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BuddyTV 9/5/12 'Big Brother 14' Recap: Dan Controls Everything

Zap2It 9/5/12 'Big Brother 14': Dan continues to step it up

Big Brother 247 9/5/12 Big Brother 14 Live Feed Clip: Dan’s Personal Rave

Zap2It 9/4/12 'Big Brother 14': Dan pushing the Shane and Danielle showmance

Reality TV Calendar 9/2/12 Dan Has Lost 25 Pounds Of Conscience And Guilt - Commentary

Zap2It 8/30/12 'Big Brother 14': Britney falls victim to Dan's grand plan

Zap2It 8/29/12 'Big Brother 14': Has Dan usurped Dr. Will as best player ever?

Big Brother Updates 8/27/12 Big Brother 14 – Hurricane Dan Rocks The Big Brother 14 House

Reality TV Calendar 8/27/12 Dan Shocks The House And Turns His Game Around - Big Sister's Live Feeds Report

Zap2It 8/27/12 'Big Brother 14': Dan goes for broke

Big Brother 247 8/24/12 Big Brother 14 Live Feed Clip: Ian and Dan Hang Out

Big Brother 247 8/22/12 Big Brother 14 Live Feed Clip: Dan’s Prediction

Big Brother 247 8/21/12 Big Brother 14 Live Feed Clip: Dan’s Metaphor

Zap2It 8/16/12 'Big Brother 14' Frank: 'Mike, Dan and I ... have formed a core alliance'

Big Brother 247 8/2/12 Big Brother 14 – Live Feed Clip: Dan and Ian Talk Dodgeball

Big Brother 247 7/27/12 Big Brother 14 Episode 7 Highlight – Dan’s Good Intentions

Big Brother 247 7/26/12 Big Brother 14 Episode 6 – Dan’s Coaching Technique

Zap2It 7/26/12 'Big Brother's' Dr. Will Kirby: Dan 'got pulled into the gravitational force of boobies'

Big Brother 247 7/25/12 Big Brother 14 Live Feed Clip: Dan Irons

Big Brother 247 7/13/12 Big Brother 14 – Dan Gheesling Returns

CBS Local 7/13/12 Big Brother 10 Winner, Dearborn Resident Dan Gheesling Re-joins Cast

Big Brother Gossip 7/11/12 Feeds Have Leaked! Britney, Boogie, Dan, and Janelle All Confirmed

Zap2It 7/11/12 'Big Brother 14' mentors revealed - spoiler alert

The Detroit News 7/11/12 Dearborn 'Big Brother' winner may be back on CBS show

Reality TV Calendar 7/5/12 Janelle, Rachel, Dan And Mike Boogie Are Back! Big Sister Report and Commentary

CBS Local 5/10/12 ‘Big Brother’ Winner Dan Gheesling Meets Reality TV Hopefuls At CBS 62

TMZ 10/20/10 'Big Brother' Winner Proposes at HS Football Game

Film.com 7/19/09 Big Brother 11: BB10's Dan Returns to Host
JokersUpdates 1/8/09 Big Brother 10 Winner Dan Gheesling comes by Jokers for a Chat

Content Quake 11/4/08 Dan’s Football Team - How’d They Do? : Big Brother

JokersUpdates 10/2/8 Big Brother 10 Winner Dan dropped into chat tonight, and had a few things to say to his fans
Reality TV Calendar 9/20/08 A Song That Dan Has Played Masterfully

Reality News Online 9/19/08 Big Brother 10: Why Dan Won
Fans of Reality TV 9/19/08 Interview: BB10: Interview with Dan - "I owe America some of the half-million."
BuddyTV 9/18/08 Exclusive Interview: Dan, Winner of 'Big Brother 10,' Part 2

Reality TV World 9/18/08 Exclusive: 'Big Brother' champ Dan Gheesling talks about his victory

Reality News Online 9/18/08 “People Made the Same Mistakes from Earlier Seasons” – An Interview with BB10’s Winner, Dan

Detroit News 9/18/08 'Big Brother' winner talks about his game play, future plans

TV Guide 9/18/08 How Big Brother 10's Dan Talked His Way to $500,000

BuddyTV 9/17/08 Exclusive Interview: Dan, Winner of 'Big Brother 10', Part 1

MediaFiends.com 9/17/08 Interview with Dan
Reality TV Fans 9/17/08 Dan Gheesling Wins Big Brother 10 and the Grand Prize of $500,000
MediaFiends.com 9/17/08  BB10: Dan & Memphis on 'The Early Show'

Reality TV World 9/17/08 Dan Gheesling wins 'Big Brother 10,' beats Memphis via a 7-0 vote

Reality TV Magazine 9/17/08 Big Brother 10: Dan Takes The Prize!

Detroit News 9/17/08 Dearborn's Dan Gheesling wins 'Big Brother 10'

Jam! 9/17/08 School teacher wins 'Big Brother 10'

Idol Thoughts 9/16/08 Dan Gives a Masterful Jury Performance, Wins Big Brother 10

Reality News Online 9/12/08 Big Brother 10's Friday Morning Quarterback: Walking On Memphis 
Detroit News 9/12/08 'Big Brother' finale includes Dearborn man

Idol Thoughts 9/11/08 Dan and Memphis Will Battle It Out in Part 3 of Final Big Brother HOH Competition -- Bye Bye Jerry!
Idol Thoughts 9/10/08 Dan Wins Part 1 of Final Big Brother 10 HOH Competition

Reality TV Calendar 9/9/08 Devilish Dan The Heartless Man
BuddyTV 9/8/08 Big Brother 10: How Dan's Trip Can Backfire

Reality TV Magazine 9/8/08 BB10: Dan Nominates Jerry & Memphis
Reality TV Magazine 9/8/08 Big Brother 10 Spoiler: Dan is back from luxury trip
Truth is Pagan Media That Bites 8/28/08  Backstabbing Dan And N Word Racism Rears It's Ugly Head On BB Fan Forum
Reality TV Calendar 8/28/08 Feed And Spoiler Report: "Dan And Memphis Are Crapping Their Pants!"
BuddyTV 8/27/08 Big Brother 10: Why Dan's Power of Veto Speech Will Work
TVFunSpot 8/26/08 BB10 - Episode 18 - Dan, my man , What have you DONE??
RealityBBQ 8/26/08 Spamgirl's BB 10 Live Feed Summary - Day 49, Dan Breaks His Word and Ollie Breaks Everything Else
BuddyTV 8/25/08 Big Brother 10: The Genius of Dan's Deal
Reality TV Calendar 8/25/08 Spoiler Free Commentary: Dan Wins HoH. Or Did He?
TV Robot 8/25/08 Big Brother 10 - Father Dan is Outsmarting Himself
Reality TV Fans 8/25/08 Big Brother Recap - Dan Gets TAKEN
Reality TV Calendar 8/25/08 Feed And Spoiler Report: The Believe In Dan - Opps!
Reality TV Calendar 8/25/08 Predicting The Winner - Who Is Dan Lying To?

Reality TV Calendar 8/23/08 Feed And Spoiler Report: The Nominations - Dan Does What Ollie Wants
Reality TV Fans 8/22/08 Dan-gling Dan-gerously To Win HOH
Reality TV Calendar 8/22/08 Feed And Spoiler Report: Dan Gives The Head Of Household To Ollie!
Big Brother Network 8/22/08 Big Brother 10 Week 7 Expected Nominations - The Downfall of Dan?
Reality TV Magazine 8/22/08 BB10 Spoiler: Ollie Pops the Question!
Reality TV Fans 8/20/08 Big Brother Recap - April Makes Dan An Offer He Can Refuse
Fans of Reality TV 8/20/08 Live Feed Recap: The Dan Show
Reality TV Calendar 8/18/08 Feed And Spoiler Report: April Offers Dan "Anything"
Reality TV Calendar 8/14/08 Memphis and Dan Lead The Pack
Truth is Pagan Media That Bites 8/14/08 BB 10 Spoiler- Ollie Approaches Dan For His Vote-The feeds right now!
Seacoast Online 8/12/08 'Big Brother' recap: Dan will not be stopped!

Reality TV Calendar 8/8//08 Feed and Spoiler Report: "I'm Going To Make Dan's Life Miserable"
Reality News Online 8/8/08 Big Brother 10, August 7: Dan-Freaking-Tastic!
Reality TV Fans 8/8/08 Big Brother Recap - Dan-gling In The Middle
Reality TV Magazine 8/5/08: BB10 Spoiler: Who Does America Want Dan to Cuddle Up With?
RealityWanted.com 7/24/08 Big Brother 10 Episode 6 Recap – Steven and Dan Up for Eviction
TV FunSpot 7/17/08 Live Feed Update – July 16 (Day 9) – Steven is Anti-Social; Dan and Steven will be nominated 
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