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E!Online 12/10/13 This Is Where Your Christmas Trees Come From

E!Online 12/10/13 President Obama Sings "Jingle Bells" and It's Just What You Need This Holiday Season

Zap2It 12/9/13 'The Great Christmas Light Fight': Houses so decorated they are visible from space

People 12/8/13 The Daily Treat: You Don't Need a Christmas Tree When You Have This Dog

People 12/4/13 9 Wonderfully Weird Rockefeller Tree-Lighting Moments

People 11/28/13 Here's What a House with More than 500,000 Christmas Lights Looks Like

Entertainment Weekly 11/19/13 'It's a Wonderful Life' and 7 other Christmas classics with sequels

NY Post 9/1/13 Santa Claus called to jury duty

Digital Spy 12/24/12 Elephants dress as Father Christmas to give children gifts - video

Zap2It 12/24/12 'Elf' on a Shelf: Buddy and Hermey keep Santa Claus in the Christmas spirit

Digital Spy 12/20/12 10 worst Christmas movies: Jingle all the Way, Nativity 2, Fred Claus

Digital Spy 12/16/12 Thousands of Santas descend upon famous London landmarks - video

TV Guide 12/11/12 Exclusive Video: Say Watt?! Four Houses' Blinding Christmas Lights Extravaganza

E!Online 12/7/12 It's a Wonderful Life, Scrooged and More Make Our Top 10 Christmas Movies List

Digital Spy 12/6/12 In-store Santa Claus sacked after complaints of "grumpiness"

E!Online 12/4/12 Rudoph the Red-Nosed Rapper: DMX Remixes the Christmas Tune, Viral Madness Sure to Ensue

BuddyTV 11/2/12 It's Holiday Movie Time with the Countdown to Christmas Weekend

Zap2It 12/25/11 'A Christmas Story': 11 things you may not know about the holiday classic

Digital Spy 12/23/11 Santa delivers presents to live tigers

Zap2It 12/23/11 2011 Christmas weekend TV: Movies, marathons and football

TV Guide 12/21/11 Video: Rachael Ray and Other Celebrity Chefs Share Their Holiday Cooking Tips

People 12/20/11 Family Finds Slithering Surprise in Christmas Tree: a Snake

BuddyTV 12/16/11 Naughty or Nice: Ranking 20 Christmas Episodes from 2011

TV Guide 12/6/11 Watercooler: Is A Charlie Brown Christmas the Best Holiday Special Ever?

NY Post 11/27/11 Your guide to Christmas TV specials

NY Post 11/27/11 Same old Christmas

Deseret News 11/24/11 Holiday television: Fresh features enter lineup filled with timeless classics

NY Daily News 11/24/11 40-foot Christmas tree made of Legos erected in London

Zap2It 11/23/11 The CW warms up to Christmas this holiday season

Digital Spy 11/16/11 Man breaks into home to put up Christmas decorations
VOA 12/25/10 Pope Speaks to the World's Catholics on Christmas Day

Telegraph 12/25/10 Doctor Who Christmas Special, BBC One, review

NY Daily News 12/25/10 Ho ho ho! Christmas around the world

BuddyTV 12/23/10 Christmas Cheer Instead of Reruns: 5 Crazy Awesome Christmas Light Displays

Digital Spy 12/23/10 Red-nosed reindeer 'found in brain image'

USA Today 12/23/10 This Christmas elf flies off the shelf

USA Today 12/23/10 Does the Santa 'threat' really work with kids?

BuddyTV 12/22/10 Christmas Cheer Instead of Reruns: 10 Strange Christmas Commercials

BuddyTV 12/21/10 Christmas Cheer Instead of Reruns: Kids Adorably Screwing Up in Christmas Pageants

BuddyTV 12/21/10 Bah Humbug: TV’s Biggest Grinches

Extra 12/19/10 Favorite Christmas Movies of All Time

BuddyTV 12/16/10 What Would TV Do? Christmas Trees

BuddyTV 12/13/10 Letters to Santa: Our TV-Related Christmas Wishes

USA Today 12/13/10 A capital Christmas celebration descends on Washington

Digital Spy 12/8/10 Giant Rudolph deflated by traffic light

USA Today 12/1/10 Holiday Gift Guide: Christmas books for children

NY Post 11/28/10 Holiday on ice

NY Post 11/28/10 Christmas movies

Post Gazette 11/26/10 Your guide to holiday TV shows: from claymation to classics

BBC 12/25/09 In pictures: Christmas around the world

NY Times 12/25/09 Chicago Warms Up to Its Skinny Tree

Examiner 12/25/09 A Christmas day message from Santa Claus

Star Ledger 12/24/09 NORAD Santa Claus tracker a 50-year tradition

CSM 12/24/09 Last-minute Christmas shopping: is it a guy thing?

VOA News 12/24/09 Big Crowds Celebrate Christmas Eve in Bethlehem

Houston Chronicle 12/24/09 5 local clergymen define the importance of Christmas

BBC 12/24/09 Woman knocks Pope down at Christmas Mass

Zap2It 12/18/09 How the four-year-old boy stole Christmas

Entertainment Weekly 12/17/09 15 New(ish) Christmas Classics

NY Daily News 12/14/09 Where are they now: 'A Christmas Story'
Digital Spy 12/14/09 Santas 'plan to drink and run amok'  
Yahoo 12/10/09 Real Christmas Trees 'Greener' than Fake
Digital Spy 11/23/09 Model Santa receives £43,000 renovation

NY Post 11/22/09 It's the neverending Christmas special, Charlie Brown      
Orlando Sentinel 11/28/08 Silent night? Not with these holiday CDs

Post Gazette 11/28/08 'Special' season: For classic TV, get cozy on your couch for the holidays
Chicago Tribune 11/14/08 Milwaukee's Christmas Tree Loses Its Top

USA Today 11/14/08 We Like Our Christmas Films Wrapped in Dysfunction
Cape Coral Daily 11/14/08 Salvation Army's Christmas Kettle Campaign Begins

Axcess News 11/14/08 New Yorkers Watch As Christmas Tree Erected In Rockefeller Center Friday
Reuters 7/6/08 With new CD, Faith Hill in Christmas mood already

The Capital Times 7/6/08 What's Brewin': Christmas in July
Maple Creek News 6/24/08 Christmas present leads to the opening of unique business
Indiana Gazette 6/24/08 Christmas in July scheduled

Now Magazine Online 6/23/08 Prince William planning Christmas proposal to Kate Middleton?
Creative Match 6/16/08 George picks gratterpalm for Christmas brief
Billboard 6/16/08 Faith Hill Preps First Christmas Album
Echo 6/10/08 Star’s Christmas cards challenge!
Times Tribune 6/9/08 Angel Food Ministry needs donations for Christmas project
Clarksville Leaf Chronicle 6/9/08 Christmas event gets recognition
Basingstoke Gazette 6/9/08 Christmas may be darker without light donors
Magic Valley 6/9/08 Will Christmas come early to Twin Falls?

Times-Picayune 6/2/08 Elderly may be home for Christmas
Wisconsin AG 6/2/08 Out-Going 'Alice' to Address State Christmas Tree Growers
Windsor Star 5/13/08 Town's Christmas tree dying

Big Hospitality 5/6/08 Christmas Comes Early for Santa Gordo 5/5/08 Christmas in May

Yahoo 5/4/08 Radio City Christmas show hitting the road
Press Association 4/28/08 Anne Frank Christmas card found
Edinburgh Evening News 4/26/08 Retailers suffer 'worst Christmas in ten years'
Capital Press 4/25/08 Ladybugs given killer jobs on Christmas tree farms
Glasgow Daily Record 4/19/08 Scots Christmas card takes detour to Bermuda
Helena Independent Record 4/13/08 Christmas in the spring
Glenn Falls Post Star 4/7/08 Alleged Christmas present thieves indicted
This is Cheshire 4/6/08 Christmas costs town’s taxpayers over £7,000 4/2/08 Dead Christmas trees help stabilize dunes at Ludington State Park

Beaumont Enterprise 3/22/08 Amused pastors observe that Christmas and Easter bring forth many unfamiliar faces

Contra Costa Times 3/17/08 Boy's generosity saves Christmas

News Press 3/16/08 Christmas tree mishap costly for Lee County

Hibbing Daily Tribune 3/9/08 Christmas trees year-round

icWales 3/3/08 Christmas card took 10 weeks to travel a mile

Montana Standard 2/19/08 Youth to help with Christmas tree 2008

WBIR 2/19/08 Tiny fish will thrive in recycled Christmas tree habitats

My Fox 2/18/08 Robot Dinosaur Pegged As This Year’s Hot Christmas Toy

Reuters 1/14/08 German man throws Christmas tree and self out window

Carroll County Times 1/8/08 Being Christmas yearlong

The Age 1/7/08 Christmas toys 'making pet birds sick'

The Age 1/7/08 Christmas in January? What's unorthodox about that?

International Herald Tribune 1/6/08 Time for a Second Christmas/New Years in Moscow

NY Times 1/4/08 Got Tree? Make Mulch

WPIX 1/3/08 Christmas Tree Fight Lands Man In Court

UPI 1/3/08 Christmas lottery gift pays off big

BBC 12/31/07 Boys robbed of Christmas presents

The Guardian 12/31/07 Unused Christmas present vouchers are gift to retailers

BBC 12/30/07 Bishop slams Christmas displays

Union Tribune 12/30/07 All I got for Christmas was a load of credit debt

Gainesville Sun 12/27/07 Get rid of your tree, trash safely

BBC 12/26/07 '£1.2bn' wasted on unwanted gifts

CNN 12/26/07 Post-Christmas bounty: $60 billion

UPI 12/26/07 'Santa' unites couple on Christmas Day

NY Daily News 12/26/07 Retailers usher in post-Christmas business

BBC 12/26/07 Counting carbon cost of Christmas

The Ledger 12/25/07 Saw and Chisel Welcome Gifts to Open Presents

BBC 12/25/07 Trauma of working over Christmas

San Francisco Chronicle 12/25/07 A pause from shopping to reflect on Christmas' true meaning

Boston Globe 12/25/07 Christmas cheer returns to Bethlehem

ABC 12/25/07 Pope's Midnight Mass Ushers in Christmas

Gulf Times 12/25/07 Shooting at Santa among global Christmas gaffes

NY Times 12/25/07 A Happy Holiday Greeting From Ma’am

Telegraph 12/25/07 Queen pays tribute to Forces' families in message

NY Daily News 12/25/07 Christmas shoppers swarm stores

LA Times 12/25/07 Outgrowing traditions of Christmas past

Times Herald 12/25/07 Letter pleads for Santa's safety

Yahoo 12/24/07 The Real Savings Start After Christmas

The Sun 12/24/07 Fathers Christ-mashed

NY Daily News 12/24/07 Salvation Army bell ringer gets $1K platinum coin

The Telegraph 12/24/07 Crashing boars disrupt French Christmas

Jam! 12/23/07 JFK letter to girl shows human side of Christmas

Business Week 12/23/07 Shoppers rush to stores before Christmas

Seattle PI 12/23/07 Exotic firs thrive on Christmas tree farms

Washington Post 12/23/07 Some Christians Shun Christmas and Its Trappings

NY Daily News 12/22/07 Man protests commercialized Christmas by crucifying Santa - literally

Times and Democrat 12/22/07 Nothing says Christmas like a tree

NY Post 12/22/07 GreenChristmas

Sofachip 12/21/07 Two TV Shows That Used Interesting Christmas-themed Holidays

Yahoo 12/21/07 Secret Santa rides again in Kansas City

USA Today 12/21/07 Fa-la-la-la-lots of ways to add a festive flourish

LA Times 12/21/07 Christmas' miracle workers

Go Erie 12/21/07 Burglar takes Christmas cards from home

TVNZ 12/21/07 China city bans Christmas trees

Daily Herald 12/20/07 Danger to PCs may lurk in that Christmas e-card

Wall Street Journal 12/20/07 Abominable Snowmen: The War on Lawn Decorations

Telegraph 12/20/07 Worst Christmas cracker gags

Perth Now 12/20/07 'Tis the season to go completely nuts

NY Times 12/20/07 Charges of Price Fixing on European Christmas Trees

Salt Lake Tribune 12/20/07 Thief makes off with Christmas gifts for sick kids

icWales 12/20/07 Have yourself a stress free family Christmas

Scotsman 12/20/07 Over-30s urged to cut back on alcohol over Christmas

CBS 12/19/07 Dad, 3 Kids "Appear To Be OK" After Vanishing On Christmas Tree Hunt In Remote Mountain Range

Daily Herald 12/19/07 Mary Christmas - no, really

Live News 12/19/07 Santa’s flight path cleared for take-off

Fort Frances Times 12/19/07 Keep fire safety in mind this Christmas

Reuters 12/18/07 Happy Holidays tops Merry Christmas in survey

Daily Herald 12/18/07 Too busy for Christmas?

My Fox 12/18/07 'Tis The Season For Christmas Coronaries

BBC 12/18/07 Having a cracking time at Christmas

Fox News 12/18/07 Woman on Crutches Accused of Groping Connecticut Mall Santa While Sitting on His Lap

CSM 12/18/07 Where did that Christmas song come from?

First Coast News 12/17/07 Snake Discovered in Family's Christmas Tree

BBC 12/17/07 Family Christmas 'the best gift'

Tampa Bay 10 12/17/07 Tis always the season -- in Christmas, Florida

Times Online 12/17/07 Spirit of Christmas lives on

News Release Wire 12/17/07 Christmas is a Good Time to Catch a Cheating Mate

Pantagraph 12/17/07 Experts warn of fire hazard from Christmas trees

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 12/16/07 Winning the war on Christmas

Desert Dispatch 12/16/07 Tips can make a green Christmas even greener

CBS 12/16/07 What Makes A "Good" Christmas?
Seattle Times 12/16/07 Peace of Christmas in Bethlehem

ABC 12/16/07 Christmas lighting death

Sunday Observer 12/16/07 Love affair with Christmas trees

Sydney Morning Herald 12/16/07 Christmas parties not so jolly for women

Sofachip 12/15/07 Top TV Character's Who'd Procrastinate on their Christmas Shopping

BBC 12/15/07 Christmas warning on poison gas

icWales 12/15/07 God bless Thanksgiving and long live the American Christmas

Chicago Sun Times 12/15/07 'Most profound Christmas prayer'

IHT 12/15/07 Bethlehem kicks off Christmas, encouraged by more tourists

Stuff 12/15/07 Celebrate sensibly this Christmas

KSN 12/14/07 Christmas card sent in 1914 gets to Post Office - 93 years later

MSNBC 12/14/07 All I want for Christmas is not to hear that song

Bergen Record 12/14/07 'Green' Christmas tree options

Chicago Sun Times 12/14/07 How to haggle for a Christmas tree

ABC 12/14/07 Tips for Shipping Your Christmas Gifts

Daily Times 12/13/07 Christmas fever grips Lahore 12/13/07 Making Christmas ornaments the easy way

UPI 12/13/07 Billboard urges 'Merry Christmas' greeting

WCTV 12/13/07 Local Woman Spreads Christmas Cheer With Handmade Ornaments

Jackson Citizen Patriot 12/13/07 Church has sold Christmas trees for 60 years

BBC 12/13/07 Unholy row over Christmas lights

LA Times 12/13/07 26 trees and counting

Telegraph 12/13/07 The Christmas toys that parents cannot buy

Associated Press 12/12/07 Bethlehem Expects Christmas Tourist Boom

Chicago Tribune 12/12/07 Christmas tree fire closes suburban mall

Fox News 12/12/07 Who Is Hanging Christmas Ornaments Along New Jersey Highway?

USA Today 12/12/07 The 12 Songs of Christmas: Will they be standardized?

New Zealand Herald 12/12/07 12 steps to stress less at Christmas 12/12/07 Office Christmas party etiquette

BBC 12/11/07 Plan to cut Christmas leftovers

UPI 12/11/07 School Christmas tree fight gets violent

Sydney Morning Herald 12/11/07 New website to outline Santa's Christmas Eve travel plan

Lowell Sun 12/11/07 Let's revive Christmas' true meaning

IHY 12/11/07 More tourists to visit Bethlehem for Christmas since uprising began 7 years ago: mayor

USA Today 12/11/07 Green gifts: 'Oh, you shouldn't have — really!'

ABC News 12/9/07 Battle of the Branches

The Associated Press 12/9/07 Pope Laments Christmas Consumerism 12/9/07 Charities miss out on festive spending

MSNBC 12/9/07 Older holiday decorations can pose toxic risk

The Observer 12/9/07 School bans Christmas cards in class

Washington Post 12/9/07 God Bless Us, Every Mushy One

NY Times 12/8/07 Tuning In to a New Winter Sport: Extreme Decorating

Annapolis Capital 12/8/07 How to pick the right tree for Christmas

NY Daily News 12/8/07 Mailman arrested for stealing cards

Mercury News 12/8/07 New shapes, sizes of artificial trees abound

NY Times 12/7/07 Seasonal Debate Rages Over Loveliest Branches

Knox News 12/4/07 'Rudolph' continues to shine brightly 12/4/07 What a wrapper!

Yahoo! News 12/3/07 Santa Claus is coming to town -- for 34 microseconds

The Olympian 12/3/07 Go green for Christmas: Just prune and decorate

Knox News 12/2/07 New yuletide CDs range from top-notch to truly twisted

Daily Freeman 12/2/07 Christmas didn't have to be perfect

Milwaukee Journal 12/2/07 Do you recall . . .

Detroit News 12/2/07 Christmas cheer: New DVD releases help nurture the holiday spirit

Mercury News 12/2/07 It's a wonderful season

Chicago Tribune 12/2/07 Man dragged defending Christmas decorations

Jam! 11/29/07 The 12 coolest Christmas albums ever

Entertainment Weekly 11/29/07 100 Great Christmas Bummers

Toronto Star 11/24/07 Seven things you probably didn't know about White Christmas

Post Dispatch 11/23/07 Holiday warmth by the light of the tube

Sun Star 11/19/07 Man jumps, saved by Christmas tree

Chicago Tribune 11/18/07 Christmas tree growers do a hatchet job on those artificials

Daily Herald 11/17/07 Christmas has arrived already? 11/15/07 Santa Claus outraged by 'ho ho ho' ban

BBC 11/12/07 Global warming splits Christmas tree

Herald Democrat 11/12/07 Christmas can wait

Morning Call 11/12/07 Stop with the Christmas commercials already

Ocolly 11/5/07 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

WSFA 11/5/07 Drought Could Affect Christmas Tree Crops

Telegraph 11/5/07 Rally to keep spirit of Christmas alive

Desert Sun 10/29/07 Wildfires spare state's Christmas trees

American Chronicle 10/22/07 Enjoy the Christmas Holidays With Little Stress

CNN 10/22/07 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to Present the Biggest Christmas Tree in the World

MTV 10/22/07 Bizarre Christmas Albums Are Rolling In (And It's Only October!)

Dundee Messenger 10/21/07 A Short History of the Christmas Carol

Houston Chronicle 10/19/07 It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas

Seattle PI 10/19/07 Sea-Tac avoiding religious Christmas decorations

Ithaca Journal 10/15/07 Vermont tree will grace the Capitol at Christmas

Telegraph 10/15/07 Primates to star on top of Christmas trees

Olympian 10/14/07 How one mom achieves a China-free Christmas

ABC News 10/1/07 Holiday Neighbor Gift Ideas

Product Reviews 10/1/07 How To: Make Your Own Christmas Stocking

ABC News 9/30/07 Howard announces $1m for Xmas parade

Courier Mail 9/24/07 Not the Christmas season

Star Telegram 9/23/07 It's beginning to look like Christmas

Pacific Daily News 9/9/07 Put Jesus back in Christmas

North County Times 9/2/07 Onward Christmas soldiers of the coast

Corvallis Gazette Times 8/27/07 Coalition: Christmas trees are eco-friendly

York Daily Record 8/20/07 Display's neighbors brace for Christmas

Bangor Daily News 8/18/07 Christmas tree show features wreath makers

Weekly Almanac 8/13/07 The Sands of Christmas

Maui News 7/29/07 ’Christmas Tree Lady’ dies

Arizona Daily Star 7/29/07 149 shopping days until Christmas

Seattle Times 7/13/07 Port told to exclude Christmas trees and menorahs

KIRO 7/13/07 Sea-Tac Won't Have Christmas Trees This Year

Boston Globe 6/30/07 Vermonters being asked to trim D.C. Christmas tree

10 News 6/25/07 Military Families Get Together For Christmas In June

Product Reviews 6/17/07 The 7-Foot Upside-Down Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

Guardian 6/11/07 Campaigners target bag-free Christmas

NY Post 6/10/07 Christmas '07 Toy Preview

Boston Globe 6/9/07 Strike at China christmas tree factory

Grand Rapids Press 5/14/07 Ugly Christmas tree helps cancer relay fundraiser

Suffolk and Essex Online 5/12/07 Colchester Christmas lights pledge

Pasadena Star News 5/7/07 Christmas parade to mark 56th year

Yahoo! 4/27/07 Czech court orders compensation for tourist felled by Christmas tree

Gainesville Sun 4/7/07 Late-hanging wreath provides post-Christmas present for mother bird in search of shelter

Indy Star 3/25/07 Hollywood Christmas Parade signs off

Florida Today 3/19/07 Fla. town shuts down 'Christmas Lady'

Billings Gazette 3/16/07 Capitol to have Montana Christmas tree

Knox News 3/11/07 Lots of fishy presence under sunken Christmas trees

KMTR 3/11/07 Philomath Christmas tree taken down

Vail Daily 2/5/07 Christmas never ends in Aspen

9 News Colorado 2/5/07 Cold weather causes delay in boxing up Christmas lights

AJC 1/31/07 Bill: It's safe to say 'Merry Christmas'

Herald Tribune 1/28/07 Many who overspent at Christmas now face a 'debt hangover'

WMC 1/24/07 School board member pitches name change for "Christmas break"

Evening Courier 1/22/07 Your Christmas tree didn't go to waste

Oregonian 1/18/07 Scout roundup brings Christmas trees full circle

BBC 1/17/07 Christmas web sales 'hit £7.7bn'

Washington Post 1/15/07 Larry Stewart; Handed Out $1.3 Million as 'Secret Santa'

NY Daily News 1/14/07 Christmas tree arsonist hits Long Island lawns

Cyprus Mail 1/14/07 Psychologists and lawyers pick up the pieces of Christmas depression

Washington Post 1/12/07 Woman Finds 37 Christmas Trees Near Pool

News and Tribune 1/12/07 Do dogs understand the meaning of Christmas?

BBC 1/8/07 Christmas trees help wild horses

Arizona Republic 1/8/07 Group hopes old Christmas trees help fish

Daily Record 1/3/07 Sniper Targets Santa

WETM-TV 12/31/06 4 Busted For Christmas Decorations Theft

Joplin Globe 12/29/06 Recycled Christmas trees can help

Radio Iowa 12/26/06 Take the Christmas tree out if it's dry

CBS 12/26/06 Christmas Tree Fire Destroys Newport Beach Home

Boston Globe 12/26/06 In complex age, world needs God, pope says

Worldnet Daily 12/25/06 The forced march to Bethlehem

Guardian 12/25/06 Few Foreign Pilgrims Travel to Bethlehem

Sydney Morning Herald 12/25/06 Children brave gunfire to tell the Christmas story

BBC 12/25/06 Pontiff celebrates Christmas Mass

Forbes 12/25/06 Christmas Celebrated With Call for Peace

Boston Globe 12/25/06 Retailers look past Christmas as sales disappoint

CBS11 12/24/06 Track Down The Man Who Watches You While You Sleep

Business Week 12/24/06 Shoppers hit malls day before Christmas

CBS 12/24/06 Pope Makes Christmas Appeal For Children

Fox News 12/23/06 Joy to the World: Christmas Festivity Across the Globe

Jam! 12/23/06 'Tis the season for Christmas DVDs

NY Times 12/23/06 Rudolph and Santa, as Good as New

Yahoo 12/23/06 Bus riders get gifts from Secret Santa

Union Tribune 12/23/06 'Tis the season for snowman stabbing, Grinch snatching

Toronto Star 12/23/06 Behind the scenes with Santa

Daily Record 12/23/06 Santa Nicks a Streaker

CBS 12/23/06 Home For Christmas? Airlines Are Trying

BBC 12/23/06 Critics oppose Christmas in China 12/22/06 Office 'Grinch' bans Christmas cakes

Sydney Morning Herald 12/22/06 Christmas? Must be time to go to church

BBC 12/22/06 Christmas travel chaos continues

Business Week 12/22/06 Poll: Internet shopping popular

Borowitz 12/21/06 Brawl Erupts at Reindeer Games

Sun Sentinel 12/21/06 Has the season's reason been lost to mass appeal?

Rockford Register Star 12/21/06 Christmas brings families together

Herald Dispatch 12/21/06 Christmas shopping rush: Think about the clerks

Seattle Times 12/21/06 Why Christmas needs to live up to its hype

BBC 12/21/06 Christmas comes for zoo animals

Indy Star 12/20/06 As you celebrate, don't forget children in need

UPI 12/20/06 Christmas poem bought for $280,000

World Net Daily 12/20/06 Christmas: A season for getting

New Zealand Herald 12/20/06 Christmas tree riches

Buffalo News 12/2/06 Let's try to remember meaning of Christmas

BBC 12/20/06 Blessed are Christmas ale-makers

Yahoo 12/20/06 Christmas parties becoming a legal minefield, experts say

NY Daily News 12/20/06 Kinky toymakers sending kids a blue Christmas

American Spectator 12/19/06 Merry Christmas as Hate Speech

BBC 12/19/06 Young 'forget Jesus at Christmas'

NY Daily News 12/19/06 Claus in the contract

BBC 12/18/06 Rare Christmas carol discovered

NY Daily News 12/18/06 Hot competition over Yule Log

TVNZ 12/18/06 Christmas stamps defended

BBC 12/18/06 In pictures: Christmas tree world

Baltimore Sun 12/18/06 This magic moment 12/18/06 It's Christmastime for TV

This is London 12/17/06 Britain gears up for the 'merriest' Christmas in history

San Antonio Express 12/17/06 Dried-out Christmas trees can burn up quickly

Hartford Courant 12/16/06 Sales Of Live Christmas Trees Rebounding

BBC 12/16/06 Christmas lights 'are switch off'

CBS 12/15/06 Wreaths To Usher In Holiday Spirit

San Francisco 12/15/06 Swedish Christmas Goat Survives Attack

Glasgow Daily Record 12/15/06 Christmas Tree

Meadville Tribune 12/15/06 The true skinny of Christmas 12/15/06 They're crazy for Christmas decor

WZZM 12/14/06 Christmas Cards across America

Myrtle Beach Online 12/14/06 Christmas tree merchants unafraid of Internet's lure
Times 24 12/14/06 12 safety tips for the 12 days of Christmas
MSNBC 12/14/06 Protest places Christmas trees in political light

CNN 12/14/06 Millions of Christmas lights recalled

CBC 12/14/06 Christmas tree banned from courthouse lobby

CBS 12/13/06 Christmas Tree Arrives at Vatican 12/13/06 Oh, Christmas tree

LSE 12/13/06 Christmas is 'a good opportunity to encourage savings'

ABN 12/13/06 Etiquette for office Christmas parties

USA Today 12/12/06 Every dog gets its day on Christmas

Napa Valley Register 12/12/06 Radio stations across the U.S. get into holiday spirit

NY Post 12/12/06 Oh Tannenbaum

The Sentinel 12/12/06 Christmas tree growers use fox urine, pink stain against poachers

USA Today 12/12/06 Christmas trees return to SeaTac airport; rabbi won't sue over decoration

Scotsman 12/12/06 Unthinkable act of Christmas kindness

Miami Herald 12/12/06 Thieves steal Christmas toys meant for kids with cancer

Entertainment Weekly 12/11/06 7 Sinful Santas

Jam! 12/11/06 Classic 'Grinch' has timeless quality

MSNBC 12/11/06 Airport removes Christmas trees to avoid suit

USA Today 12/11/06 Mich. man's Christmas lights spell out 'Bah-hum-bug'

Ireland Online 12/11/06 Dickens' Christmas Day letter up for auction

Yahoo! News 12/11/06 Bethlehem mayor invites Christmas visits

Glasgow Daily Record 12/11/06 No Santa teacher is sacked

Journal Courier 12/10/06 All he wants for Christmas is to avoid shopping

ABC News 12/10/06 Airport Christmas Trees Gone After Rabbi's Request

Washington Post 12/10/06 Jolly Good Viewing

The Enquirer 12/10/06 Bushes Join 'Dr. Phil' at Christmas Show 12/10/06 Dangerous toys seized before Christmas

The Mirror 12/10/06 Exclusive: No10 Gets a Fizz Mas Tree

This is London 12/9/06 Christmas cards are losing their religious message

BBC 12/9/06 Turkeys saved from Christmas chop

Indy Star 12/8/06 At tree lighting, president offers tribute to troops

BBC 12/8/06 Royal couple's new Christmas card

Yahoo! News 12/7/06 Back by popular demand: "Merry Christmas"

World Net Daily 12/7/06 Has the Gap banned 'Christmas'?

Washington Post 12/7/06 Tuned to Tradition

San Francisco Chronicle 12/7/06 Bush Lights National Christmas Tree

BBC 12/7/06 Firm sorry over Christmas parties

NewsNet5 12/7/06 Pick A Safe, Healthy Christmas Tree

Rutherford Institute 12/7/06 Christmas Is Not Illegal…Yet!

Evening Sun 12/6/06 Getting a look at Christmas in 1863

BBC 12/6/06 Bishop backs Christian Christmas

USA Today 12/6/06 Christmas spending will hit almost $800 per person, group says

Newsday 12/6/06 A holly, jolly (careful) Christmas

NY Daily News 12/6/06 Yule shoppers on hold

Yahoo! News 12/5/06 Woman finds bat in Christmas tree

Fox News 12/5/06 Mother Has 12-Year-Old Son Arrested for Opening Christmas Gift Early

Yahoo! News 12/5/06 British employers banning Christmas decorations for fear of offense

Yahoo! 12/5/06 Schwarzenegger to light fuel-cell-powered Christmas tree

Glasgow Daily Record 12/5/06 £141K: what Christmas costs you in a lifetime

Jam! 12/4/06 Goodman's Santa has had it with Christmas

Globe and Mail 12/4/06 Gift cards top the holiday list

Arizona Daily Star 12/4/06 Christmas-stamp art has ties to Tucson

CNN 12/4/06 Christmas in your bathing suit

Daily Mail 12/4/06 Christmas shoppers 'still paying last year's bills'

USA Today 12/4/06 These holiday gifts help boost good causes

USA Today 12/3/06 Christmas cards? Think outside the plastic-lid box

ABC 12/3/06 Swedes Guard Christmas Goat From Vandals

Houston Chronicle 12/3/06 12 days of shopping rises 3.1% this year

Daily Herald 12/3/06 Discovering the charm of nature's Christmas trees

Toledo Blade 12/3/06 Sounds of the Season

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/2/06 GE lights national tree with teamwork

Seattle Times 12/2/06 Enchanting ideas for Christmas trees and trimmings

Seattle Times 12/2/06 We wish you a merry Christmas tree

News 14 Carolina 12/2/06 Christmas Town USA turns on the lights

Guardian Unlimited 12/2/06 Christmas shoppers 'holding back'

Glasgow Daily Record 12/2/06 40,000 miles to the Christmas table

Star Telegram 12/1/06 Dashing through the shows

Christian Science Monitor 12/1/06 To truly honor Christmas, end its status as an official holiday

Chicago Tribune 12/1/06 No room for the Nativity story

CBS3 12/1/06 Shoppers Flock To Christmas City

Yahoo! News 12/1/06 Calls to ban Christmas 'could spark anti-Muslim backlash'

Ukiah Daily Journal 12/1/06 Oh, Christmas Tree

4News 12/1/06 Christmas safety ad campaign launched

Metro 11/30/06 Christmas DVDs yule love

CBS 11/30/06 It's All About The Tree

Kentucky Standard 11/29/06 Christmas shopping can be fun if done properly

News 14 11/28/06 How to find the perfect Christmas tree

Townhall 11/28/06 It's Okay to Say Merry Christmas

Telegraph 11/28/06 Millions of Christmas shoppers go online

Rocky Mountain News 11/27/06 HOA bans Christmas wreath

Washington Post 11/27/06 White House Christmas Tree Arrives in D.C.

CNN 11/27/06 'Twelve days of Christmas' gets pricier

USA Today 11/27/06 Surf's up for gift giving

Jam! 11/26/06 Christmas DVD gift guide

NY Post 11/26/06 How I Sleighed 'Em

Daily Record 11/24/06 Santa is 75

Orlando Sentinel 11/24/06 Ho ho ho! Here's a sleigh-full of holiday albums

LA Times 11/20/06 This gift looks awfully familiar

USA Today 11/20/06 Fake Christmas trees are really branching out

Seattle PI 11/20/06 Tips for getting started on your Christmas village

Glasgow Daily Record 11/15/06 Xmas costs £2.5BN

KCCI 11/13/06 Christmas Returns To Wal-Mart

Vnunet 11/13/06 Cyber-criminals gear up for a merry Christmas

BBC 11/11/06 Lights switch-on axed over safety

Media Guardian 11/10/06 'Christmas ads coming too early'

Glasgow Daily Record 11/7/06 Look what Santa is bringing us....

Knox News 11/7/06 HGTV takes a look at America's Christmas houses

Dallas Morning News 11/6/06 Black's the new green for Christmas trees

Chicago Sun Times 11/6/06 One hull of a Christmas

Yahoo! News 11/6/06 Church posts anger at Christ-free Christmas stamps

Glasgow Daily Record 11/6/06 £7 billion spree online for Christmas

BYU NewsNet 11/3/06 Christmas Books Brighten Holidays

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/30/06 Christmas charge begins

KTHV 10/30/06 Girl Comes Up With Christmas Ornament

Star Ledger 10/30/06 How the 'creep' stole Thanksgiving

The Eagle 10/30/06 Stores aren't waiting to stock Christmas items, gifts

Christian News Wire 10/23/06 Let's Defend Christmas in America's Public Schools

Belleville News Democrat 10/23/06 White House chooses Pennsylvania farm for Christmas trees

BBC 10/23/06 Mother's plea over Christmas loss

Star Ledger 10/22/06 Two choices for Christmas stamps

Natural Life Magazine 10/22/06 A Buy Nothing Christmas

MSNBC 10/16/06 Man ordered to make up for ruined Christmas

Orange County Register 10/16/06 Christmas comes earlier this year

Press Telegram 10/9/06 The holidays are looking jolly

Whittier Daily News 10/9/06 Christmas buying rush gets early start

Wichita Eagle 10/8/06 The Christmas challenge

Sun Sentinel 10/2/06 Crafting holiday treasures

Naperville Sun 10/2/06 Not a creature was stirring - except a TV crew

Manchester Evening News 10/2/06 Get the lights up, there's only 84 days to Christmas!

Daily Record 9/27/06 Yule just have to be joking

Daily Southtown 9/24/06 'Santa' shared Christmas cheer

UPI 9/18/06 Fla. city just can't grow Christmas trees

AJC 9/11/06 No Christmas displays in September

Honolulu Advertiser 9/9/06 Christmas sales already? Yep

Buffalo News 8/27/06 If it's August, it must be Christmas

IOL 8/27/06 Christmas comes too early for 'Santa'

Gazette Times 8/25/06 Oregon leads nation in Christmas trees

Daily Record 8/25/06 Yule not believe it

The Citizen 8/21/06 Teacher sends students a Christmas card with class

The Columbian 8/20/06 Christmas in August

BBC 7/24/06 Doctor Who has Christmas in July

CNN 7/24/06 Holiday 2006: Hostage to gas prices

Gazette Times 7/18/06 Christmas in July

USA Today 7/10/06 In the St. Nick of time

Bellville News Democrat 5/4/06 School board may return 'Christmas'

Contra Costa Times 4/3/06 Deacon lights up the season each Christmas

Seattle PI 3/7/06 China's exports, including fake Christmas trees, help U.S., foreign minister says

BBC 2/25/06 Christmas tree stays for chicks

Sun News 2/24/06 Corps delivers Christmas gift to fish

News Journal 2/12/06 Jingle bills? Experts say Christmas debt common

BBC 1/10/06 Christmas sales beat expectations

Local 6 1/9/06 Christmas Tree Explodes, Seriously Burns Couple

Las Vegas Sun 1/9/06 Christmas trees can be recycled

St. Petersburg Times 1/1/06 Get creative: Recycle those Christmas cards 1/1/06 For Christmas, uncle gets 'time capsule' card

Chambersburg Public Opinion 12/31/05 Gardening: Use your Christmas tree after Christmas

ABC News 12/27/05 Post-Christmas Sales Keep Shoppers Buying

The Scotsman 12/27/05 Modern Christmas presents are making children fat

NY Times 12/27/05 The Day After Christmas, Shoppers Take a Holiday

MSNBC 12/26/05 Shoppers go hunting for post-Christmas deals

ABC News 12/25/05 Tourists Lacking in Bethlehem at Christmas

BBC 12/25/05 In pictures: Christmas Day

NY Times 12/25/05 In First Christmas Homily, Pope Reflects on World Conflicts

USA Today 12/25/05 Last-minute shoppers flock to stores on Christmas Eve

Seattle Times 12/25/05 Merry Christmas

Baltimore Sun 12/25/05 Bethlehem hosts huge Christmas crowds

Independent 12/24/05 12 questions of Christmas

Washington Post 12/24/05 Stores Set for Shopper Surge On Last Day Before Christmas

Saratogian 12/24/05  Do respect others, but don't deny Christmas

CBS 12/24/05 Can Saturday Save Christmas?

ABC 12/24/05 Christmas Just Another Day for Inmate Moms

Seattle Times 12/24/05 Keeping the mess in Christmas

USA Today 12/23/05 Christmas arrives in Baghdad — in camouflage

Newsday 12/23/05 Big homes boost demand for big Christmas trees

Telegraph 12/23/05 A Christmas is not just for humans

Yahoo 12/23/05 Christmas goodies arrive at orbiting space station

MSNBC 12/22/05 The survival secret of Christmas trees

Fox News 12/22/05 Christmas Grinch Gets Caught in Chimney

CBS 12/22/05 Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Guide

CNN 12/22/05 Workers kill statehouse Christmas tree

BBC 12/21/05 Father Christmas pays off fines

ABC News 12/21/05 The Story Behind Christmas

Chicago Tribune 12/21/05 Lake County man takes in Santa's reindeer

CNN 12/21/05 Here comes Santa ... er, the pope

The Chattanoogan 12/21/05 The Truth About Reindeer

Newsweek 12/21/05 A Christmas Mitzvah

ABC News 12/21/05 Santa Gets Government OK to Fly

Houston Chronicle 12/21/05 Christmas Supplies Headed to Space Station

South Florida Business Journal 12/21/05 AAA: Record number of holiday travelers expected

CNN 12/20/05 Zoo: Snatched penguin may be Christmas gift

USA Today 12/20/05 The poll says ... Merry Christmas!

Herald Sun 12/20/05 Santa cleared for Aussie airspace

UPI 12/20/05 ISS crew to get special Christmas delivery

Detroit Free Press 12/19/05 For holiday mailers, today will be busiest

Forbes 12/19/05 Presidential Christmas Message

Bloomberg 12/19/05 Facelift for Christmas? Personal Services Become Popular Gifts

Daily Record 12/19/05 The Insanity Claus

CNN 12/18/05 Pope: Joy is real gift of Christmas 12/18/05 Santas rampage in Christmas protest

CBS 12/18/05 Andy Rooney's Christmas Mail

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/18/05 Churches closed for Christmas?

DDT Online 12/18/05 Keep the Grinch from stealing your Christmas

Sunday Mirror 12/18/05 Help, My Xmas is a Disaster

Houma Today 12/18/05 The 12 trees of Christmas

Press Democrat 12/18/05 All I want for Christmas is - a holiday tree ?

Courier Post 12/18/05 As kids age, Christmas magic dims

Zaneville Recorder 12/18/05 So, you think you know about Christmas?

Scotsman 12/17/05 The joy of Christmas can come with a rather nasty after-taste 12/17/05 When it comes to Christmas trees, the bigger, the better

News 14 12/17/05 Christmas mailing deadlines almost here

USA Today 12/16/05 San Francisco rents Christmas trees

Times Online 12/16/05 Christmas shoppers overwhelm supermarket internet sites

Daily Record 12/16/05 Dim View of Christmas

ANSA 12/16/05 Vatican Christmas tree lights go on

Detroit News 12/15/05 O faux Christmas tree

Mercury News 12/15/05 Feel guilty buying a Christmas tree? Then rent one.

The Guardian 12/15/05 America's right rally to protect a Christmas 'under siege'

Toronto Star 12/14/05 Santa assaulted left and right

ABC News 12/14/05 Christmas is damaging the environment: report

SF Chronicle 12/14/05 Macabre Christmas Display Makes Statement

Daily Breeze 12/13/05 Christmas or holiday? Tree's name isn't worth barking about

CNN 12/13/05 Christmas jeers

Access News 12/13/05 Professor Examines Christian, Pagan Elements of Children's Holiday Classic

MSNBC 12/13/05 Christmas culture war grows edgier and angrier

The Scoop 12/13/05 Think Twice Before Buying A Pet For Christmas

MSNBC 12/12/05 Pope rips commercial ‘pollution’ of Christmas

Daily Record 12/12/05 Scary Santa Alert

The Telegraph 12/12/05 Shield your pupils from 'terrifying' Santa Claus, teachers told

USA Today 12/12/05 Snowball effect for Christmas music, radio stations

Miami Herald 12/11/05 Wild and wacky definitions of a Christmas tree

Fox News 12/11/05 Pope: Christmas Polluted by Consumerism

ABC News 12/11/05 Calling Christmas by Its Name

Scripps Howard News Service 12/11/05 The care and feeding of a live Christmas tree

Washington Post 12/10/05 Ho, Ho, Ho: Merry Movies

Sun Herald 12/10/05 Christmas trees come in live varieties

CBS News 12/8/05 Flap Over White House Holiday Card

Boston Globe 12/8/05 Giant Paris Hilton Christmas display shakes up Cranston
ABC News 12/8/05 Capitol Tree Gets Christmas Moniker Back

Fox News 12/8/05 Grrr! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Boston Globe 12/7/05 Demand growing for taller Christmas trees

WTOP 12/7/05 Inflatables Become Rage in Christmas Decorating

Fox News 12/7/05 Lights Out for the Griswold Family Christmas

Mercury News 12/7/05 `Christmas' tree once again on display outside U.S. Capitol

CBS 12/7/05 Trees With A Twist

International Herald Tribune 12/7/05 Commercialize Christmas, or else

WJXX 12/7/05 Christmas Display Stirring Up Controversy

WOAI 12/7/05 Christmas Trees: Farm vs Lots

CNN 12/6/05 Some megachurches closing on Christmas

USA Today 12/6/05 A new Christmas rite: Wigging out at the mall

Seattle PI 12/5/05 Researchers fight back against artificial Christmas trees

Scotsman 12/5/05 Put yourself at top of wish list for Christmas

The Age 12/5/05 Leave Christmas ham off menu: group

SHNS 12/5/05 Ins and outs of decorating your Christmas tree

Jam! 12/4/05 A rundown of new Christmas CDs 12/4/05 Anger over attack on Christmas

Milwaukee Journal 12/3/05 Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown

LA Times 12/3/05 One of First Christmas Cards Auctioned

Seattle Times 12/3/05 Wishing someone "Happy Holidays" can get you in trouble 12/3/05 Get straight on tree stands

UPI 12/3/05 Cow wearing antlers popular Christmas card

CBS 12/2/05 Want A Great Tree? Ask Big John!

Washington Post 12/2/05 A Classic Whose Message Endures

Clarion Ledger 12/2/05 Keep Christmas tree fresh with proper upkeep

USA Today 12/1/05 Trimming 'Christmas' from trees stirs debate

WCAX 11/29/05 Trendy Christmas Trees

News Hounds 11/29/05 Speaker Hastert: Holiday Tree to Be Renamed Christmas Tree

BBC 11/29/05 Why Christmas falls on 12 December

Sunday Mirror 11/27/05 £9K Xmas Card 

Winston-Salem Journal 11/26/05 Christmas tree sheds its N.C. roots, begins long trip to White House Blue Room
ABC News 11/26/05 O Tannenbaum, You're Upside-Down

Jam! 11/25/05 Your guide to holiday viewing 11/24/05 More green for Christmas trees this year

Bradley news 11/23/05 Find a Picture-Perfect Christmas Tree

Florida Today 11/22/05 Time to reboot the Christmas tree

The Beacon 11/21/05 Christmas trappings now evident around Halloween

The Telegraph 11/20/05 US tree craze stands Christmas on its head

Democrat Herald 11/18/05 Rain aids Christmas trees

Post Gazette 11/18/05 Mini Christmas: Retailers' big strategy is small stuff

Total Catholic 11/13/05 Christmas under attack again from killjoy councils

Green Bay Press 11/12/05 Fake trees turn Christmas on its head

Entertainment Weekly 11/11/05 Sched Yule

San Diego Tribune 11/11/05 Mexico steps up control over imports of foreign Christmas trees

USA Today 11/8/05 Fake trees turn Christmas on its head

Sunday Mirror 11/6/05 Town To Pull Plug On Xmas

MegaStar 11/3/05 Xmas 'under threat' again

WORF 11/1/05 Christmas Shopping Begins

Celebrity Spider 10/20/05 Beach Boy Brian Wilson Releases His First Solo Christmas Album

Yahoo 10/18/05 Christmas has come, the geese are fat -- and it's only October 10/18/05 Give a pig this Christmas

Dallas Business Journal 9/26/05 Neiman unveils Christmas book

Intelligencia 9/13/05 Online retailers set for Christmas cheer

The Union 5/31/05 Christmas Tree Lady leaves lesson of devotion

icNorthWales 4/12/05 Beaten over the head with a Christmas tree

BBC 1/11/05 Festive sales 'worst in 10 years' 1/11/05 Armless Teen Gets 130,000 Christmas Cards

ABC News 12/30/04 Pine Cones Lead to Christmas Tree Suspect

The Scotsman 12/30/04 Online sales show 44.5% net increase at Christmas

NY Daily News 12/30/04 Nab 3 who hurled reindeer toy

Chicago Tribune 12/28/04 `Web-controlled' Christmas lights just a holiday hoax

ABC News 12/28/04 Police: Man Burns Down Home Over No Gifts 12/28/04 Christmas twins mark 100th birthday quietly together

Daily Record 12/28/04 Santa Cam Down The Chimney

CBS 12/27/04 Many Happier Returns

Daily Record 12/27/04 What A Real Xmas Dope

Telegraph 12/27/04 Rare white Christmas is black day for bookies

CBS 12/26/04 The Long Slog Home From Christmas

Kansas City Star 12/26/04 Postal Service Santas deliver on Christmas Day

SF Chronicle 12/26/04 Consumers head to stores the day after Christmas to grab bargains

AJC 12/25/04 Leaders urge peace as fears of violence mark Christmas

BBC 12/25/04 Bethlehem marks hopeful Christmas

Deseret News 12/25/04 'Wonderful' soars on angel wings

The Age 12/25/04 An Odd Christmas

BBC 12/25/04 Pope gives his Christmas homily

ABC News 12/24/04 Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers Hit Malls

BBC 12/24/04 White Christmas predicted for UK

Newsday 12/23/04 Why Santa matters

CNN 12/23/04 This year's must-have gift: A goat

ABC News 12/23/04 Poll: Fake Christmas Trees Grow Popular

Newsday 12/23/04 School district sued over decision to ban Christmas carols

Fox News 12/23/04 Someone's Taking Potshots at Santa

NY Daily News 12/23/04 Without a doubt, Santa still rules

CBS 12/23/04 Too Many Happy Returns

ABC News 12/23/04 Snow Hampers Holiday Travel and Shopping

Ananova 12/22/04 Police hand out fines for swearing

ABC News 12/22/04 Christmas Culture Clash Reaches New Heights

CBS 12/22/04 Gifts For The Discerning Pet

BBC 12/22/04 Cubans paint US Christmas message

Newsday 12/21/04 12 bellyaches of Christmas

The Sun 12/21/04 Santa roars in bike race

USA Today 12/21/04 Santa Claus is coming to Tinseltown

Seattle PI 12/21/04 Mexico wants to grow own Christmas trees

Fox News 12/21/04 Christmas Goes Nuts in Cincinnati

Ananova 12/20/04 'Santa-Free Zones' created

USA Today 12/20/04 Christmas tree prices hit $200 in Hawaii

MSNBC 12/20/04 Fight over Santa may end ‘all-year Christmas’

Kansas City Star 12/20/04 Weak Holiday Sales Prompt More Discounts

Newsday 12/20/04 Christmas Brings Out Wild Side of Swiss

BBC 12/19/04 Botox rush in time for Christmas

SF Chronicle 12/19/04 Say 'Merry Christmas' -Wishing others 'Happy Holidays' is white noise

Newsday 12/19/04 Fairfield County tops nation in Christmas tree prices

Chicago Tribune 12/19/04 Paper `sorry' for Christmas sex jokes

Reuters 12/19/04 Pope condemns Christmas materialism 12/19/04 Scary Santa lurks in Finland's Christmas past

NY Times 12/19/04 Does Christmas Need to Be Saved?
Telegraph 12/19/04 'Christmas is taboo in America, but now people are fighting back'

Teen Hollywood 12/18/04 National Survey Confirms Belief In Holiday Season Magic

BBC 12/18/04 Cities 'shun church at Christmas'

Independent 12/18/04 Is this the year they stole Christmas?

Ananova 12/17/04 Nativity scene goes underwater

CBS 12/17/04 Decorating For Grinchmas

Washington Post 12/17/04 Just Leave Christmas Alone

Reuters 12/17/04 Worker fired for selling Queen's Christmas pud

Chicago Tribune 12/17/04 Killjoys Of Christmas

Kansas City Star 12/17/04 Florida town rescinds Christmas tree ban

Newsday 12/17/04 Same old song at Christmas: Do carols discriminate?

BBC 12/17/04 Cuba counters US Christmas lights 12/16/04 Blue Christmas in Hawaii due to holiday-tree scarce?

Reuters 12/16/04 Shopping surges ahead of Christmas

Detroit Free Press 12/16/04 Christmas trees could be used for pain relief

BBC 12/16/04 Virus poses as Christmas e-mail

The Age 12/16/04 Govt Grinch chops Christmas tree

Times Online 12/16/04 Peat bogs threatened by Christmas wreath thieves

BBC 12/15/04 Christmas lights prompt hate mail

USA Today 12/15/04 U.S. ignores Cuba's Christmas-sign warning 12/15/04 Christian conservatives say it's 'Christmas' time

Kansas City Star 12/15/04 Children Light Up Vatican's Christmas Tree

WTVM 12/15/04 Texas school district accused of trying to ban Christmas

NY Daily News 12/15/04 The 12 CDs of Christmas

New Zealand Herald 12/15/04 Men top Santa's Christmas delivery list

Fox News 12/14/04 Christmas Tree Bark May Fight Arthritis

ABC News 12/14/04 Cuba Protests U.S. Christmas Lights with a Message

Star Tribune 12/14/04 Prisoner raises bail by selling Christmas cards 12/14/04 White Christmas will soon be just a dream, says report

BBC 12/14/04 What's 'behind' the Christmas tree?

CNN 12/13/04 How the glitch stole Christmas?

CBS 12/13/04 Minimizing Holiday Hazards

Dallas Morning News 12/13/04 New spin on Frosty and Rudolph

NY Daily News 12/13/04 Christmas haters have an agenda

BBC 12/13/04 Blue robin in rare festive visit

Grand Forks Herald 12/12/04 High winds knock over governor's mansion Christmas tree

Reuters 12/12/04 New York Dogs Set for Merry Christmas

ABC News 12/12/04 Weekend Holiday Shopping Appears Mixed

Mercury News 12/12/04 The perfect Christmas gift for Scrooge

Boston Herald 12/12/04 Double your fun: Celebrate Christmas and Kwanzaa with books and crafts

New Kerala 12/12/04 Christmas cards in Germany will smell of honey and fir trees 12/12/04 Santa Delivers Christmas Joy To Sad Farm Animals

Boston Globe 12/12/04 The 12 days of Christmas - updated

NBC25 12/12/04 Christmas Has Evolved Over the Years

CBS 12/11/04 Holiday Crafts For Kids

AZ 12/11/04 Christmas lights display to dim 12/11/04 Artificial Christmas trees chop away at sales of real ones

Telegraph 12/11/04 The rituals of Christmas

Yahoo 12/11/04 For those with everything, how about a lordship for Christmas?

Houston Chronicle 12/10/04 Kris Kringle talks toys, gas mileage, being good

Webindia123 12/10/04 Santas that stole the Christmas tree!

The Scotsman 12/10/04 Astronauts Await Vital Christmas Food Package

MegaStar 12/10/04 Seconds out for Santas

ABC News 12/9/04 'Gourmet' Trees Attract New Customers

Arizona Republic 12/9/04 Scottsdale man charged over elaborate holiday display

Star Telegram 12/9/04 Missing mom at Christmas

Washington Times 12/9/04 U.S. communities fail to keep 'Christ' in Christmas

BBC 12/9/04 Drug dealer takes up Santa role

Christian Science Monitor 12/9/04 In Germany, a Christmas-season contest: Santa vs. St. Nicholas

Press of Atlantic City 12/9/04 Safe bets for gift-giving

Boston Channel 12/9/04 Store Offers Day Care For Husbands Sick Of Shopping

Seattle PI 12/8/04 Help children learn the true meaning of Christmas

Smokey Mountain News 12/8/04 Oh, Christmas Tree

BBC 12/8/04 Christmas gifts destroyed in fire

Seattle Times 12/8/04 Banning Tiny Tim? Humbug!

Denver Post 12/8/04 Keep Christian identity in holiday fetes

Union Leader 12/8/04 A Christmas party for inmates is not a useless frivolity

Anorak 12/8/04 (Father) Christmas Is Cancelled

Daily Record 12/8/04 Santas Running for a Record
Fox News 12/7/04 Christmas Under Siege: The Big Picture

BBC 12/7/04 Church anger over 'devil' Santa

Guardian 12/7/04 Shoppers told to slow Christmas spending

Catoosa County News 12/7/04 Hunting the perfect Christmas tree

The Australian 12/7/04 Scrooge hits Christmas sales

Guardian 12/6/04 The ads that stole Christmas

Tucson Citizen 12/6/04 All I want for Christmas is ... a little help with the shopping

NY Times 12/6/04 A Question of Faith for a Holiday Parade 12/6/04 Christmas on credit

Telegraph 12/6/04 Blairs cut out children for Christmas card

News Banner 12/6/04 Cooks serious about their Christmas display
Phillyburbs 12/6/04 Christmas decorations stolen in Allentown

Reuters 12/6/04 Christmas Song Revives Religious Debate

Guardian 12/6/04 Government unveils Christmas drink-drive campaign

Billings Gazette 12/5/04 Pet Christmas a growing business

Oakland Tribune 12/5/04 Christmas trees are for sale online

Omaha World Herald 12/5/04 Family on road to share Christmas

Deseret News 12/5/04 The tree's the thing — Providers of 'real' Christmas trees fight for market share

Telegraph 12/5/04 Britons spend billions on Christmas dinner

Indy Star 12/5/04 Bethlehem's Christmas wish: visitors

Boston Globe 12/5/04 O (fake) Christmas tree

USA Today 12/4/04 Cities get creative to pay for Christmas displays

Rocky Mountain News 12/4/04 A predictable ending to the holiday story

Toronto Star 12/4/04 Pop quiz: How cool is your Christmas party?

Daily Record 12/4/04 Santa Quits After He Drops Tot in Grotto

Pacific Daily News 12/4/04 Picking a Christmas tree

Independent 12/4/04 Try a gift of lasting value this Christmas

Daily Record 12/4/04 Office Party Hangover

Guardian 12/3/04 Fears of abuse put Santa on camera

BBC 12/3/04 Christmas clash over gift choices

Rocky Mountain News 12/3/04 'Christmas' to stay

MegaStar 12/3/04 Lights out for Xmas

CNN 12/3/04 Bush lights national Christmas tree

Guardian 12/3/04 Bosses bash Christmas parties

Detroit News 12/3/04 Television gets into spirit with holiday specials galore

The Scotsman 12/3/04 Call to Cut Own Christmas Tree

KATU 12/2/04 What kind of Christmas tree are you going to get?

MSNBC 12/2/04 Top Christmas song? ‘Christmas Song’

CBS 12/2/04 White Christmas At White House

Fox News 12/2/04 Elmo, Barbie and Techie Gifts Under the Tree

CBS 12/2/04 A Fight Christmas

KESQ 12/1/04 Tips on choosing and caring for Christmas Trees 12/1/04 Hundreds of Christmas geese stolen

Newsday 12/1/04 Tree-Growing Couple Finds Alternative

USA Today 12/1/04 Jingle all the way to the record store

Christian Post 12/1/04 Macy's Stores Boycotted for Removing 'Merry Christmas'

MegaStar 12/1/04 Santa's wake-up call


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