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Zap2It 7/21/04 'Dead Like Me' Not as Grave

Detroit News 7/19/04 Jasmine Guy in a very different world in "Dead Like Me"

Zap2It 6/25/04 'Dead Like Me's' Mother and Child Reunion

Globe and Mail 6/18/04 Reapers return for soul food

Zap2It 6/1/04 McCormack Graces 'Dead Like Me'

Zap2It 5/21/04 'Dead Like Me' Reincarnated in July

E!Online 5/21/04 Mandy Patinkin Under the Knife

Sci Fi 5/14/04 Dead Stars Look Ahead

Mercury News 3/12/04 Jasmine Guy

Guardian 9/20/03 Death by toilet seat

Zap2It 9/16/03 Showtime Wants 'Dead' Again

Hollywood Reporter 9/16/03 Showtime revives 'Dead' for Year 2

Washington Post 8/23/03 When Death Is a Wake-Up Call

Toronto Star 8/25/03 The season to talk to dead people

Detroit News 8/22/03 'Dead Like Me' takes funny, darker look at life's second chances

Zap2It 8/1/03 'Dead Like Me's' Blue Is Lost in the Summer of Love

Kansas City Star 7/11/03 `Dead Like Me' is other shows warmed over

Zap2It 7/6/03 Mandy Patinkin Is Dancing on His Grave on 'Dead Like Me'

Wichita Eagle 7/2/03 'Dead Like Me' bizarre, funny series about Grim Reapers

Cinescape 7/2/03 Another visit from Showtime`s Grim Reaper

Houston Chronicle 7/2/03 'Dead Like Me' actress relishes her private times

NY Times 6/29/03 Hi, I'm George, and I'll Be Your Dead Person Tonight

Dallas Morning News 6/27/03 Showtime's 'Dead Like Me' doesn't pulse with originality

TBO 6/27/03 Bearing Touch Of Death Is Just A Job In Quirky New Showtime Series

Media Life 6/27/03 'Dead Like Me' might as well be

The Oregonian 6/27/03 Teen angst, Grim Reaper create dark laughs

Salt Lake Tribune 6/27/03 'Dead Like Me' has the potentialto teach about life as well as death

Boston Globe 6/27/03 With wry humor, 'Dead Like Me' reaps revelations about life

Kansas City Star 6/27/03 Soul snatchers gather in Showtime's `Dead Like Me'

Deseret News 6/27/03 'Dead' . . . and loving it

NY Times 6/27/03 The Grim Reapers, Killing Time in a Waffle Shop

Beacon Journal 6/27/03 `Dead Like Me' a winning recipe

SF Chronicle 6/27/03 There's plenty of life and insight in 'Dead Like Me,' ...

Chicago Sun-Times 6/27/03 Morbid comedy plays like death warmed over

Post Gazette 6/27/03 TV Review: 'Dead Like Me' comes to life on Showtime

NY Daily News 6/27/03 'Dead' adds life to Showtime rep

Salon 6/26/03 My so-called death

Knox News 6/26/03 Showtime's 'Dead Like Me' is imaginative, thought-provoking

Detroit News 6/26/03 Jasmine Guy's world really is different these days

Seattle PI 6/26/03 I see dead people, and frankly, they are whiny

ET Online 6/26/03 Death Becomes These Grim Reapers

TV Guide 6/25/03 Showtime Newcomer Defies Death

Times Picayune 6/22/03 Showtime crosses over with 'Dead Like Me'

Milwaukee Journal 6/20/03 'Dead Like Me' a spirited addition to Showtime lineup

Houston Chronicle 6/17/03 'Dead' doesn't make dying seem very funny

Playbill 6/17/03 Mandy Patinkin's New Showtime Series Debuts June 27

Denver Post 6/8/03 Summer TV not what it used to be

Kansas City Star 6/3/03 Cable puts its best stunts forward in June

Village Voice 6/3/03 Showtime Wanks It Up

Trek Today 3/13/03 McNeill Directs The 'Dead'

Beacon Journal 12/2/02 Showtime to add four new series next year 11/27/02 Showtime adds 2 shows to its summer schedule

SciFi 7/30/02 Dead Pilot Begins Shooting


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