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News Articles about Geena and the Geena Davis Show prior to 5/21/00


Zap2It 6/20/01 A Bachelorette Party (7/3 preview)

Zap2It 6/20/01 Carter Brings Home An "Older Woman" (6/26 preview)

Zap2It 5/21/01 Teddie Tries To Win Over Snobby Suburban Moms

TeeVee 5/7/01 Say It Ain't So-Town: Making the Band is Cancelled

San Francisco Chronicle 3/13/01 Star Vehicles Come to Nasty End

Zap2It 3/7/01 Teddie Juggles Multiple Crises

Zap2It 12/28/00 TV Guide Announces Nominees For Awards Show

San Francisco Chronicle 12/19/00 Few New Shows Get Well-Deserved Ax

UK Telegraph 11/29/00 Geena Davis to marry for the fourth time

BBC 11/28/00 Geena Davis to marry

CNN 11/27/00 Actress Geena Davis to marry surgeon

Zap2It 11/27/00 Davis Gets Engaged

Milwaukee Journal 11/27/00 Geena Davis To Marry for 4th Time

Zap2It 11/6/00 Horton Steps Behind The Camera For 'Once'

E!Online 11/2/00 ABC and Fox Commit to Fall Rookies

Zap2It 11/2/00 ABC Gives 'Geena" Full Season Order

Tee Vee 10/24/00 "The Geena Davis Show"

E!Online 10/12/00 TV Premieres: Bette and Geena Don't Choke

Zap2It 10/11/00 ABC's 'Geena' Tops New Shows

Detroit Free Press 10/10/00 Geena Davis takes a dive with trifling sitcom

San Francisco Chronicle 10/10/00 Geena Davis Tests Limits Of Perkiness

Bergen Record 10/10/00 The Geena Davis Show

Seattle PI 10/10/00 'Geena' is an ill-conceived mismatch

Gist TV 10/9/00 When Worlds Collide

San Francisco Chronicle 10/9/00 Difficult for "Geena Davis' to be worse

Kansas City Star 10/9/00 Oscar-winner Davis deserves better than morally confused new show

Gist TV 10/5/00 Taking Aim at TV Stardom

San Francisco Chronicle 10/2/00  Geena Davis Takes On Another Obsession

TeeVee 9/28/00 The Geena Davis Show 9/28/00 Moves to prime time

Ananova 9/27/00 Geena Davis to transfer to small screen

Zap2It 9/14/00 ABC Sets Premiere Dates

Salon 9/11/00 What ever happened to the fall TV season?

E!Online 9/1/00 Fall TV Fixer-Uppers

TV Guide 8/22/00 Horton's Comedy of Errors

Zap2it 8/7/00 'Geena Davis Show' Adds Two Cast Members

Milwaukee Journal 7/31/00 TV sitcoms prove there's more to a name

Scripps 7/28/00 As fall nears, TV producers grapple with series' names

Seattle PI 7/19/00 A few minutes with Geena Davis

The Futon Critic 7/14/00 Two Name Changes at ABC
The Futon Critic 5/14/00 The Fall Lineup

Australian News 3/30/00 Geena Davis to star in new sitcom
E!Online 2/27/00 Celeb Sightings
EW 2/14/00 Preshow Biz

CNN 12/16/99 Stewart Little a cheesy adaptation
E!Online 12/14/99 Celeb Sighting
E!Online 12/14/99 Celeb Sighting
Salon 10/8/99 Geena in Mensa
Salon 9/23/99 OK Guccione, now you've got Thelma mad
CNN 9/21/99 Geena Davis still causing commotion in archery
BBC 8/23/99 Geena misses Olympics target
E!Online 8/23/99 Geena Davis Misses Mark
BBC 8/10/99 Hollywood star Geena targets Olympics

UK Telegraph 8/7/99 Film star aims for an Olympic bull's eye
E!Online 8/6/99 Geena Davis Shoots for Olympic Gold
CNN 8/5/99 Actress goes archer 6/28/99 Geena Davis: A Very Tall Talent
E!Online 1/11/99 Geena Davis Does Oscar
E!Online 8/26/97 Geena Davis Ditches Renny Harlin
E!Online 6/12/97 Geena Davis and Renny Harlin Split
Michigan Online 10/16/96 'Long Kiss' may be Geena Davis' last
Milwaukee Journal 10/11/96 'Long Kiss Goodnight' offers action to forget

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