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Celebrity Spider 6/27/07 Eva Longoria Takes Complete Charge of Wedding

Celebrity Spider 6/26/07 Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Net Windfall for Wedding Shots

Zap2It 6/25/07 Andrea Bowen is the 'Girl, Positive'

Daily India 6/25/07 Joan Collins will go under the knife for 'Housewives' role

TV Guide 6/25/07 Housewives Star Maintains a Positive Outlook

Ottawa Sun 6/19/07 Housewives hunk's Heart in Ottawa

Hollywood Reporter 6/18/07 'Housewives' pair pick up promotion

Buddy TV 6/16/07 James Denton Not Scared to Leave Desperate Housewives

Daily Telegraph 6/15/07 Housewives lead the world

Herald Sun 6/13/07 James Denton ready to walk

Sydney Morning Herald 6/11/07 Back on top of the tree

Zap2It 6/11/07 'Desperate Housewives' Dougray Scott Weds

Sydney Morning Herald 6/11/07 Back on top of the tree

Celebrity Spider 6/7/07 Nicollette Sheridan Slams Knickerless Stars

Celebrity Spider 6/7/07 Teri Hatcher Embarrassed by Glamour Award

Celebrity Spider 6/4/07 Marcia Cross Slimming Down After Twins

Buddy TV 6/2/07 What Are They Up To? Desperate Housewives' Steven Culp

Celebrity Spider 6/1/07 Desperate Housewives Star Doug Savant Gets a New Knee

Celebrity Spider 6/1/07 Eva Longoria Plans Restaurant

Celebrity Spider 5/30/07 Eva Longoria: "I'm So Clumsy"

Celebrity Spider 5/30/07 Eva Longoria Gets Desperate Dancing

Now Magazine 5/29/07 Eva Longoria: I'm nothing like Gabrielle Solis

Celebrity Spider 5/23/07 Eva Longoria Eyes Adoption

Celebrity Spider 5/23/07 Eva Longoria Shows Off Volleyball Skills

Celebrity Spider 5/22/07 Eva Longoria Delays Honeymoon for Desperate Housewives

Celebrity Spider 5/22/07 Teri Hatcher Stunned by Card Theft

Daily Record 5/22/07 Is This The End Of Edie?

Celebrity Spider 5/21/07 Eva Longoria's On and Off Screen Baby Plea

Celebrity Spider 5/21/07 Teri Hatcher Wins Her Battle With the Paparazzi

Celebrity Spider 5/21/07 Susan Gets a New Love Interest Next Week on Desperate Housewives

Media Life 5/21/07 Reviving finale for ABC's 'Housewives'

Detroit Free Press 5/21/07 What happened on ABC's 'Desperate Housewives'

Celebrity Spider 5/20/07 A Double Wedding Tonight on the Season Finale of "Desperate Housewives"

Celebrity Spider 5/20/07 Teri Hatcher Soaks in Wine

Celebrity Spider 5/20/07 Felicity Huffman Reveals All About Sexy Weekend

Chicago Sun Times 5/20/07 The not-so-desperate Teri Hatcher still loves her day job

Celebrity Spider 5/18/07 Eva Longoria Signs Up With Tiffany for Wedding Gifts

Buddy TV 5/18/07 Teri Hatcher and James Denton Talk About Their Desperate Housewives Wedding

TV Guide 5/18/07 "Extra"-special RSVP: TV Guide's Housewives Wedding Blog

USA Today 5/17/07 Look who's 'Desperate' to tie the knot

Celebrity Spider 5/16/07 Cake Will Be Special Guest at Eva Longoria's Summer Wedding

Hello! 5/16/07 Marcia and Eva breeze into New York TV party

Celebrity Spider 5/15/07 Nicollette Sheridan Ditches Hollywood for Country Life

MSNBC 5/15/07 ‘Housewives’ is at a third-season crossroads

Entertainment Weekly 5/14/07 Scheduling

Celebrity Spider 5/10/07 Felicity Huffman Insists Drinking Comments Were a Joke

Celebrity Spider 5/9/07 Felicity Huffman: "I Was Drunk on the Set of Georgia Rule"

Celebrity Spider 5/9/07 Susan Must Decide Whom She Truly Loves Sunday on Desperate Housewives

Celebrity Spider 5/7/07 Marcia Cross Launches Skin Cancer Month Crusade

Entertainment Weekly 5/7/07 Strayed from the Heart

Celebrity Spider 5/6/07 Lynette Realizes She Loves Another Man Next Week on Desperate Housewives

Celebrity Spider 5/5/07 Eva Longoria Gives Up Sex for Basketball Championship

Celebrity Spider 5/5/07 Marcia Cross Pregnant for Desperate Housewives Return

Celebrity Spider 5/4/07 Marcia Cross Names Child Savannah After Vision Coincidence

Celebrity Spider 5/4/07 Felicity Huffman Hates Underwear Scenes

Celebrity Spider 5/3/07 Marcia Cross Promises Desperate Housewives She Won't Get Pregnant Again

Celebrity Spider 5/3/07 Marcia Cross: "I Don't Want to be a Role Model for Older Mothers"

Knox News 5/1/07 Polly Bergen off to Wisteria Lane

Celebrity Spider 4/30/07 Lynette Realizes She Loves Another Man Next Week on Desperate Housewives

Enquirer 4/30/07 Housewives have a heart

Entertainment Weekly 4/30/07 The Gossip According to Marc

Celebrity Spider 4/29/07 Susan Decides Between Ian and Mike Tonight on "Desperate Housewives"

Celebrity Spider 4/27/07 Polly Bergen Joins Desperate Housewives

TV Guide 4/23/07 God, That's Good

Entertainment Weekly 4/23/07 Power-Outage Play

The Age 4/23/07 Desperate Housewives

Celebrity Spider 4/22/07 Susan Calls Off a Wedding Tonight on Desperate Housewives

Celebrity Spider 4/21/07 Eva Longoria Ditched Date

Hollywood Reporter 4/20/07 Kirkland Baker to join 'Housewives'

Celebrity Spider 4/18/07 More Games as Teri Hatcher Throws Eva Longoria Another Bridal Bash

Celebrity Spider 4/17/07 Eva Longoria Open to Bondage

Celebrity Spider 4/17/07 Eva Longoria Loves a Sportsman

Celebrity Spider 4/17/07 Teri Hatcher Wins Toilet Paper Gown Contest at Eva Longoria's Shower

Hollywood Reporter 4/17/07 'Housewives' reclaims 18-49 demo

Entertainment Weekly 4/16/07 Taking the Plunge

Cinema Blend 4/16/07 Desperate Housewives: Deer And Some Bed Fights

USA Today 4/13/07 'Housewives' heads down the stretch

Celebrity Spider 4/12/07 Eva Longoria Wants to Wear 10 Wedding Dresses

Celebrity Spider 4/12/07 Josh Henderson: "I'm Nothing Like Austin"

Celebrity Spider 4/12/07 Marcia Cross Gave Up Honeymoon to Become a Mother

Celebrity Spider 4/11/07 Josh Henderson: "Desperate Housewives Need to Socialize More"

Extra 4/11/07 Housewives Hottie James Denton Undressed

Celebrity Spider 4/10/07 A Dark Secret is Revealed Next Week on "Desperate Housewives"

E!Online 4/10/07 Housewives' Most Desperate Hour

Hollywood Reporter 4/10/07 ABC's 'Housewives' loses some luster Sunday

Entertainment Weekly 4/9/07 Wardrobe Dysfunctions

Arizona Daily Star 4/9/07 'Desperate Housewives' -- Panties and bras

Houston Chronicle 4/8/07 Edie is now desperate and crazy

Cinema Blend 4/8/07 Desperate Housewives: Women In Uniform

Celebrity Spider 4/8/07 An Unexpected Love Affair Develops Tonight on "Desperate Housewives"

Daily Mail 4/3/07 Desperate Housewives star’s day off rehab

Celebrity Spider 3/24/07 Eva Longoria Offers Troubled Jesse Metcalfe Her Support

Celebrity Spider 3/23/07 Desperate Housewives Star Scores a Home Run

Extra 3/23/07 Eva Longoria on Jesse Metcalfe: 'I Was Really Surprised'

TMZ 3/23/07 Jesse Metcalfe's "Desperate" Pre-Rehab Days

Electric New Paper 3/23/07 He's back and weirder than ever

Jam! 3/23/07 Auction offers 'Housewives' cameo

E! Online 3/22/07 Desperate Dude Does Rehab

TMZ 3/22/07 James Denton: "Desperate" Baller

New Zealand Herald 3/22/07 Housewives gardener Jesse Metcalfe set to wed pop star

Daily Mail 3/22/07 Desperate Housewives hunk Jesse goes into rehab

Celebrity Spider 3/19/07 Bree Meets Her Antagonistic Mother in Law Next Week on Desperate Housewives

USA Today 3/18/07 'Housewives' link up for children's charity

Celebrity Spider 3/12/07 A Hostage Crises on Wisteria Lane Next Week on Desperate Housewives

Celebrity Spider 3/11/07 Eva Longoria Desperate for Kenny Chesney to Sing at Wedding

Celebrity Spider 3/11/07 Bree is Confronted With Orson's Past Tonight on Desperate Housewives

Television Without Pity 3/10/07 My Husband, The Pig

ABC7 3/9/07 Desperate Housewives' Doug Savant Serves Up Free Pizza to Chicagoans

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 3/9/07 Respected doll maker gets a little ‘Desperate’

Extra 3/8/07 Teri Hatcher’s ‘Desperate’ Stunt Gone Wrong

Extra 3/7/07 Teri Hatcher Clings to a Flipped Car Submerged in a Lake – Watch the Video

Celebrity Spider 3/6/07 Desperate Housewives Execs Furious About Eva Longoria Leak

Hollywood Reporter 3/6/07 'Housewives' lead ABC to Sun. victory

MegaStar 3/6/07 Execs livid with Longoria

Sydney Morning Herald 3/5/07 His master's voice

Entertainment Weekly 3/5/07 Dead Man Talking

Orlando Sentinel 3/5/07 "Desperate Housewives" is Sunday's No. 1

Cinema Blend 3/5/07 Desperate Housewives: Romancing The Scavo

Celebrity Spider 3/4/07 An Unanticipated Pregnancy Tonight on Desperate Housewives

Zap2It 3/2/07 'Desperate' Doctor Tunes Into 'News'

Celebrity Spider 3/1/07 Teri Hatcher Eyes Alternate Career Behind Camera

Washington Observer 2/26/07 With no loose ends, is there a reason to watch 'Housewives?'

Television Without Pity 2/23/07 The Little Things You Do Together

Celebrity Spider 2/22/07 Marcia Cross Gives Birth to Twin Girls

Digital Spy 2/22/07 'Desperate Housewives' to earn £20 million

Access Hollywood 2/20/07 Access Kids Week: 'Desperate's' Rachel Fox

Celebrity Spider 2/19/07 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker to Wed in Paris Chateau

The Trades 2/19/07 Josh Henderson: The Bad Boy of Wisteria Lane

Entertainment Weekly 2/19/07 Stroke of Luck

Sunday Mirror 2/18/07 Eva Longs To Be A Housewife 

Jam! 2/18/07 'Housewives' taking Desperate measures

Television Without Pity 2/17/07 I Remember That

Celebrity Spider 2/15/07 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Shop for Wedding Gifts

Celebrity Spider 2/13/07 Desperate Housewives Dolls Set to Debut

Celebrity Spider 2/13/07 Eva Longoria Loves Being Engaged

Celebrity Spider 2/12/07 Surprise Marriage Proposals Next Week on Desperate Housewives

Entertainment Weekly 2/12/07 Wrenching Experiences

TV Guide 2/12/07 I Remember That

BuddyTV 2/11/07 Desperate Housewives: 3.15, "The Little Things You Do Together" Spoilers

Herald Leader 2/11/07 A desperate housewife tells men how women think

Celebrity Spider 2/9/07 Teri Hatcher Struggles With Punishing Schedule

Celebrity Spider 2/9/07 Teri Hatcher Rubbishes Hurtful Surgery Rumors

Chicago Sun Times 2/9/07 Madame Alexander dolls make 'Desperate' move

NY Post 2/9/07 A Double Cross

ET Online 2/9/07 Andrea Bowen Dishes 'Desperate' Dirt 2/8/07 The young guns fire up

IGN 2/8/07 Kyle MacLachlan: From Twin Peaks to Wisteria Lane

Contra Costa Times 2/8/07 Familiar figure hits Wisteria Lane

Herald Sun 2/7/07 Brick by brick, up goes Wisteria Lane

Extra 2/6/07 ‘Desperate’ Divas Dish on Sex

Celebrity Spider 2/5/07 Orson Reveals His Hidden Past to Bree Next Week on "Desperate Housewives"

NY Post 2/5/07 Blonde Faith

Wauchope News 2/2/07 The desperate housewives are back

Celebrity Spider 1/26/07 James Denton Sick of Toilet Snapshots

Celebrity Spider 1/26/07 Seventh Heaven as Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Plan July Wedding

Television Without Pity 1/26/07 Come Play Wiz Me

TVNZ 1/26/07 Housewives eyeing season four success

NY Post 1/26/07 Happily Ever After

The West Australian 1/25/07 Housewives back to their desperate best

Deseret News 1/25/07 He's not 'Desperate'

Stuff 1/24/07 Longoria embarrassed by fake orgasm

Celebrity Spider 1/23/07 Teri Hatcher Desperate for Underwear

Celebrity Spider 1/23/07 Desperate Eva Longoria Bares All as Woman in Chains

WTOC 1/23/07 "Designing Woman" Dixie Carter Visits Savannah

BuddyTV 1/22/07 Desperate Housewives: Season 3, Episode 13 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 1/22/07 Space Invaders

Houston Chronicle 1/21/07 Rape and a rat-fink step-daughter in Desperate Housewives

Celebrity Spider 1/21/07 The New Neighbor Reveals a Devious Plan Tonight on Desperate Housewives

BuddyTV 1/21/07 Golden Globes not so Desperate for the Housewives

Television Without Pity 1/21/07 Not While I'm Around

Chicago Sun-Times 1/21/07 Nicollette Sheridan speaks her mind

Celebrity Spider 1/19/07 James Denton Benefits From Co-Star's Bed Rest

Celebrity Spider 1/17/07 Eva Longoria Desperate for Mario Lopez's Bow-Tie

Knox News 1/26/07 Video: "Desperate" couple speaks out on TV love

Metro 1/16/07 Housewives glam up for the Globes

NY Daily News 1/16/07 Censorship breeds 'Desperate' measures

Entertainment Weekly 1/15/07 Fangs for the Memories

Zap2It 1/15/07 'Housewives' Star Cross Takes Work Home

Sky News 1/14/07 Eva's Sexy Secret

Celebrity Spider 1/14/07 Teri Hatcher Hopes to Bump Into Dream Man

Celebrity Spider 1/12/07 Nicollette Sheridan Envies Pregnant Marcia Cross

Celebrity Spider 1/11/07 Pregnant Marcia Cross Put on Bed Rest

Courier Journal 1/11/07 Pregnant Cross can't go to 'Housewives,' so it will go to her

BBC 1/11/07 Pregnant housewife films at home

NY Post 1/11/07 Ordered Off Desperate Housewives

Television Without Pity 1/11/07 No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds

E!Online 1/10/07 Marcia Cross Goes to the Mattresses

Celebrity Spider 1/9/07 Nicollette Sheridan Too Busy to Plan Wedding

NY Post 1/9/07 Please Ignore Bree's Bump

Celebrity Spider 1/8/07 Wisteria Lane Gets a New Neighbor Next Week on Desperate Housewives

Celebrity Spider 1/8/07 Felicity Huffman Misses Frump Mom

Celebrity Spider 1/7/07 Teri Hatcher: "I Live a Normal Life"

Celebrity Spider 1/7/07 Eva Longoria Struck Over Wedding Dress Designers

Celebrity Spider 1/6/07 Teri Hatcher: "I'll Never Marry Again"

Celebrity Spider 1/6/07 Plumbers Sing James Denton's Praises

Celebrity Spider 1/5/07 Eva Longoria Gets Sporty for Bebe

Celebrity Spider 1/5/07 Marcia Cross Concerned about Award Show Attire

TV Guide 1/5/07 Desperate Housewives Preview: Bree Cooks Up a Surprise!

Extra 1/4/07 The Scandalous 'Housewives' Return to ABC

NY Post 1/3/07 'Looking For Action' Figure 

Daily Record 1/3/07 Exclusive: The Excited Housewife

Celebrity Spider 1/2/07 Bree Has a Shocking Dinner Guest Next Week on Desperate Housewives

E!Online 1/2/07 Desperate Housewives Play Around

Celebrity Spider 12/31/06 Three Episodes of Desperate Housewives to Air Saturday January 6th on ABC

Digital Spy 12/31/06 Claire King for 'Housewives' role?

Celebrity Spider 12/29/06 Eva Longoria Learns French for Fiancé

Celebrity Spider 12/29/06 Eva Longoria Fumes Over Heather Mills Desperate Housewives Cameo

Celebrity Spider 12/25/06 Bree's Family is Anything But Perfect Next Week on "Desperate Housewives"

Celebrity Spider 12/18/06 Bree's Honeymoon is Over Next Week on Desperate Housewives

Celebrity Spider 12/15/06 Dead Desperate Housewives Star to Return

The Sun 12/15/06 Rex Resurrected

Chicago Tribune 12/15/06 `Lost,' `Desperate Housewives' feeling the love again

Extra 12/14/06 A 'Desperate' House-Husband?

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 12/14/06 Area firm hooks 'Desperate Housewives'

TV Guide 12/12/06 Brenda Strong: We Get Housewives' Mary Alice Talking

Celebrity Spider 12/11/06 Eva Longoria Celebrates Engagement With Co-Stars

Celebrity Spider 12/11/06 Bree Says "I Do" in Fairy Tale Wedding Next Week on Desperate Housewives

Celebrity Spider 12/10/06 Eva Longoria Shocked by Surprise Proposal

Celebrity Spider 12/4/06 Brenda Strong Lets Slip About Eva Longoria's July Wedding in Paris

TMZ 12/4/06 "Housewives" Star Desperately Uncomfortable

MSNBC 12/4/06 Mixed ‘Housewives’ season heads for hiatus

Celebrity Spider 12/2/06 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker to Wed in France

Deseret News 12/2/06 On the comeback trail

Celebrity Spider 12/1/06 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Engaged

Television without Pity 12/1/06 The Miracle Song

Great Falls Tribune 12/1/06 Fundraiser offers role on 'Desperate Housewives'

Celebrity Spider 11/27/06 Teri Hatcher Regrets James Bond Movie Role

Celebrity Spider 11/27/06 A Rebroadcast of the Season Premiere Next Week on Desperate Housewives

Zap2It 11/27/06 'Housewives' carry ABC Sunday

Entertainment Weekly 11/27/06 The Nightmare Before Christmas

And Pop 11/27/06 More 'Desperate Housewives' on Set Troubles

Houston Chronicle 11/26/06 Alma lives, breathes and conspires with Orson's mom

Arizona Daily Star 11/26/06 'Desperate Housewives' -- Marc Cherry's Christmas gift

Television Without Pity 11/25/06 Beautiful Girls

NY Post 11/25/06 'Housewife' Heather?

Daily Mail 11/23/06 'Desperate' Heather set for Desperate Housewives

Digital Spy 11/23/06 Heather Mills desperate for 'Housewives' role

Herald Sun 11/21/06 Onslow County woman's recipe to make "Desperate Housewives"

Celebrity Spider 11/20/06 Teri Hatcher Dating Eva Longoria's Ex

Celebrity Spider 11/20/06 Residents Celebrate The Annual Block Party Next Week on Desperate Housewives

Arizona Daily Star 11/20/06 'Desperate Housewives' -- Pedophile

Entertainment Weekly 11/20/06 Life's rich pageant

Houston Chronicle 11/19/06 Bree finally kicks Orson out -- good for her

Sunday Mirror 11/19/06 Hatcher Goes For Eva's Ex 

Jam! 11/19/06 Producers add spice to 'Housewives'

Television Without Pity 11/18/06 Children And Art

Celebrity Spider 11/17/06 Eva Longoria Considered Running for Political Office

TV Guide 11/17/06 Kathryn Joosten, Desperate Housewives: Mrs. McCluskey Dishes the Dirt

Celebrity Spider 11/16/06 Desperate Housewife Fights Lawsuit

Dot Music 11/16/06 End for Housewives star and singer?

HeraldNet 11/16/06 'Desperate Housewives' is back, with a bang

Detroit News 11/15/06 Detroit reflects country's passion for 'Housewives'

Contra Costa Times 11/15/06 Carter de-glams for 'Desperate' role

E!Online 11/14/06 Housewives on Top

Celebrity Spider 11/13/06 Lynette is Intrigued With a New Neighbor Next Week on Desperate Housewives

BuddyTV 11/13/06 Desperate Housewives: Children and Art

Media Life 11/13/06 Sizzle back on Wisteria Lane

Entertainment Weekly 11/13/06 Nonviolent Action

Herald Coaster 11/13/06 Former resident makes appearance on 'Desperate Housewives'

Mobile Register 11/12/06 New mom-in-law pays a visit to Wisteria Lane

Jackson Sun 11/12/06 Carroll County's Dixie Carter gets 'Desperate'
Television Without Pity 11/11/06 Bang

Knox News 11/10/06 'Desperate' hunk did some stargazing at UT game

Knox News 11/9/06 Video: 'Desperate' star hangs out at the UT-LSU game

Detroit News 11/8/06 'Housewives' cleans up on TV

Herald Sun 11/7/06 Andrea Bowen's a stayer for fun

Inside Pulse 11/7/06 A Co-Host Turned Blogger: Desperate Housewives - Bang!

Celebrity Spider 11/6/06 Bree Meets Her Antagonistic Mother in Law Next Week on Desperate Housewives

BuddyTV 11/6/06 Depserate Housewives: Bang

Cinema Blend 11/6/06 Desperate Housewives: Supermarket Sweep

Entertainment Weekly 11/6/06 Flee Market

Enquirer 11/6/06 Marcia Cross has trouble pulling her weight

Inside Pulse 11/5/06 [Spoilers] Desperate Housewives - Episode 3-7

Arizona Republic 11/5/06 'Desperate Housewives' -- Carolyn's got a gun

Television Without Pity 11/4/06 Sweetheart, I Have To Confess

Extra 11/2/06 ‘Extra’ Takes Over Wisteria Lane

Knox News 11/2/06 'Housewives' hunk to hit UT game

Hollywood Reporter 11/1/06 'Housewives' rally as ABC wins week

NY Daily News 11/1/06 'Housewives' goes 'Bang': Who dies?

Celebrity Spider 10/31/06 Marcia Cross Fights to Keep Naked Pictures Under Wraps

Celebrity Spider 10/30/06 A Hostage Crises on Wisteria Lane Next Week on Desperate Housewives

Inside Pulse 10/30/06 A Co-Host Turned Blogger: Desperate Housewives - Sweetheart, I Have To Confess

Entertainment Weekly 10/30/06 On the Rocks

Newsnet5 10/30/06 Local Girl Stars On 'Desperate Housewives'

Digital Spy 10/29/06 'Housewives' cast hope to expose 'mole'

Arizona Daily Star 10/29/06 'Desperate Housewives' -- Live from the Bates Motel

Television Without Pity 10/28/06 Nice She Ain't

USA Today 10/27/06 'Housewives' settles down in TV's in-between

The Independent 10/27/06 C4 pays £40m for TV 'Housewives'

Daily Mail 10/26/06 Channel 4 forks out £40m to keep Desperate Housewives

Sky News 10/26/06 Pricey housewives

BBC 10/25/06 Channel 4 ties up TV's Housewives

Celebrity Spider 10/24/06 Bree is Confronted With Orson's Hidden Past Next Week on Desperate Housewives

Digital Spy 10/24/06 Channel 4 keeps 'Desperate Housewives'

Daily Mail 10/24/06 Who's in bed with housewife Gabrielle?

Entertainment Weekly 10/23/06 Stepping Up

Herald Sun 10/22/06 Desperate date

Arizona Star 10/22/06 'Desperate Houewives' -- Revenge is a dish best ...

Cinema Blend 10/22/06 Desperate Housewives: Power Hour

Celebrity Spider 10/21/06 Desperate Housewives Star Lands a New Car Courtesy of German Fan

Inside Pulse 10/21/06 [Spoilers] Desperate Housewives - Episode 3-5

Celebrity Spider 10/20/06 Nicollette Sheridan Snubs Dog Food Meal

Globe and Mail 10/20/06 Desperate Housewives: a desperately boring game

Television Without Pity 10/20/06 Like It Was

Celebrity Spider 10/19/06 Desperate Housewives Desperate for Chocolates

Jam! 10/19/06 'Housewives' star refuses dog food

Zap2It 10/19/06 A 'Desperate' Engagement for Scott, Forlani

Digital Spy 10/19/06 'Housewives' actor joins 'Hostel' sequel

Celebrity Spider 10/18/06 Desperate Housewives Collect Style Honors

Enquirer 10/17/06 Sweeps shockers on Desperate Housewives (Spoilers)

Celebrity Spider 10/16/06 Bree Discovers a Family Secret Next Week on Desperate Housewives

Entertainment Weekly 10/16/06 The Harder They Coma

Sky News 10/16/06 Andrea: Sexy Wife to Be?

BuddyTV 10/16/06 Hot List: James Denton

ASU Web Devil 10/16/06 'Desperate' star honored at luncheon

Playbill 10/16/06 "Desperate Housewives" Writer Cherry Hopes to Pen Musicals

Celebrity Spider 10/14/06 Eva Longoria Proud to be a Texan

Television Without Pity 10/14/06 Weekend In The Country

St. Petersburg Times 10/14/06 Desperate? Cut it out

Entertainment Weekly 10/13/06 Playing House

Celebrity Spider 10/12/06 Nicollette Sheridan to be Honored as an Animal Lover

Celebrity Spider 10/12/06 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker "Working" at Relationship

Stuff 10/11/06 Housewives stars fight over handbag

Celebrity Spider 10/10/06 TV Host Billy Bush to Blame for Eva Longoria's Fall

Celebrity Spider 10/9/06 Bree's Family is Anything But Perfect Next Week on "Desperate Housewives"

BuddyTV 10/9/06 Truly Desperate Housewives

Entertainment Weekly 10/9/06 Journey Women

Clarion Ledger 10/8/06 'Housewives' creator glad desperate season over

Celebrity Spider 10/7/06 Marcia Cross Confirms She is Pregnant With Twins

Celebrity Spider 10/7/06 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Enjoy Romantic Paris Rendezvous

Television Without Pity 10/7/06 It Takes Two

Celebrity Spider 10/6/06 Eva Longoria Injured on Desperate Housewives Set

BBC 10/6/06 Eva Longoria injured on set again

Chicago Tribune 10/6/06 `Housewives' creator puts his house in order

Celebrity Spider 10/5/06 Eva Longoria Flies to France to Reconcile With Tony Parker

TMZ 10/5/06 Eva Injured on the Set of "Housewives"

Mercury News 10/5/06 Game industry gets 'Desperate' in bid to attract women

Celebrity Spider 10/4/06 Nicollette Sheridan Denies Selling Out

Toronto Star 10/4/06 'Housewives' creator starts over again

Celebrity Spider 10/3/06 Eva Longoria Dumped Tony Parker For Flirting

Daily Mail 10/3/06 Marcia, a Housewife desperate to stay pale

Celebrity Spider 10/2/06 Bree's Honeymoon is Over Next Week on Desperate Housewives

Sky News 10/2/06 Housewives - new pics

Entertainment Weekly 10/2/06 The Wedding Crushers

Celebrity Spider 10/1/06 Aide Confirms Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are Struggling With Romance


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