedy meets the inexplicable

Sun Sentinel 1/29/08 TV review: Eli Stone is unbelievable

Post Gazette 1/29/08 ABC's 'Eli Stone' under fire

LA Times 1/28/08 Pediatricians say new TV show perpetuates autism myth

Washington Post 1/27/08 A Lawyer's Prophet Ability

NY Post 1/27/08 'Stone' Fox 

Milwaukee Journal 1/27/08 'Eli Stone' is television's latest daydream believer

Jam! 1/27/08 Henstridge romancing the 'Stone'

Oregonian 1/27/08 Lawyer 'Eli Stone' is a reluctant visionary

Variety 1/25/08 Review: Eli Stone

NY Times 1/23/08 ABC Drama Takes on Science and Parents

Buddy TV 1/23/08 Actress Keeps Fingers Crossed for 'Eli Stone'

Celebrity Spider 1/14/08 Premiere Episode of Eli Stone to Feature Emerson Hart's "Flyin"

LA Times 12/30/07 Jonny Lee Miller joins British invasion

Digital Spy 8/13/07 George Michael will play guardian angel

Zap2It 7/30/07 Ex-'Mars' Star Cast in 'Stone'

Celebrity Spider 5/16/07 ABC Announces New Fall Series "Eli Stone"


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