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Zap2It 11/21/06 'Deadwood' Actor Gets Hitched

Zap2It 10/20/06 'Deadwood,' 'Destination' Stars Will 'Die Hard'

Zap2It 9/14/06 'Deadwood's' Gunn Gives Birth to Girl

Arkansas Democrat Gazette 9/12/06 Grieving for dearly departed Deadwood

On Milwaukee 9/6/06 As "Deadwood" rides into the sunset, viewers are left wanting more

Television Without Pity 9/2/06 Tell Him Something Pretty

Star Ledger 8/28/06 Untimely end for 'Deadwood' and one of its citizens

Plain Dealer 8/27/06 'Deadwood,' the series, gets killed off tonight, but stay tuned

Milford Daily News 8/27/06 Area writer researched the real town on which HBO based its Western series

Entertainment Weekly 8/25/06 Unhappy Trails

Kansas City Star 8/25/06 ‘Deadwood’ is more modern than you may have thought

Television without Pity 8/24/06 The Catbird's Seat

Orange County Register 8/23/06 'Deadwood' rides out, alas

Hartford Courant 8/23/06 Macho Men Can't Lead Us Out Of `Deadwood'

Associated Content 8/22/06 HBO's Deadwood : When Swedgen Falls

Arizona Daily Star 8/22/06 Deadwood: Ellsworth bites the bullet

Entertainment Weekly 8/21/06 Hit Me With Your Breast Shot

Star Ledger 8/21/06 Time running out on 'Deadwood' with many loose ends

Buffalo News 8/20/06 'Deadwood' is TV for people who love words

Pop Politics 8/20/06 Deadwood is (Almost) Dead! Long Live Deadwood Criticism!

Television Without Pity 8/19/06 A Constant Throb 8/16/06 HBO's Deadwood Makes Room for Lesbians

Star Ledger 8/15/06 The tide turns as a camp becomes a town

Entertainment Weekly 8/14/06 Win, Ruse, or Draw

Mobile Register 8/13/06 Deadwood' draws near its third-season finale

Chicago Sun-Times 8/13/06 'Deadwood' media mirrors modern times

Television Without Pity 8/12/06 Amateur Night 8/12/06 'Deadwood' all about the rise of the media society

TV Guide 8/11/06 Deadwood: Up Close with Calamity Jane

TMZ 8/11/06 "Deadwood" Goes Digital

Star Ledger 8/7/06 Deadwood continues to lurch toward civilization

Robertson County Times 8/7/06 'Deadwood' actor goes from western to country

Entertainment Weekly 8/7/06 Deadwood's Got Talent

Television without Pity 8/4/06 Leviathan Smiles

NPR 8/2/06 'Deadwood' Creator on the Show's Diverse Cast

Arizona Daily Star 8/2/06 Deadwood: The Earps arrive fashionably late

Indy Star 8/2/06 'Deadwood' role has made Ian McShane a busy actor

Entertainment Weekly 7/31/06 Earps and Downs

Star Ledger 7/30/06 The storm before the storm on 'Deadwood'

Grand Rapids Press 7/30/06 Seedy, profane 'Deadwood' draws you in

Mobile Register 7/30/06 Wyatt Earp rides into TV's Deadwood' tonight

Television Without Pity 7/28/06 Unauthorized Cinnamon

Celebrity Spider 7/26/06 Ian McShane's Deadwood Villain to be Killed Off?

Metro 7/26/06 McShane Has Scoop on Success

Coming Soon 7/26/06 Ian McShane: Back from the Deadwood

Entertainment Weekly 7/24/06 The Heat Is On

Chicago Sun Times 7/23/06 On 'Deadwood,' McShane says what's on his mind

Star Ledger 7/23/06 The civilizing power of death helps 'Deadwood' evolve

Celebrity Spider 7/21/06 Deadwood Inspires Boot Line

Black Hills Pioneer 7/21/06 Crew films for HBO "Deadwood" DVD

Television Without Pity 7/21/06 A Rich Find

Houston Chronicle 7/18/06 Lines drawn in the sand in Deadwood

Entertainment Weekly 7/17/06 Miner Adjustments

Star Ledger 7/17/06 Enemies become allies as life goes on in 'Deadwood'

Kansas City Star 7/14/06 HBO chief regrets ‘Deadwood’ mess

Television Without Pity 7/14/06 A Two-Headed Beast

Houston Chronicle 7/13/06 Eye-gouging comes to Deadwood

Zap2It 7/12/06 'Deadwood' Star Gets On Zellweger's 'Case'

Jam! 7/11/06 McShane joins Zellweger on 'Case 39'

Entertainment Weekly 7/10/06 O Captain, Bye, Captain!

Star Ledger 7/10/06 In the battle between 'civilized' men

Television Without Pity 7/8/06 Full Faith and Credit

Entertainment Weekly 7/3/06 Civilization and Its Discontents

Star Ledger 7/2/06 On 'Deadwood,' language is more than just a formality

Jackson Sun 7/2/06 After watching 'Deadwood': Yearning for the westerns of yore 7/2/06 Sanderson excels as eerie mayor of ‘Deadwood’

Times Union 6/30/06 What the real Hearsts see in 'Deadwood'

Television Without Pity 6/30/06 True Colors

Pop Politics 6/28/06 Deadwood and the Desperate Language of the American Man

Celebrity Spider 6/26/06 Ian McShane Fuming Over Deadwood Cancellation

Entertainment Weekly 6/26/06 New Blood, Bad Blood

Star Ledger 6/25/06 The truth obliterates 'Deadwood' characters' façades

NY Daily News 6/25/06 Straight shootin' Ian McShane

Television Without Pity 6/24/06 I Am Not the Fine Man You Take Me For 6/24/06 Duvall: Cowboys don't like 'Deadwood'

Globe and Mail 6/24/06 Deadwood she's not

Chicago Sun-Times 6/23/06 McRaney takes wilder West of 'Deadwood' in stride

Black Hills Pioneer 6/23/06 'Deadwood' star talks music, HBO and his love for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Entertainment Weekly 6/19/06 Hammer Time

Star Ledger 6/18/06 In 'Deadwood,' change arrives but is hardly embraced

Mobile Register 6/18/06 'Deadwood' cast member looks forward to future
SF Chronicle 6/18/06 'Deadwood' R.I.P.

Times Picayune 6/18/06 New in town? Welcome to 'Deadwood'

Zap2It 6/16/06 McRaney's Hearst Attempts a 'Deadwood' Takeover

Zap2It 6/15/06 'Deadwood' Dips

Entertainment Weekly 6/12/06 The Gold War

Beacon Journal 6/11/06 Gritty, crude `Deadwood' mesmerizes its viewers

Star Ledger 6/11/06 Life, and death, go on in ever-evolving 'Deadwood'

Oregonian 6/11/06 'Deadwood' puts 'that word' on lively display

Denver Post 6/11/06 "Deadwood's" dawn of civilization

NY Times 6/11/06 'Deadwood' Gets a New Lease on Life

Mobile Register 6/11/06 Life left in 'Deadwood'

Jam! 6/10/06 Wild West drama 'Deadwood' primer

NBC 13 6/10/06 Sanderson Dusts Off 'Deadwood' Role For Season 3

Chicago Tribune 6/9/06 `Deadwood' enlivens a world of its own

Buffalo News 6/9/06 Milch gets to tell his end of the 'Deadwood' story

Zap2It 6/9/06 'Dead' Man Talking

Hollywood Reporter 6/9/06 Deadwood

SF Chronicle 6/9/06 Nothing Can Revive 'Deadwood': Genius is in the dialogue

TV Guide 6/9/06 It's Not E.B. Being Deadwood's Farnum

NY Daily News 6/9/06 'Deadwood': It's our kinda town

Jam! 6/9/06 'Deadwood' survives going to a quick grave

NY Post 6/9/06 Parting Shots

Seattle Times 6/9/06 Wanted: "Deadwood" alive

NY Times 6/9/06 'Deadwood' and 'Entourage': Men of Power Finding Their Stride

Seattle PI 6/9/06 After 'Deadwood' dies, we foresee HBO as a not-so-premium channel 6/8/06 'Deadwood': Watch carefully

Jam! 6/8/06 Deadwood star 'disappointed' with demise

Star Ledger 6/8/06 New in town? Welcome to 'Deadwood'

Celebrity Spider 6/6/06 Deadwood to Close With Movies

Metro 6/6/06 Deadwood will bow out with pair of 2-hour TV films

Zap2It 6/5/06 There's Life Left in 'Deadwood'

Star Ledger 6/4/06 Winding down in Deadwood

Hollywood Reporter 6/4/06 2 telefilms mark 'Deadwood' end

SF Chronicle 6/2/06 Too bad about 'Deadwood,' but you'll live

Mobile Register 6/2/06 'Deadwood' may be dead

Entertainment Weekly 6/2/06 Deadwood

NY Daily News 6/2/06 Brute force: Tony's losing it, Al's got it

Cincinnati Post 6/1/06 After season 3, 'Deadwood' is dead

Indy Star 5/31/06 'Deadwood' role fits 'Newhart' alum

Celebrity Spider 5/29/06 Deadwood Dead?

Asbury Park Press 5/28/06 "Newhart" Alum Says "Deadwood" A Good Fit

LA Daily News 5/28/06 'Deadwood' appears to be dead in the water for fourth season

Indy Star 5/25/06 Costs make HBO treat show like deadwood 5/23/06 'Deadwood' creator scrambling to save HBO drama

Dallas Morning News 5/19/06 DVD review: Making the scene in 'Deadwood'

LA Daily News 5/16/06 'Deadwood' may face Boot Hill at film ranch 5/15/06 'Deadwood' may live on, despite decision on cast pacts

E!Online 5/12/06 "Deadwood," RIP?

Zap2It 5/12/06 'Deadwood' May Go Three and Out

San Antonio Express News 5/7/06 'Deadwood' will wake up the cussin' cowboy in you

Paducah Sun 5/7/06 ‘Deadwood’s’ Brown stars as father in ‘Killer Diller’

Westfall Weekly News 4/26/06 "Deadwood" creator: media dumbing down news

Television Without Pity 4/14/06 Sold Under Sin
Sunday Mail 3/30/06 Digging Up Deadwood 3/27/06 `Deadwood' actor sues detective, ex

Malaysia Star 3/10/06 'Deadwood’ back to thrill

Forward 3/3/06 Seeing Double in Deadwood

Television Without Pity 2/27/06 Boy The Earth Talks To

Television Without Pity 1/20/06 The Trial of Jack McCall

National Ledger 1/12/06 Deadwood, 'That 70's Show' Help Veteran Stars

Television Without Pity 1/10/06 Here Was a Man

NY Post 1/7/06 Good News for Deadwood

Zap2It 1/6/06 Fourth Season of 'Deadwood' in Range at HBO

Hollywood Reporter 1/6/06 HBO circling fourth season of 'Deadwood'

St Petersburg Times 12/25/05 Deadwood's lore has become its lure

Black Hills Pioneer 12/2/05 Deadwood growth flows in cycles in current development boom

Aberdeen News 11/28/05 Magazine: Deadwood third season delayed

Seattle Times 11/25/05 No "Deadwood" till June? &#*@&! 11/23/05 'Deadwood' won't return for third season until June

WWD 11/11/05 Deadwood Piece Killed

Hollywood Reporter 10/11/05 Tinker joins 'Deadwood' as exec producer

Black Hills News 10/5/05 Magazine Comes Home to Deadwood 9/30/05 Strapping on a sonnet -- Writers descend on Deadwood

Black Hills Pioneer 9/22/05 Deadwood facade finds new home

Celebrity Spider 9/12/05 Deadwood Wins Shoot-Out at the Creative Arts Emmys

Cinescape 9/1/05 Cox Moves to Deadwood

Zap2It 8/30/05 Cox Saddles Up for 'Deadwood'

INQ7 Interactive 8/15/05 HBO's 'Deadwood' premieres tonight

Democrat-Gazette 8/9/05 Keeping cool in desert takes creativity for Deadwood cast

Malaysia Star 8/7/05 Bringing Deadwood to life

Plain Dealer 7/31/05 Welcome to a thriving Deadwood

Advocate 7/29/05 Third season of Deadwood may include a gay character

The Star 7/29/05 Deadwood’s unique appeal

Dallas Morning News 7/24/05 Sweating it out on the set

Jam! 7/23/05 'Deadwood' begins its third season

Star Ledger 7/22/05 Red-hot 'Deadwood'

Metro 7/14/05 'Deadwood' star McShane swears by Emmy nomination

Zap2It 7/6/05 McRaney Returns to 'Deadwood'; 'Eureka' Makes Headroom for Frewer

Black Hills News 6/28/05 "Deadwood," then and now

Seattle Times 6/26/05 In "Deadwood," he's the law, but he's also trouble

Rapid City Journal 6/26/05 Deadwood' cast to visit town

NY Times 6/25/05 The Mild, Mild West

Black Hills News 6/24/05 Deadwood Does Deadwood

South Bend Tribune 6/10/05 Like 'Deadwood' character, actor skilled at surviving 6/7/05 HBO Deadwood's Sol Star to Perform at the Adams Museum

Redlands Daily Facts 6/6/05 Sanderson strikes gold as 'Deadwood's' toady

Zap2It 6/2/05 McShane Becomes Dead-Woody

Inside Pulse 6/2/05 Romo's World: Looking Back and Ahead at The Same Time

Television Without Pity 5/28/05 Boy The Earth Talks To

Salon 5/23/05 Gray hats

San Francisco Chronicle 5/23/05 'Deadwood' has departed, but don't tune out

Chicago Tribune 5/22/05 `Deadwood' brings the western back to gritty life

Television Without Pity 5/21/05 The Whores Can Come

Salon 5/21/05 The new face of the Democrats

US News & World Report 5/20/05 Deadwood: A world with no rules

Television Without Pity 5/14/05 Advances, None Miraculous

Star Ledger 5/12/05 'Deadwood' talking

Salon 5/9/05 Jewell in the rough

Television Without Pity 5/7/05 Amalgamation and Capital

Press Enterprise 5/7/05 Sanderson fits right in on 'Deadwood'

Inside Pulse 5/4/05 Deadwood's Jim Beaver Interview 5/4/05 Deadwood's bad words countable if not printable

Tee Vee 5/3/05 In Praise Of Deadwood

Celebrity Spider 4/29/05 Ian McShane Courts Verbal Assaults

Television Without Pity 4/29/05 Childish Things

Knox News 4/29/05 Actor shows his character in 'Deadwood'

Orlando Sentinel 4/25/05 Riding shotgun on 'Deadwood'

Television Without Pity 4/23/05 E.B. Was Left Out

Television Without Pity 4/16/05 Something Very Expensive

Commercial Appeal 4/16/05 Ruling 'Deadwood'

Zap2It 4/16/05 Sanderson on Crime, Elvis and 'Deadwood'

Sun Sentinel 4/10/05 Cussing adds realism, but enough's enough

Television Without Pity 4/9/05 Complications

Washington Post 4/8/05 'Deadwood' Stands Tall in Peabody Awards

Zap2It 4/7/05 'Daily Show,' 'Deadwood' Win Peabody Awards

Television Without Pity 4/2/05 Requiem for a Gleet

Washington Post 3/31/05 'Deadwood' Saddles Up for a Third Season

Hollywood Reporter 3/31/05 HBO stakes 3rd claim to 'Deadwood'

Zap2It 3/30/05 HBO Grants More Life for 'Deadwood'

Clarion-Ledger 3/28/05 'Deadwood' dead on, historian says

Television Without Pity 3/26/05 New Money

Inside Pulse 3/25/05 Remote Destination 3/24/05 "Deadwood" Damsel To Star in A Moon for the Misbegotten in San Francisco

Zap2It 3/24/05 Clapp for 'Deadwood'

Television Without Pity 3/19/05 A Lie Agreed Upon, Part II

NewsOK 3/17/05 Cast reflects Old West in 'Deadwood'

Zap2It 3/18/05 Milch Keeps 'Deadwood' Denizens on Their Toes

Orlando Sentinel 3/16/05 Ian McShane gives lively 'Deadwood' portrayal

New Zealand Herald 3/16/05 Strangers welcome in Deadwood, South Dakota

Television Without Pity 3/12/05 A Lie Agreed Upon, Part I

Boston Herald 3/11/05 Fame is a four-letter word

SCN 3/10/05 Putting grit of the Old West in HBO's 'Deadwood'

Mediajonez 3/7/05 Inside The 'Real' Deadwood

Santa Maria Times 3/6/05 Local cowboy brings 'Deadwood' to life

Redlands Daily Facts 3/6/05 See what develops in 'Deadwood'

Wichita Eagle 3/6/05 McShane gets meaty role in 'Deadwood'

Argus Leader 3/6/05 Deadwood leaders foresee 'huge' tourist boom
Denver Post 3/6/05 "Deadwood" tells new tales

Star Ledger 3/6/05 Welcome (back) to 'Deadwood'

Argus Leader 3/6/05 Romance, grit still staples in 'Deadwood'

NY Daily News 3/6/05 Dirtier still in 'Deadwood'

Journal Now 3/6/05 Dark Brilliance: Mesmerizing Deadwood starts second season

Hartford Courant 3/5/05 True Grit, HBO Style

Oregonian 3/5/05 'Deadwood' lowlifes tell potent yarns

South Florida 3/5/05 Words get in the way in HBO's Deadwood

Salon 3/5/05 The man behind "Deadwood"

Toledo Blade 3/5/05 Blood's red, language blue

Mercury News 3/5/05 'Deadwood' shoots down view of Old West 3/5/05 Weeding out the lawless on Deadwood's new season

Washington Post 3/5/05 'Deadwood': Still Shooting From the Hip

Chicago Tribune 3/4/05 'Deadwood' is alive and kicking off its 2nd season

Cincinnati Post 3/4/05 'Deadwood' spins more sex, intrigue 3/4/05 TV's Deadwood is 'living history'

Knox News 3/4/05 Galloping plotlines redeem 'Deadwood'

NY Times 3/4/05 In a Cramped, Claustrophobic Wild West

SF Chronicle 3/4/05 'Deadwood' and right-wing blowhards

Post Gazette 3/4/05 On the Tube: 'Deadwood' comes out with guns blazing

USA Today 3/4/05 'Deadwood' aims high

NY Daily News 3/4/05 There's no deadwood in this cast

Hollywood Reporter 3/3/05 Deadwood

Mobile Register 3/1/05 'Deadwood' delivers a wild, wild West on TV and DVD

Chicago Sun-Times 3/1/05 The substance on 'Deadwood' isn't just mud

Tampa Bay Online 3/1/05 Law And Disorder In Old West Sure Makes A `Deadwood' Lowlife Curse

Reality TV World 2/23/05 HBO planning to offer cleaned up 'Deadwood' episodes for syndication

RTE Interactive 2/23/05 Sopranos Falco joins Freedomland cast

SF Chronicle 2/8/05 Deadwood: The Complete First Season
Washington Post 2/6/05 'Deadwood' Stakes Claim on DVD

Media Guardian 10/7/04 Deadwood's audience bites the dust

NY Daily News 9/27/04 Jay moseys out of 'Deadwood'

Zap2It 8/9/04 'Deadwood' Resurrects a Familiar Face

Chicago Tribune 8/1/04 Deadwood, Act II

Herald Leader 8/1/04 Boom to bust to boom to bang-bang as seen on tv

KOTA 7/30/04 Deadwood Booming Thanks to HBO Series

KELOLAND 7/27/04 Rounds Betting On Deadwood

NY Times 7/15/04 HBO Dominates Emmy Bids as Broadcasters Continue to Slip

St Petersburg Times 6/27/04 Hey, David, thanks for the call

Black Hills Pioneer 6/24/04 Brown latest 'Deadwood' star to visit

Black Hills Pioneer 6/21/04 HBO 'Deadwood' grabs critics' attention, record ratings

Chicago Sun Times 6/20/04 TV's 'Deadwood' spurs bang-up biz for historic S.D. town

NY Times 6/16/04 HBO, Looking at 'Deadwood,' Sees Cavalry Riding to Rescue 6/15/04 'Deadwood' remains a lively, lurid town

Star Ledger 6/13/04 In the West of 'Deadwood,' it's all about The Deal

Journal Now 6/13/04 Been Around: Deadwood gives actor a breakout role - finally

St. Petersburg Times 6/11/04 Critics trade shots over 'Deadwood'

Mobile Register 6/11/04 'Six Feet Under' returns; 'Deadwood' ends season

Zap2It 6/8/04 'Deadwood's' Star and Bullock Break Bread

Zap2It 6/8/04 Women of 'Deadwood' Demand Equal Time

NY Daily News 6/7/04 'Deadwood' has live wire in this Jane

Buffalo News 6/7/04 'Deadwood's' Ian McShane is master of the dastardly

Boston Globe 6/6/04 The meanest man on TV

Billings Gazette 6/6/04 Deadwood revival: Gambling town cashes in on TV show

Black Hills Pioneer 6/2/04 Deadwood stage rides

Tallahassee Democrat 5/30/04 No expletives deleted in 'Deadwood'

Aberdeen News 5/30/04 HBO show a windfall for Deadwood

Media Drome 5/27/04 BSkyB Bags 'Deadwood'

Slate 5/21/04 The linguistic brilliance of HBO's Deadwood.

The State 5/10/04 Savoring ‘Deadwood’s’ salty brew

Charlotte Observer 5/9/04 Deadwood cashes in on past -- and TV drama

NY Daily News 5/9/04 'Deadwood's dirty Brit

NY Daily News 5/6/04 'Deadwood' comes alive

Aberdeen American News 5/5/04 Deadwood getting replica of what town looked like in 1800s

USA Today 5/3/04 Cussing on 'Deadwood' sets tongues a-wagging

USA Today 5/3/04 'Deadwood' livens up South Dakota namesake

Dallas Morning News 4/30/04 'Deadwood' role proving to be fortunate for versatile actress

Rapid City Journal 4/25/04 ‘Deadwood' another gold strike

Aberdeen News 4/25/04 "Deadwood" series leads to more research

Rapid City Journal 4/24/04 Deadwood project announced

Rapid City Journal 4/20/04 ‘Deadwood' actor, producer coming to Deadwood 4/18/04 'Deadwood' lives without Wild Bill

Aberdeen American News 4/18/04 Deadwood building facades to show visitors the "real" Deadwood

Black Hills Pioneer 4/16/04 Deadwood readies Old West façade for HBO tourists

TeeVee 4/14/04 Vampires and Cowboys

Dallas Morning News 4/11/04 'Deadwood' gets city fathers talking - politely

Eclipse Magazine 4/11/04 Deadwood – Sepia Toned Western Mayhem

Salon 4/10/04 American idols

In Forum 4/10/04 Old West gets profane remake in 'Deadwood'

Aberdeen American News 4/9/04 "Deadwood" the show is boosting tourism in Deadwood the town

Albuquerque Journal 4/9/04 'Deadwood' Mirrors Our Past, Present

Black Hills Pioneer 4/8/04 'Deadwood' renewed for second season, continues to post strong numbers

Knox News 4/4/04 Stabbings part of everyday life in 'Deadwood'

Aberdeen News 4/4/04 Chamber fields complaints over HBO show

Zap2It 3/31/04 HBO Gives 'Deadwood' Early Renewal

Hollywood Reporter 3/31/04 'Deadwood' lassoes renewal

Alabama Live 3/28/04 HBO's 'Deadwood' is brutal television

Beacon Journal 3/28/04 Series looks at Old West with eye on technology

Yale Daily News 3/26/04 Crossing genres, 'Deadwood' dominates

Chicago Sun Times 3/26/04 HBO's 'Deadwood' rich with gold and grime

NY Daily News 3/26/04 Cursing's just 'Deadwood'

TV Barn 3/26/04 "Deadwood": Did they really talk that way?

Star Ledger 3/25/04 'Deadwood' lives

Zap2It 3/25/04 'Deadwood' Premiere Scores for HBO

Zap2It 3/24/04 'Deadwood' Comes Alive for HBO

Hollywood Reporter 3/24/04 'Deadwood' bow sets HBO record

Media Life 3/23/04 'Deadwood,' true grit and dirty words

Aberdeen American News 3/21/04 Locals get sneak peak at Deadwood

TBO 3/21/04 `Deadwood' Has Mob Connections

Newsday 3/21/04 A six-gun saga in 4-letter words

Arizona Republic 3/21/04 Creator of 'Deadwood' swears profanity realistic

Mercury News 3/21/04 `Deadwood' explores sin in Old West

Times-Star 3/21/04 HBO's murky, profanity-filled 'Deadwood' grows on you

Beacon Journal 3/21/04 Raw language illustrates depravity in `Deadwood'

Star Ledger 3/21/04 Once upon a time in the !#@#*! West

The Oregonian 3/21/04 Murky, gritty frontier tale is another HBO dazzler

Washington Post 3/21/04 'Deadwood': HBO Opens a Harsh New Frontier

NY Times 3/21/04 Resurrecting the Western to Save the Crime Drama

Washington Post 3/21/04 How the (Expletive) West Was Won

Mobile Register 3/21/04 HBO goes to the lawless West

NY Times 3/21/04 True West

Rapid City Journal 3/20/04 Deadwood chamber ready for HBO show

Press-Enterprise 3/20/04 Riverside girl, 8, lands a role on 'Deadwood'

Go Memphis 3/20/04 Enter 'Deadwood,' foul and fascinating

Knox News 3/20/04 Too much cussing curses 'Deadwood'

Deseret News 3/20/04 'Deadwood' is really foul

Dallas Morning News 3/20/04 What in tarnation? Cussin' cowpokes on HBO's 'Deadwood'

Milwaukee Journal 3/20/04 An Old West to swear by on HBO

Contra Costa Times 3/20/04 'Deadwood' revives the Western
Salt Lake Tribune 3/19/04 'Deadwood' is boring and crude; HBO series fails to hit pay dirt

Boston Globe 3/19/04 There's nothing fresh in this 'Dead' remake

Post Dispatch 3/19/04 HBO's "Deadwood" is one bloody, *@#&! Western

CNN 3/19/04 The Western meets 'NYPD Blue'

Boston Globe 3/19/04 Down and dirty 'Deadwood' strikes gold

NY Times 3/19/04 The Code of the West, as Hard as a Gunfighter's Eye

Seattle Times 3/19/04 'Deadwood' taps into Old West's raw capitalism

USA Today 3/19/04 'Deadwood' shows few signs of life

SF Chronicle 3/19/04 There's life in the Western yet, pardner....

Seattle PI 3/19/04 Don't expect gold at the start of HBO's 'Deadwood'

MSNBC 3/18/04 ‘Deadwood’ hopes there’s life in the western

USA Today 3/18/04 HBO gives the Western true grit

Hollywood Reporter 3/18/04 Deadwood

NY Daily News 3/18/04 'Deadwood' swears it well

Zap2It 3/17/04 HBO Goes in Search of 'Deadwood'

Black Hills Pioneer 3/8/04 HBO subscriptions up in advance of Deadwood series premiere

Cowboys and Indians 3/4/04 On the Set of HBO's Deadwood

Multichannel News 3/1/04 'Deadwood' Revives The Western, at HBO

UGO 3/1/04 Script Review: HBO's "Deadwood"

Deadwood Discovered 3/1/04 Lights, camera, 'Deadwood'

Muskegon Chronicle 2/27/04 Saddle up for great Western

Rapid City Journal 2/15/04 Deadwood taking advantage of movie fame differently this time around

FOX 7 2/5/04 HBO series "Deadwood" debuts next month

Black Hills Pioneer 9/8/03 State looking at tourism tie-in to HBO series on Deadwood

TV Barn 7/22/03 New HBO Series, Deadwood

Fox 7 1/9/03 HBO turns Northern Hills town into a tv series

Hollywood Reporter 7/10/01 HBO Family on 'Deadwood' case


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