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BuddyTV 5/14/14 CBS' 2014-2015 Schedule: 'Big Bang Theory,' 'TAR' and 'CSI' Move Nights

Entertainment Weekly 5/9/14 'CSI' spin-off gets series order

Zap2It 5/7/14 'CSI' Season 14 finale: Paul Guilfoyle says goodbye as Jim Brass

TV Guide 5/7/14 Treat Williams Guests, Paul Guilfoyle Exits in the CSI Season Finale

TV Guide 4/30/14 Patricia Arquette Visits CSI for Possible Cybercrimes Spinoff

Entertainment Weekly 4/28/14 'CSI' spin-off: Patricia Arquette leads Cyber Crime Division -- Exclusive Photo

TV Guide 4/9/14 CSI Sinks Its Teeth Into Cannibalism

TV Guide 4/2/14 Exclusive CSI Sneak Peek: Can D.B. Russell Survive a Hostage Situation?

Hollywood Reporter 3/24/14 'CSI' Shocker: Original Star to Exit (Exclusive)

Entertainment Weekly 3/5/14 Patricia Arquette to star in 'CSI' spinoff

Zap2It 2/18/14 CBS orders 'CSI' spinoff pilot: Cyber crimes-themed project to air in spring

TV Guide 1/23/14 Keck's Exclusives: CSI Books Barney Miller Alum

TV Guide 12/20/13 Exclusive: CSI Books Heroes Alum Jack Coleman

TV Guide 11/27/13 Exclusive CSI Sneak Peek: Finn Is in Big Trouble

Entertainment Weekly 11/18/13 'CSI': 'Idol' winner makes bloody appearance -- Exclusive Photo

TV Guide 11/13/13 Exclusive CSI First Look: Can ER's Sherry Stringfield Help Morgan Crack the Case?

People 11/13/13 Jorja Fox Introduces Her New Rescue Dog

Hollywood Reporter 10/25/13 Exclusive: 'CSI' Books 'Ringer' Star for Season 14

Entertainment Weekly 10/23/13 CSI: 10 of its most intriguing guest stars

E!Online 10/23/13 Marg Helgenberger Back on CSI: 5 Things to Know About Tonight's 300th Episode

TV Guide 10/23/13 CSI Bosses on 300 Episodes of Murder and the Legacy of Gil Grissom

Zap2It 10/23/13 'CSI': Ted Danson welcomes Marg Helgenberger back for show's 300th episode

TV Guide 10/22/13 The CSI Cast Reflects On the Show's Finest Hours

Entertainment Weekly 10/18/13 'CSI' scoop: George Eads will return in November

TV Guide 10/14/13 Keck's Exclusives First Look: CSI Goes Back to the Future

Zap2It 10/9/13 'CSI': Ted Danson, John Ratzenberger stage a mini-'Cheers' reunion

TV Guide 9/26/13 Marg Helgenberger: Everyone Is Affected By Cancer

Zap2It 9/25/13 'CSI' Season 14 premiere: Ellie Brass' daddy issues hurt Morgan and others

TV Guide 9/25/13 CSI: Who Will Die in the Hunt for Morgan and Ellie?

TV Guide 9/17/13 Exclusive: CSI Books Lea Thompson for November Sweeps

Zap2It 9/9/13 'CSI' books 'The Vampire Diaries' Matt Davis for recurring role

TV Guide 9/8/13 Keck's Exclusives First Look: CSI's Mystery Funeral

Entertainment Weekly 9/4/13 Jason Priestley joins 300th ep of 'CSI'

Hollywood Reporter 8/27/13 George Eads Taking Leave of Absence From 'CSI' After Writer Fight (Exclusive)

Zap2It 8/20/13 'CSI' Season 14: Marg Helgenberger returning for 300th episode

Entertainment Weekly 8/7/13 'CSI' scoop: Ted Danson reunites with 'Cheers' co-star

Examiner 7/31/13 'CSI: Las Vegas' season 14 set photos: Spoilers tease a death

TV Guide 7/29/13 Keck's Exclusives: CSI's Wallace Langham to Drop Dead

Zap2It 6/24/13 'CSI: New York' Season 9: Exclusive video clip from the DVD collection

Zap2It 5/16/13 Anthony E. Zuiker 'so sad' that 'CSI: NY' and 'Miami' are gone

Entertainment Weekly 5/13/13 'CSI' finale: 'You question my mission, I question yours' -- Exclusive Video

Hollywood Reporter 4/10/13 Black Sabbath to Perform, Debut New Song on 'CSI' Season Finale

Entertainment Weekly 4/3/13 'CSI': See 'Justified' actor growl at Nick and D.B. -- Exclusive Video

Zap2It 4/3/13 'CSI's' Ted Danson and Elisabeth Harnois go way back

Hollywood Reporter 4/1/13 'CSI' Enlists Annabella Sciorra as Brass' Wife (Exclusive)

TV Guide 3/24/13 Ted Danson's Daughter: Guest-Starring on CSI Was "So Much Fun"

Zap2It 3/24/13 Ted Danson's daughter will guest-star on 'CSI'

BuddyTV 3/20/13 'CSI' Renewed for Season 14

Zap2It 3/20/13 'CSI' renewed for Season 14, Ted Danson returning

TV Guide 2/20/13 Keck's Exclusives First Look: David Cassidy on CSI Role and Plastic Surgery Horrors

Entertainment Weekly 2/19/13 'CSI': What is sad Sara waiting for? -- Exclusive Video

Examiner 2/15/13 'CSI: NY' finale photos and spoilers: Love and trouble are coming

Zap2It 2/8/13 'CSI: NY' and 'CSI' crossover: Gary Sinise on his first trip to the Vegas set

Examiner 2/6/13 'CSI: Las Vegas' 13.15 photos and spoilers: Sara will be a suspect

Zap2It 2/6/13 'CSI' and 'CSI: NY' crossover: Gary Sinise visits Ted Danson ... and vice versa

Zap2It 2/6/13 'CSI' creator brings 'Whodunnit?' mystery reality show to ABC

TV Guide 1/31/13 Keck's Exclusives: CSI Casts Partridge Family's David Cassidy

Examiner 1/30/13 'CSI' episode photos and spoilers: Putting the teams together

Zap2It 1/23/13 'CSI' serves up Chris Evert and Lindsay Davenport

Examiner 1/22/13 'CSI: NY' episode photos and spoilers: The team has special help

Examiner 1/19/13 'CSI: Las Vegas' 13.12 photos and spoilers: Visiting the tennis world

Entertainment Weekly 1/15/13 'CSI': Gil Grissom comes a-calling (sort of) -- Exclusive Video

Examiner 1/12/13 'CSI: NY' 9.13 photos and spoilers: Death at a mysterious location

TV Guide 1/12/13 Gary Dourdan Blames CSI for His Bankruptcy

Zap2It 1/7/13 'CSI': Ted Danson can't 'pin down' wife Mary Steenburgen for guest role

TV Guide 12/31/12 Keck's Exclusives First Look: Tennis Legend Chris Evert Guests on CSI

Examiner 12/18/12 'CSI: NY' 9.11 photos and spoilers: An early end

TV Guide 12/10/12 Keck's Exclusives First Look: CSI Vet Flips Her Wig Over Drag Race

Zap2It 11/30/12 'CSI: NY': Anna Belknap surprised to be back for Season 9

Examiner 11/29/12 'CSI: Las Vegas' 13.10 photos and spoilers: A former love returns

TV Guide 11/26/12 Keck's Exclusives: CSI Casts Supermodel as Hodges' Fiancée

Entertainment Weekly 11/22/12 'CSI': Elisabeth Shue previews Finlay's past, hot chemistry with 'Cougar Town' guest star

TV Guide 11/21/12 CSI: Can Finlay Finally Crack the Case That Got Her Fired?

Examiner 11/20/12 'CSI: NY' 9.10 photos and spoilers: A death at a bar

Zap2It 11/20/12 'CSI' and 'CSI: New York' crossover set for February on CBS

TV Guide 11/19/12 Chris Evert, Lindsay Davenport to Guest-Star on CSI

Examiner 11/16/12 'CSI: NY' 9.09 photos and spoilers: A cover is blown

Examiner 11/16/12 'CSI: Las Vegas' 13.08 and 13.09 photos and spoilers: Finlay's past

Examiner 11/14/12 'CSI: NY' 9.08 photos and spoilers: Trouble at school

TV Guide 11/13/12 CSI's Gary Dourdan Files for Bankruptcy

Examiner 10/28/12 'CSI: Las Vegas' 13.07 photos and spoilers: An unholy death

Examiner 10/25/12 'CSI: Las Vegas' 13.06 photos and spoilers: Trouble off the court

Examiner 10/19/12 'CSI: Las Vegas' 13.04 and 13.05 photos and spoilers: Puppy love

Examiner 10/17/12 'CSI: NY' 9.05 and 9.06 photos and spoilers: Lindsay's fate

Examiner 10/12/12 'CSI: Las Vegas' 13.03 photos and spoilers: A missing girl and more

Examiner 10/10/12 'CSI: NY' 9.03 photos and sneak peek: Dead or alive

TV Guide 10/8/12 Cougar Town's Brian Van Holt to Play Finlay's Ex on CSI

Examiner 10/5/12 'CSI: NY' 9.04 photos and spoilers: Politics and death

BuddyTV 9/27/12 'CSI: NY' Season 9 Premiere Photos: 'Reignited'

BuddyTV 9/26/12 'CSI' Season 13 Premiere Photos: 'Karma to Burn'

Examiner 9/16/12 'CSI: NY' 9.02 photos and spoilers: Trouble with fire

Examiner 9/12/12 'CSI: Las Vegas' 13.02 photos and spoilers: Things get personal

TV Guide 9/10/12 Keck's Exclusives First Look: CSI's Nick Goes to the Dog

Scripted TV Fans 9/8/12 CSI: – Season Premiere Promo

Digital Spy 9/5/12 'Real Housewives' star Kyle Richards lands 'CSI' guest role

Examiner 8/22/12 'CSI' premiere photos and spoilers: More drama in Las Vegas and NY

Examiner 8/17/12 'CSI: Las Vegas' season 13 set photos and spoilers: Going home

Digital Spy 6/14/12 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' named most-watched show in the world

Digital Spy 5/29/12 Ted Danson: 'I owe everything to Cheers'

Digital Spy 5/16/12 'CSI' Paul Guilfoyle Q&A: 'I think of it as a story about Jim Brass'

Entertainment Weekly 5/9/12 'CSI' season finale review: Now That's how to shake up a series

Hollywood Reporter 5/1/12 'CSI's' George Eads Inks New Deal With CBS Television Studios (Exclusive)

Digital Spy 4/13/12 'CSI' season finale: Brooke Nevin to play Ted Danson's daughter

Entertainment Weekly 4/5/12 'CSI' scoop: 'Frasier' alum to play Ted Danson's wife

Hollywood Reporter 3/23/12 'CSI' Taps 'Gary Unmarried' Star for Guest Turn

Hollywood Reporter 3/20/12 'CSI' Books 'Hunter' Cop for Guest Gig (Exclusive)

Entertainment Weekly 3/12/12 'CSI' scoop: Look who's returning (and has surprising killer ties!) -- Exclusive

TV Guide 3/5/12 Keck's Exclusives First Look: Jaclyn Smith Gets Kidnapped on CSI

TV Guide 3/5/12 The River's Paul Blackthorne to Guest-Star on CSI

NY Post 2/18/12 A ‘CSI’ surprise

Entertainment Weekly 2/15/12 Elisabeth Shue joined 'CSI': A 'Seeing Red' review

Entertainment Weekly 2/13/12 'CSI': Get a first look at Elisabeth Shue -- Exclusive Video

TV Guide 2/8/12 Keck's Exclusives: Jaclyn Smith to Guest Star on CSI

TV Guide 1/26/12 Watercooler: Not a Dry CSI in The House for Catherine's Farewell

Entertainment Weekly 1/25/12 Marg Helgenberger on shooting her final 'CSI' episode, airing tonight: 'Really intense'

TV Guide 1/24/12 Marg Helgenberger Says Goodbye to CSI

Zap2It 1/23/12 'CSI's Marg Helgenberger: 'You haven't seen the last of me'

NY Daily News 1/23/12 Marg Helgenberger prepares to say farewell to CBS’ ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’

Zap2It 1/18/12 'CSI': Marg Helgenberger is not going out quietly

Zap2It 1/17/12 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation': Oscar nominee Elisabeth Shue 'really enjoying' going forensic

Digital Spy 1/17/12 Marg Helgenberger on 'CSI' exit: 'It's time to step back'

E!Online 1/12/12 Ex-CSI Star Gary Dourdan Cops Plea to Make Drug Case Disappear

Digital Spy 1/12/12 'CSI' star Gary Dourdan escapes jail time for drug charges

BuddyTV 1/4/12 'CSI' Photos: Marg Helgenberger Bids Farewell

Digital Spy 12/8/11 'The Event' star Roger Bart lands 'CSI' role

NY Post 12/4/11 The man in black

NY Daily News 11/29/11 Anthony Zuiker, creator of 'CSI,' traveled tough road to success

BuddyTV 11/18/11 Elisabeth Shue Joins 'CSI'

TV Guide 11/18/11 Elisabeth Shue Replacing Marg Helgenberger on CSI

Scripted TV Fans 11/16/11 The Team Investigates Three Seemingly Unrelated Murders Tonight on CSI

Scripted TV Fans 11/2/11 The Team Investigates A Murder Near A Traveling Sideshow Tonight on CSI

Zap2It 10/25/11 'CSI': Laurence Fishburne 'really grateful' for his time

BuddyTV 10/20/11 'CSI': Titus Welliver Is This Season's Big Bad

Scripted TV Fans 10/19/11 A MedEvac Helicopter Is Hijacked With Brody Aboard Tonight On CSI

TV Guide 10/18/11 CSI Taps Matt Lauria, Annabeth Gish for Multi-Episode Arcs

Scripted TV Fans 10/12/11 The Former Mayor Of Las Vegas Is Shot At The Mob Museum Tonight On CSI

Scripted TV Fans 10/5/11 While on a Date, Nick Notices Decomposing Body Parts in a Piece of Gallery Artwork Tonight on CSI

TV Guide 10/4/11 CSI Cheers Up With Ted Danson

Scripted TV Fans 9/28/11 Three Different Suspects Confess To Murdering A Family Tonight On CSI

Zap2It 9/27/11 'CSI's' Elisabeth Harnois shares 'nerdy moment' with Ted Danson

Scripted TV Fans 9/21/11 Ted Danson Makes His Series Debut Tonight On The Twelfth Season Premiere Of CSI

LA Times 9/21/11 Television review: 'CSI' with Ted Danson

Zap2It 9/21/11 'CSI' season premiere: Ted Danson takes over, changes the vibe

TV Guide 9/20/11 The 5 Roles That Prove Ted Danson Is Right for CSI

Scripted TV Fans 9/12/11 CSI: – Just What This Team Needed

TV Guide 9/7/11 Switched at Birth Star to Guest on CSI

Digital Spy 9/7/11 Vanessa Marano, Johnny Messner to guest in 'CSI'

Digital Spy 8/23/11 'CSI's William Peterson, wife Gina Cirone welcome twins

Digital Spy 8/22/11 William Petersen returning to 'CSI', claims co-star George Eads

BuddyTV 8/18/11 'CSI' Season 12: New Episode Photos with Ted Danson

NY Post 8/10/11 'CSI' 9/11 tribute

Digital Spy 8/10/11 'CSI' exec: 'Catherine gets action hero exit'

TV Guide 8/9/11 Keck's Exclusives: CSI Has a Wonka Moment

NY Daily News 8/4/11 Ted Danson makes himself at home on the set of 'CSI' as investigative head D.B. Russell

NY Daily News 8/4/11 CBS president discusses Kutcher replacing Sheen, Danson replacing Lawrence Fishburne on 'CSI'

Hollywood Reporter 8/4/11 Marg Helgenberger Leaving 'CSI' in January

Digital Spy 8/3/11 Marg Helgenberger 'to leave CSI after next season'

Hollywood Reporter 8/3/11 'CSI': Ted Danson Takes Over for Laurence Fishburne on the CBS Procedural (Video)

TV Guide 8/3/11 CSI Welcomes Ted Danson, Prepares to Say Goodbye to Marg Helgenberger

Hollywood Reporter 8/3/11 'CSI': 5 Things to Know About the Ted Danson Reboot

Scripted TV Fans 8/2/11 Justin Bieber Returns to CSI

BuddyTV 7/29/11 The New Faces of CBS: First Look at Ted Danson on 'CSI,' Ashton Kutcher on 'Two and a Half Men'

TV Guide 7/29/11 Exclusive First Look: Ted Danson on CSI

LA Times 7/21/11 Jorja Fox returning to 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' as series regular

TV Guide 7/20/11 Jorja Fox Signs On for Full-Time CSI Gig

Scripted TV Fans 7/14/11 Ted Danson to Star in “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”

Hollywood Reporter 7/13/11 Ted Danson: 5 Things to Know About 'CSI' Star

BuddyTV 7/12/11 Ted Danson Joins 'CSI'

Zap2It 7/12/11 Ted Danson to replace Laurence Fishburne on 'CSI'

E!Online 7/12/11 Ted Danson Joins CSI (But What About Bored to Death?!)

Zap2It 6/8/11 Laurence Fishburne leaving 'CSI': 7 possible replacements

NY Daily News 6/8/11 Laurence Fishburne leaving 'CSI': Was he too big a fish for this pond?

BuddyTV 6/7/11 Laurence Fishburne Exits 'CSI'

LA Times 6/7/11 Laurence Fishburne leaves 'CSI' and the hunt for a replacement is on

Scripted TV Fans 5/12/11 Langston Squares Off with Nate Haskell Inside His Childhood Home Tonight on the CSI Season Finale

TV Guide 5/12/11 CSI Finale: Will This Be the Final Langston-Haskell Showdown?

NY Post 5/12/11 Milking serial killers

NY Daily News 5/9/11 Justin Bieber responds to Marg Helgenberger's 'brat' comment: You're 'kinda lame'

Access Hollywood 5/9/11 Bieber Calls Helgenberger’s ‘Brat’ Label ‘Lame’

NY Daily News 5/8/11 Justin Bieber was 'a brat' during 'CSI' guest appearance, punched a cake, says Marg Helgenberger

Scripted TV Fans 5/5/11 Nate Haskell Kidnaps Langston’s Ex-Wife, Gloria, Tonight On CSI

Scripted TV Fans 4/28/11 Nate Haskell Resurfaces Tonight On CSI

TMZ 4/28/11 CSI Creator's Wife: Our Marriage is DOA

Digital Spy 4/27/11 'CSI' exec 'expects more Marg Helgenberger'

Digital Spy 4/20/11 'CSI' star teases "harrowing" finale

TV Guide 4/8/11 Melinda Clarke's One-Two Punch on Nikita and CSI

Scripted TV Fans 4/7/11 Lady Heather Returns To Help Collar A Murder Suspect Tonight On CSI

Digital Spy 4/7/11 Melinda Clarke teases 'CSI' return

Digital Spy 4/7/11 Elisabeth Harnois signs for 'CSI' role

Digital Spy 4/7/11 'Lost' actress to appear in 'CSI' finale

Scripted TV Fans 3/31/11 A String Of Unrelated Deaths Prompts An Office Betting Pool Tonight On CSI

Scripted TV Fans 3/10/11 A Slain Ex-Cop Leaves Behind A List Of Suspects In His Wife’s Murder Tonight On CSI

TV Guide 3/9/11 Louise Lombard Returning to CSI

Digital Spy 3/9/11 Louise Lombard to make 'CSI' return

Digital Spy 3/4/11 'CSI' exec confirms villain return

Entertainment Weekly 2/28/11 'CSI' scoop: Marg Helgenberger wants to do only 'a few episodes' next season

Scripted TV Fans 2/24/11 Two “Dead” Men Come Back To Life Tonight On CSI

Digital Spy 2/24/11 Melinda Clarke to make 'CSI' return

BuddyTV 2/18/11 Justin Bieber Dies

TMZ 2/18/11 Justin Bieber -- They Shot Me Dead on 'CSI'

Zap2It 2/18/11 'CSI': Justin Bieber goes out in a blaze of glory

TV Guide 2/18/11 Cheers & Jeers: CSI and Lights Out — Fears of a Clown

Scripted TV Fans 2/17/11 Langston Testifies Against Nate Haskell, Justin Bieber Guests Tonight On CSI

LA Times 2/15/11 Justin Bieber returns to his (fake) life of crime on 'CSI' [Videos]

BuddyTV 2/14/11 'CSI' Photos: Justin Bieber Returns

Hollywood Reporter 2/14/11 Justin Bieber Back on CSI on Thursday (Video)

Zap2It 2/14/11 Justin Bieber Back on 'CSI': What's he going to blow up this time?

Daily Mail 2/11/11 Justin Bieber's character comes to a tragic end in new episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Scripted TV Fans 2/10/11 Someone Donates Their Body – To A Thrift Store – Tonight On CSI

Examiner 2/4/11 Justin Bieber 'CSI' spoilers: What happens to Jason McCann?

TV Guide 2/4/11 How CSI Got William Petersen Back

Zap2It 2/4/11 'CSI': What did you think of Grissom's return?

NY Post 2/4/11 Justin Bieber shot dead, never to return again on 'CSI': report

Scripted TV Fans 2/3/11 Sara Investigates A Car Bombing At The College Where Grissom’s Mother Works Tonight On CSI

Entertainment Weekly 2/3/11 'CSI' review: William Petersen's Gil Grissom returned to liven up this show: Video 

Zap2It 1/31/11 'CSI' welcomes William Petersen back, briefly

Scripted TV Fans 1/20/11 The Team Investigates A Murder By Electric Chair With Guest Star Dita Von Teese Tonight On CSI

TV Guide 1/20/11 A Romantic Teese for CSI's Greg

Scripted TV Fans 1/12/11 Justin Bieber Returns to CSI

Entertainment Weekly 1/11/11 Justin Bieber to head back to 'CSI' for Feb. 17 episode

Zap2It 1/11/11 Justin Bieber's 'CSI' return: Back to his evil ways

Scripted TV Fans 1/6/11 A Fake-Looking Online Photo Of A Dead Call Girl Turns Out To Be Real Tonight On CSI

Digital Spy 12/23/10 'CSI' star 'loves' Dita Von Teese

Scripted TV Fans 12/9/10 The CSIs Are On The Trail Of A Murderous, Kidnapping Pedophile Tonight On CSI

TV Guide 12/9/10 CSI: Meet Gil Grissom's Mom

Zap2It 12/8/10 '90210' casts Teddy's new love interest; Phyllis Frelich cast as Grissom's mom on 'CSI'

TV Guide 12/5/10 Keck's Exclusives: CSI's Greg Gets Lucky with Dita Von Teese

Scripted TV Fans 11/18/10 A Man Plummets From A Hotel Balcony And Foul Play Is Suspected Tonight On CSI

Scripted TV Fans 11/11/10 The Team Investigates The Murders Of A Pair Of Whistle-blowers Tonight On CSI

Zap2It 11/9/10 'CSI' casts '90210's' Trevor Donovan as a sexy Spartan

Scripted TV Fans 11/4/10 The Team Finds The Remains Of A Shredded Man Tonight On CSI

Digital Spy 11/4/10 Helgenberger 'still planning CSI exit'

Scripted TV Fans 10/28/10 Langston Investigates a College Student’s Death At a Walking With Dinosaurs Show Tonight On CSI

Scripted TV Fans 10/21/10 A Dead Body is Found Under Piles of Trash in a Hoarder’s House Tonight on CSI

Zap2It 10/15/10 'CSI:' Ann-Margret talks Sqweegel, the forensic-proof serial killer

Scripted TV Fans 10/14/10 A Serial Killer, Sqweegel is Punishing Local Heroes that Harbor Hidden Secrets Tonight on “CSI”

TV Guide 10/14/10 Fright Night on CSI

BuddyTV 10/13/10 Buddy Bites: 'CSI' First Look, Sam L. Jackson to CW, De Niro to CBS

Zap2It 10/13/10 'CSI': First look at Katee Sackhoff as Det. Frankie Reed

Scripted TV Fans 10/7/10 The Team Investigates a Murder at a Vampire and Werewolf Convention Tonight on “CSI”

Scripted TV Fans 9/30/10 A Shark Attacks a Woman in a Casino Pool Tonight on “CSI”

TV Guide 9/28/10 First Look: Katee Sackhoff a New CSI?

Entertainment Weekly 9/24/10 Style Hunter: Nick's fashion arm sling on 'CSI'

Scripted TV Fans 9/23/10 Langston Fights For His Life on Tonight’s Season Premiere of CSI

TV Guide 9/23/10 Keck's Exclusives: How CSI Nabbed Ann-Margret

E!Online 9/23/10 Check Out Justin Bieber's Prime-Time Acting Debut

TV Guide 9/23/10 CSI: Justin Bieber Fans Will See a Different Side of the Singer

Scripted TV Fans 9/16/10 CSI: – Behind The Scenes

TV Guide 9/13/10 Katee Sackhoff to Stay on CSI?

TV Guide 9/13/10 Video: Justin Bieber on CSI: Does He Have Acting Chops?

Scripted TV Fans 9/11/10 CSI: – Premiere Sneak Peek

Scripted TV Fans 9/10/10 Justin Bieber on CSI

MTV 9/10/10 Justin Bieber Talks 'CSI' Cameo

Gather 9/9/10 Katee Sackhoff to 'CSI' - 'Battlestar Galactica' Alum Joins Cast

Zap2It 9/9/10 Katee Sackhoff lands 'CSI' job, Freddy Krueger scares up 'Chuck' cameo

Gather 9/7/10 New 'CSI Las Vegas' Season 11 Preview Features Justin Bieber

Scripted TV Fans 8/26/10 CSI: – Season 10 Recap

Zap2It 8/24/10 Justin Bieber on 'CSI': DNA samples and Coke

TV Guide 8/18/10 Video: Justin Bieber Cameo in CSI's Season 11 Trailer

Zap2It 8/18/10 'CSI': Coolest Justin Bieber promo ever

Scripted TV Fans 8/13/10 CSI: – Returning Series Preview

People 8/4/10 Photo: Justin Bieber Faces a Corpse on CSI

NY Daily News 8/4/10 Justin Bieber did 'really good job' in 'explosive' 'CSI,' says executive producer Carol Mendelsohn

TV Guide 7/31/10 Exclusive: Elliott Gould to Guest-Star on CSI

Gather 7/26/10 First Picture of Justin Bieber Appearing On CSI Released

TV Guide 7/26/10 Keck's Exclusives: Marg Helgenberger Prepares to Leave CSI

Scripted TV Fans 7/24/10 Justin Bieber to Make Acting Debut on “CSI”

People 7/23/10 Justin Bieber Will Be a Troubled Teen — on CSI

TV Guide 7/16/10 Jorja Fox Signs on for CSI Season 11

TV Guide 7/14/10 Keck's Exclusives: George Eads Signs On for More CSI

TV Guide 7/8/10 Marg Helgenberger Renews CSI Contract

Zap2It 6/11/10 'CSI': The world's most-watched show

Scripted TV Fans 5/20/10 The Hunt for Dr. Jekyll Proves Extremely Dangerous Tonight on “CSI”

TV Guide 5/20/10 CSI Finale: A Tale of Two Serial Killers

Scripted TV Fans 5/13/10 Langston is Identified as a Suspect in the Dr. Jekyll Murder Investigation Tonight on “CSI”

TV Guide 5/13/10 CSI's Marg Helgenberger: Catherine Will Risk Everything to Stop Dr. Jekyll

NY Post 5/9/10 Crime queen

NY Post 5/9/10 CBS’ golden crime blotter

Scripted TV Fans 5/6/10 A Mother May be Responsible for the Disappearance of Her Family Tonight on “CSI”

Zap2It 5/4/10 'Glee,' 'CSI' honored for their 'conscience'

Scripted TV Fans 4/22/10 Catherine Investigates a Murder at Her Daughter’s School Tonight on “CSI”

TV Guide 4/20/10 Laurence Fishburne Signs On for More CSI

Entertainment Weekly 4/15/10 'CSI' exclusive: Returning star holds key to Dr. Jekyll mystery

NY Post 4/11/10 Unsung heroes

Scripted TV Fans 4/8/10 Langston Gets Closer to Catching The Dr. Jekyll Serial Killer Tonight on “CSI”

TV Guide 4/8/10 CSI's George Eads: Dr. Jekyll Will Make Your Hair Stand Up

E!Online 4/7/10 CSI's Gary Dourdan Gets Scolded Over Sex Scene Investigation

Zap2It 3/17/10 'CSI's Gary Dourdan girlfriend Maria Asis del Alamo allegedly shows her claws

TMZ 3/17/10 Crime Scene Investigation at Home of 'CSI' Star

E!Online 3/17/10 CSI Star Caught Up in Domestic Violence Incident

Scripted TV Fans 3/11/10 The Death of a Young Boy May be Linked to a Case From the Past Tonight on CSI

TV Guide 3/11/10 CSI: The Hunt for Dr. Jekyll Heats Up

Scripted TV Fans 3/4/10 The Team Investigates an Attempted Murder at a Rascal Flatts Concert Tonight on “CSI”

TV Guide 3/4/10 CSI: Get a Sneak Peek at Rascal Flatts' Shocking Guest Appearance

Scripted TV Fans 1/21/10 A Golf Pro is Murdered at a High Profile Tournament Tonight on CSI

Scripted TV Fans 1/14/10 Two Beautiful Women are Murdered in a Las Vegas Hotel Tonight on CSI

TMZ 12/22/09 'CSI' Star -- Countdown to Bachelorettehood

Scripted TV Fans 12/17/09 A Shootout May Be Connected to a Young Woman Involved in a Suicide Pact Tonight on CSI

Scripted TV Fans 12/10/09 CSI’s Uncover a Double Homicide at a Biker Bar Tonight on “CSI”

Scripted TV Fans 11/19/09 The Team Investigates a Murder at a Bowling Alley Tonight on “CSI”

USA Today 11/19/09 Laurence Fishburne and 'CSI': The evidence is weak

Entertainment Weekly 11/13/09 'CSI' crossover: Ending on a high note

Scripted TV Fans 11/12/09 The Conclusion of a Three-Part CSI Trilogy Cross-Over Tonight on CSI

USA Today 11/9/09 'CSI' trucks across the map this week for a triple crossover

NY Post 11/7/09 Bone voyage

Scripted TV Fans 11/6/09 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Virtual Lab Tour

Scripted TV Fans 11/6/09 The CSI Trilogy - Extended Preview

Scripted TV Fans 11/5/09 Two Apparently Unrelated Crimes Turn Out to be Connected Tonight on CSI

Scripted TV Fans 11/1/09 CSI: - Making of a Corpse

Scripted TV Fans 10/30/09 CSI: - Trilogy Preview

Scripted TV Fans 10/29/09 CSI: Impersonations

Scripted TV Fans 10/29/09 The Murder of a Popular College Football Coach is Investigated Tonight on CSI

Scripted TV Fans 10/27/09 CSI 10/29/09 Episode Sneak Peek

Scripted TV Fans 10/23/09 CSI - Season 9 Preview on DVD

Scripted TV Fans 10/21/09 CSI - Catch Season 9 on DVD

Scripted TV Fans 10/15/09 A Racially Charged Case of a Cop Killing Tonight on CSI

Zap2It 10/15/09 Jorja Fox is sticking with 'CSI'

Digital Spy 10/15/09 Jorja Fox extends 'CSI' return

Scripted TV Fans 10/14/09 Laurence Fishburne to Appear in All Three CSI Series in a Crossover Trilogy

ET Online 10/13/09 'CSI' Follows a Killer from Miami to New York and Las Vegas

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Chicago Tribune 8/4/09 'CSI' changes afoot: Could Grissom return? What's up with Langston's clothes?

NY Post 8/4/09 Clothes Call 

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Zap2It 7/27/09 Lauren Lee Smith leaves 'CSI'

Scripted TV Fans 7/20/09 Jorja Fox Returns to CSI

Zap2It 7/18/09 'CSI's' Jorja Fox returns
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Scripted TV Fans 5/8/09 A String of Murders Linked to a Poker Scam on Next Week’s Season Finale of CSI

Cinema Spider 5/1/09 The Team Investigates a Brutal Motorcycle Gang Murder Next Week on CSI

Cinema Spider 4/24/09 The Team Investigates a Mysterious Fatal Illness Next Week on "CSI"

Cinema Spider 4/17/09 Catherine Revisits One of Her First Cases Next Week on CSI

Cinema Spider 4/10/09 Hodges and Wendy Investigate a Murder at a Sci Fi Convention Next Week on CSI

Cinema Spider 4/3/09 Nick's Case of a Deceased Skydiver Takes an Interesting Turn Thursday on "CSI"

Cinema Spider 3/27/09 The Team Delves Into the World of Mexican Wrestling Next Week on CSI

BuddyTV 3/16/09 28 'Lost' Crossover Ideas
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Cinema Spider 2/27/09 Taylor Swift Guest Stars Next Week on CSI
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Cinema Spider 2/13/09 Langston Testifies at the Trial of a Congressman Next Week on CSI
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SirLinksalotShop 1/13/09 Taylor Swift to Guest Star in an Upcoming Episode of CSI
NY Post 12/13/08 Larry Fine In 'CSI' Debut

BuddyTV 12/11/08 Meet CSI's New Gil Grissom: Laurence Fishburne
BuddyTV 12/11/08 CSI: Fishburne Makes First Appearance Tonight on "19 Down"
Jam! 12/11/08 Fishburne excited to join 'CSI'
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BuddyTV 12/3/08 CSI: NY: From A "Box" To A "Triangle"
TV Guide 12/3/08 VIDEO: Laurence Fishburne's CSI Debut
Zap2It 12/3/08 Craig T. Nelson Plays Nemesis on 'CSI: NY'
Zap2It 12/1/08 'CSI' Star Splits From SAG President Hubby
TV Guide 12/1/08 Exclusive: Khandi Alexander Pays Miami a Return Visit

NY Post 11/28/08 'CSI' New Guy
BuddyTV 11/27/08 Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for a CSI Fan
BuddyTV 11/26/08 CSI: NY: High Ratings Shouldn't Mean Complacency
BuddyTV 11/24/08 Diddy to Appear on 'CSI: Miami' Plus Preview of Tonight's Episode
Zap2It 11/21/08 'CSI': The Miniature Killer Returns
Entertainment Weekly 11/14/08 'CSI': Problem Child
Chicago Sun-Times 11/14/08 From 'CSI' to Steppenwolf, William Petersen's journey
Zap2It 11/13/08 'CSI': Forget It, Gil, It's Koreatown
TV Guide 11/13/08 Diddy Gets Lawyered for CSI: Miami
TV Guide 11/13/08 Why Does The New CSI Like Pushing Grissom's Buttons?
Zap2It 11/6/08 'CSI': Melinda Clarke Returns
TV Guide 11/6/08 Will A Certain Lady Make CSI's Grissom Forget Sara?
Entertainment Weekly 10/31/08 'CSI': Party Girls
Zap2It 10/30/08 'CSI': Strict Parenting
Entertainment Weekly 10/24/08 'CSI': What Is Art?
Zap2It 10/23/08 'CSI': Art Kills as Much as Love
Chicago Tribune 10/22/08 A few details on 'CSI's' new guy
SirLinksalotShop 10/21/08 Linkin Park's New Hit Single "Leave Out All The Rest" to be Featured on CSI November 6th
Entertainment Weekly 10/17/08 'CSI': The Dearly Departed
Zap2It 10/16/08 'CSI': Love Kills
Entertainment Weekly 10/10/08 'CSI' season premiere: Goodbye, Warrick Brown!
Zap2It 10/9/08 Premierewatch: 'CSI'
NY Daily News 10/8/08 'CSI' has a new look in its ninth season
Chicago Tribune 10/7/08 The 'CSI' team sheds some tears in the season opener
Celebrity Spider 10/2/08 William Petersen Hints About CSI Movie
NY Daily News 10/1/08 'CSI' on the big screen?
Celebrity Spider 9/22/08 Laurence Fishburne and William Petersen Reunite At Emmys
BuddyTV 9/18/08 CSI: More Details about Fishburne's Character
BuddyTV 9/16/08 CSI: Season 9 Premiere Details
Digital Spy 8/30/08 Paul Reubens denies 'CSI' role
Chicago Tribune 8/29/08 'CSI': First images from the season premiere
Hollywood Reporter 8/19/08 Laurence Fishburne joining 'CSI'
Toronto Star 8/19/08 Laurence Fishburne joins CSI
NY Post 8/19/08 Fishburne Hooks The 'CSI' Deal
Washington Post 8/19/08 'CSI's' 'Professor' Fishburne Has A Lot to Learn
Zap2It 8/18/08 More details on Laurence Fishburne joining 'CSI'
NY Daily News 8/18/08 'CSI' gets its man: Laurence Fishburne joins cast of CBS drama
BuddyTV 8/7/08 'CSI' Eyes Laurence Fishburne as William Petersen's Replacement
BuddyTV 8/4/08 CSI: Miami: Horatio's Son Talks About Bonding with his Onscreen Dad
BuddyTV 7/22/08 'CSI: Miami' Casts Megalyn Echikunwoke as Coroner
Detroit Free Press 7/16/08 Actor behind Gil Grissom of 'CSI' to leave show
Jam! 7/16/08 'Gil Grissom' leaving 'CSI'
Entertainment Weekly 7/15/08 Exclusive: William Petersen Says B-Y-E to 'CSI'
Entertainment Weekly 7/15/08 Exclusive: 'CSI' Boss Outlines Season of Change
BuddyTV 7/3/08 'CSI' Star Gets His Own Star
BuddyTV 7/1/08 CBS Announces Return Dates for the 'CSI' Franchise
BuddyTV 6/26/08 Jorja Fox's Heart Belongs to 'CSI'
BuddyTV 6/19/08 CSI: The Most Popular Show on Earth
Buddy TV 6/17/08 Is Ex-'CSI' Gary Dourdan Joining 'Celebrity Rehab'-
Buddy TV 6/13/08 Fourth Issue of Official 'CSI' Magazine Now Available
Buddy TV 5/29/08 CSI- Gary Dourdan Guilty But Won't Go To Jail
Buddy TV 5/27/08 'CSI' Actor Helms Internet Radio Station

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