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News Articles about the WB Networks Elimidate


Milwaukee Journal 9/16/02 'Elimidate' visit shows plenty of booze, barbs

Salon 9/12/02 Like "Wild Kingdom," with hot tubs

Seattle PI 8/15/02 'Elimidate' holds auditions in Seattle

Digital Spy 7/27/02 ITV drops "Elimidate" from schedules

Bay Area 7/3/02 Glut of TV dating shows proves how desperate we are for love

Centre Daily Times 7/2/02 Dating shows match TV with viewers who are longing for love

On Milwaukee 5/23/02 "ElimiDate" comes to town

Hollywood Reporter 4/18/02 Syndication singles out 'Elimidate'

Guardian 3/25/02 ITV1 makes a date with raunchy reality show

Technique 2/15/02 Dating TV shows: Real romance or really ridiculous?

Hollywood Reporter 12/28/01 KCAL sweeps up in L.A. with 'Wheel,' 'Elimidate'

Go Memphis 12/21/01 Midseason ax job: Elimidate Deluxe won't be missed

Business Journal 12/21/01 Dear Santa, I want a Toni, a Tina, a Sheri ...

Gist 10/31/01 WB Breaks Up With Elimidate

Zap2It 10/29/01 WB's 'Elimidate' is Eliminated

Tee Vee 10/29/01 Fall '01: "Elimidate Deluxe"

Washington Post 10/11/01 The WB's 'Elimidate Deluxe': Woo-Wooing

Milwaukee Journal 10/10/01 'Elimidate' is eager to humiliate

Washington Post 9/16/01 Lost and Found: Are We There Yet?

Tee Vee 9/6/01 Elimidate Deluxe

Milwaukee Journal 7/19/01 Fox, WB ready to dole out more doses of reality

Zap2It 7/9/01 'ElimiDate' Attempts Domination

Zap2It 6/11/01 'ElimiDate' Gets Dual Launch

Zap2It 5/16/01 The WB's New Primetime Schedule

Rocky Mountain News 1/5/01 Do or Don't Date (2nd story)


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