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Zap2It 4/9/11 Eric Roberts on 'Celebrity Rehab,' the challenges of reality TV and his ABC pilot 'Grace'

Chicago Tribune 4/4/11 Dr. Drew: 'I'm not addicted to fame'

Chicago Sun-Times 3/10/11 Michaele Salahi dropped from ‘Celebrity Rehab’

RealityShack Blog 3/9/11 R.I.P. Mike Starr – Former Celebrity Rehab Patient Found Dead

E!Online 3/8/11 Michaele Salahi Booted From Celebrity Rehab...Because She Didn't Need Rehab

E!Online 3/8/11 Alice in Chains Rocker, Celebrity Rehab Patient Mike Starr Dead at 44

Examiner 3/7/11 Dina Lohan speaks out about Michael Lohan's 'Celebrity Rehab' decision

E!Online 3/7/11 So Why Is D.C. Real Housewife in Need of Rehab?

TV Guide 3/7/11 Sean Young Joins Celebrity Rehab

TMZ 3/7/11 "Celebrity Rehab" -- The Return of Steven Adler

TMZ 3/4/11 'Baywatch' Star -- I'm Addicted to Hormone Injections

NY Post 3/3/11 LI detector

NY Post 3/3/11 Lindsay Lohan 'shocked and upset' as VH1 confirms dad's appearance on 'Celebrity Rehab'

NY Daily News 3/2/11 Michael Lohan, White House party crashers Michaele and Tareq Salahi join 'Celebrity Rehab': reports

NY Daily News 3/2/11 Doc Gooden, ex-Mets and Yankees star, set for 'Celebrity Rehab'; Lindsay Lohan's dad also to appear

TMZ 2/18/11 'Celeb Rehab' Rocker -- Busted with Prescription Pills

Digital Spy 1/30/11 'Rehab' star blames family for arrest

TMZ 1/28/11 Jason Davis -- Arrested For Drug Possession

Reality TV Magazine 1/20/11 Celebrity Apprentice: Jesse James Engaged To Kat Von D

Gather.com 1/20/11 Fwd: 'Celebrity Rehab' Finale – No Sober House for This Season of Celebs

Reality TV Fans 1/14/11 VH1's Hit Series “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” Checks in For Reunion Special January 26

Gather.com 1/13/11 'Celebrity Rehab' – Who's Going to Move on to Sober Living

Daily Mail 1/13/11 Janice Dickinson reveals anger at child abuse as she kicks anti-anxiety drugs on Celebrity Rehab

Reality TV Magazine 1/11/11 Celebrity Rehab: Jason Wahler Says Producers Asked Him To Drink

Gather.com 1/6/11 'Celebrity Rehab' - They Serve Beer in Hell, But Not in Rehab

LA Times 1/1/11 'Celebrity Rehab' and other TV addiction shows walk the line between treatment and performance

Gather.com 12/30/10 Celebrity Rehab – Eric Roberts Talks to Stepson on Family Day

Gather.com 12/23/10 Celebrity Rehab – Police Officers Storm In Looking for Jason Davis

Daily Mail 12/23/10 Tears and tantrums as Janice Dickinson has a meltdown on Celebrity Rehab

TV Guide 12/22/10 Celebrity Rehab: The Doctor is In

TMZ 12/20/10 Boozy Sebastian Bach Rips Dr. Drew - 'What a Quack!'

Gather.com 12/16/10 Celebrity Rehab Update – Janice Dickinson Battles With Everyone

TMZ 12/15/10 Jason Wahler -- Sued For Stiffing Publicist

Daily Mail 12/3/10 'I'm too much for men to handle': Rachel Uchitel opens up on the season premiere of Celebrity Rehab

Gather.com 12/2/10 Celebrity Rehab 4, Janice Dickinson and Jason Davis Go At It

RealityWanted.com 12/1/10 Celebrity Rehab Season 4: Episode 1

Us Magazine 11/30/10 Janice Dickinson in Tears: "I'm Having Thoughts of Suicide"

Hollywood Reporter 11/29/10 Dr. Drew Lands Primetime Show on CNN's HLN

NY Post 11/24/10 Lethal combo

US Magazine 11/22/10 Review | Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew

Reality TV Fans 11/20/10 Vh1 Announces Season Four of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew to Premiere December 1

TMZ 9/20/10 Chyna Rushed to Hospital for Alcohol Poisoning

TMZ 9/19/10 'Celeb Rehab' Star Bails on Real Rehab After 3 Days

Digital Spy 9/10/10 VH1 reality star Peniche re-enters rehab

TMZ 9/1/10 Uchitel Mourns Dead Fiance ... for the Cameras

Reality TV Magazine 8/24/10 Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew: Jeremy London Denies Romance With Rachel Uchitel

TMZ 8/7/10 Rachel Uchitel Checks Out of 'Rehab' and Into Rehab
Extra 8/4/10 Eric Roberts Says 'Celebrity Rehab' Helped

TMZ 7/29/10 Why Rachel Uchitel Ran From Rehab -- Dad's Death

People 7/29/10 Why Rachel Uchitel Left — and Returned to — Celebrity Rehab

Daily Mail 7/28/10 Tiger's ex-mistress Rachel Uchitel checks into luxury hotel after fleeing Celebrity Rehab

Reality TV Magazine 7/26/10 Jeremy London, ‘The Hills’ Jason Wahler, & Rachel Uchitel, Join Season Four

Daily Mail 7/26/10 So shy! Tiger's ex-mistress Rachel Uchitel takes cover as she heads into TV's Celebrity Rehab

NY Post 7/26/10 Eric Roberts to do 'Celeb Rehab'

TMZ 7/22/10 Rachel Uchitel in 'Rehab' -- Look Ma, No Pills

Reality TV Fans 7/21/10 VH1 Announces Season Four of “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew”

BuddyTV 7/19/10 Rachel Uchitel: From 'Celebrity Apprentice' to 'Celebrity Rehab'

Gather 7/19/10 Celebrity Rehab 4 Cast Announced - Who Is Visiting Dr. Drew This Season?

TMZ 7/15/10 Janice Dickinson - Celebrity Rehab's Latest Model
LA Times 7/14/10 Who's lining up for the next 'Celebrity Rehab'? Tila Tequila is out; Jeremy London considers it

NY Daily News 7/12/10 Tila Tequila drops out of 'Celebrity Rehab,' but rep says she was never confirmed for VH1 show

Access Hollywood 7/12/10 Tila Tequila Reportedly Not Appearing On ‘Celebrity Rehab’

Zap2It 7/7/10 Jeremy London checks into 'Celebrity Rehab.' Perfect casting

NY Daily News 7/4/10 Jennifer Capriati in talks with VH1 to appear on 'Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew': report

Digital Spy 6/4/10 Pointer Sister joins 'Celebrity Rehab'

Access Hollywood 6/3/10 Rep: Liza Minnelli Not Involved With ‘Celebrity Rehab’

NY Post 6/3/10 Duchess of York dismisses 'Celebrity Rehab' rumors

TMZ 6/2/10 Liza Minnelli -- No 'Rehab' for Me

TMZ 6/2/10 'Celebrity Rehab' in Talks with Liza Minnelli

TMZ 6/1/10 'Celeb Rehab' Postponed -- We Got No Big Drunks

TMZ 5/30/10 Platinum Rapper On Board for 'Celebrity Rehab'

Zap2It 5/30/10 'Celebrity Rehab': Rapper Bizzy Bone joins Dr. Drew Pinsky's show

NY Daily News 5/23/10 Tila Tequila to exorcise her 'addictions' on VH1's 'Celebrity Rehab': report

NY Daily News 5/17/10 VH1's 'Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew' is unable to sign even minor stars for fourth season: report

TMZ 4/28/10 'Celebrity Rehab' Shoots for the Stars

E!Online 3/17/10 Celebrity Rehab's Jeff Conaway: "I Told Corey Haim He Was Gonna Die"

TMZ 3/12/10 'Celebrity Rehab' Wants a Piece of DMX

TMZ 3/9/10 Court Rejects KKKrazy Lawsuit Against Dr. Drew

Realitywanted.com 3/7/10 Celebrity Rehab 3: Season Finale Recap

E!Online 3/5/10 Dr. Drew's Alleged Stalker in Denial Mode

USA Today 3/4/10 Police arrest man suspected of stalking Dr. Drew

TMZ 3/4/10 Dr. Drew's Alleged Stalker -- The Mug Shot

TMZ 3/4/10 Drew's Alleged Stalker Threatened Ex-GF's Life

TMZ 3/4/10 Dr. Drew's Cyber-Spies Busted Alleged Stalker

TMZ 3/4/10 Dr. Drew's Alleged Stalker -- KKK-Krazy Lawsuit

TMZ 3/4/10 Dr. Drew's Alleged Stalker Targeted Radio Station

RealityWanted.com 2/27/10 Celebrity Rehab 3: Episode 9 Recap

RealityWanted.com 2/21/10 Celebrity Rehab 3: Episode 7 Recap

LA Times 2/21/10 Self-improving celebs make for good television

Gather.com 2/19/10 Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Season 3, Episode 7 – What's With Heidi Fleiss' Car Crash?

Realitywanted.com 2/12/10 Celebrity Rehab 3: Episode 6 Recap

Gather.com 2/12/10 Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Season 3, Episode 6 – Mackenzie Phillips' Sad News

RealityWanted.com 2/6/10 Celebrity Rehab 3: Episode 5 Recap

Gather.com 2/5/10 Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Season 3, Episode 5 – What Makes Heidi Fleiss So Judgmental?

TV Guide 2/4/10 Dr. Drew: I'll Stop When Addiction Stops

RealityWanted.com 1/29/10 Celebrity Rehab 3: Episode 4 Recap

Gather.com 1/29/10 Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Season 3, Episode 4 – Tome Sizemore Comes Back ... With Drugs

Realitywanted.com 1/22/2010 Celebrity Rehab 3: Episode 3 Recap

Gather.com 1/22/10 Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Season 3, Episode 3 – Is Tom Sizemore the New Jeff Conaway

RealityWanted.com 1/21/10 Celebrity Rehab 3: Episode 3 Recap

NY Post 1/20/10 Conaway falls down stairs

Gather.com 1/19/10 Jeff Conaway Badly Injured In Fall

RealityWanted.com 1/15/10 Celebrity Rehab 3: Episode 2 Recap

Gather.com 1/14/10 Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Season 3, Episode 2 – Stop Teasing Us With Cliffhangers

RealityWanted.com 1/8/10 Celebrity Rehab 3: Episode 1 Recap

Gather.com 1/8/10 Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, Season 3, Episode 1 – Shaking Our Heads Collectively

NY Daily News 1/6/10 'Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew' return proves timely with celebrity deaths

Reality TV Fans 12/22/09 VH1 Announces Season Three of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew to Premiere January 7

TMZ 10/8/09 Fleiss Exploits Horrific Car Crash for Reality TV

Reality TV Fans 10/6/09 Vh1 Announces New Series “Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew” to Premiere November 1

Access Hollywood 9/29/09 Mindy McCready Defends Her ‘Celebrity Rehab’ Roommate Mackenzie Phillips

E!Online 9/26/09 Tawny Kitaen Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

NY Daily News 8/18/09 Mindy McCready to discuss relationship with Roger Clemens on new VH1 reality show

Reality TV Fans 6/1/09 Vh1 Announces Participants for Season 3 of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew

Reality TV Fans 4/22/09 VH1 Announces Season 3 of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew
BuddyTV 12/21/08 'Celebrity Rehab' Ends, Sober House Begins

Reality TV Fans 12/19/08 Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew Moves Into Sober House January 15

BuddyTV 12/18/08 Celebrity Rehab: It's Graduation Day!
Reality TV Fans 12/18/08 Celebrity Rehab Season Finale Airs Tonight on Vh1
BuddyTV 12/4/08 Celebrity Rehab: Seth Struggles with Crack

BuddyTV 11/20/08 Temper Flares Up Tonight On 'Celebrity Rehab'

Rocky Mountain News 11/3/08 'Celebrity Rehab' is as addictive as ever

Bodog Beat 10/24/08 Celebrity Rehab Cast Includes Alcoholic Rodney King
LA Times 10/23/08 Review: 'Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew'

NY Daily News 10/23/08 Rubbernecking as Dr. Drew saves human wrecks
Chicago Tribune 10/22/08 Famous people try to get clean in 'Celebrity Rehab 2'

Seattle Times 10/20/08 Rodney King's tumultuous path leads to "Celebrity Rehab"

Hartford Courant 10/19/08 New Season Of 'Celebrity Rehab'
Reality TV Fans 10/9/08 Vh1 Announces Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew to Return October 23

Reality TV World 7/7/08 Report: 'Celebrity Rehab' producers pitching 'Sober Living' spinoff

BuddyTV 6/26/08 Celebrity Rehab: Rodney King In, Jessica Sierra Out
BuddyTV 6/13/08 Celebrity Rehab: Dr. Drew's False "Diagnosis" Costs Him a Public Apology
Zap2It 6/13/08 Tom Cruise-Dr. Drew Word War Continues

Reality TV Magazine 6/13/08: Rodney King will Appear on Celebrity Rehab
Celebrity Spider 6/12/08 Tom Cruise Hits Back At Mental Health Claims

BuddyTV 6/11/08 Gary Busey Signs Up for 'Celebrity Rehab'
Whats Hot On TV  6/11/08  Guess Who’s Checking Into Celebrity Rehab?

Reality TV World 6/10/08 VH1 reveals 'Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew' second-season cast

Reality TV Magazine 6/10/08 Celebrity Rehab 2 Cleans Up More Acts
Tampa Bay 6/4/08 Jessica Sierra hoping for new 'Celebrity Rehab' role

NY Post 5/15/08 Carter May Be Going to 'Rehab'

NY Daily News 4/7/08 Mary Carey's lush life after 'Rehab'

Troubled Hollywood 3/15/08 Celebrity Rehab - Becoming Human

Chicago Tribune 3/13/08 'Celebrity Rehab' class photo: Who's not in it?

Celebrity Spider 3/11/08 Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew: The Reunion Premieres March 13

MSNBC 3/11/08 Getting closure on ‘Celebreality Rehab’

Rocky Mountain News 3/10/08 'Rehab' revisited

Tampa Bay Online 3/10/08 Judge Tries To Expedite Sierra's Return To California

ABC Action News 3/10/08 Former Idol Jessica Sierra back in court

Celebrity Spider 3/8/08 Jeff Conaway Drunk at Three

Celebrity Spider 3/7/08 Jeff Conaway Plans a Second Stint on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew

NY Post 3/7/08 Set For 'Rehab2' 

Reality TV World 3/5/08 Jessica Sierra and Daniel Baldwin skip 'Celebrity Rehab' reunion  

NY Post 3/5/08 Clean & Sober

Celebrity Spider 3/3/08 Jeff Conaway: "Scientology Saved Me From Drug Addiction"

Tampa Tribune 2/26/08 Judge Says Sierra Can Skip California Rules

St. Petersburg Times 2/25/08 Ex-Idol Sierra to stay in Calif. rehab

Honolulu Star-Bulletin 2/24/08 TV show on famous addicts is habit-forming

Reality Shack 2/23/08 Celebrity Rehab, Episode 7 – I Drink Your Milkshake, I Drink it Up... Well Actually I Throw It At You

Reality Shack 2/20/08 Celebrity Rehab, Episode 6 – Jaimie "Who" Foxworth Engineers Some Airtime

Chicago Tribune 2/19/08 More 'Celebrity Rehab' to come

TMZ 2/15/08 "Celeb Rehab" Shifty in Shady Company?

Chicago Tribune 2/13/08 'Celebrity Rehab,' my secret strike habit

Reality Shack 2/11/08 Celebrity Rehab, Episode 5 –Wait 'til Daniel Baldwin's Baby Mama Sees This

Celebrity Spider 2/7/08 Daniel Baldwin Quits Rehab Show

TMZ 2/7/08 "Celeb Rehab" Star Crashes Hard

NY Post 2/7/08 'Rehab' Reject

TMZ 2/6/08 Brace Yourself for Jeff Conaway

SofaChip  2/4/08  Celebrity Rehab - When the Party’s Over

NY Times 2/3/08 Detox for the Camera. Doctor’s Order

Reality Shack 2/1/08 Celebrity Rehab, Episode 4 – Wet T-Shirts, Naked PictureMail, and Kinickie the Yogini

TV Guide 1/30/08 Shocking Celebrity Rehab Moments Revealed

Reality Shack 1/25/08 Celebrity Rehab, Episode 3 – Breakthroughs, Gold Digging, A New CrazyTown Single?

Buddy TV 1/24/08 Celebrity Rehab: Preview of Tonight's Episode

Film.com 1/23/08 Celebrity Rehab is a Real Buzzkill

Rocky Mountain News 1/23/08 Even for celebrities, rehab isn't pretty

Informative Post 1/22/08 "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew": Real Help or Exploitation?

Reality Shack 1/21/08 Celebrity Rehab, Episode 1 – Intake Begins

Reality Shack 1/18/08 Celebrity Rehab, Episode 2 - Jeff Conway Rehab and his Support Team

Gear Live 1/17/08 Five Best Moments from ‘Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew’

Media Life 1/16/08 High as a kite: VH1's 'Celebrity Rehab'

Northern Star 1/15/08 'Celebrity Rehab' is reality that's hard not to watch

LA Times 1/13/08 Showing the ugly truths of addiction and fame

Celebrity Spider 1/11/08 Dr Drew Blasts Dr Phil Over Britney Spears Treatment

The Oregonian 1/11/08 TV Review: "American Gladiators" and "Celebrity Rehab"

Daily Mail 1/11/08 Celebrities say 'Yes' to Rehab in controversial new reality show

Buddy TV 1/10/08 Dr. Drew Pinsky Talks About Celebrity Rehab

Washington Post 1/10/08 VH1's 'Celebrity Rehab' Could Become a Habit

Hartford Courant 1/10/08 'Celebrity Rehab' A Third-Rate Concept With A Third-Rate Cast

Boston Globe 1/10/08 On 'Rehab,' sobriety as a career move

Knox News 1/10/08 VH1 celebs need detox from cameras

NY Post 1/10/08 Trainwreck

Chicago Sun Times 1/10/08 G-listers kick for camera as viewers agonize

ABC 1/10/08 Pain, Tears, Vomit, Relapse: the Realities of Rehab Hit Celebrities, Too

South Coast Today 1/10/08 'Celebrity Rehab' just feeds fans' addiction

Philly.com 1/10/08 Rehabbing "celebs" on camera

Sun Sentinel 1/10/08 Just say no to Celebrity Rehab

Newsvine 1/10/08 Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew: A review

Sun Sentinel 1/10/08 Just say no to Celebrity Rehab

Variety 1/9/08 Review: Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

LA Times 1/9/08 VH1 puts reality TV into rehab

E!Online 1/8/08 Fallen Idol Sierra Bound for Rehab

MSNBC 1/8/08 Dr. Drew treats celebrities’ demons on new show

NY Post 12/31/07 Star Addicts

Home News Tribune 12/30/07 "Celebrity Rehab" shows tough love

Celebrity Spider 12/24/07 VH1 Announces New Series Celebrity Rehab With Dr Drew to Premiere January 10

TMZ 12/23/07 Chyna Vetoed from Club -- Again

NY Daily News 12/22/07 'Celebrity Rehab': For the truly desperate

TMZ 12/19/07 Dr. Drew to Make "Idol" Housecall -- In Court

TMZ 12/7/07 Crazy Carey Calls "Idol" Jailbird "Crazy Bitch"

NY Post 12/4/07 VH1'S 'Celebrity Rehab' Bust

Celebrity Spider 12/3/07 American Idol's Jessica Sierra Arrested After Drunken Brawl

Celebrity Spider 11/27/07 VH1 Announces New Series "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew"

NY Post 12/4/07 VH1's Celebrity Rehab Bust

Celebrity Spider 11/29/07 Brigitte Nielson Joins Celebrity Rehab Show

Digital Spy 11/29/07 VH1 plans 'Celebrity Rehab' series

NY Post 11/22/07 First 'Idol' To Do Rehab

E!Online 11/20/07 Idol's Sierra Gets TV Treatment

NY Post 9/1/07 'Rehab' Reality Show 

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