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KNAC 1/7/08 Reality TV Star Evel Dick Donato, in Studio Today at 4pm

Reality TV Calendar 10/30/07 A Conversation With EvelDick -"Words have No Power!"

Buddy TV 10/2/07 Dick Donato - Keeping it Real inside 'Big Brother'

RealityWanted.net 9/24/07 Interview with Dick Donato - Live From The Big Brother 8 Finale

Fans Of Reality T.V. 9/21/07 Interview with Dick and Daniele: "We were an awesome team."

Reality TV World 9/20/07 Dick Donato "expected" to win after 'Big Brother 8' final jury questions

Midseason Replacements 9/20/07 Big Brother 8 - Dick and Daniel Interview

Reality TV Calendar 9/20/07 Deadeye Dick and Darling Daughter Do it All

BuddyTV 9/19/07 Exclusive Interview: Dick and Daniele Donato, Winner and Runner-Up of 'Big Brother 8'

Entertainment Weekly 9/19/07 Donato Mess With Us!

Celebrity Spider 9/18/07 Big Brother 8 Live Chat With Nick and Daniele Today at 6PM PDT

Reality News Online 9/19/07 It Worked, Im Here, I Won An Interview with Big Brother 8 Finalists Dick & Daniele Donato

Reality TV Magazine 9/18/07 Evel Dick Donato Wins Big Brother 8

Reality TV Magazine 9/16/07 Big Brother Evel Dick and Daniele Look Back

Celebrity Spider 9/14/07 Big Brother 8: The Final Two Revealed

Idol Thoughts 9/14/07 What's the Deal with CBS' Love Affair with the Donatos?

Entertainment Weekly 9/14/07 Donatos Pass Go

Reality TV Calendar 9/13/07 ED's Attacks Are Encouraged By CBS

Reality TV Magazine 9/9/07 Big Brother Zach Nominates Evel Dick And Daniele

Reality TV Calendar 9/9/07 ED & Daniele Use Race Baiting for PoV

Reality TV Calendar 9/8/07 Can the Donatos Pull It Off? Who Knows?

I Love Reality 9/7/07 Big Brother 8 - Dick Reveals A Secret - Is It Cheating?

Reality TV Calendar 8/21/07 Big Sister Report: Jen Implodes, Dick Explodes, Jameka Gone?

I Love Reality 8/21/08 Dick And Jen - Another Wild Night In The Big Brother House (Spoilers)

Idol Thoughts 8/21/07 More Fallout from the Jen and Dick Fight -- A Penalty Nomination!

Sturgis Journal 8/15/07 Oh, 'Brother,' it's Dick

MediaFiends.com 8/15/07 ED, The Avenging Rock & Roll Angel

Celebrity Spider 8/14/07 Big Brother 8's Fifth Eviction: Dick and Daniele Could Have Taken Control

Reality TV Magazine 8/12/07 Big Brother Evel Dick And Daniele Nominated For Eviction

Reality TV Calendar 8/11/07 Big Sister Report: Dick's Mega-Explosion And Internet Confession

Reality TV Calendar 8/11/07 Big Sister Report: Dick Prays For Jameka

Reality TV Calendar 8/10/07 Big Sister Report: Jameka Castrates Dick - He Won't Go Quiet

Reality TV Calendar 8/5/07 Big Sister Report: The Jen and Dick Alliance - Yeah, Really

Reality News Online 8/3/07 Big Brother 8, As I See It: The Dick-Jenn Tea Party

Reality TV Calendar 7/27/07 Devilish Dick's Reign Of Terror

Reality Check By Gina 7/24/07 Big Brother 8: Dick's On A Power Trip

JokersUpdates 7/21/07 BB8: Dick has spoken and spoken and spoken.... Kail's surrenders

TV Robot 7/20/07 ED Stands for more than Evil Dick

Reality TV Calendar 7/20/07 Big Sister Report: Dick To Kail - "Win The PoV Or Go Home"

Reality TV Calendar 7/19/07 Big Sister Report: Queen Kail Confronted By Evel Dick

Wild Bluff Media 7/19/07 Big Brother 8: Evil Dick or Janey Joe; Which Will Go?

I Love Reality 7/19/07 Big Brother 8 Live Feeds For Wednesday - Dick and Kail butt heads

Wild Bluff Media 7/19/07 Big Brother 8: Week 2 Eviction Preview - Dick Vs. Joe

Reality TV Magazine 7/15/07 Big Brother - Daniele and Evil Dick Nominated For Eviction

MediaFiends.com 7/12/07 Evel's Dick & Daniele's Cool

Reality TV Calendar 7/2/07 Big Sister Report: Dad And Daughter - It's Going To Be Ugly

Celebrity Spider 6/29/07 CBS Reveals The Identities Of The 14 New Houseguests On 'Big Brother 8'


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