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Fox News 3/20/02 Celebrity Boxing, Gary Coleman and Colin Quinn

Zap2It 3/20/02 'Celebrity Boxing' Encore Takes On 'Friends'

Washington Post 3/20/02 Fox's 'Celebrity Boxing' a TKO Among Young Males

American Prospect 3/15/02 Celebrity Boxing Fantasies

E!Online 3/15/02 "Celeb Boxing" KOs Ratings

Reality News Online 3/15/02 More Celebrity Boxing to Come?

Courier Post 3/15/02 Self respect is knocked out

Time 3/14/02 'Celebrity Boxing' is a Stiff

Zap2It 3/14/02 FOX's 'Celebrity Boxing' Draws 15.6 Million
Washington Post 3/14/02 And in This Corner, Reality Programming

Ananova 3/14/02 Former celebrities batter each other in US TV show

Indianapolis Star 3/14/02 Has-beens duke it out on Fox 'Celebrity Boxing'

All Sports 3/14/02 Donít Believe the Hype!

Alabama Live 3/14/02 `Celebrity Boxing' put the formerly famous in the ring. No mas!

CNN 3/14/02 Harding pounds Paula Jones in Celebrity Boxing

The Trades 3/13/02 ...And in This Corner

CSM 3/13/02 Old scandals don't die, they just fade to Fox

NY Times 3/13/02 Celebrity Has-Beens Qualify for a 16th Minute of Fame

Ananova 3/13/02 Notorious female 'celebrities' prepare for TV boxing match

Independent 3/13/02 Rumbles in the reality TV jungle

Post Gazette 3/13/02 Harding-Jones 'boxing' bout needs Don King

Guardian 3/12/02 Go west, where television packs a punch

San Francisco Chronicle 3/12/02 'Celebrity Boxing's' lineup is no match for these dream bouts

Globe and Mail 3/9/02 Tonya, Paula to trade punches, but please go easy on the nose

Toronto Star 3/6/02 Amy Fisher KO'd by parole board in boxing bid

Zap2It 3/5/02 Parole Board Stops Amy Fisher from Getting in the Ring

Reality News Online 3/5/02 Who Wants to Box on Fox?

Zap2It 3/4/02 Paula Jones Replaces Amy Fisher in FOX's 'Celebrity Boxing' Match

Zap2It 3/4/02 Paula Jones and Vanilla Ice Climb into the Ring

Zap2It 2/28/02 FOX Weighs In with 'Celebrity Boxing'

Ananova 2/28/02 Celebrity boxing is the latest US reality TV project


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