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This is London 1/16/02 They can't be serious - it's McEnroe

Reality News Online 1/16/02 New Game Show Puts Contestants in The Chair

BBC 1/16/02 McEnroe takes to The Chair

London Times 1/16/02 Americans resort to S&M in quiz show ratings war

TV Guide 1/16/02 John McEnroe's Image Makeover

USA Today 1/13/02 Lawsuits keep ball bouncing

St. Petersburg Times 1/13/02 Fox Television lives up to its name

Washington Post 1/12/02 Shocking Behavior: ABC and Fox Sue Over Reality Shows

Seattle PI 1/12/02 Game show producers say Fox stole their idea

Zap2It 1/11/02 FOX Moves 'Chamber' Premiere Ahead of ABC's 'Chair'

Mercury News 1/11/02 Fox, ABC battling it out over similar game shows

Ananova 1/10/02 John McEnroe to host keep-calm quiz show

Hollywood Reporter 1/8/02 McEnroe takes 'Chair' for ABC
Zap2It 1/7/02 John McEnroe to Host 'The Chair' for ABC

New Zealand Herald 1/5/02 Fox TV 'stole NZ game show'

Reality News Online 12/28/01 Who Wants to Have a Heart Attack?

Independent 12/20/01 TV quiz with prizes only a heartbeat away

Oregonian 12/19/01 ABC wants to give viewers 'The Chair'

Media Guardian 12/19/01 New quiz show: nervous contestants need not apply

Ananova 12/19/01 New TV quiz show monitors contestants' heart rates

Zap2It 12/17/01 ABC Sends Game-Show Hopefuls to 'The Chair'


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