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News Articles about American Idol contestant Chris Richardson 5/4/07 Chris Richardson Discusses Girlfriends and His Best Friend

Celebrity Spider 5/3/07 American Idol - Two for the Road

Foxes On Idol 5/3/07 American Idol 6: Why Chris Lost

Jam! 5/3/07 Chris Richardson talks about end of his 'Idol' run and the Timberlake comparison

Virginian Pilot 5/3/07 Chesapeake's Chris Richardson gets voted off 'Idol'

Daily Press 5/3/07 Local 'Idol' hopeful's run ends

Richmond Times Dispatch 5/3/07 Richardson voted off 'American Idol'

Reality TV Magazine 5/2/07 American Idol Results Phil Stacey And Chris Richardson Eliminated

Times Dispatch 5/2/07 Richardson voted off 'Idol'

Daily Press 5/2/07 Local Idol's chances: Dead or alive?

TMZ 5/1/07 "Idol" Castoff Rooting for Timberfake

TMZ 4/30/07 "Idol" Corruption? Chris Puts Blake at Risk

Reality TV World 4/25/07 'Idol 6' finalist Chris Richardson dating 'The Hills' star Lauren Conrad?

Virginia Pilot 4/25/07 Could tonight be Chris' swan song?

Virginia Pilot 4/24/07 Is it time to write off Chris Richardson?

Daily Press 4/19/07 Local 'Idol' safe; Sanjaya gets the boot

Entertainmentwise 4/18/07 Chris' Prayers For Virginia Victims May End His American Idol Run

Dallas Morning News 4/18/07 'Idol' hopeful might pay through the nose

Virginian Pilot 4/16/07 Is Richardson romance story just 'Idol' chitchat?

Daily Press 4/12/07 Richardson survives 'Idol's' bottom three

Daily Press 4/11/07 Local 'Idol' favorite sings Santana hit

Extra 4/9/07 'Idol's' Chris Richardson Out with 'Hills' Star Lauren Conrad
TMZ 4/9/07 MTV Babe Snags "American Idol" Hunk

Daily Press 4/5/07 Richardson still in on 'American Idol'

Daily Press 4/4/07 Richardson puts his Duke up

Daily Press 4/4/07 Richardson 'gets around' to the judges

Virginia Pilot 4/3/07 Richardson will go on ''Idol'' tour

Times Dispatch 3/28/07 'Idol's' Richardson advances
Daily Press 3/28/07 Local 'Idol' hopeful picks up praise

TMZ 3/28/07 Alaina's "A.I." Showmance?

Daily Press 3/27/07 What should he sing? 3/25/07 American Idol brings this `Chris-crazy' family together

Daily Press 3/21/07 Chesapeake's 'Idol' comes close to heading home

Daily Press 3/21/07 Richardson goes sultry on 'Idol'

Virginia Pilot 3/20/07 Locals are doing their best to ''support Chris''

Daily Press 3/14/07 Chesapeake Idol makes next round

Virginia Pilot 3/14/07 Rate Richardson's ''Idol'' performance

Virginia Pilot 3/13/07 Bloggers and their ''Idol'' chatter about Richardson

Daily Press 3/13/07 Chesapeake's Richardson ready for next round of 'Idol'

WRIC 3/8/07 Va. man makes top 12 finalists on `American Idol'

Daily Press 3/8/07 Richardson learns Idol fate tonight

NBC 12 3/2/07 Virginia's Chris Richardson survives on 'Idol'

Times Dispatch 3/2/07 Richardson still in the running

Daily Press 2/28/07 Richardson is 'in it to win it,' Jackson declares

Virginia Pilot 2/28/07 Will our local ''Idol'' finalist survive the cut?

Daily Press 2/27/07 Local 'Idol' wows Randy, Paula and Simon

Daily Press 2/23/07 Chesapeake's Richardson makes 'Idol' cut

Times Dispatch 2/22/07 Richardson advances on 'Idol'

Virginia Pilot 2/21/07 Think our local ''Idol'' made the cut?

Virginia Pilot 2/19/07 Determined Chesapeake singer finally gets a chance on 'Idol'

Times Dispatch 2/17/07 Latest 'Idol' semifinalist keeping Virginia vibe alive

WTKR 2/16/07 Chesapeake American Idol Contestant Turned To Music Over Football

Daily Press 2/16/07 Video: Ex-CNU football player on 'American Idol'

Virginia Pilot 2/15/07 Richardson makes it to ''Idol'' finals

Celebrity Spider 2/15/07 Top 24 American Idol Contestants Revealed; American Begins Voting Next Week

Times Dispatch 1/25/07 Another Virginia American Idol?

Reality TV Magazine 1/25/07 Chris Richardson, Justin Timberlake Look-A-Like On American Idol 6


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