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Reality TV Calendar 9/23/06 Talent Goes Home, The Popular Survive: Episode 7 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 9/22/06 Celebrity Duets Results – Jai Rodriguez And Cheech Marin Eliminated

The Trades 9/22/06 Celebrity Duets - Week 4

Reality Shack 9/22/06 Celebrity Duets, September 21st – Judge Beauty Is On Duty

Reality TV Calendar 9/22/06 Creeping Out With The Judges: Episode 6 Recap

Reality News Online 9/22/06 Celebrity Duets, September 21: Duet for Love!

Foxes On Idol 9/22/06 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – Celebrity Duets, September 21

Entertainment Weekly 9/22/06 Nice Dreams

Reality TV Magazine 9/21/06 Celebrity Duets – Which Two Will Go Home?

Celebrity Spider 9/18/06 Carly Patterson Eliminated on Celebrity Duets, Two Celebrities to be Eliminated Friday

Fans of Reality TV 9/17/06 Celebrity Duets 9/15 Recap: Thank You Very Much-O

Reality Thumbnails 9/17/06 Celebrity Duets: Performance 3 Results - And Then There Were Five

Reality Thumbnails 9/17/06 Celebirty Duets: Performance 3 - No Whining

Fans of Reality TV 9/16/06 9/14 Recap A Night Made for 14 Year Old Girls

Celebrity Spider 9/16/06 Lea Thompson Celebrity Duets Interview Clip

Reality News Online 9/16/06 Celebrity Duets, September 15: Duet To Me One More Time

Reality TV Calendar 9/16/06 One More Eliminated - Five Remain: Episode 5 Recap

The Trades 9/16/06 Celebrity Duets - Week 3 Results

Reality TV Magazine 9/15/06 Celebrity Duets Results – Carly Patterson Eliminated

Entertainment Weekly 9/15/06 Sinking Showmanship

Reality Shack 9/15/06 Duet To Me One More Time

Zap2It 9/15/06 Anything but the singing on 'Celebrity Duets'

Reality Shack 9/15/06 Celebrity Duets, September 14th – Pushing and Pulling?

The Trades 9/15/06 Celebrity Duets - Week 3

Reality News Online 9/15/06 Celebrity Duets, September 14: Duet ‘Til You’re Satisfied

Reality TV Calendar 9/15/06 "No More Talk Of Pushing And Pulling!" Episode 4 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 9/14/06 Celebrity Duets – Marie Osmond Gets Mean

Celebrity Spider 9/11/06 Lea Thompson is Eliminated on Celebrity Duets

ET Online 9/11/06 'Celeb Duets': Backstage Action

Fans of Reality TV 9/10/06 Celebrity Duets 9/8 Recap: Like the Dentist, Only Without the Novocain

Fans of Reality TV 9/9/06 9/7 Recap Slaying by Ear

Reality Thumbnails 9/9/06 Celebrity Duets: Episode 2 Results - Hal Sparkles!

The Trades 9/9/06 Celebrity Duets - Week 1 Results

Reality News Online 9/9/06 Celebrity Duets, September 8: The Second Cut Is… Pretty Deep

Reality TV Calendar 9/9/06 She's Got The Legs But Not The Voice: Episode 3 - Results Show Recap

Reality Shack 9/8/06 Celebrity Duets, September 7th – Unintelligible and Punny

The Trades 9/8/06 Celebrity Duets - Week 2

Reality News Online 9/8/06 Celebrity Duets, September 7: Duet to It!

Reality TV Calendar 9/8/06 Little Richard Needs An Interpreter: Episode 2 Recap

Foxes On Idol 9/8/06 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – Celebrity Duets, September 7

Entertainment Weekly 9/8/06 Boys on Top

ET Online 9/8/06 'Celeb Duets': Backstage Action

Reality Thumbnails 9/7/06 Celebrity Duets: Episode 2 - I'm So Excited

Extra 9/7/06 So They Think They Can Sing?

ET Online 9/7/06 'Celeb Duets' Dish

Reality Thumbnails 9/4/06 Celebrity Duets: Episode 1 - Say My Name

New Zealand Herald 9/2/06 Xena's singing impresses on US reality TV show

Celebrity Spider 8/31/06 Chris Jericho is the First Celebrity Eliminated on Celebrity Duets

Fans of Reality TV 8/31/06 8/29 Premiere Recap But Can They Sing? Well, Kinda.

The Trades 8/31/06 Celebrity Duets Week 1

Reality Shack 8/30/06 Celebrity Duets, August 29th – She's a Little Bit Giddy; He's a Little Bit Flamboyant

Reality TV Calendar 8/30/06 Can You Name That Tune? Episode 1 Recap

Reality News Online 8/30/06 Celebrity Duets, Episode 1: Mr. Brady’s Opus

Reality TV Magazine 8/30/06 Celebrity Duets Results – Chris Jericho Eliminated

Foxes On Idol 8/30/06 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – Celebrity Duets, August 29

Zap2It 8/30/06 'Duets' Hits Right Note for FOX Tuesday

Entertainment Weekly 8/30/06 Let's Duet Again

Insider Online 8/30/06 Fox's "Duets" has victory song for Tuesday

Dallas Morning News 8/30/06 TV review: 'Duets' doesn't do it

Reality TV Magazine 8/29/06 Will Celebrity Duets Be Another Hit For Simon Cowell?

Tampa Tribune 8/29/06 Good Golly, Is That Little Richard Judging A Celebrity Singing Competition?

Palm Beach Post 8/29/06 Celebrity Duets: Cheesing While Rome Burns

Entertainment Weekly 8/29/06 Tuning Up

Palm Beach Post 8/29/06 Simon Cowell's reality-show twist

Zap2It 8/29/06 Brady Sings 'Duets' Praises

Spokesman Review 8/29/06 'Duets' sets up unlikely pairings

Newsday 8/29/06 Familiar tune: Simon's back with 'Duets'

Sun Sentinel 8/29/06 Singing with the stars

Media Life 8/29/06 'Celebrity Duets,' singing in harmony

Orlando Sentinel 8/29/06 Whole lotta singin' going on

Union Tribune 8/29/06 'Celebrity Duets' concept is so crazy it just might work

Inside Bay Area 8/29/06 Simon says yes to new 'Duets' show "

Oxford Press 8/29/06 Viewers get to vote for their favorite 'duet'

North Jersey Media 8/29/06 Pro-am singing pairs striking new chords for charity

Courier Journal 8/29/06 Cowell's 'Celebrity Duets' among many new reality series next month

Chicago Tribune 8/29/06 Celebrity Duets' adds fresh tune to reality lineup

Detroit Free Press 8/29/06 Mike Duffy's TV Today: Viewers will say if Cowell's new show has perfect pitch

Washington Times 8/29/06 Cowell's celebrities

Star Telegram 8/28/06 Celebrities known for not singing get to show off their vocal chops on a new Fox reality show

Jam! 8/28/06 'Duets' the latest in reality TV

Toronto Star 8/28/06 What I really want to do is sing

NY Post 8/28/06 Treble Makers

TMZ 8/25/06 Chris Jericho -- "Do You Want Fries With That?"

Celebrity Spider 8/23/06 Marie Osmond Joins Celebrity Duets as Judge

Post Gazette 8/23/06 TV Preview: Cowell now brings 'singing with the stars'

Knox News 8/22/06 C-list celebs pair with the real thing on Fox offering

Detroit News 8/22/06 Fox to premiere unlikely 'Celebrity Duets'

NY Daily News 8/22/06 'Duets': What Simon says

USA Today Celebs, singers croon a 'Duets' tune

NY Post 8/18/06 Little Richard to judge 'Duets'

Celebrity Spider 8/17/06 Stars Sign Up for Simon Cowell's Celebrity Duets

NY Daily News 8/16/06 Unsung celebs sing 'Duets'

E!Online 8/16/06 "Duets" Gets Lawless, Cheech, "Queer Eye"

Celebrity Spider 8/15/06 Celebrity Duets Contestants Announced; Show to Premiere August 19th

Zap2It 8/15/06 Thompson, Lawless Do 'Duets' for FOX

Celebrity Spider 8/8/06 Simon Cowell Finds Stars for Celebrity Duets Show

BBC 7/25/06 Chaka Khan in TV duets challenge

NY Daily News 7/25/06 'Idol' hands create celeb 'Duets'

Celebrity Spider 7/24/06 Celebrity Duets Contestants Announced; Show to Premiere August 29th

Zap2It 7/24/06 Lauper, Gray, Bolton Sing 'Duets'

Times Dispatch 7/24/06 "Celebrity Duets" to be star-studded

C12 Media 6/5/06 Cowell's Duets finds Canadian partner

NY Daily News 1/10/06 Celebs face the music on 'Duets'

NY Post 1/10/06 Celebs Pair Up With Real Singers

E!Online 1/9/06 Simon "Duets" with Fox

Zap2It 1/9/06 Cowell Composes 'Duets' with FOX

Reality TV World 1/9/06 Fox orders Simon Cowell's new 'Duets' singing celebrities show

Hollywood Reporter 1/9/06 Cowell's latest amateur hour: 'Duets' for Fox


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