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Zap2It 1/27/12 'Chuck' series finale: The end is a new beginning

Scripted TV Fans 1/27/12 Chuck Rallies The Troops To Stop Nicholas Quinn Tonight on The Two-Hour Series Finale of Chuck

Entertainment Weekly 1/27/12 'Chuck' co-creator Josh Schwartz says goodbye -- Exclusive Essay

Post Gazette 1/27/12 Good night, good luck and so long, 'Chuck'

TV Guide 1/27/12 On the Set: Inside Chuck's Shocking and Emotional Final Mission

Zap2It 1/27/12 'Chuck' finale: Zachary Levi on saying goodbye -- 'it's been special from day one'

BuddyTV 1/26/12 Exclusive 'Chuck' Interview: Vik Sahay Talks About the 'Chuck' Finale and (Of Course) Jeffster

BuddyTV 1/26/12 'Chuck' Finale Videos: Watch Goodbyes from the 'Chuck' Cast

Zap2It 1/26/12 'Chuck' finale: Co-creator Chris Fedak promises an 'emotionally epic' close to the series

TV Guide 1/26/12 On the Set Farewell to Chuck Part 5: Life After Chuck

BuddyTV 1/25/12 'Chuck's Zachary Levi Gets Sentimental About Finale

BuddyTV 1/25/12 'Chuck' Video: Guess the 'Chuck' Series Finale Plot from the Promo

Examiner 1/25/12 'Chuck' series finale sneak peeks, Zachary Levi shares spoilers

TV Guide 1/25/12 On the Set Farewell to Chuck Part 4: The Nerd Legacy

Zap2It 1/25/12 'Chuck' finale: Joshua Gomez gets some closure on Morgan Grimes

NY Daily News 1/25/12 ‘Chuck’ creator promises finale with Zachary Levi will reveal where characters are headed

BuddyTV 1/24/12 Computers on the Brain: A History of the Intersect on 'Chuck'

BuddyTV 1/24/12 'Chuck' Videos: 'Chuck' Series Finale Spoilers Galore

TV Guide 1/24/12 On the Set Farewell to Chuck Part 3: Cast Tears and Favorite Moments

Zap2It 1/24/12 'Chuck' finale: Vik Sahay and Scott Krinsky discuss the final Jeffster! performance, leaving the Buy More

Zap2It 1/24/12 'Chuck' finale: Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin on crying, memories and more

BuddyTV 1/23/12 'Chuck' Interview: Adam Baldwin and EP Chris Fedak Discuss the 'Chuck' Finale

BuddyTV 1/23/12 'Chuck' Executive Producer Chris Fedak Talks Tears and Teasers

TV Guide 1/23/12 On the Set Farewell to Chuck Part 2: Sarah vs. the Faulty Intersect

TV Guide 1/23/12 On the Set Farewell to Chuck, Part 1: Jet Planes and a Jeffster! Swan Song

BuddyTV 1/21/12 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the Bullet Train'

BuddyTV 1/21/12 'Chuck's Scott Krinsky and Vik Sahay Talk Finale and the Fans

BuddyTV 1/20/12 'Chuck' Recap: Chuck Bites the Bullet Train

BuddyTV 1/20/12 Goodbye 'Chuck': Enter the 'Chuck Versus the Fans' Giveaway Contest

Zap2It 1/20/12 'Chuck': All aboard the 'Bullet Train' to the finale

Scripted TV Fans 1/20/12 The Latest Mission Leaves Casey With An Impossible Decision Tonight on Chuck

Examiner 1/20/12 'Chuck' 5.11 'Chuck vs The Bullet Train' sneak peek and photos

Hollywood Reporter 1/20/12 'Chuck's' Yvonne Strahovski Teases 'Tragedy' for the Series Finale, Cast Would Do a Movie

BuddyTV 1/19/12 'Chuck' Video: Morgan's Brain Holds the Key in 'Chuck vs. the Bullet Train'

BuddyTV 1/19/12 Love Is Awesome: 5 Seasons of 'Chuck' Relationships

USA Today 1/19/12 Death-defying 'Chuck' finally takes its final bow

Digital Spy 1/17/12 'Chuck' Zachary Levi: 'Fans will get a kick out of the finale'

BuddyTV 1/14/12 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. Bo'

Zap2It 1/13/12 'Chuck': Never, ever say 'one last mission'

Scripted TV Fans 1/13/12 Chuck & Sarah Travel To Vail, Where They Enlist The Help Of Bo Derek, Tonight on Chuck

BuddyTV 1/12/12 'Chuck' Episode 5.11 Photos: 'Chuck vs. the Bullet Train'

Examiner 1/12/12 'Chuck' episode 5.11 photos and 5.10 'Chuck vs Bo' sneak peeks

BuddyTV 1/11/12 'Chuck' Videos: A Sneak Peek at This Week's 'Chuck vs. Bo'

Entertainment Weekly 1/11/12 'Chuck' star Yvonne Strahovski: Chuck and Sarah will have 'something taken away from them'

BuddyTV 1/10/12 'Chuck' Spoilers: What Can We Expect from the Final Episodes?

BuddyTV 1/7/12 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the Kept Man'

BuddyTV 1/6/12 Chuck vs The Kept Man Recap

Scripted TV Fans 1/6/12 Casey’s Forbidden Love Walks Back Into His Life Tonight on “Chuck”

Examiner 1/6/12 'Chuck' 5.09 'Chuck vs The Kept Man' sneak peek

BuddyTV 1/5/12 'Chuck' Video: Take a Sneak Peek at 'Chuck vs. the Kept Man'

TV Guide 1/5/12 Chuck Exclusive First Look: Who's Shedding Their Clothes? Hint: It's Not Sarah

Zap2It 1/5/12 'Chuck': Strange things are afoot at the Buy More

BuddyTV 1/3/12 'Chuck' Photos: More from 'Chuck vs. the Baby'

BuddyTV 1/2/12 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the Baby'

Zap2It 12/31/11 'Chuck': You're not alone, Sarah Walker

BuddyTV 12/30/11 'Chuck' Recap: The Top 5 Moments from 'Chuck vs. the Baby'

BuddyTV 12/30/11 The 11 Most Awesome 'Chuck' Episodes of 2011

Examiner 12/30/11 Chuck episode 5.08 'Chuck vs The Baby' sneak peek and spoilers

BuddyTV 12/29/11 'Chuck' Videos: Spoilers, Sarah's Secret and a Sad Goodbye

Zap2It 12/29/11 'Chuck' preview: No more secrets ... except this one

BuddyTV 12/23/11 'Chuck' Recap: The Top 5 Moments of 'Chuck vs The Santa Suit'

BuddyTV 12/23/11 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the Santa Suit'

Zap2It 12/23/11 'Chuck': The Christmas that almost wasn't, but then was awesome

TV Guide 12/22/11 A Chuck Christmas: The Return of Daniel Shaw, the "Muahaha" Bad Guy

Zap2It 12/22/11 'Chuck' (and Stan Lee) get into the Christmas spirit

BuddyTV 12/22/11 'Chuck' Episode 5.8 Photos: 'Chuck vs. the Baby'

Examiner 12/22/11 'Chuck' episode 5.08 'Chuck vs The Baby' photos and spoilers

BuddyTV 12/19/11 'Chuck' Episode 5.6 Photos: Looking Back at 'Chuck vs. the Curse'

BuddyTV 12/17/11 'Chuck' Recap: Curses, Torture and Date Night, Oh My!

BuddyTV 12/17/11 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the Curse'

BuddyTV 12/15/11 'Chuck' Videos: Spying Takes the Romance Out of Date Night

Examiner 12/15/11 'Chuck': Sneak peeks for episode 5.06 'Chuck vs The Curse' released

Zap2It 12/15/11 'Chuck' confronts the Bartowski Curse; Morgan confronts Rebecca Romijn

BuddyTV 12/13/11 'Chuck' Videos: The Cast Talks About the Final Season and Torture

BuddyTV 12/12/11 'Chuck' Season 5 Spoilers: A Shocking Return and a Family Reunion

Examiner 12/12/11 'Chuck' episode 5.07 'Chuck vs the Santa Suit' photos and spoilers

TV Guide 12/12/11 First Look at Sarah's Mom on Chuck

Zap2It 12/12/11 'Chuck' recap: What a Hack

BuddyTV 12/10/11 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the Hack Off'

BuddyTV 12/9/11 'Chuck' Interview: Yvonne Strahovski Talks About 'Chuck vs. the Hack Off'

BuddyTV 12/8/11 'Chuck' Episode 5.7 Photos: Who Does Chuck Kiss in 'Chuck vs. the Santa Suit'?

BuddyTV 12/8/11 'Chuck' Preview: What to Expect from 'Chuck vs. the Hack Off'

Examiner 12/8/11 'Chuck' wraps production, new BTS photos released

BuddyTV 12/7/11 'Chuck' Videos: Prison Life for Casey and Lester in 'Chuck vs. the Hack Off'

BuddyTV 12/5/11 'Chuck' Episode 5.5 Photos: Danny Pudi Guests in 'Chuck vs. the Hack Off'

BuddyTV 12/5/11 Linda Hamilton Returns to 'Chuck' for the Series Finale

BuddyTV 12/5/11 'Chuck' Episode 5.5 Photos: Danny Pudi Guests in 'Chuck vs. the Hack Off'

BuddyTV 12/5/11 Linda Hamilton Returns to 'Chuck' for the Series Finale

Zap2It 12/5/11 'Chuck' pics: Danny Pudi joins the Nerd Herd, Lester in lockup

TV Guide 12/1/11 Keck's Exclusives: Chuck Books Linda Hamilton for Final Episode

Digital Spy 12/1/11 'Chuck' Ryan McPartlin to guest in 'Hot In Cleveland'

TV Guide 11/30/11 Chuck Creators Share Their Favorite Episodes

Digital Spy 11/30/11 'Chuck's Zachary Levi to host Spike TV's Video Game Awards

BuddyTV 11/29/11 'Chuck' Spoilers: Jail Time, Cults and Upcoming Episodes

BuddyTV 11/19/11 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the Business Trip'

BuddyTV 11/19/11 'Chuck' Recap: Your Top 5 Moments From "Chuck vs. The Business Trip"

BuddyTV 11/18/11 Spies Like 'Chuck': A History of Espionage on TV

Zap2It 11/18/11 'Chuck': The trouble with normal

BuddyTV 11/17/11 'Chuck' Videos: All Work and Death in 'Chuck vs. the Business Trip'

Zap2It 11/17/11 'Chuck' goes on a 'Business Trip,' doesn't like the accommodations very much

BuddyTV 11/15/11 'Chuck' Episode 5.4 Photos: 'Chuck vs. the Business Trip'

Zap2It 11/15/11 'Chuck': Scott Krinsky on Jeffster! and getting 'cured'

BuddyTV 11/14/11 A Sad Goodbye: 'Chuck' Series Finale Title Announced

BuddyTV 11/11/11 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips'

BuddyTV 11/11/11 Check Out the 'Chuck' Spy World with Verbanski and Carmichael Websites

Zap2It 11/11/11 'Chuck': Brotherhood of the traveling pants

Hollywood Reporter 11/11/11 'Chuck' Star Joshua Gomez: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Me (Exclusive)

BuddyTV 11/10/11 'Chuck' Videos: Get a Sneak Peek at 'Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips'

BuddyTV 11/10/11 'Chuck' Interview: Joshua Gomez Talks About 'Bad' Morgan

Zap2It 11/10/11 'Chuck's' Joshua Gomez: 'You're not supposed to like Morgan at this point'

BuddyTV 11/9/11 'Chuck' Episode 5.3 Photos: Morgan Goes Rogue in 'Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips'

Zap2It 11/7/11 'Chuck' recap: The Handled Becomes the Handler

BuddyTV 11/4/11 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit'
BuddyTV 11/4/11 Carrie-Anne Moss Talks About Becoming a 'Chuck' Spy

Scripted TV Fans 11/4/11 Carmichael Industries Faces Some Tough New Competition Tonight on Chuck

TV Guide 11/4/11 Chuck's Chris Fedak Defends Morgansect, Says "Nobody's Safe" This Final Season

Zap2It 11/3/11 'Chuck': Carrie-Anne Moss discusses her 'rough around the edges' character and relationship with Casey

BuddyTV 11/2/11 'Chuck' Season 5: Executive Producer Chris Fedak Talks About the Final Season

Entertainment Weekly 11/2/11 'Chuck' scoop: Chris Fedak teases 'jaw-dropping' Sarah episode. Plus, is this Really the end?

Zap2It 11/2/11 'Chuck': 'Epic' Sarah episode, more big shakeups on the way, co-creator Chris Fedak says

BuddyTV 10/28/11 'Chuck' Recap: Still Working Out the Kinks

BuddyTV 10/28/11 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the Zoom'

BuddyTV 10/28/11 'Chuck' Season 5 Review: Everything Has Changed, Except the Awesomeness

Scripted TV Fans 10/28/11 Espionage Has Become A More Dangerous Game Tonight on The Season Premiere of Chuck

TV Guide 10/28/11 Exclusive Q&A: Chuck Stars Go One on One

Zap2It 10/27/11 'Chuck': Co-creator Chris Fedak on the approaching end, Intersect Morgan and 'the Chuck solution'

TV Guide 10/27/11 Chuck: Hannah, Browncoats and 10 More Things We Want in the Final Season

BuddyTV 10/26/11 Rain Delay: Why Baseball Hates 'Chuck' and 'Fringe'

BuddyTV 10/26/11 'Chuck' Season 5 Video and Spoilers: Putting the Chuck-Morgan Bromance to the Test

BuddyTV 10/25/11 'Chuck' Season 5 Spoilers: The Casting of a Possible, Final Big Bad

Digital Spy 10/25/11 'Braveheart' star Angus Macfadyen signs for 'Chuck's final season

BuddyTV 10/24/11 'Chuck' Season 5 Video and Spoilers: What's Ahead for Morgan

BuddyTV 10/21/11 'Chuck' Season 5 Video: A Look at the Upcoming Season

BuddyTV 10/21/11 Can't Wait for 'Grimm' or 'Chuck'? Watch an Extended Preview Video

BuddyTV 10/20/11 'Chuck' Season 5 Videos: Take a Peek at the Season 5 Premiere

BuddyTV 10/20/11 'Chuck' Episode 5.2: Rock-Climbing in 'Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit'

TV Guide 10/18/11 Bo Derek to Guest-Star as Herself on Chuck

BuddyTV 10/14/11 'Chuck' Season 5 Premiere Preview: Spoilers and More for 'Chuck vs. the Zoom'

BuddyTV 10/14/11 Video: Zachary Levi Talks 'Chuck' Season 5 on 'The Tonight Show'

BuddyTV 10/13/11 'Chuck' Season 5 Bits: An Episode Title and Levi on 'Leno'

Zap2It 10/12/11 'Chuck' season premiere pics: Chuck vs. tennis elbow

BuddyTV 10/11/11 'Chuck' Season 5 Premiere Photos: Chuck in Charge

BuddyTV 10/6/11 'Chuck' Season 5 Casting: A 'White Collar' Star Heads to Burbank

BuddyTV 10/6/11 Video: Which Geek Icon Is Next for 'The Guild'?

Scripted TV Fans 10/5/11 NBC Announces “Chuck” and “Grimm” Season Premieres to Air October 28

BuddyTV 10/3/11 'Chuck' Season 5 News: Meet Sarah Walker's Angelic Mom

BuddyTV 10/3/11 'Chuck' Season 5 Spoilers: Sarah's Past and a Big Guest Star

Entertainment Weekly 10/3/11 'Chuck' casting news: Time to meet Sarah's mom

BuddyTV 9/30/11 Blame Halloween: 'Chuck' Season 5 Premiere Pushed to October 28

BuddyTV 9/30/11 'Chuck' Season 5 Spoilers: The Official Premiere Synopsis

TV Guide 9/29/11 Chuck Recruits Stan Lee For Guest Spot

Entertainment Weekly 9/27/11 'Chuck' final season promo teases the final (awesome) chapter -- Video

Zap2It 9/26/11 'Chuck': 4 awesome things about the Season 5 teaser

BuddyTV 9/23/11 'Chuck' Video: Spoilers and More from the First Season 5 Promo

Examiner 9/21/11 New 'Chuck' season 5 premiere photo with Mark Hamill released

Examiner 9/20/11 First 'Chuck' season 5 premiere 'Chuck versus The Zoom' photo out

TV Guide 9/20/11 First Look: Mark Hamill Guests on Chuck

BuddyTV 9/19/11 'Chuck' Spoilers: More Secrets from the Set

BuddyTV 9/15/11 'Chuck' Bits: CIA Casting and Zachary Levi on 'The Guild'

TV Guide 9/15/11 Chuck Enlists Rebecca Romijn to … Take Down Chuck?

Zap2It 9/15/11 'Chuck': Rebecca Romijn joins Season 5, is out to get Team Bartowski

BuddyTV 9/14/11 'Chuck' Spoilers: Secrets from the Set

BuddyTV 9/14/11 Spies in the Jungle: Visiting the Set of 'Chuck'

Zap2It 9/13/11 'Chuck': Beau Garrett, 'Lost' alum Eric Lange guest-star in Season 5

BuddyTV 9/12/11 'Chuck' Spoilers: A New Photo and Zachary Levi Directs Again

E!Online 9/12/11 Chuck's Sarah Lancaster Just Had a Baby Boy—and His Name Is...

People 9/12/11 Sarah Lancaster Welcomes a Son

Zap2It 9/9/11 'Chuck': Zachary Levi set to direct again in Season 5

Examiner 9/8/11 'Chuck' season 5 cast and behind the scenes photos, spoilers released

BuddyTV 9/7/11 'Chuck' News: Spoilers, Casting and a New Image

BuddyTV 9/7/11 'Chuck' Photos: Check Out the Badass Season 5 Cast

Digital Spy 9/7/11 'Community' Danny Pudi teases 'Chuck' cameo

Examiner 9/6/11 First poster for 'Chuck' season 5 released, casting news

BuddyTV 8/31/11 Danny Pudi of 'Community' to Guest Star on 'Chuck'

BuddyTV 8/23/11 'Chuck' Video and News: Guns, Not Babies

Digital Spy 8/18/11 'Chuck' exec 'scared about series finale'

BuddyTV 8/17/11 'Chuck' Spoilers: Business Trips and Awesome Involvement

BuddyTV 8/9/11 'Chuck' News: 'Lost' and 'Smallville' Alums to Guest Star

BuddyTV 8/9/11 'Chuck' Guest Stars: Who Should Return for Season 5?

TV Guide 8/9/11 Smallville's Justin Hartley to Appear on Chuck

BuddyTV 8/8/11 Zachary Levi of 'Chuck' and Kaley Cuoco of 'The Big Bang Theory' Play Ping Pong

BuddyTV 8/3/11 'Chuck' Spoilers: Awesome Changes Are Coming

Zap2It 8/2/11 'Chuck' co-creator Chris Fedak: 'We kind of know our ending'

BuddyTV 8/1/11 'Chuck' Casting News: Who Will Be Casey's New Lady?

BuddyTV 7/29/11 'Chuck' Season 5 Spoilers: Baddies, Beards and Zoom

Zap2It 7/29/11 'Chuck' enters the matrix with Carrie-Anne Moss

BuddyTV 7/26/11 'Chuck' Videos: Everyone Talks Comic-Con

Scripted TV Fans 7/26/11 Comic-Con 2011: Chuck

TV Guide 7/24/11 Video: Chuck Stars Geek Out Over Star Wars' Mark Hamill

Zap2It 7/23/11 'Chuck' at Comic-Con: Morgan vs. the Intersect, plus Mark Hamill set to guest-star

E!Online 7/23/11 Chuck’s Zachary Levi at Syfy/E! Comic-Con Party: I’m a Big Nerd

TV Guide 7/19/11 Chuck Final Season Scoop: Morgan and Chuck's New "Intersect"ion and a Possible Casey Romance?

BuddyTV 7/18/11 Watch Zachary Levi of 'Chuck' Get Attacked by Aliens on a Beach

Hollywood Reporter 7/16/11 Comic-Con 2011: 'Chuck' Co-Creator Chris Fedak (Q&A)

BuddyTV 7/13/11 Talking 'Chuck', 'True Blood' and Comic Con with Fansite Creator Mel Lowry

BuddyTV 7/6/11 The Stars of 'Chuck' and 'Castle' Want to Inform and Disgust You

BuddyTV 7/6/11 NBC Fall Premiere Dates: 'Chuck' Pushed to October

BuddyTV 6/20/11 'Chuck' Fan Favorite Awards: The Best of Guest Stars, Plot Twists and More

BuddyTV 6/1/11 Could Scott Bakula Return to 'Chuck'?

BuddyTV 5/18/11 Bombs, Betrayals and Babies: The Best of 'Chuck' Season 4

BuddyTV 5/17/11 'Chuck' Fan Columnist: Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Bartowski

Scripted TV Fans 5/17/11 Chuck 5/16/11 “Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger” Episode Recap

LA Times 5/17/11 'Chuck' recap: A satisfying ending, but what about Season 5?

Zap2It 5/17/11 'Chuck' recap: "That Guy Might Think He's A Hard-Ass, But I'm The Intersect"

BuddyTV 5/16/11 'Chuck' Season 5: What's Going On?

BuddyTV 5/16/11 Name Dropping: The Best 'Chuck' Season 4 Guest Stars

Scripted TV Fans 5/16/11 It’s The Wedding Party vs. Vivian Volkoff Tonight On Chuck

Digital Spy 5/16/11 'Chuck' fifth season 'likely to be last'

TV Guide 5/15/11 Chuck Finale Set Visit: Saving Sarah Walker and the Cast's Season 5 Wish List

Zap2It 5/15/11 'Chuck' finale preview: The race to save Sarah

BuddyTV 5/13/11 He's Saved! 'Chuck' Officially Picked Up for Season 5

Zap2It 5/13/11 'Chuck' lives: Season 5 a go at NBC

BuddyTV 5/11/11 Has 'Chuck' Been Renewed for Season 5?

Scripted TV Fans 5/11/11 Chuck 5/9/11 “Chuck Versus the Last Details” Episode Recap

BuddyTV 5/10/11 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the Last Details'

BuddyTV 5/10/11 'Chuck' Fan Columnist: The Norseman Cometh

TV Guide 5/10/11 First Look: Chuck's Romance Is on Ice

LA Times 5/10/11 'Chuck' recap: Does this show deserve a renewal? Let's discuss

Zap2It 5/10/11 'Chuck' recap: Feeling Protective

BuddyTV 5/9/11 'Chuck' Video: Captivity, Torture and Other Pre-Wedding Issues

Scripted TV Fans 5/9/11 Chuck & Sarah Must Save Her Mother’s Life In Time For Their Wedding Tonight On Chuck

Zap2It 5/9/11 'Chuck': Bonita Friedericy Versus the Crossover Sci-Fi Icons

TV Guide 5/8/11 Chuck: Mom Bartowski Is Captured — Who's the Next Target?

Scripted TV Fans 5/6/11 Chuck 5/2/11 “Chuck Versus Agent X” Episode Recap

BuddyTV 5/3/11 'Chuck' Recap: The Dangers of Mistaken Identity

BuddyTV 5/3/11 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. Agent X'

Zap2It 5/3/11 'Chuck' recap: Solve For Agent X

LA Times 5/3/11 'Chuck' recap: Who is Hartley Winterbottom?

BuddyTV 5/2/11 Save 'Chuck'! The Top 20 Reasons for a Season 5

Scripted TV Fans 5/2/11 Some Unwelcome Guests Crash Chuck’s Bachelor Party Tonight On Chuck

BuddyTV 4/29/11 'Chuck vs. Agent X' Photos: Bachelor Party!

Zap2It 4/29/11 'Chuck' preview: Bachelor parties, bad guys and 'Agent X'

BuddyTV 4/22/11 Getting 'Chuck' Married and Saved

Scripted TV Fans 4/22/11 Chuck 4/18/11 “Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner” Episode Recap

Zap2It 4/21/11 'Chuck,' 'The Chicago Code,' 'One Tree Hill': Bubble shows you want to stick around

USA Today 4/21/11 NBC's 'Chuck' leads the Save Our Shows pack

BuddyTV 4/19/11 'Chuck' Spoilers: Pre-Wedding Traumas

BuddyTV 4/19/11 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the Wedding Planner'

BuddyTV 4/19/11 'Chuck' Recap: An Argument for Elopement

Zap2It 4/19/11 'Chuck' recap: Family Reunion

LA Times 4/19/11 'Chuck' recap: Don't waste Gary Cole!

BuddyTV 4/18/11 'Chuck' Spoilers: All's Complicated in Love and Espionage

Scripted TV Fans 4/18/11 Chuck & Sarah Get Conned Out Of Their Wedding Money Tonight On Chuck

TV Guide 4/18/11Chuck & Sarah's Wedding Scoop

BuddyTV 4/15/11 'Chuck' Episode 4.21 Photos: 'Chuck vs. the Wedding Planner'

Scripted TV Fans 4/13/11 Chuck 4/11/11 “Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff” Episode Recap

BuddyTV 4/12/11 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the Family Volkoff'

BuddyTV 4/12/11 Yvonne Strahovski's New Video: Good-Bye 'Chuck', Hello Cupcakes

BuddyTV 4/12/11 Ratings Report: 'Chuck,' 'HIMYM,' 'House' Hit New Lows

Zap2It 4/12/11 'Chuck' recap: Parenthood

LA Times 4/12/11 'Chuck' recap: Return of the Volkoff(s)

BuddyTV 4/11/11 'Chuck' Fan Columnist: Ain't It Cool

Scripted TV Fans 4/11/11 Chuck Joins Forces With His Greatest Foe For The Greater Good Tonight On Chuck

BuddyTV 4/7/11 'Chuck' Episode 4.20 Photos: 'Chuck vs. the Family Volkoff'

Digital Spy 4/7/11 Zachary Levi unsure about 'Chuck' future

BuddyTV 4/5/11 'Chuck' to Return... With More Timothy Dalton
Zap2It 4/5/11 'Chuck': Sneak a peek at Volkoff's return

BuddyTV 3/28/11 The 'Chuck' You Need to Watch: 20 Pivotal Episodes

Scripted TV Fans 3/23/11 Chuck 3/21/11 “Chuck Versus the Muuurder” Episode Recap

BuddyTV 3/22/11 'Chuck' Fan Columnist: One Chuck to Rule Them All

BuddyTV 3/22/11 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the Muuurder'

Zap2It 3/22/11 'Chuck' recap: 'What's the Worst that Could Happen?'

Scripted TV Fans 3/21/11 Chuck Must Solve A The Mysterious Murder Of A Spy In Castle Tonight On Chuck

BuddyTV 3/16/11 'Chuck' News: What's Up for the Rest of Season 4?

Scripted TV Fans 3/16/11 Chuck 3/14/11 “Chuck Versus the A-Team” Episode Recap

BuddyTV 3/15/11 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the A-Team'

BuddyTV 3/15/11 'Chuck' Fan Columnist: Playing for the Wrong Team

Zap2It 3/15/11 'Chuck' recap: "That Poor Bastard, Bartowski"

LA Times 3/15/11 'Chuck' recap: A few new uses for apple juice

BuddyTV 3/14/11 'Chuck' Videos: Looks Like We've Got a New Intersect in Town

Zap2It 3/14/11 'Chuck': Maybe you can hire ... 'The A-Team'

Scripted TV Fans 3/14/11 Chuck & Sarah Suspect Casey Of Carrying Out Private Missions Tonight On Chuck

TV Guide 3/14/11 First Look: The Gretas Return to Chuck

Digital Spy 3/9/11 'General Hospital' star for 'Chuck' role

Scripted TV Fans 3/3/11 Chuck 2/28/11 “Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil” Episode Recap

Zap2It 3/2/11 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'Chuck' stars to appear at C2E2 Expo in Chicago

BuddyTV 3/1/11 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the First Bank of Evil'

LA Times 3/1/11 'Chuck' recap: I'm finding it hard to care about your problems

BuddyTV 2/28/11 'Chuck' Video: When They Were Bad...

Scripted TV Fans 2/28/11 Chuck & Sarah Plan Their Wedding, And A Bank Heist, Tonight On Chuck

Zap2It 2/25/11 'Chuck': 'Gretas' Isaiah Mustafa and Stacy Keibler return in March

Scripted TV Fans 2/23/11 Chuck 2/21/11 “Chuck Versus the Masquerade” Episode Recap

BuddyTV 2/22/11 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the Masquerade'

LA Times 2/22/11 'Chuck' recap: I have no idea what's going on, but I like it

Zap2It 2/22/11 'Chuck' recap: The Next Generation

Scripted TV Fans 2/21/11 The Team Is Sent On A Mission To An English Masquerade Ball Tonight On Chuck

Zap2It 2/20/11 'Chuck': Lauren Cohan and Robin Givens join the action

Scripted TV Fans 2/16/11 Chuck 2/14/11 “Chuck Versus the Cat Squad” Episode Recap

Digital Spy 1/26/11 Michelle Krusiec to guest in 'Community'

TV Guide 1/21/11 Cheers & Jeers: A Cosby Kid Joins Community

BuddyTV 2/15/11 Best 'Chuck' Quotes from 'Chuck vs. the C.A.T. Squad'

LA Times 2/15/11 'Chuck' recap: A trashy homage that turns into trash

Zap2It 2/15/11 'Chuck': C.A.T. scratch fever

BuddyTV 2/14/11 'Chuck' Fan Columnist: The Cat's Meow

BuddyTV 2/14/11 'Chuck' Episode 4.16 Photos: 'Chuck vs. the Masquerade'

BuddyTV 2/14/11 'Chuck' Episode 4.15 Photos: 'Chuck vs. the Cat Squad'

Scripted TV Fans 2/14/11 Chuck Reunites Sarah With Her Old Spy Team The CAT Squad Tonight On Chuck

TV Guide 2/14/11 Yvonne Strahovski on Her Chuck Engagement: What Moonlighting Curse?

Scripted TV Fans 2/9/11 Chuck 2/7/11 “Chuck Versus the Seduction Impossible” Episode Recap

BuddyTV 2/8/11 'Chuck' Fan Columnist: Just Say ... Yes?

Zap2It 2/8/11 'Chuck': Get me Roan Montgomery

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Zap2It 12/15/08 A very 'Chuck' Christmas
BuddyTV 12/8/08 Chuck: It's About the Parents (Or, At Least, Authority Figures)

TV Guide 12/8/08 Chuck Preview: Will Anna Wu Land Her Man?

Zap2It 12/8/08 'Chuck,' Gary Cole and the big con

BuddyTV 12/1/08 Chuck: Episode 2.9 "Chuck vs. The Sensei" Review
BuddyTV 11/26/08 NBC Releases January Schedule: Dancing In, 'Heroes' and 'Chuck' Out
BuddyTV 11/24/08 Chuck: Episode 2.8 "Chuck vs. The Gravitron" Review

BuddyTV 11/24/08 'Battlestar Galactica's' Tricia Helfer to Guest Star on 'Chuck'
TV Guide 11/24/08 Chuck's "Lester" Previews a "Very Special" Thanksgiving
Zap2It 11/24/08 'Chuck': It's a Thanksgiving miracle!

EW 11/21/08 'Chuck' Exclusive: Helfer In! Strahovski Out?

Zap2It 11/17/08 Chuck Puzzles It Out
Detroit Free Press 11/10/08 'Chuck's' History Comes To Light

TV Guide 11/10/08 'Chuck' Spies A Rekindled Romance, With Jordana Brewster
IGN 10/28/08 Chuck: "Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer" Review
Zap2It 10/27/08 'Chuck': Saving the world, one video game at a time
Celebrity Spider 10/27/08 Chuck: Chuck vs. Tom Sawyer Tonight on NBC 10/27/08
Digital Spy 10/23/08 Monaghan to guest star in 'Chuck'
E! Online 10/23/08 'Chuck' Star Hospitalized For Head Bang
TV Guide 10/22/08 Chuck's Matthew Bomer Spies New Series
Zap2It 10/20/08 'Chuck': Not another teen movie
Celebrity Spider 10/20/08 Chuck: Chuck vs. The Cougars Tonight On NBC
IGN 10/14/08 Chuck: "Chuck Versus The Break Up" Review
Zap2It 10/14/08 What 'Chuck' did for love
Celebrity Spider 10/13/08 Chuck: Chuck Versus The Break Up Tonight on NBC
Celebrity Spider 10/10/08 Chuck: Chuck Versus The Seduction This Week On ABC
USA Today 10/8/08 Strike-shortened TV series struggling

Union Tribune 10/8/08 Chuck: It's Not Me, It's You
Zap2It 10/7/08 'Chuck': School for seduction
BuddyTV 10/6/08 Chuck: Episode 2.2 "Chuck vs. the Seduction" Recap
BuddyTV 10/6/08 Exclusive Video Interviews: 'Chuck' Cast Discusses Season 2 Guest Stars
Chicago Tribune 10/5/08 'Chuck's enjoyable spy-guy adventures are worth a look
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Zap2It 9/29/08 Premierewatch: To quote the Captain, 'Chuck' is awesome!
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Detroit News 9/29/08 'Chuck' brings more intrigue and laughs
Newsday 9/29/08 NBC's 'Chuck': Good-natured, not much adult appeal
Chicago Tribune 9/29/08 'Chuck' and 'Life' return
Toledo Blade 9/29/08 Spy comedy matures: 'Chuck' displays more confidence as second season begins
Dallas Morning News 9/29/08 Spy-themed 'Chuck' is one of fall TV season's funniest and best
Post Gazette 9/28/08 TV Preview: 'Chuck' takes off in second season
NY Daily News 9/29/08 Who knows what's in store on NBC's dramedy 'Chuck?' 

Zap2It 9/26/08 'Chuck' vs. the second season
IGN 9/19/08 Chuck: "Chuck Vs. the First Date" Review
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Chicago Tribune 9/10/08 'Chuck' returns soon, refreshed and re-energized
Chicago Tribune 8/29/08 'Chuck': A peek at Season 2

BuddyTV 8/28/08 NBC Orders Up More 'Chuck' and 'America's Got Talent'
Zap2It 8/28/08 NBC Gives 'Chuck' More Time
Hollywood Reporter 8/28/08 'Chuck' gets back-nine order
Digital Spy 8/28/08 'Chuck' gets full second season order

Detroit Free Press 8/27/08 'Chuck' makes the most of actors' strike

IGN 8/27/08 Chuck Vs. Tron and Alias
Knox News 8/13/08 Comic's arrest saddens 'Chuck' star

Zap2It 8/12/08 'Chuck' Buddy Dons USA's 'White Collar' 
Digital Spy 8/11/08 'Heroes', 'Lost', 'Chuck' stars play gig

BuddyTV 8/5/08 Chuck: Action Scenes No Biggie for Strahovski
Contra Costa Times 8/5/08 “Chuck” Expounds On The Perfect Date

Celebrity Spider 7/23/08 Nicole Richie Set For Shower Smackdown On Chuck
Zap2It 7/22/08 Guest Stars Line Up for 'Chuck'
BuddyTV 7/21/08 Live from the TCA Press Tour: 'Chuck' Season 2
BuddyTV 7/3/08 'Chuck' and Hellboy Hang Out
BuddyTV 6/26/08 Nicole Richie Guest Stars in 'Chuck'
Entertainment Weekly 6/26/08 Nicole Richie to Guest on 'Chuck'
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Sofachip 6/13/08 Three Reasons to Watch NBC's Chuck
BuddyTV 6/9/08 Chuck: Zach Levi Spills Season 2 Secrets
BuddyTV 6/3/08 'Arrested Development' Alum Joins the Cast of 'Chuck'
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The Guardian 3/29/08 Teen machine

Hollywood Reporter 3/19/08 'Chuck' vs. the Paley Festival

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BuddyTV 1/24/08 "Chuck vs. the Marlin" Episode 13 Recap

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BuddyTV 11/27/07 “Chuck vs. the Nemesis” Episode 10 Recap

IGN 11/27/07 Chuck: "Chuck Versus The Nemesis" Review

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BuddyTV 10/15/07 Chuck: Episode 4 “Chuck vs. the Wookie” Recap

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CSM 10/12/07 The Geek shall inherit the earth (or TV, at the least)

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IGN 10/9/07 Chuck: "Chuck Versus the Tango" Review

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BuddyTV 10/8/07 Exclusive Interview: ‘Chuck’ Star Yvonne Strahovski

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Zap2It 10/8/07 'Chuck' trips the light fantastic

TV Guide 10/8/07 Chuck Hottie Yvonne Strahovski Spills Her Secrets

NY Post 10/7/07 Geek To Chic 

BuddyTV 10/4/07 ‘Chuck’ Wants More C.S. Lee

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BuddyTV 10/2/07 Chuck’s ‘Lost’ Nod Excites Fans

BuddyTV 10/1/07 Chuck: Episode 1.2 "Chuck vs. the Helicopter" Recap

Zap2It 10/2/07 'Chuck': Our most valuable secrets have been sent to an idiot

Zap2It 10/1/07 'Cashmere Mafia,' 'Chuck' Add to Casts

NY Times 9/30/07 Super Nerd Is Out to Save the World

Inside Pulse 9/28/07 Fall Frenzy: The Groove Tube - Chuck

IGN 9/28/07 Chuck: "Chuck Versus the Helicopter" Advance Review

Inside Pulse 9/26/07 Fall Frenzy: Cable For One - Chuck Review

Celebrity Spider 9/25/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of "Chuck"

Inside Pulse 9/25/07 Fall Frenzy: Remote Destination - Chuck Review

Inside Pulse 9/25/07 Fall Frenzy: Serial Watcher - Chuck - Pilot Review

Uncle Barky 9/24/07 Fall TV Preview: Battle of the Network Nerds -- Chuck (NBC) vs. The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Zap2It 9/24/07 'Chuck' gives good geek

Washington Post 9/24/07 Way to Go, 'Chuck'!

Boston Globe 9/24/07 Prime time for nerds

Knox News 9/24/07 NBC's breezy 'Chuck' worth the ride

Detroit News 9/24/07 NBC's 'Chuck' has drawing power

Deseret News 9/24/07 Great Geeks

NY Times 9/24/07 Nerds After Our Hearts, and Maybe Even Our Respect

Detroit Free Press 9/24/07 Geeks and freaks

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 9/24/07 TV Review: 'Chuck' is NBC's best new hope

NY Post 9/24/07 Wait!  Don't Shoot!

Media Life 9/24/07 'Chuck,' one of the new season's best

San Francisco Chronicle 9/24/07 Reviews: 'Journeyman,' 'Chuck' and 'Bionic Woman'

Newsday 9/23/07 Review: 'Chuck' on NBC

Boston Globe 9/23/07 Good luck, 'Chuck'

USA Today 9/23/07 'Chuck' comes to fall season's rescue

Chicago Tribune 9/21/07 'Chuck' and the dangers of 'spy-fi' dramedy

Celebrity Spider 9/20/07 New NBC Series "Chuck" to Premiere September 29

NY Daily News 9/20/07 Z100 to rename itself for new NBC show 'Chuck'

Hollywood Reporter 9/19/07 Chuck

Chicago Sun-Times 9/16/07 'Chuck'

Celebrity Spider 9/13/07 Rachel Bilson to Guest Star on NBC's New Fall Series "Chuck"

Zap2It 9/13/07 Rachel Bilson Up for 'Chuck'

The Trades 9/12/07 Chuck - Pilot

Celebrity Spider 9/4/07 NBC & Blockbuster Announce Advance Screening of Chuck, Journeyman & Life

Boston Globe 9/2/07 Supernatural selection

IGN 8/28/07 Exclusive Interview: Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski

IGN 8/3/07 SDCC 07: Downloading Secrets From the Creators of Chuck

BuddyTV 7/27/07 Review of 'O.C.' Creator's New Show 'Chuck' from Comic-Con

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MSNBC 7/19/07 What's up, 'Chuck'? Nerd power, that's what

Zap2It 7/17/07 Geek Chic: 'Chuck' is 'cool-challenged'

Star Telegram 6/26/07 Fort Worth native relocates from 'The O.C.' to 'Chuck'

Celebrity Spider 5/16/07 NBC Announces New Fall Drama Series "Chuck"


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