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TV Guide 11/15/06 Day Break: Your Insider's Guide to ABC's Slick New Thriller

Star Ledger 11/15/06 Wait, we've seen this all before

Deseret News 11/15/06 Run from 'Day Break'

LA Times 11/15/06 It's dawning on him

Entertainment Weekly 11/15/06 Day Break

Boston Globe 11/15/06 Convoluted plot makes 'Day Break' exhausting

Chicago Tribune 11/15/06 Crime-serial 'Day Break' takes shot in the dark

Newsday 11/15/06 It's a new 'Day' for Taye Diggs

San Francisco Chronicle 11/15/06 'Lost' didn't trip you up? Try 'Day Break.'

Washington Post 11/15/06 'Day Break': It's Noir at 6:17 In the Morning

NY Times 11/15/06 When Life Takes an Ugly Turn, a Chance to Do It Over

Knox News 11/15/06 Morrow: Time stands still for 'Day Break'

Courier Journal 11/15/06 ABC launches 'Day Break' as fill-in until 'Lost' returns

Chicago Sun Times 11/15/06 Cop corrects the same 'Day' over and over 11/15/06 Life as a rousing rerun

LA Daily News 11/15/06 'Day' after 'Day,' his life just sucks 11/15/06 'Day Break' debuts, 'Medium' returns

Detroit Free Press 11/15/06 Diggs gets ultimate do-over in new show

Detroit News 11/15/06 'Day Break' is dull spot for ABC

Palm Beach Post 11/15/06 TV Review: Day Break

NY Post 11/15/06 Rinse & Repeat

Playbill 11/15/06 Broadway Star Taye Diggs Debuts in New TV Show "Day Break"

NY Daily News 11/15/06 'Day' can't end soon enough

CT Now 11/15/06 `Day Break' Has Debut On ABC; Turner Offers Vintage Lucille Ball Films

Sun Sentinel 11/14/06 Good news, Lost fans: A more confusing show

Times Dispatch 11/14/06 'Day Break' is a bad day, and that's the good news

USA Today 11/14/06 Uneven 'Day Break' fails to illuminate

Oregonian 11/14/06 Recycled plot, fresh result

Orlando Sentinel 11/13/06 It's a hairy future for 2 bald stars

Washington Post 11/12/06 Deja Vu and Taye Diggs, Too

Chicago Tribune 11/12/06 'Day Break' Morning turns endless in ABC's thriller series

Salt Lake Tribune 11/12/06 Day Break is an intriguing new series

Milwaukee Journal 11/10/06 'Day Break,' '3 Lbs.' need help to shine

CSM 11/10/06 Tubegazing: Day Break

Celebrity Spider 11/9/06 Special Second Episode to Air After Pilot of "Day Break"

Herald Net 11/9/06 ABC places a high-stakes bet on 'Day Break'

Clarion Ledger 11/9/06 Complex 'Day Break' gives 'Lost' a break, takes over Wednesday time slot until Feb.

FOX News 11/8/06 A New Acting `Break'for Taye Diggs

Jam! 11/8/06 'Day Break' offers Taye Diggs an action role

Knox News 11/7/06 '3 Lbs.,' 'Day Break' take a shot as replacements

NY Post 11/5/06 'Day Break'

Celebrity Spider 11/2/06 Preview for Series Premiere Episode of "Day Break" on ABC


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