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News Articles about Survivor Contestant Colby Donaldson


Star Telegram 2/11/10 Texan gets third crack at 'Survivor'

Zap2It 2/9/10 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': No. 5 Colby Donaldson

Reality TV Calendar 2/2/10 Colby Donaldson - Stimpy's Take and Interview

Zap2It 1/10/10 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains': Colby Donaldson wants redemption

Reality TV Fans 1/7/10 Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Colby Donaldson Interview

Reality TV Fans 1/7/10 CBS Announces 20 Former Castaways to Compete on Survivor: Heroes vs Villains

US Magazine 2/19/07 Colby's New Challenge: Surviving Rachael Ray

KLTV 10/6/04 Women's Night Out Attracts "Survivor" Hunk, Women

Calgary Sun 4/18/04 Survive-her: Cowtown

Reality News Online 3/15/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Lex Should Have Kept Colby

Reality News Online 3/12/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Colby Lost

Reality TV World 3/12/04 Colby Donaldson gets booted from 'Survivor All-Stars' as Jerri finally gets her revenge

SurvivorUpdates 3/12/04 Colby on the CBS Early Show - Transcript and Screen Caps 3/12/04 - All-Star Colby on 'The Early Show'

CBS 3/12/04 Colby Gets Shredded

Calgary Sun 3/12/04 Colby thrown from saddle

Zap2It 3/11/04 Sob! Colby Cut from 'Survivor: All-Stars'

CBS 3/11/04 The Strong Will Not Survive: Colby Ousted 2/1/04 Christoval still has Colby fever as all-star debut nears

Standard Times 1/13/04 West Texas 'Survivor' picked for all-star team

CBS 1/12/04 'Old' Survivors Set For New Game

Reality News Online 1/10/04 ‘Survivor: All-Stars’ Players Revealed

Reality TV World 7/16/03 Colby Donaldson tentatively joins cast of 'All-Star Survivor'

Extra 4/24/03 Sexy Survivors

Hall of Shame 11/20/02 Hall of Shame Moment: Colby’s Final Decision in “Survivor 2”

Zap2It 9/19/02 'Survivor' Colby Stars in PAX Feature

Star Magazine 8/23/02 Vanna's Hot New Love

OA Online 5/16/02 ‘Survivor’ star lending a hand to fund-raiser

Detroit Free Press 8/25/01 Gang of 'Survivor' alums to gather at the Palace

Ananova 8/14/01 US Survivor winner buys consolation for runner-up

Kansas City Star 7/27/01 Survivor' standout is ready to take his shot at Tinseltown

Zap2It 6/28/01 'Survivor's' Colby Prefers Hot Rods to Aztek

Star 5/21/01 What Was Colby Doing in the Men's Room With Amber?

Zap2It 5/8/01 'Survivor's' Colby Gets His Harley

San Francisco Chronicle 5/4/01 How Tina won on 'Survivor' Colby loses 4-3 tribe vote

Reality News Online 5/4/01 Why Colby Lost

Zap2It 5/4/01 Tina and Colby's Hometowns Celebrate

Zap2It 4/24/01 Web Users Insist Colby Out Next

Zap2It 4/23/01 Las Vegas Bookies Bet On 'Survivor's' Colby

Zap2It 4/20/01 'Survivor's' Rodger Tried to Turn Colby

Zap2It 4/11/01 Viewers Say Colby Next on 'Survivor'

Zap2It 4/3/01 'Survivor's' Colby In Trouble ... Again

E!Online 4/3/01 Aussies Probe Survivor Coral Theft

Zap2It 4/2/01 Jerri Admits Colby Crush

Zap2It 3/29/01 'Survivor' Colby's Police Record   Link to Colby's Police Record

Survivor Dead Pool 3/27/01 Colby, Elisabeth Top Midseason Survivor Survey

Lubbock Online 1/26/01 Tech alumnus tackles the Australian Outback as Survivor

Bergen Record 12/29/00 'Survivor' players identified

Milwaukee Journal 12/28/00 TV secrets can't survive Internet

Zap2It 12/26/00 Identities Of 'Survivor II' Contestants Revealed


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