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NY Post 10/1/08 Blush 'Money'
Entertainment Weekly 9/30/08 'Dirty Sexy' Secrets: 10 Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Chicago Tribune 9/30/08 'Dirty Sexy Money' and the return of the super-wealthy Darling clan
Contra Costa Times 9/30/08 “Pushing Daisies,” “Private Practice,” “Dirty Sexy Money” Return
NY Daily News 9/30/08 'Dirty Sexy Money' is going for broke
IGN 9/17/08 Dirty Sexy Money - The Complete First Season DVD Review
TV Guide 9/17/08 Will Dirty Sexy's Carmelita Keep the Darlings "Honest"?
Newsday 9/16/08 TV on DVD: 'Pushing Daisies,' 'Dirty Sexy Money'

Celebrity Spider 9/11/08 Samaire Armstrong Back In The Money
Chicago Tribune 8/29/08 'Dirty Sexy Money': A peek at Season 2
USA Today 8/27/08 ABC's prime-time soap 'Sexy Money' heaps on the dirt 

Zap2It 6/18/08 Change at the Top of 'Dirty Sexy Money'
Jam! 6/9/08 Lucy Liu joins 'Dirty, Sexy Money'

BuddyTV 4/24/08 Lucy Liu Leaves 'Mafia' for Some 'Dirty Sexy Money'

Zap2It 4/23/08 'Dirty Sexy Money' Courts Lucy Liu

Celebrity Spider 4/2/08 Samaire Armstrong: "I Wasn't Fired From Dirty Sexy Money"

BuddyTV 3/28/08 Dirty Sexy Money: Samaire Armstrong Dropped from Cast

Glasgow Daily Record 3/11/08 Dirty Sexy Money: Guide To The New Hit Series

Times Online 3/9/08 Dirty Sexy Money preview

The Age 2/28/08 Dirty Sexy Money buries Six Feet Under
IGN 2/27/08 Dexter Showrunner Makes a Run for Money

Sydney Morning Herald 2/18/08 The success of excess

Sydney Morning Herald 2/11/08 Awash with imperial lather  

Herald Sun 2/6/08 Dirty Sexy Money star Donald Sutherland gets honest

TV Guide 1/28/08 Blair Underwood on Money, Marriage and Mickey Mouse

Celebrity Spider 12/6/07 An Encore of the Premiere Episode Next Week of "Dirty Sexy Money"

BuddyTV 12/5/07 Dirty Sexy Money: Episode 10 “The Nutcracker” Recap

Zap2It 12/5/07 'Dirty Sexy Money': Nutcracker, indeed

Deseret News 12/5/07 'Dirty Sexy Money' fun

Celebrity Spider 11/29/07 Nick Learns of Simon & Karen's Affair Next Week on "Dirty Sexy Money"

Zap2It 11/28/07 'Dirty Sexy Money': At Least It Wasn't Karen

Celebrity Spider 11/22/07 Shocking Family Secrets Are Revealed Next Week on "Dirty Sexy Money"

Zap2It 11/21/07 'Dirty Sexy Money': Valhalla

Hollywood Reporter 11/19/07 ABC extends 'Dirty,' deals for Davidovich

Coming Soon 11/16/07 Dirty Sexy Money Gets Full Season

Celebrity Spider 11/15/07 It's Thanksgiving Next Week on "Dirty Sexy Money"

Zap2It 11/14/07 'Dirty Sexy' Wedding: 40-Minute Itch

TV Guide 11/14/07 William Baldwin's Dirty Sexy Secrets

NY Post 11/14/07 Wedding Daze

Celebrity Spider 11/8/07 Patrick's Wife Finds Out About His Affair Next Week on "Dirty Sexy Money"

Zap2It 10/31/07 'Dirty Sexy Money': He activates my yummy

NY Post 10/31/07 'Dirty' Works

NY Daily News 10/31/07 ABC's 'Dirty Sexy Money' is all the rage on AOL Television

Zap2It 10/26/07 ABC Wants More 'Dirty Sexy' Scripts

Hollywood Reporter 10/26/07 ABC has 'Dirty' on its mind

Celebrity Spider 10/25/07 A High Stakes Poker Game With Big Wagers Next Week on "Dirty Sexy Money"

Zap2It 10/24/07 'Dirty Sexy Money': Let them eat cake

NY Post 10/21/07 'Dirty Sexy' Underwood

Celebrity Spider 10/18/07 Nick Finally Meets Tripp's Nemesis Next Week on "Dirty Sexy Money"

BuddyTV 10/17/07 Dirty Sexy Money: Episode 4 “The Chiavennasca” Recap

Zap2It 10/17/07 'Dirty Sexy Money' – Buon giorno

Celebrity Spider 10/15/07 "Dirty Sexy Money" Star Checks Into Therapy

Celebrity Spider 10/11/07 Letitia Confirms Her Unfaithfulness to Tripp Next Week on Dirty Sexy Money

BuddyTV 10/10/07 Dirty Sexy Money: Episode 3 “The Italian Banker” Recap

Zap2It 10/10/07 'Dirty Sexy Money': Ringrazia milione

Inside Pulse 10/9/07 An Interview With Samaire Armstrong Gets Photos 'Removed' From Maxim

Celebrity Spider 10/4/07 Nick Must Tamp Down a Sex Tape Scandal Next Week on Dirty Sexy Money

BuddyTV 10/3/07 Dirty Sexy Money: Episode 2 “The Lions” Recap

Inside Pulse 10/3/07 Fall Frenzy: The Groove Tube - Dirty Sexy Money

Zap2It 10/3/07 'Dirty Sexy Money': Welcome to the family, kid

NY Daily News 10/3/07 Show me the 'Sexy Money'

Inside Pulse 9/30/07 Dirty Sexy Money's Samaire Armstrong Interview

Celebrity Spider 9/27/07 Nick Tries to Find Who Killed His Father Next Week on "Dirty Sexy Money"

Celebrity Spider 9/27/07 Billy Baldwin Impressed With Transsexual Dirty Sexy Money Co-Star

LA Times 9/27/07 60 seconds with ... Jill Clayburgh

BuddyTV 9/26/07 Dirty Sexy Money: Episode 1 "Pilot" Recap

Uncle Barky 9/26/07 Fall TV Preview: New series -- Dirty Sexy Money (ABC)

Zap2It 9/26/07 Premierewatch: 'Dirty Sexy Money': Yes, Darling.

Media Life 9/26/07 'Dirty Sexy Money,' just like it sounds

Boston Globe 9/26/07 A family affair of dysfunction and wacky excess

Hollywood Reporter 9/26/07 Dirty Sexy Money

TV Guide 9/26/07 Peter Krause Is Over Under and Ready for Dirty Sexy Fun

IGN 9/26/07 Dirty Sexy Money: "Pilot" Advance Review

Courier Journal 9/26/07 ABC hopes to cash in with star-studded 'Dirty Sexy Money'

Palm Beach Post 9/26/07 Review of ABC's 'Dirty Sexy Money'

Newsday 9/26/07 Review: ABC's 'Dirty Sexy Money'

LA Times 9/26/07 A dirtier, sexier Addams family

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 9/26/07 TV Review: 'Dirty Sexy Money' mints the morally bankrupt rich

NY Post 9/26/07 'Money,' Honey

South Coast Today 9/26/07 ABC, you've got a hit -- now, buy a comma

NY Daily News 9/26/07 'Dirty Sexy Money': Stinking rich, for most part

Zap2It 9/26/07 'Dirty Sexy Money' Changes Everything

Union Tribune 9/26/07 'Money' is dirty in a creepy way

San Francisco Chronicle 9/25/07 Review: 'Dirty Sexy Money'

USA Today 9/25/07 'Dirty Sexy Money' could use a good polish

Chicago Tribune 9/25/07 Morality at the center of 'Dirty Sexy Money'

NY Times 9/25/07 Two Scheming Families, Both With Outsiders Rising

Chicago Sun Times 9/25/07 Sleazy 'Money' will make you feel dirty

NY Post 9/25/07 'Dirty' Secrets

NY Sun 9/25/07 Nothing Like Obscene Wealth To Salve the Soul

TMZ 9/24/07 One of These Women Was Born a Man

LA Times 9/24/07 A 'Dynasty'-style heir

Washington Post 9/16/07 Krause Resurfaces After 'Six Feet Under'

Celebrity Spider 9/11/07 Dirty Sexy Money to Premiere September 26th on ABC

Coming Soon 9/3/07 Tamara Feldman on Dirty Sexy Money

NY Post 8/24/07 'Sex' Interrupted 

Chicago Tribune 8/6/07 Fall's best and worst new shows - and why ABC should dump one and hype the other

Celebrity Spider 8/3/07 Blair Underwood to Join the Cast of ABC's "Dirty Sexy Money"

Zap2It 7/31/07 Blair Underwood Gets 'Dirty' with ABC

Sun Sentinel 7/30/07 Seth Gabel in ABC drama Dirty Sexy Money

Celebrity Spider 7/25/07 Production Begins on "Dirty Sexy Money"

Zap2It 7/25/07 ABC Spreads Out New Series

TV Guide 5/4/07 Six Feet Under's Peter Krause Is Ready to Play Dirty


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