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Wild Bluff Media 1/2/08 WBM Interview: Shanna Moakler of "Crowned" on The CW

BuddyTV 1/2/08 Crowned: Episode 4 Recap

Zap2It 1/2/08 'Crowned': Bring Sexy Back? Sexy Was Never Here

Reality TV Links 1/1/08 Casting Call - Crowned 2

NY Post 12/31/07 'Crowned' 'Round For Second Year?

Buddy TV 12/29/07 Crowned: Shanna Moakler Dishes About Being a Judge

Sofachip 12/26/07 Watching Crowned is Not Quite as Horrible as Being Eaten Alive by Snakes

Zap2It 12/26/07 'Crowned': Excuse me, but you showed your crotch

Celebrity Spider 12/26/07 Mothers and Daughters Get Into a Screaming Match Tonight on "Crowned"

The-Trades 12/26/07 Interview: Shanna Moakler: The Mother of All Reality Stars 12/26/07 Exclusive Interview with Shanna Moakler, Celebrity Judge on CWs Crowned

NY Daily News 12/21/07 Like mother like daughter, like, ick

TV Robot 12/20/07 Who Will Be Crowned? Who Cares?

BuddyTV 12/19/07 Crowned: Episode 2 Recap

Sofachip 12/19/07 Crowned, yet none of them will be Winners

Zap2It 12/19/07 'Crowned': I feel like I'm being tortured

Inside Bay Area 12/19/07 Hayward Duo Down And Out On Crowned

Celebrity Spider 12/17/07 Last Week's Season Premiere of "Crowned" to Re-Air Tomorrow on The CW

Post Gazette 12/16/07 Mom-daughter pageant provides some silly fun

Slate 12/14/08 Our Brains Are Our Secret Weapon

Celebrity Spider 12/13/07 Teams Compete in a Swimsuit Competition Next Week on "Crowned"

BuddyTV 12/12/07 Crowned: Premiere Recap 12/12/07 A Dose of Reality: Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants - December 12: Lesson One

Zap2It 12/12/07 Premierewatch: Crowned

TV Robot 12/12/07 Soon to be Scrapping in Your Living Room: Crowned

Deseret News 12/12/07 Judge steals 'Crowned'

Knox News 12/12/07 'Crowned' would be better off canned

Boston Globe 12/12/07 Reality moms behaving badly

Toronto Star 12/12/07 Mother of all creepiness

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 12/12/07 Moms, daughters 'Crowned'

Media Life 12/12/07 'Crowned,' a train wreck with promise

Louisville Courier Journal 12/12/07 Reality of writers' strike sets in with CW's 'Crowned'

Washington Post 12/12/07 CW's 'Crowned,' Missing Congeniality

NY Post 12/12/07 Mother/Daughter Pageant So Bad It's Funny

Courier Journal 12/12/07 Reality of writers' strike sets in with CW's 'Crowned'

Palm Beach Post 12/12/07 'Crowned' is queen of bad television

NY Daily News 12/12/07 Seeing the beauty in 'Pageants'

Morning Call 12/12/07 Carson Kressley judges mom-daughter teams in 'Mother of All Pageants'

LA Times 12/12/07 'Crowned' takes prize for painful

San Diego Tribune 12/12/07 Nothing bright about 'Crowned'; runway just a bevy of dim bulbs

Newsday 12/12/07 The CW's mother-daughter pageant, 'Crowned' 12/12/07 TV Review: 'Crowned: The Mother of All Pagaents'

Uncle Barky 12/11/07 New series review -- Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants (The CW)

Buffalo News 12/11/07 Can local pair win the Crown?

Daily Herald 12/11/07 Even as trash TV, 'Crowned' disappoints

Sun Sentinel 12/11/07 TV review: Crowned is the king of all lowbrow reality shows 12/11/07 Moms, daughters face up to reality on CW

NY Post 12/9/07 I Feel Faint

Denver Post 12/8/07 "Crowned" needs an Oedipus Rx

Variety 12/7/07 Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants

NY Post 12/5/07 Here's Shanna

Extra 12/4/07 Behind the Craze of 'Crowned'

Celebrity Spider 11/15/07 The CW Reveals "Crowned" Cast, Show to Debut December 12th

Zap2It 11/12/07 'Crowned' Gets a Beauty of a Premiere

Celebrity Spider 10/15/07 Shanna Moaker and Cynthia Garrett Set to Judge Reality Show "Crowned"

Celebrity Spider 5/17/07 The CW Announces New Reality Series "Crowned"

Herald & Review 3/22/07 Mom-daughter duo closer to being 'Crowned'

Reality TV Links 3/7/07 Casting Call - "Crowned" on The CW

Herald & Review 3/7/07 Like mother, like daughter

Reality TV World 2/28/07 The CW announces 'Crowned' reality beauty pageant casting calls

News Observer 2/22/07 Calling all moms and daughters

Celebrity Spider 1/20/07 The CW Announces New Reality Series "Crowned"


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