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Reality TV World 4/24/08 Carly Smithson dishes on 'American Idol', prior professional experience

BuddyTV 4/24/08 American Idol 7: Carly Smithson Elimination Interview 4/24/08 Interview with Carly Smithson From American Idol 7

Foxes On Idol 4/24/08 American Idol 7: Was Carly’s Exit the Season’s “Shocking Result”?

Troubled Hollywood  4/24/08  American Idol - Open Letter to Carly Smithson

Foxes On Idol 4/24/08 American Idol 7: Why Carly Lost

Entertainment Weekly 4/24/08 'American Idol' Exit Q&A: Carly Smithson

E! Online 4/24/08 Carly Smithson Judges the Judging

Zap2It 4/24/08 'American Idol' Exit Interview: Carly Smithson

Washington Post 4/24/08 Sorry, Carly. You're No 'Superstar' This Week

USA Today 4/24/08 Carly: 'Not that sad' to be eliminated from 'Idol'

LA Times 4/24/08 Last words: Fallen 'American Idol' Carly Smithson bids chipper farewell

NY Post 4/24/08 Carly KO'd

LA Times 4/24/08 'American Idol' Tracker: Elegy for Carly Smithson

Jam! 4/24/08 'American Idol' frontrunner cut

Irish Independent 4/24/08 Carly’s Idol dream shattered as she’s booted off US show

Reality TV Magazine 4/23/08 American Idol Results Shocker: Carly Smithson Eliminated 4/23/08 When Irish Eyes are Crying

NY Daily News 4/23/08 'Idol' shocker: Carly Smithson gets boot

FOX News 4/23/08 'Idol' One CD Axed, Another Remains

Access Hollywood 4/23/08 Carly Makes A Comeback On ‘Idol’

Irish Independent 4/17/08 Controversial Carly clings on, barely, to her American Idol dream

Oregonian 4/16/08 Persistent songbird finally takes flight on 'Idol'

Irish Voice 4/16/08 Who’s That Girl? It’s Star Carly

Newsday 4/15/08 'American Idol's' Carly Smithson's Irish eyes sing

Irish Independent 4/14/08 Idol’s Carly ‘to blame for first album flop’

Showbiz Ireland 4/14/08 Carly Smithson - An Undiscovered Idol?

IHT 4/8/08 Tattoo you: Carly Smithson goes from record deal to waiting tables to 'American Idol'

Idolhead Ed 4/6/08 American Idol History revision: 5/24/06: Carly Hennessey wins American Idol 5 3/24/08 American Idol: Carly Hennessy 2.0

Idolhead Ed 3/23/08 The odds take a turn……on Carly

Union Tribune 3/20/08 They knew her when

Irish Voice 3/19/08 Carly’s Fans Keep on Watching

Page Six 3/12/08 'Idol' Watch: Carly's Kelly Clarkson Moment?

TMZ 3/6/08 Bar to Carly Smithson: Don't Come Back

Irish Voice 2/28/08 Idol Carly Still On Song

Wild Bluff Media 2/27/08 American Idol: Carly Smithson's Music Video

Belfast Telegraph 2/25/08 Pop goes Irish girl Carly's dream of being the next Idol

Newsday 2/24/08 Lythgoe downplays Carly Smithson-Randy Jackson link

IHT 2/22/08 'Idol' spares controversial singer in the show's first elimination round of the new season

Entertainment Weekly 2/20/08 Randy Jackson addresses Carly Smithson's absence from last night's 'Idol'

Reality TV Magazine 2/19/08 American Idol Missing: Carly Smithson Not Among Top Twelve Girls

NY Post 2/19/08 'Idol' Ringer's Lament

NY Post 2/18/08 Keeping Carly

Access Atlanta 2/18/08 ATL has several ties to 'Idol' top 24

AJC 2/18/08 Carly Smithson interview

USA Today 2/17/08 'Idol' offers second shot for these 5 singers

Reality TV Magazine 2/16/08 Carly Smithson Controversy Just Won't Go Away

Reality TV World 2/15/08 'American Idol' producer: Carly Smithson controversy not logical

Idol Thoughts 2/15/08 Why It Doesn't Matter That American Idol's Carly Smithson Used To Have a Record Deal

Chicago Tribune 2/15/08 Carly Smithson of 'American Idol': The Irish singer's recording career gets attention

Reuters 2/15/08 Ex-MCA Records flop advances on "American Idol"

Celebrity Spider 2/14/08 FOX Announces American Idol Schedule & Bios for Final 24 Contestants

Irish Voice 1/30/08 Irish ‘Idol’ Rocks Fox

Buddy TV 1/30/08 American Idol's Giant Ruse: The Ringers of Season 7

ABC 1/17/08 'Idol' Talent Not as Amateur as Fans Thought

Irish Independent 12/31/07 'Idol' speculation on Carly return

MCA Records 8/22/02 Carly Live

MCA Recors 6/12/02 Carly Gaining Fire in Europe


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