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News Articles about NBC Networks Coupling


Deseret News 10/17/03 'Coupling' bombing on Thursday nights

E!Online 10/16/03 "Coupling" Comes Undone

Zap2It 10/16/03 NBC Pulls Thursday Schedule; 'Coupling' Sits Out Start of Sweeps

Globe and Mail 10/16/03 As Coupling comes undone, can NBC be far behind?

Chicago Sun-Times 10/16/03 NBC demands a trial separation from 'Coupling'

NY Times 10/15/03 NBC's Affection for `Coupling' Cools as Thursday Night Viewers Wander

BBC 10/15/03 Coupling fails to hook US viewers

Ananova 10/15/03 Coupling remake 'fails to connect in US'

NY Daily News 10/15/03 'Coupling' may break up

Deseret News 10/2/03 Uncoupling NBC's 'Coupling'

Media Guardian 9/29/03 Coupling makes solid start for NBC

Media Life 9/26/03 Not so hot debut for NBC's 'Coupling'

BBC 9/26/03 Bland start for US Coupling

Media Life 9/25/03 NBC's 'Coupling,' bawdy and ... blah

STL Today 9/25/03 NBC's "Coupling" isn't very funny, at least not yet

Contra Costa Times 9/25/03 'Coupling' is not well put-together 9/25/03 Coupling is all about, well, sex

Media Life 9/25/03 All that NBC has riding on 'Coupling'

Boston Globe 9/25/03 'Coupling' is more bland than bawdy

E!Online 9/25/03 NBC "Coupling" New Affiliates

Seattle Times 9/25/03 NBC's 'Coupling' lacks charm, camaraderie of 'Friends'

Zap2It 9/25/03 Rivals Pick Up 'Coupling' After NBC Affiliates Pass

Hollywood Reporter 9/25/03 'Coupling' arrives with accent intact

NY Times 9/25/03 Two Nations Split by a Sense of Humor

Dallas Morning News 9/25/03 Jokes are funnier in British 'Coupling' 9/25/03 Will remake of Brit hit replace 'Friends'?

Post Gazette 9/25/03 'Coupling' entwined in smut, not laughs

Chicago Sun-Times 9/25/03 'Coupling' needs a cold shower

Washington Post 9/25/03 NBC's 'Coupling': Abstinence Advised

Seattle PI 9/25/03 Chemical imbalance hurts U.S. 'Coupling'

NY Daily News 9/25/03 'Coupling' is doubly familiar

USA Today 9/25/03 'Coupling': Give it the royal kiss-off

The Oregonian 9/25/03 A desperate attempt at Must See comedy is just smut with a smirk

Rocky Mountain News 9/25/03 2 stations break off 'Coupling'

Detroit Free Press 9/25/03 'Coupling' no friend to NBC

NewsOK 9/24/03 Replacement Stations Found for'Coupling'

Hollywood Reporter 9/24/03 Coupling

Zap2It 9/23/03 'Coupling' Stars Aim to be Provocative, not Graphic

BBC 9/23/03 US TV shies away from racy sitcom

E!Online 9/22/03 "Coupling" Too Hot for TV?

AJC 9/22/03 British 'Coupling' Sitcom Travels to U.S.

Zap2It 9/22/03 Two NBC Stations Drop 'Coupling'

Deseret News 9/20/03 KSL-TV won't air adult sitcom

Detroit News 9/20/03 NBC Station in Ind. Won't Air'Coupling'

Media Guardian 9/19/03 US advertisers put faith in Coupling

St Petersburg Times 9/19/03 'Coupling' loses its wit in translation

Seattle PI 9/18/03 Viewers might hook up with 'Coupling' -- if they never see the original

Contra Costa Times 9/12/03 BBC hit making friends at NBC

Northern Star 9/11/03 "The Greg Feltes Show" reviews "Coupling"

NY Daily News 9/10/03 Undress for success? Not sexy Sofer

Media Guardian 9/8/03 Oversexed - and over there

NY Times 9/7/03 Selling Your Sex Life

TV Guide 9/3/03 NBC's Coupling Courts Controversy

Rocky Mountain News 8/30/03 NBC in bed with Brits for 'Coupling'

ET Online 8/15/03 Coupling - Thursday 9:30 p.m.

Tee Vee 8/11/03  "Coupling" Casting Call

TBO 7/29/03 NBC Tests Limits Of American Viewers With Bawdy Comedy `Coupling'

Charlotte Observer 7/26/03 NBC's hopes high for risque 'Coupling'

Dallas Morning News 7/26/03 NBC says 'Coupling' to offer viewers more than an empty fling

Post Gazette 7/26/03 NBC is enjoying buzz around new 'Coupling'

Seattle PI 7/26/03 NBC's 'Coupling' will court 'Friends' fans

NY Daily News 7/26/03 Let's be 'Friends'? Nah

USA Today 7/24/03 NBC hopes 'Coupling' will play in the USA

Dallas Morning News 7/23/03 'Coupling' already has its critics

BBC 7/3/03 Coupling hits US screens

Zap2It 6/27/03 Davenport Wishes American 'Coupling' Well

Extra 6/26/03 'Coupling'

NY Times 6/15/03 Sitcoms Can Be Sexy. Just Ask the British

NY Daily News 6/4/03 Prime time gone wild: 'Coupling' looks hot

Zap2It 5/22/03 'Coupling' Takes On 'Coupling' in Europe

Media Life 5/13/03 Let's not go too nuts over 'Coupling'

Ananova 5/7/03 BBC comedy 'too racy' for US audiences

NY Daily News 5/6/03 NBC ready to get racy

Zap2It 9/6/02 NBC Completes 'Coupling' Cast

Hollywood Reporter 9/6/02 Meyer, George last to sign for 'Coupling' cast

Zap2It 8/26/02 NBC Casts 'Coupling' Leads

Hollywood Reporter 8/26/02 NBC introduces 4 new friends for 'Coupling' pilot

Extra TV 8/1/02 The Next 'Friends?'

Extra TV 6/21/02 The Next 'Friends?'

Globe and Mail 6/20/02 NBC buys replacement for Friends from BBC

Seattle Times 6/20/02 NBC's 'Friends' replacement may be remade BBC sitcom

Digital Spy 6/19/02 NBC buys programming rights to 'Coupling'

E!Online 6/19/02 "Coupling": The Next "Friends"?

BBC 6/19/02 British sitcom set to follow Friends

Zap2It 6/18/02 NBC Gets Close to 'Coupling'

Hollywood Reporter 6/18/02 U.K.'s 'Coupling,' Reveille make friends at NBC


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