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Zap2It 4/11/12 'American Idol's' Elise Testone: Jason Segel is a fan, plus an awesome Lady Gaga cover

USA Today 4/10/12 Idol Meter: Imagination is the key for these three

NorthJersey.com 4/9/12 Kinnelon grad still climbing her way to top on 'American Idol'

Star Ledger 4/5/12 Elise Testone gets a 'Whole Lotta Love' on 'American Idol'

Zap2It 4/4/12 'American Idol': Elise Testone's Foreigner is divisive

USA Today 4/4/12 Phillip and Elise: 'Stop Dragging My Heart Around'

USA Today 4/4/12 Elise Testone: 'I Want to Know What Love Is'

Dailyrecord.com 4/4/12 Kinnelon singer becoming 'Idol' to fans at home and on TV

NorthJersey.com 4/4/12 A new chance to show her range on 'Idol'

Daily Record 4/1/12 From Kinnelon to 'American Idol' contender

Patch.com 4/1/12 'Idol' Hopeful Testone Safe for Another Week

Zap2It 3/28/12 'American Idol': Elise Testone gets her Adam Lambert on for 'Whole Lotta Love'

USA Today 3/28/12 Elise Testone: 'Whole Lotta Love

Newsday 3/28/12 Elise Testone shreds Led Zeppelin on 'American Idol'

Patch.com 3/22/12 Elise Testone Safe in American Idol

Patch.com 3/22/12 Lowcountry's Elise Testone Gets American Idol Decision Tonight

MTV 3/22/12 'American Idol' Report Card: Jessica Sanchez, Elise Testone Lead The Pack

Zap2It 3/21/12 'American Idol': Elise Testone nails 'Vienna'

USA Today 3/21/12 Elise Testone: 'Vienna'

Zap2It 3/21/12 'American Idol': Elise Testone on being in the bottom 3 ... again

NorthJersey.com 3/21/12 Kinnelon native Testone building momentum in 'American Idol' Top 10

USA Today 3/20/12 Idol Meter: 2 girls and a guy imperiling them

Hollywood Reporter 3/16/12 Jessica Sanchez and Elise Testone Get Ringing Endorsement from 'X Factor's' Chris Rene (Video)

NorthJersey.com 3/15/12 Local idol deserves better

Patch.com 3/14/12 Kinnelon 'Idol' Hopeful Puts on 'Dope' Performance

Newsday 3/14/12 Elise Testone is 'dope, Deandre Brackensick gets bad advice on 'American Idol'

USA Today 3/14/12 Elise Testone: 'Let's Stay Together'

Zap2It 3/14/12 'American Idol's' Elise Testone on Top 12 week: 'I love the song I'm singing and am totally in my element'

NorthJersey.com 3/14/12 Kinnelon native Elise Testone goes on Twitter offensive to prove she doesn't have an attitude ..

Patch.com 3/9/12 After Close Call, Testone Moves on in 'American Idol'

Live 5 News 3/9/12 Charleston 'American Idol' contestant saved by judges

Patch.com 3/8/12 Testone Wasn't 'Comfortable' With Song Change on 'American Idol'

Zap2It 3/8/12 'American Idol': Shannon Magrane and Elise Testone respond to the judges' critiques

USA Today 3/7/12 Elise Testone: 'I'm Your Baby Tonight'

Zap2It 3/7/12 'American Idol': Skylar Laine, Elise Testone, Erika Van Pelt are nervous about singing Whitney Houston

Star Ledger 3/5/12 Kinnelon's Elise Testone makes the top 13 cut on 'American Idol'

Charleston Post Courier 3/3/12 Friends hail 'American Idol' finalist Elise Testone

MyrtleBeachOnline.com 3/2/12 Coastal Carolina grad makes it to “America’s Top 10” on “American Idol.”

Charleston Post Courier 3/2/12 Local musician Elise Testone advances to finals on 'American Idol'

Patch.com 3/2/12 Kinnelon 'American Idol' Contestant a Top 10 Finalist

Newsday 3/1/12 Elise Testone and her hat power into 'American Idol' finals

Daily Mail 3/1/12 Adele's the One and Only! Jen Hirsh & Elise Testone perform same track by British singer on American Idol..

WCBD 3/1/12 Mt Pleasant music teacher inspires students as she excels on American Idol

NorthJersey.com 2/29/12 Kinnelon native Elise Testone takes the stage tonight for the live show & voting portion of "American Idol."

Zap2It 2/29/12 'American Idol': Elise Testone rocks 'One and Only' by Adele

Newsday 2/29/12 Elise Testone's 'special' tone channels Adele on 'American Idol'

NJ.com 2/28/12 Kinnelon's Elise Testone is last Jersey girl standing on American Idol

NorthJersey.com 2/26/12 Kinnelon native Elise Testone soars through to American Idol's Top 24

Charleston City Paper 2/23/12 Elise Testone makes Idol's Top 24

BuddyTV 2/22/12 'American Idol' Live Recap: Some of the Top 24 Revealed

Zap2It 2/22/12 'American Idol': Meet the Top 24 (so far)

Entertainment Weekly 2/22/12 'American Idol': 14 of Top 24 singers announced

NorthJersey.com 2/22/12 Kinnelon native Elise Testone view for spot in Top 24 on 'American Idol'

NorthJersey.com 2/19/12 Kinnelon grad singing her way to the top

The Digitel 2/17/12 American Idol judges wowed by Charleston's Elise Testone (update: advances to top 42)

Patch.com 2/15/12 American Idol Contestant: I Love Coming Home to Kinnelon

Charleston Post Courier 2/15/12 Local 'American Idol' contestant Elise Testone just wants to perform

SCNow 2/8/12 CCU grad hits a high note with American Idol judges

MyrtleBeachOnline.com 2/6/12 CCU Grad featured on American Idol

WMBF 2/6/12 CCU alumna competes on American Idol


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